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Arsenal may not get Henry but that may be a Good Thing!

Why Theirry Henry not joining Arsenal could be a good thing by KJ

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas yesterday. It’s good to have one day where you can forget about the rest of the world (including Arsenal!). However, it’s back to business and news is breaking that Wenger isn’t looking to sign Henry on loan this year. This is definitely a big surprise, as previously we were expecting him to definitely come on loan and possibly extend that to the end of the Premier League season. However, Wenger seeks to quash those rumours with his recent quotes:

‘I do not think it would be good for him [Thierry Henry] to play with us again,’ said Wenger.
‘He should relax and prepare for the next MLS season.’

This at first seems bad news as we all know the King is a legend at Arsenal and is always welcome back. He’s still got that ability to put defences to shame and he’s actually in better form than the previous season. However, I’m not too perturbed by this turn of events.

I like Henry as much as the next Arsenal fan but I feel that this club shouldn’t become reliant on recalling old stars to fix new problems. The board and Wenger are constantly banging on about the new money that’s come in from the Emirates deal (and the Adidas deal which is certain to happen). They are talking about a new era at this football club where we’ll form the foundations from our youth system and then build upon that with world class talents from outside. It just doesn’t seem beneficial to go back to the likes of Henry who’ll only be a short fix (if he’ll be one at all).

We need a quality striker who’s either in his prime or shows great promise to be world class in his prime. This means spending some of that supposed £70 odd million we have. We need to improve the future of this club as European heavy weights rather than looking back to the past.

I’d still love Henry here and I’d even encourage the club to get him – only if we want to add him along with another striker who will be at this club for many years to come.

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76 thoughts on “Arsenal may not get Henry but that may be a Good Thing!

  1. woody

    Better to focus on more long term talent, but Henri is great to have around on the training ground to help the younger players

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  2. k

    Off topic:
    Mancini played Lescott as a centre forward. I thought Wenger was bad…

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  3. Sank

    I dont understand why ba is injury prone. he has played for 2 seasons at newcastle and also played at westham earlier. also we would also have a medical check.

    he is a proven goalscorer and has scored all types of goals. he has pace, tricks, experiance and wont take too long to adjust. anyone seeing him can notice his movement. he just needs a glimpse of goal and he shoots on target.
    a proven epl striker at a bargain price of 7.5m and with not much wages. no gamble. also diame would be good. we should target epl players rather than from other leagues.

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  4. k

    We need some players around 24-27
    Old enough to make an impact and play their best football, young enough to be around for more than a season or two and help us get some silverware.

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  5. caribbean

    You know i have never liked United and will never do.So to think that Unided might take the tiltle this season all because of RVP is just torture for me…Wenger and these board members are criminals

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  6. Twig

    For goodness sake why do we need another striker when we have Podolski playing out of position on the left wing?

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  7. Steve

    After reading several articles on here u feel amused at the anger towards the club because all the paper talk turns out to be just that stop believing the press they rarely get it right and get behind the squad I’ve supported arsenal for over 30 years and will continue to be behind this squad wether new talent comes or not,

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  8. landmind111

    Arsenal May Not Get Anyone, I’m not getting my hopes up just to be disappointed again, this club don’t care about fans and winning trophies, just they’re pockets.

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  9. Nick from Portugal

    Don’t want Ba, don’t want Henri (sad to watch him compared to the genius we remember), don’t want Villa for silly money (would have him on loan though), I want Walcott to re-sign and let’s get someone decent in summer.

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  10. Sammie

    The only hope we av is wenger to live the club. His time has come and gone, he has nothing to offer anymore.

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  11. jk

    Stop being stingy and replace rvp with a talent we deserve that would be falcao, llorente, lewandowski or cavani!!

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  12. Scorpion

    Why are we always aiming for mediocre players. We (Arsenal FC) are cash riched with very high profits, even ManU can’t stand here on this… So there is no point in settling or aiming for players like BA, huntelaar (though signed), llorente or Adrian.
    We have so much of cash that we could attract potentials like Cavani, Falcao, Neymar (best among all, any day), Lewandroski etc …

    We arsenal gooners are treated as beggars by other FC. The rejected stuff is forwarded to us which pains a lot.

    have been a sincere gooner for long but the pity which is visible today is disheartning …

    Gooner for life !!!

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  13. mikegooner

    We are getting no one. DO you guys honestly think 30mill is enough for players you guys are naming? 30mill includes the players salary, thats one player for 10-12mill.

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  14. mikegooner


    It would nice to see Wenger go wouldnt it???

    Well guess what, like Wilshere said, If it wasnt for Wenger he would of left the club.

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  16. jon

    Wengers recent comments:
    “We are in the market, but only if we find players who will really strengthen us because we have a good squad. But if we find an exceptional player then we will take him.

    “We lacked fluidity in our attacks (in the weekend’s 1-0 victory at Wigan) and continuity in our attacking play, but we won because of our will to win, and with the way things are now I won’t turn my nose up at that.”

    Here we go again. This is not good. Sounds like we will not buy anybody.

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  17. notorious gunner

    we deserve class players like falcao, llorente,denataley, Solgadho, lewandowski or cavani!!

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  18. ST

    “…but I feel that this club shouldn’t become reliant on recalling old stars to fix new problems”

    It’s actually shrewd and makes sense. We don’t buy rash in January and use Henry to score goals, whilst in the meantime the club work on the long term signings they really want.

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  19. Greg

    Henry would certainly bring motivation and inspiration to the team not to mention his experience on the field would be most beneficial to the gunners!

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  20. anonymous

    AW has to take risks to sign top players..look at spurs, in a few years before they were nothing but shit, but look at them’s because they are willing to take risk to sign top players like keane, berbatov,vdv and many more..don’t be like liverpool, they’re became shit because they’re bought so many players from our league

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  21. Lee Pace

    A lot of us are looking forwards to Jan 1st, you just watch. We will see all our rivals strengthen early, you will not hear a peep from Arsenal.

    We will sell Walcott and Sagna and not replace them, Wenger will promote youth.

    15th Jan will come, still no signings. We will refresh only to see a picture of Djourou grinning, while the press link us to XYZ, we will continue watching our rivals bringing in players, possibly players we’ve been linked with. By this point we will have replaced our f5 key pad 3 or 4 times, still no news or updates from Arsenal just rumours on twitter.

    29th Jan will come, Diaby will become fit and we’ll somehow manage to be around top 4 and at the last minute of transfer day Djorou’s picture will be replaced on who’ll confirm a 18 year old, 5 foot 8 french signing who Wenger will bench and protect.

    Wenger will say we have enough quality and the cycle of disappointment will continue.

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  22. G-Force

    It is comments from people like “mikegooner” that is the reason why Ar$ene is still hanging around at the club. Come on mate, seriously? How many players have said stuff like that and LEFT THE CLUB!! Fabregas even said Ar$ene is like a second father and he LEFT!! Stop living in your fantasy world where Ar$ene is King.

    As it stands right now, RVP might win a trophy. Song’s chances for the league trophy in La Liga is pretty high. Why is it that players have to LEAVE to win something!!!!

    So after beating two teams at the bottom of the League table, Ar$ene comes up with the “only if I find EXCEPTIONAL players” bullshit again!!! Exceptional like Gervinho, Squillaci, Chamakh, Djourou, Denilson etc etc!?!?!

    How much more lies can you wengerites take? It truly is amazing.

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  23. rocky

    Henry was only intended to cover the ACoN players, and this news came out straight after Chamakh found he wasn’t going… perhaps Wenger is planning on using him rather than offloading in January now.

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  24. Gunnerforlife

    Looking at the way United and chelsea scoring goals we do need a proven striker who can convert most of the chances. We lost RVP and we got nothing…Its a shame for us that we don’t even expect that any decent player will come to Arsenal because we know Wenger won’t spend. Competition is getting really tough now in PL. One mistake and we will find us at 8th position.

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  25. Scorpion

    The recent statement by wenger is complete shit … Just after 2 pathetic wins … he is over the moon and finally got a justification that he is not getting an exceptional gunner. Why would an exception player come on free transfer… My dear wenger, understand that in order to get an exceptional player you need to spend … Quality doesnt comes free. This time dont wait for a clubs bankruptcy

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  26. jon

    @ mikegooner

    We have over 150 mil sitting in the bank as confirmed by Gazidis. We have money!!

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  27. Richard

    If we had a youth system hat provided a regular supply of quality then perhaps it would work. Over the past say ten years who has this much lauded academy produced, Cole and Gibbs, Wilshire came from Luton and thats all I can think of. Any additions to that out there?

    We produce players for other teams.

    Not only can we not sign “top top” players we seem unable to find “top top” academy players as well. Unfortunatly we will achieve only CL football while the present management is in place.

    It also appears that AW is against the “Russian” taking over, is this because he would be directed to actually assemble a team that can at least challenge for the PL etc instead of just being part of a profitable business.

    Also if all of our present players were “top” then it would be difficult to find better replcements, but improving the squad is not difficult just expensive.

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  28. jon

    I just don’t understand Wengers argument that he will only buy players that would improve our team. Are you really telling us that there are no better players than what we have?
    That’s a joke. If we were Barca than I would understand because their whole team is full of superstars.

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  29. Cyril

    Henry is old and no longer in his prime.We need a striker like Cavani/Falcao/Llorente/Ba/Villa etc.
    On top of that we need a proven and experienced CDM eg.Diame,Fellaini,(Yaya Toure:),M’villa,Pogba,Tiote.If we have 70m pounds stashed up Stan’s a** we should go out and do something with it.

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  30. hanenyo

    @ Richard
    It’s good to know we still have people like you around. The time will come when those that what to make Arsenal like Liverpool and Aston villa will be swept out of Arsenal before further damage is done.

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  31. Twig

    Poor Aston Villa. It must be painful conceding 12 goals in two consecutive games. I imagine the manager will be getting his marching orders soon.

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  32. Kayboy

    Wenger will never change, bcos he will never learn and the fans will keep suffering from it.

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  33. Invincibles nice (1)

    Only a few weeks back an Henry return seemed nailed on, i find it a strange coincedence that this turn of events coincides with Henrys presence at Mr Usmanovs table.

    I would still like to see an Henry return till end of season, if only to replace Gervinho, or at least force his (gervinho) and one or two others into an improvement.

    You are right on our need for a top pro who still has his prime within or infront.

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  34. kimbono

    off topic but how shitt is gervinho guys???
    i will never forgive that piece of crap, im still soo pissedd at him.
    worst arsenal player in history
    u agree guys??
    and dont give me that “we support all players”, “he might be reading this”
    i wish he is reading

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  35. kimbono

    im sorry guys but i just had to get that off my chest
    ppl who watched the geezer closely know were im cumn from.
    he just the worstt everr plzz believe me and accept it hes the worstt

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  36. allan1340

    i LOVE ARSENAL and i respect our manager, but as i know Wenger even with money in his pocket he is not a man to use it and lets face it world calss players do not come to Arsenal with candy money we could not even keep our own player like Nasri, RVP, Cesc,Gail so on, know fans expect they bring player like Falcao jajajaj dream on Arsenal fans are al Martin luter king he had a dream but it was just a dream it will never happend as long that mother fucker Stanly is the owner of the club i have no problem with Wenger because this is the owner that make the decisions just look at the chealse.

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  37. L

    @Richard – what are u talking about mate? Yes Wilshere came from Luton but he was 9 years old!! 9!!! Hardly the complete footballer. Think about the amounts of money invested in him to get him where he is today.
    Nasri, Van Persie, Walcott these players were young and unheard of when we bought them. Wenger has played them and trained them to play in the world’s top league despite being untried and untested.

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  38. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Gforce why do people like you always neglect to mention the almost always constant supply of star players who Wenger has descovered. Negating to recall the massive financial restrictions which is ever apparent but instead opt throwing up squad players who hardly get game time and then you speak as if we are the only club who fills reserve team positions with b and c list players.

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  39. GUNNER003

    @richard….if a player is younger than 19 then arsenal made him who is…….can you taste the sh*t coming out your mouth?????????????….

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  40. kimbono

    what pissess me off more is there are actually ppl that are think hes good. just dont be suprised if he doesnt make n single appearance(even as sub) from now and is sold in the summer ok

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  41. allan1340

    My fellow Arsenal lover as i said i respect Wenger but we can not help young player and let them go because will not pay them what the others pay!!!!!!!! what diffrent it does make we make them a good player and deliver right to the hands of fucking City or Mnu where are we know?? and where they know??
    We have to be realistic, can you show me a first class player come to Arsenal with 80k or 90k when other big 3 pay them 180k or 200k. we started something and we still not able to win something but other clubs like Dortmond could do it fast and better why then we can not do that??? we started before them they had really bad financial problem but where they are now and where we are now??? should we always be 4 or 3 are you satisfied with 4th or 3th place al time then we have no problem and i rest my case.

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  42. George

    I wish Usmanov was involved in some way or another… even if it is just his company giving us another sponsorship deal…

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  43. G-Force

    @ Invincibles nice (1)

    You say “Almost always constant supply of star players who Wenger has discovered”? You must be having a laugh. Out of 10 players that Ar$ene brings to the club, there are perhaps 1-2 “gems” and you think it is worth a mention?? You give him too much credit for such odds. If I keep betting on red on the roulette table, red will eventually come up.

    Whose fault is it that the players whose names I had thrown up don’t get any game time? Mine?

    You talk about massive financial restrictions and yet these players WHO DON’T GET ANY GAME TIME are earning huge wages. Arshavin,Santos,Squillacci,Chamakh etc

    Financial restrictions and yet your dearly beloved Ar$ene is earning massive wages. Oh pleaseeee.

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  44. owens

    Kimbono i agree with his not the worst but just in bad form…and moreover he should cut his head and relax is chest,he is not a*t everything about him pisses me off..sagna just cut his head…maybe after cutting his head he might get his footballing brain back.

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  45. first lady

    henry’s presence is needed more in the dressing room dan on the pitch, lets face it guys this is not the first time wenger is making this statement of he would sign exceptional blah blah…. im sure he knows he wdnt sign anyone and deep down we all know he wdnt sign anyone…espercially not in january…

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  46. cescgunner

    Would love TT back to help kids. We need the experiance
    badly. But we wont get him now that AW was told he is badly needed. AW wont resign him to prove a point. Unless we get a WORLD class striker to help Theo and Ollie we will not challange.

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  47. Rob T

    With respect gunner003, Nasri was hardly unheard of when we signed him and Walcott was something like 12m when we signed him from Southampton then in Div 2 of the nationwide. Its even looking like we won’t get that amount back when he leaves, which seems likely. I’m on the fence on Wenger but why do people use that tired old argument we will end up like Leeds, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Villa etc. We have TWO billionaires as major shareholders and generate more money in the Premiership than everybody bar Man Utd! And as bad as Liverpool are this team is alot closer than them talentwise than the top three. If we drop out of the CL, which is very possible, if we get the same activity as usual this January window, then we will be in the same boat as them.

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  48. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Gforce, constant supply in regards to replacing outgoing stars, in which the majority of people within the game do give huge credit/respect to our manager. Your stats in one and ten are truly @*@!$**.

    The reason for some of these players salarys is that there were no transfer fees, evens out, if that.

    And why do you believe Arsene does not deserve his salary, there isnt a club (besides manu) who doesnt want the man. The reason why our board pay Arsene a top players salary is bcos there arent nearly many managers within the game that can produce the quality signings with the prices he has paid. Wether you like to admit it or not or dont no better we would have shot ourselves firmly in the foot if ridding ourselves of a manager who can/did work within hefty restrictions.

    I find it strange that some people who want to give in to star players demands then go begrudge the boss of our team the salary befitting a superior boss.

    When some fans who held the signs and quoted the saying in Arsene we trust, they should have added ps as long as the board raise our salary cap, keep our players and give substantial funds each season.

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  49. Invincibles nice (1)

    Also must add. About your roulette argument, give me a break. If having star talents in your side all depended on the toss of a coin, jazuz sure you me and any tom dick or harry would be a top boss. It would mean an even chance for all, so fifty percent or there abouts would all be managers of the same skill level as our boss, would you get real.

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  50. Lol123

    arsenal may not get Gervinho back before middle of Febrary but that may be a good thing 😉

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  51. Gunnerineverylife

    We are going to win the title two times in a row,last year arsenal city won,this year arsenal united will win,be happy folks!!

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  52. nick

    Pato plzzzzzzz. PERFECT FOR SYSTEM… How can u not want a 23 year old brazilian that scores against the likes of barcelona and other top european clubs… He also played with the best, these are good attributes.., he won’t panic in games agianst the likes of man U, man city, chelsea…… He will need to prove him himself again to gain that spot bakk in his country’s 11…. Wenger u can do this, U r the verrry best at this…. U made Henry…. I watch with my own eyes….. This kid is better than Henry wen henry was 23….. Mr wenger I would prefer to c him fail, which he won’t…. Look at oscar!!! U think PATO wouldn’t want to be playing in the same league and rediscover the Pato we kno, gain some glory for himself….???? Mr wenger I will be upset if we don’t get Pato, he is perfect for us upfront!!!!! PERFECTTTTTTTTTT

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  53. john

    buy Loic Remy as RW/LW or third choice or second choice ST/CF he is like king Henry but need someone like AW to guide him to be a legend

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  54. Jego

    Becoming 4-th in the table by the beginning of the January transfer window is the worst thing that could happen to us… Why? Now them mo-fo’s [Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke & co] won’t sign any decent players coz they’re back in their comfort zone (champions league spot). Basically it’s the repetition of the scenario that has been taking place for the past 7 years – selling our best players to our main rivals, then buying kids and mediocre players(most of which later turn into deadwood), Stan, Gazidis and the Board pocket their mega-million profits, fans cry… Time to open eyes wider, be honest with yourself and take action !!!

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  55. MDOwn

    Love King Henry! Glad he spends time training at Arsenal still and love his passion for the Gunners. Massive shame we probably won’t ever see an Henry goal for Arsenal again, but we should focus on the future. He can help us build that by training the younger players.

    A true Gunner and a true Hero.


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  56. Liam-Jenko

    -Arsenal need an experience LB (not to old around 27-29)
    -A Defensive Midfielder
    -A Quality Striker

    Man Utd Strikers: Rooney, RVP, Hernandez, Wellbeck
    Man City: Tevez, Aguero, Dzeko, Balloteli
    Compare them to Arsenals
    Arsenal: Giroud, Chamakh, Walcott(if you class him as a striker)

    Man Utd and Man City win games because they can bring someone late in the game to make a difference like Hernandez and Dzeko, who could Arsenal Bring on Chamakh?
    Giroud Will be good but we cant afford to wait till he becomes good we need to buy a WORLD CLASS striker, how many more seasons can we go without winning!

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  57. GUN

    @mikegooner Wilshere never said that, if not for Wenger he would have left the club. It was twisted heading from an article from this site. In fact Wilshere said, Wenger was one of the reason for signing the contract. But the major reason is his love for Arsenal.

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  58. Salvage

    Wenger wont buy. Its the old slacker doing the same thing he has done over the numerous seasons again and hoping to get a different result. Win three matches (in fact lucky to escape a defeat) and the arrogance is out in full swing. Anyone who thinks we will win any trophy or make top four this season, is still in la-la land. We shall talk about this soon.

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  59. leo

    @gunnerineverylife estbalished 1886 & th14renato have deleted their accounts do you know anyone else

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  60. leo

    as far as henry goes glad that deal isn’t on we need someone more than henry Djourou told to seek a new club if he can found in Jan.Wenger want his stay but,could not guarantee playing times in recent talks

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  61. leo

    Wenger sent to the stands for kicking a water bottle? Fergie, meanwhile, can shout what he likes at officials and nothing is done FA = fergie’s association & mike dean will never officiate another manure game Spurs above Arsenal” mentioned 100 times on TL & Sky commentary. Yeh, it’s only because of a tube strike lmao pathetic

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  62. leo

    lol did anyone hear stoke fans singing against lfc
    “stand up if you hate suarez”.Stoke also sang,”Suarez you teeth are offside”

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  63. Segun

    “I look at PSG as a fan, as a supporter” – Demba Ba


    The guy’s a no no.

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  64. uchman

    Enuf of dis wenger insult abeg u guyz should learn hw 2 aPpreciate pple. Is it wengers fault dat vp fab & nasri left d club?can u tell me wat boss didn’t do 2 retain dem, u want wenger 2 buy falcao,cavani c ronaldo with his dick? Hw many decsent players will wenger buy with $30m,who doesn’t buy shit players,mourinho bot boularouz,wrp,del horno,sidwel,pizzaro,ben ham,wat waz dia impact, gaudiola spent over $100m on shit players, ferguson bot bebe,owen,anderson,u guyz shuld let wenger b abeg, totham is spendin millions 2 b like us yet dey hvnt finished ahead of us all bcos of wengers ingenuity,enuf of dese abeg

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  65. uchman

    Chelsea spent over $90m In d summer yet dey r not better off, man city is struglin despite dia billions, mourinho has d best collection of players in d world yet he waz beaten by malaga,nasri waz d best player in epl b4 he left arsenal now whr is he now,is he among d best 50 in epl now,song waz nominated among d very best in africa blv me dat will b d highest he can go, adebayor waz african best as an arsenalplayer hs he faired berrer sinmce he left? & d list goes on, analyz d game as a fan stop callin a distinguished manager like wenger names gunners 4 life

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