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Arsenal may have to let Arshavin go for Peanuts!

If Arsenal are serious about clearing some players off the wage bill and making room for some new additions to the squad, then the manager and board may have to accept some deals that they do not like. Arsene Wenger has got a well deserved reputation for doing well in transfer dealings, but he will find it hard to get anything close to the true value of the players he wants to sell.

Andrey Arshavin has been strongly linked with a move to the Premier league strugglers Reading, but the manager has made it clear that they will not be spending much money. It seems to suggest that Arsenal may have to accept next to nothing if they are to get rid of the Russian. Arshavin was the record signing for the Gunners when he joined from Zenit St. Petersburg on transfer deadline day in February 2009. It will go down as one of Wenger’s failures, but the Frenchman must forget any personal pride because at the minute he is just a very expensive bench warmer.

Reading’s Russian owner is a fan of Arshavin, but will be well aware of the situation at Arsenal. He is willing to pay the 31-year old player a higher wage than the club are used to, but will not pay much of a transfer fee. Arsenal have already turned down a low offer for Andre Santos, but now face having to pay his wages for the rest of his contract. I think we should just cut our losses and take what we can get for these players who are not going to contribute to the season.

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43 thoughts on “Arsenal may have to let Arshavin go for Peanuts!

  1. Craig Taylor

    Better to sell someone who we know is not going to feature a lot this season. We can give players higher wages if they deserve it, or perhaps we could buy a world class player who most likely will have high wages…. I still want a world class player. Hopefully a DM or ST. Hearign Wengers recent comments I think we will sign noone.

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    The player he wants to sell will go for peanuts because they are rubbish and other teams will only pay what they are worth !!!! NOT A LOT !!! But we can blame mr Wenger for this as he bought the rubbish in the first place !!! he says he will add players to the squad if they are very good players ! What he really means is if he can find players that are cheap or very low wages he will bring them in to the club, There are thousands of top players much better than what we have at our club but they will never come to Arsenal because we don,t have a good team any more to attract them also we will not pay the fee’s or wages of good players.That is why we have a average team now and not a fantastic one !!!!

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  3. Dessy

    Arshavin and chamakah must go, why Arsenal keep weak player than best one? Walcott must not go let him stay@

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  4. Alex o

    WHY? He was a beast in the euros and has played very good every time he has gotten a chanche this year. Last season he was shit but then wenger played him all the time.
    Sorry for bad english x)

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  5. Cyril

    Sell Arshavin,Santos,Squillacci,Djourou,Diaby(sorry),Chamakh,Gervinho,Ramsey etc. to make room for high-wage players and to afford high transfer fees eg.Cavani,M’villa,David Villa,Llorente,Falcao and others.Unfortunately,knowing the Arsenal board we will buy some 16y old who will later become a world-class player only to be sold to United,City,Barca etc. for a high transfer fee.

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    Arshavin > Gervinho and Ramsey

    Sell them instead.

    Thumps up Agree. Thumps down disagree.

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  7. Samson clam

    Arshavin is a good player, who is hard working and experienced n i still think he could have done better if given the chance .anyway its good to move on n i think getting rid of these players would help us do that please mr. arsene wenger dnt ever play ramsey n gervinho if u want us to win coz compare ramsey with arteta wilshere n carzola seriously they need to step up their game giroud is a proven striker let him play in his position.

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  8. VonMich

    @TEAM AFC, Arshavin’s class is gone, Gervinho never had some and Ramsey can still evolve 😉

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  9. Gunnerineverylife

    Ask them to pay 7.5m for Arshavin and give them the option to take Squid for free.

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  10. VonMich

    Come on Wenger, sign Theo, Sagna, get a DM and a left back to backup Gibbs and it’s almost perfect (top striker would be amazing)

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  11. Cesc

    F*ck it. The board needs to learn from the previous mistakes, by quality/develop class and pay for it. Don’t buy maybe-maybe nots and pay them as if they are the dogs b*ollocks. Invest in who is worth it, ie THEO. Give him 100k a week on a 5 and 1/2 year contract. He is 23years old, still improving a lot and will. Learn to hang onto the good things we have instead of the bad thing that do not deliver or give the squad anything extra (Squid, Chamakh, you know the rest..)

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  12. dboy

    Let’s face it Wenger has lost his touch as a coach and a scout!!! How much money are we losing on a monthly basis keeping all the deadwood around. They collect cheques for doing nothing at all. And in the process devaluating themselves and the entire team. Clearance sale Please!!!

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  13. mo

    Sell gervinio now. put him on sale cuz later he will be like other example bentner,chamak and then gonna go for 2m
    but sell him now at least 8 or 9m

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  14. VP

    There comes a point in time when you have to cut your losses. Its quite clear that nobody’s going to pay market price for our deadwood. We can not afford to hold onto players that we never play, paying them 40-60k a week. This is a total waste of resources. Even if we sell some of these players for nothing, it’s still good business from our point of view.

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  15. Cesc

    I do feel we are partly responsible for wasting AA23, yes he should have cut inside a lot more and appeared lazy doing this and tracking back, but we played a world class CAM as a winger (LOL about the dumb decision to do that now), very different to his natural position. But then again we did have Fabregas doing his thing anyway.. If Cazorla needs a rest ever, even in the last 10 mins of a game we’re winning by at least 2, I would like to see some AA23 magic. I do respect AA23, never said a bad thing publicly about AFC, unlike Na$ri..and he has more to be annoyed about than Na$ri. Anyone would be annoyed sitting on the bench and playing out of position, but at least he respects the club and seems to feel it is a privilege to be playing for Arsenal…(that or the fat pay-check keeping him happy!)

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  16. Gunneeeer

    I don’t understand why Arshavin is leaving ahead of all of the other players that don’t contribute. He has barely played this season. When he has had the chance, he mostly did not disappoint. All those times Gervinho and/or Ramsey played/subbed in, Arshavin could have played and showed his worth. Its understandable that many see no use in him anymore and his wages are high, but who changed the Barcelona game? Who helped V** Per*ie score in the Carling Cup that wretched day of the final? Who gave Henry his uplifting assist? Arshavin’s there when we need him. He is the game changer. Many simply don’t see that.
    I wish him all the best at his next club, Reading/St. Petersburg/Fulham. I hope he impresses in a great way and gets his form back. Good Luck to Arshavin and the Gunners.

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  17. vinie2000

    I really disagree with AA sell..he has his up and down but believe me much better than having Ramsey in a position AA shoul have been.He’s not been given respect and enough time..humble man always trying his best..not like the others deadwood..he’s class even if his form has deeped.Let’s Get Yann Mvilla…Llorente and Mbiwa to be able to compete for 3rd spot and give a fight to Bayern.If no signings..then our future looks very bleak again…then Wenger really must GO.

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  18. Philthompsonsnose

    If arshavin goes down as one of AW biggest mistakes.. What will gervinho go down as????????????
    I’d get rid of gervinho and keep arshavin if it was a choice!!!!!
    Arshavins attitude stinks and this is the sole reason he is considered a waste of space!
    However, he plays fantastic for his national team.. Is this AW fault and his man management style?
    I agree we need players with the right attitude who give 110%,(like gervinho) but look at berbatovs attitude.. How many of us would rather us have bought him than that plank gervinho!
    Arsene needs to learn quick in January otherwise we are out of the top 4!!!!!!?!?!?

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  19. Me-Basil

    If we buy a player in January, then this player must be better than Wislhere and better than Gazola.

    I don’t see how we can improve the team if we don’t buy players that are better than the ones we have. That said, I don’t mean the player should be a midfielder and replace Gazola/Wislhere. I just mean they need to add a new class.

    All the players named in this transfer window, most don’t fit that bill.

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    i just get the feeling that this transfer window is going to be no different to any other 1.because all wenger ever comes out with is working on our youth policey.same old.same old

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  21. suuny.

    Wenger will not sell Ashravin.There can be 2 to 3 reasons.
    1. If Ashravin goes and perform well, then people will point ot wenger of not giving his preffered position.
    2. He does not want to sell for a less amount. He wants more money even at the cost of not buying another player.
    3. If Ahsravin goes, there will be added pressure on Weneger to buy a class player, it means more money.

    So behind every move of Wenger/Board, one thing is a mandatory that money should not be spend. Its a calssic business model.

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  22. true goon


    Theo doesn’t want a 5 an a half year deal he wants a 3 year deal so he can leave in a couple years if he makes it as a stiker,already planned his exit.F**k Theo,don’t offer him what we can’t afford if he’s not happy le him leave,lets see which top team will play him as a CF.none.

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  23. matspanar

    Keep AA for another season…..sell Squid, Gervinho, Djorou and And Santos. Hate it when Arsenal play like a schoolboy and opponents can simply know Mr. Wenger tactics.

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  24. matspanar

    And the last option that we have is…………sell MR ARSENE WENGER??!!!!!!!

    Just my two cents…

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  25. Goon-Tah

    Arshavin’s failures are largely Wenger’s fault, because he’s never deployed him like he should have to AA’s known natural strengths. I bet you Harry Red would love someone like him.

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  26. Goon-Tah

    You know what Wenger’s excuse will be this January: “It’s difficult to find exceptional players in the middle of the season because no club wants to sell their best players at this time.” He’s already started with that, “If an exceptional player…” crap!!!

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  27. budgie

    I would love to see Arshavin go to Reading and do well, playing in his proper position, and it would be good to help out Brian Mcdermott, one of our old players, its the season of goodwill!

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  28. Greg

    Sometimes in life you got to make sacrifices!arshavin has been a shadow of himself for the longest time now.where is the player who terrified Liverpool by scoring 4 goals and caused chaos for other teams?hmm?we need players who are committed and dig deep for the team!arshavin has been guilty of not pulling his weight as well of the other deadweights.let him go although we will suffer a little financial lost and get players who can return us to glory!

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  29. Gigi

    Some gooners say AW bought rubbish players.
    But when he bought them they were not rubbish, they BECAME that at Arsenal, and I ve been saying for years now, that there is some psychological factor that even the Club addressed a few weeks ago.
    Arsahvin , Sylvestre, Schillaci, Chamakh, none of them were rubbish, they actually were solid.
    I can agree that they were not THE top, but not rubbish either.
    Hell, Arteta was LESS “known” than a lot of them, and look how he turned out, frankly the signng of a DECADE! (price versus solidity at the pitch)
    This season it changed: he brough in TOP players in Cazorla and Giroud (a top scorer of a league that produced Drogba HAS to be top, just not given enough time by fans).
    But somehow…they got “touched” by the psycholigical factor.

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  30. Sammie

    Wenger should sell off the deadwoods he bought and follow them bcos he his also a dead coach. Wenger has lost his form since 2006. Truth is he has noting to offer anymore..

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  31. Jarhusanthegunner

    Arshavin still needs more chances as he’s got a brilliant talent and scored an awesome foursome against Liverpool and scored loads of goals . He will play perfectly well with Giroud and Cazorla . Give him chances in Champions league as sub and FA Cup in the first team . Let him leave in Summer if he doesn’t play well this season and sell him to a team out of UK

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  32. Doc

    I hear there is a million between Arsenal and Reading, how long will we be of making that up on wages to him and also more to the point wouldn’t the likes of Miyachi, Eisfield or Gnabry benefit more from the few ten or fifteen minutes he gets here and there. Andre is no longer brought on to turn a match any more buy more to rest someone for the last ten minutes in a match already won (or lost).

    Quarter of million a week for a few players we got very little this season doesn’t add up.

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  33. stantheman

    Wenger wants other clubs to “bail him out” and reimburse him for the players he has made a mistake with. Unfortunately, this will not happen and he just has to cut his losses. The problem is that this just highlights his mistakes.

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  34. mighty

    Arshavine,chamack,scuilaci,djourou,santos,rosikie,fabianskie,diaby,bentner,and fabiansckie.take a look at all this players what ave they than for arsenal we need to sel them and rebuild the team with better players there’s is so many good players out there,no time to lose.

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