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Arsenal may never get Diaby back!

Arsene Wenger has admitted that Arsenal may have to get used to playing without Abou Diaby. The French international has been out of the Gunners team more than in it ever since Dan Smith of Sunderland fractured his ankle with a horrendous tackle in 2006. The latest injury was muscular and he should have been back weeks ago, but Wenger has revealed that the problems are ongoing and may end up finishing the talented midfielder’s career.

“I can tell you he has been everywhere in the world to be assessed. There is an explanation. He is quick, strong, has good stamina, good resistance to repeat, but his muscle strength is not good enough to deal with that. Sometimes, little fibres go in his muscles, that is basically his problem.

“When you play every three days, you cannot rebuild your strength as you need to recover. When you don’t rebuild your strength, through the games you burn your fibres a bit so that means you become weaker and weaker, so that means he gets injured.

“The second reason for his problems, of course, is his ankle. Since he was slaughtered at Sunderland, his mobility in his ankle has been affected.”

Wenger also spoke about how important Diaby is to the Arsenal team and that is a major reason why we are struggling at the minute. Wenger obviously planned to have Diaby available this season and that may be why he did not pursue a defensive midfielder in the summer. Arsenal cannot afford to be without him for long periods of every season, so Wenger is going to have to do something about that. Diaby is a fantastic player, but he is not much use to us in the treatment room.

But what are the odds of Arsenal getting a new midfielder in the January transfer window?

Arsenal vs. Spurs is on

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal may never get Diaby back!

  1. LeProf knows more than you

    A real shame if we can’t get him back at some stage.

    The guy is a monster when fit and he could be the difference between winning and loosing. Hopefully with the return of Wilshere, there isn’t so much pressure on him to rush back but would obviously prefer him to be available!

    Come on today Arsenal, let’s show some heart and battle to victory

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  2. Gunners

    Sell him. Hes a good player but whats the point in keeping him if he never plays lol. Get a proper dmf in his place. Someone like dembele or sandro wouldve been perfect who can play with the ball an are physically strong too. Spurs have bought well hopefully it doesnt come back to haunt us.

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  3. dazagan

    You mean that muscle fibers will tear, but that happens to everyone, it can be that he overtrains, i think he makes miles during trainingsessions also, plus during the match he runs non stop from box to box. Wenger needs to play him 45 min. until his body can handle this much intensity.

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  4. DwayneW

    Such a shame because he is a very talented player. However, incidents like this is the reason that we need top players challenging for every position in the starting 11.

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  5. juhislihis

    —— Sczcesny
    Sagna – Koscielny – Mert – TV5
    —- Arteta —- Wilshere
    ——– Cazorla
    Walcott Giroud Podolski

    We once again march our best line up (except for Gibbs) against Tottenshit so I only except for a win..

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  6. Njamio Nairobi

    Wenger should have seen this three years ago eduado was injured long after diaby but he didnt take long to see that he would never regain his former form especially so in epl so he was sold. I do not know what is his obsession with french players he will put up with the more than necessaly at the expense of the team. Silvester, Gallas, squillachi, diaby etc why did he sell Song why did he not buy Mvilla? for Diaby lol.

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  7. lifeasagooner

    Clear him off the wage bill. He costs the club millions.
    Either that or put him on a pay-as-you-play contract. Im sick of us not signing and retaining good players due to financial reasons and then watching players like Diaby and Squillaci draining hundreds of thousands of punds a month from the club.

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  8. COYG malaysia

    I told you so. Depending on an injury prone player to replace one of the best midfielders in the world(song) is clearly stupid. I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO

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  9. Th14

    Why was we relying on someone who can’t string 3 games in a row together ever since he joined the club, everyone can see he has all the talent in the world to be as good if not better than yaya toure, but everyone can also see he can’t play 10-15 games a season so I think it maybe time to bite the bullet an get rid of him, wenger has obviously known his problem since his first muscle problems, that’s what the medical teams for, to diagnose problems, but remember that this is the world class medical team that couldn’t get Wilshere fit for 18 months and vermalaen, he had 2 Achilles and they couldn’t see that in scans! And don’t get me started in rosicky and rvp up until 18 months ago, just goes to show that u stand by a player and pay them millions then they take off as soon as they start playing well and stringing games together. Start to wield the axe wenger, it’s no good hoping they will come good after 4 years injury, focus on the here and now and that’s to get us a trophy that isn’t top 4!

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  10. DanialFairuz

    New replacement needed…the time is over and thanks for all the contributions…what a pity for such talented player

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  11. mo

    Keep him becuase he only cost 2mill, play him as a bit part player, wenger thinking he was staying injury free and replace song was delusion to say the least.

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  12. anonymous

    heard almost the same thing like this about RVP before, but now that bastard played almost every game for us last season and ‘the team who must not be told’’s just either we want to splash money for extensive medical treatment for him or just want to get rid of this injury prone

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  13. Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    What’s happened to the likes of rosicky, diaby and Eduardo really makes me sad they had such crucial roles at arsenal and their careers are basically over now thanks to stupid tackles and injuries wenger should have gone for tiote on deadline day

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  14. COYG

    You guys must not be so inhumane. I understand your frustrations but can u imagine how diaby feels? Soccer is his passion but yet he can play it, it must be tough on him. More tough than it is on us. Let’s just keep him in our prayers and hope he can recover instead od complaining

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  15. Woolwichgooner

    He is back in training lol, very poor of you not to report the good news to the fans!

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  16. M

    I have something similar so I have full sympathy for Diaby. I’m a big strong black man but my muscles aren’t naturally developing in syncrony to carry my strengh causing me knee problems. I’ve had to give up football as a consequence.

    I feel it’s a genetic problem which can’t be definitively explained as it affects people who are otherwise considered FIT or ATHLETIC.

    The body is so complex and fragile at the same time. This problem will cut short his playing career to about 31-32yrs mark MAX(from experience).

    I truely love Diaby but Arsenal should consider encouraging him to retire from football gracefully at Arsenal. Whoever we sell him to might have legal implications as we know he’s playing days are truely numbered. We’ve got to bring him into the back-room team or Hale End Academy to reward one of our own.

    He has served Arsenal well and we need to respect that.

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  17. lmyyyks

    Diaby is not that defensive. Even he himself claimed his playstyle is more like Yaya Toure (very far, off in fact). And I particularly don’t like him playing in a defensive position.

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  18. sean

    so if he can’t play every game why didn’t you give him a rest when he was match fit, arsene?

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  19. gary

    sell him…

    yeright — the queue will right round the block for him won’t it

    old crock….exceedingly low mileage – no m.o.t. – suspension in need of a major overhaul – prone to punctures

    just like they were for Almunia – the Squid – Vela – Denilson – Chamakh – Arshavin and all the other dead-legs (no pun)…

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  20. James

    Shame hopefully he recovers fully in the long term not a coincedence it happened to eduardo whos never been the same player and ramsey who is slowly coming back to his best simple fact of the matter is teams used to and rarely still do kick the shit out of us .. Fingers crossed he gets sorted because i wouldnt mind seeing him Wilshere and cazorla in the middle of the park. Would be as strong if not stronger than any pemiership midefield with arteta and ramsay in amongst it aswell. Keep the Faith !!

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  21. Frank

    Wenger over played him at the start of the year and then he went with the French national team. If Wenger knew that he couldnt play every 3 days then why didn’t he play him once a week, for the more important games rather then every 3 days? That’s poor management.

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