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Arsenal may sign Ba despite what Wenger says

There are reports all over the papers today, declaring that the Arsenal manager has categorically stated that he will not be signing the Senegalese striker Demba Ba from Newcastle United in the January transfer window, but his words have been twisted a little.

Wenger was speaking prior to the game against Newcastle at the Emirates tomorrow, and he did not want to go into the possible transfer of one of the players of the team we are about to face.

“I like Bemba Ba, yes. I don’t think this is the right place to speak about that, because he plays against us tomorrow.

“I wouldn’t like to put Newcastle or us or him, in an uncomfortable position. If you ask me, `do we sign Ba`? I say no.”

It is clear that Ba is still in Wenger’s thoughts, but there are others such as David Villa, Adrian Lopez and Fernando Llorente for him to consider. He may be talking to all of these and their clubs before he knows which way he is going to go. It could depend on other teams who are interested in the same players.

Newcastle are already looking at a replacement for their top scorer, because his release clause is only £7.5 million and is sure to be activated in January. Ba has already indicated that a move to Arsenal would be a `dream`, so there is a very good chance that he will become a Gunner in January.

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57 thoughts on “Arsenal may sign Ba despite what Wenger says


    Turan/Isco & Lopez since Spain is in a messenglish backbone with a Spanish touch. Cray!

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  2. Nick

    Wenger should sign Ba… but on the other hand i can’t understand arsenal policy, we r in the market for a top striker and a Dm… we had a top striker and a Dm last season why did he sold them.

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  3. liamstackerz

    I like ba but buying him would mean losing walcott because he wants to be a forward so I think buy a world class winger like turan then we have theo and giroud fighting for cf position

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  4. Sharkseven

    When A Player Play For Newcastle Talk About Dream Play With Arsenal And Want to play With Psg. When We Play For Arsenal. I Dont think He Proud To Wear Our ” REd Top”He Just A Money Motivator.even he A good Player

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  5. k

    All we have to do it get another clinical striker and change to 442


    Mannone//Jenkinson//Koscielny//Ramsey//Rosicky//Podolski//(New striker)

    Then we have a good first team full of quality, then bench has quality and all that’s needed is:
    Backup left back £7m
    Backup right mid £7m

    Striker and change of formation gives us the quality we need to challenge, a left back and right midfielder gives us the cover we need to win.

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    Demba Ba is great player but the problem with Wenger is that he selects rejects in the club and sells the best.

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  7. Big Gun

    I wouldn’t mind Ba, he is a decent striker and has proven EPL experience. I just worry that he is lazy. Giroud is no fighter and rarely chases. We need someone like Rooney, Tevez who can chase and put defenses under pressure.

    Statistics speak though. Ba is 27 years of age, and has scored 11 goals this season for his club from 18 appearances. Not bad at all. Probably the best option we have atm considering his current contract agreement and release clause.

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  8. Ru

    I am a fan of Ba, he didnt really shine at west hame, then he joined a better team (Newcastle) and became a very good player, if he comes to us (a better team) he might become even better! 🙂

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  9. Ru

    However gettin David Villa would be an amazing signing, even if he didnt play well, just the name gives Arsenal a status, and something for the oppositione to really fear, like van persie!

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  10. jesse

    wen he was ask last year abt carsola he said he did nt knw any player with such name. 2day he is arsenal. So welcum ba to arsenal.

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  11. Sank

    BA is confirmed.
    1. the player himself stated interest.
    2. alan pardew have came out 3 times to state the player could leave.
    3. wenger have praised him and then denied.
    4. no other clubs have shown interest.

    ba, arda turan, a dm, luke shaw and a old gk.
    promote youngsters.

    spend 30 to 40 million and we are unbeatable.

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  12. Mark

    Purchasing Ba is a mistake, the only reason it is being contemplated is the price. This is a player who has had two transfers fall through due to failing a medical, seems to have loyalty of the Nasri variety and may well be away for a month in January. If he was to cost his actual valuation of 13-15m we wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole. As a backup striker he would be fine to come off the bench but he is looking for 80k a week, more than Theo has been offered. This shows no ambition and when is the club going to realise that for the quality that we require you are going to have to spend 20m and more. Ba is a ridiculous bargain basement idea.

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  13. Zak

    I will be massively disappointed if we sign Ba, when we are on about signing top top players or exceptional players. Ba is neither.

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  14. leo

    first of all ba wants psg move secondly he has knee problems it’s a huge gamble if we sign him & knowing our fitness history i wouldn’t want him he is similar to giroud not a typical false 9 doesn’t chase the ball if lost no pace just get someone else like llorente/negredo anybody else he struggled after papiss cisse’s arrival he is not built for arsenal even andre schurlle of leverkusen would be good deal

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  16. Travis Bickle

    I’d prefer a more creative, low centre of gravity, quick striker a la

    David Villa, Adrian Lopez or Jovetic

    Giroud is our tall, strong header striker, I don’t feel as though we need another stiker of this kind. Ba’s wage demands that have been quoted as well are steep! Ive heard reports ranging between 80 – 95k a week!

    Also, I’m sure your all glad to hear Yann M’Vila has been offered to Arsenal in a cut deal of £8million.


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  17. leo

    @hugh yeah but there are better strikers out there if wenger had pushed hard we could have got lewandowski for 18m instead of manure i think wenger should go for llorente & heard juve are offering a straight swap for chammakh with matri he too would be a decent back up striker

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  18. philthompsonsnose

    Most fans would just be happy with a new signing of any name other than Gervinho!!!!!!

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  19. leo

    Arsenal have been offered cut price deal for Yann M’Vila. Rennes willing to sell as cheap from a french journalist(no inside info) whtehr arsenal want him is the question fee said to be around 6m same for kevin strootman wenger dump diaby & get either one of them

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  20. No more excuses

    Just get this Walcott cr*p sorted . I want him to stay but all this carry on is just leavein us in limbo . If he wants to go then let him go and make sure this end of contract situation doesn’t happen again . Maybe then we can get some sort of direction and stability . The 1 thing that worries me is – wenger sh*ts his pants every time a player wants 80k a wk (like ba- even though he’s a snip at 7.5m)……. So just what type of “special player” is gonna want to play for less ? We need quality in this area – instant quality ! Of course 80k a wk is an enormous amount of money – but let’s get real – it’s AVERAGE money for a top player these days .

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  21. Mark

    M’Villa for 8 million is a steal and it’s a position we need to strengthen. If that is true it’s a no brainer, even with his attitude.

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  22. matspanar

    Originally, Gervinho is not a striker neither a winger. He just a waterboy from French’s league. Mr. Wenger made a big mistake bought it this year……hahahah

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  23. Mark

    In this case 80k is top money for an average player. I don’t want him having that money over better players and we all know the issues we’ve had with wages, he’s simply not good enough to have more than a cameo role at Arsenal.

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  24. Dan

    People can slag off Ba all they want but at the end of the day, the guy puts the ball in the back of the net week in week out. In a team like Arsenal where the creative play is better than Newcastle and Hammers, he could probably score 20-25 a season.

    I think people are scared because when they hear “wants more money” and “Afican”, they instanty think Adebayor. Ba is much more prolific than Adebayor and doesn’t want stupid money, just an increase on the current 40 000k he is on now, which he is worth.

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  25. Ergs

    Leo dump diaby U SURE!!!!!!!???
    He’s class.
    Id dump a lot more players off our wage bill before diaby!
    Ba wants as much money as possible decent as he is there is better value elsewhere!
    We need wide men gervinho not good enough ,arshavin going ,ox not his best position wide ,Walcott leaving on a free end of the season.
    Zaha needed let podolski and Giroud rotate up top for this, season need 2 wide men and a left back.
    Striker needed next season for me.

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  26. mario

    Man.U are set to sign Lewandski for 18M AND £80K per week and Wenger is still hanging around with the likes of Gervinho and Giroud.What happened to the money from the sale of RVP.Tells you everything about Arsenals ambition.

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  27. DubGun

    Wenger is sticking up for Pardew against Ferguson in the hope it will sweeten a move for Ba to Arsenal. He’ll probably go to PSG though if they’re really interested.

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  28. royalman

    Arsenal needs a very good striker, our team presently, not bad just needs them to play together, and a great finisher. Replace d deadwoods, I want Diabi bak in d team.replace Theo if he insist in goin, get cover for Gibbs n Arteta. We r there!

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  29. Invincibles nice (1)

    I believe we are going to recruit Demba for sure. I think seven point five mil is a fair number as he has hardly been breaking the twente pl goal mark each season, but for some reason the pl over estimate there players value, so with that it maybe be a bargain and when does Wenger ever turn down bargains.

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  30. Arsenal1Again

    I have wanted Villa since the Euro 2008. Although I distictly remember him being a Winger – though I could be mistaken??? He’s 30+, so what. I don’t think he will come to us because Farcelona have already stated they’re keeping him until the Summer, also his wages will be beyond our reach, also he’ll prefer a hot country to play, or he’ll sign a lucrative deal in the MLS. He has old team-mate Thierry Henry already there. Fabregas might encourage Villa to sign with us but I doubt it will be enough.

    Just imagine if in 2010 we had David Villa, Cazorla, Fabregas and Arteta in our midfield.

    I am not convince with Ba. I think he will be off to PSG at the slightest interest from them which means -50 loyalty rating in my book, plus he’s got suspect knees which have 2 seasons out injured written all over them. The thought of getting Ba when there are much better options available has me holding my breath.

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  31. sinero

    dude, what happened when wenger said he wanted matta and harzard? he ended up lossing them to chelshit.

    do you think he would be stupid enough to declare his intention again for a player?. Hell No.

    Wenger pls pull another carzola from your hat once small. God bless arsenal foothball club.

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  32. Arsenal1Again

    @K A 442 gets totally raped and beasted by top teams playing a five man midfield. It has been proven time again that four midfielders are swamped by a team with 5. The team with 5 has mega space which they use to destroy teams with only 4 midfielders. It is the equivalent of putting out a team every game with 10 players instead of 11. Plus relying on the not very good Walcott would make it more like a team of 9 players instead of 11. I have not heard of Cazorla being a winger? I s that just something you made up for convenience. As for Podolski on the Bench, that is too funny.

    Players who cannot be benched are Scezcny, Wilshere, Arteta, Cazorla, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Podolski and Sagna. They are automatic starters, so this leaves you with two options … and 4 automtic midfield starters with only one being a winger makes a 442 impossible.

    If anything, the 6 Midfielder system adopted by Spain in Euro 2012 would be better for us. Podolski, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky and Gervinho would be sublime to watch. All good passer, all creative, all good workrate. That’s the way I would go in some games, not all, just some.

    Players like Walcott, Bendtner and Chamakh who need a 442 should be replaced with Midfielder/Strikers like Podolski. 442 needers have no place in top modern teams. Things have moved on and evolved, it’s up to players to adapt and change. Walcott has struggled as a lone striker, he stuggles as a winger, he has failed to adapt.

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  33. Jermaine

    Psg won’t sign ba they have a higher standard . They just got Lucas moura coming in and they would most likely get Pato or elshawary . AS FOR LUKE SHAW HE LOOKS WAY OF THE PACE IN THIS LEAGUE STICK WITH MEADE . WOULD LOVE TO SEE NAVAS HE IS WORLD CLASS AND PLAYING FOR A BOTTOM HALF TEAM IN SPAIN

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  34. Ergs

    You talk some rubbish 442 is a crap formation!!!!!!???
    The team currently top off the Prem Man Utd play two up top most games!
    We at our best played 2 up top during our most successful period under Wenger all formations are effective depending on personnel.
    To just dismiss 442 is ludicrous there are different variations off 442 as well like 4411 Same thing just Rooney behind RVP.
    If we were more attacking in games and played two up top at times we might not have drawn so many games this season.
    451 is actually easy to defend against with discipline as a lot off teams have illustrated against us and Chelsea even did it to Barcelona last season.

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  35. dave

    I reckon david villa,even at 31 I just have this gut feeling he’ll be scoring for fun at the arsenal.

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  36. KickuPtheArsene

    Like every window – Wenger keeps his cards close. Who (if anyone) will we sign … god and Wenger only know. To be honest, I’m not that hopeful that we will sign anyone. Sadness.

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  37. RT

    @Leo – heard any more of our link with Isco? This time last year he was top of Wenger’s list is his silence a sign of a near purchase? I HOPE SO!!!!

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  38. eosaz

    Funny how we rape any player coming to Arsenal or even bought. I remember Arsenal fans wishing Ba was in our team last season and now that there is a chance of it we are all going haywire. The man can score goals which you need in a striker
    I like to read through comments particularly paying attention to intelligent views. No one is saying on here why the man is not good enough. Some say Injury prone, which footballer is exempt from injury? That’s where u need a bit of luck. Remember a certain Van Persie? Man Utd took a gamble paying off nicely today but still no assurances he’d sail through the season injury free. Everyone is carrying the torch for villa, 30 years old excellent striker pushed aside by Barcelona and only back from a leg break. Some say we must run away(Ba) cos he’s only interested in money and we not into that. Well guess what, any player who plays today that was not from the academy is here or in any other club cos of the money. Before going so far as Ba being a mercenary, why not look to Theo that we r all still begging to sign as the only factor now is money? Any player who comes to us today from anywhere does so for the money too which is why you leave your current club except in rare cases.
    I support Wenger to buy him if he see’s him as someone who can help us and to look the other way if otherwise. In the mean time tho, lets judge players realistically and by performance. Remember too he is already in the EPL and a monster in front of goal, Giroud, Podolsky are very good strikers both with 20+ goals each last season for their respective clubs but takes time to bed in and so will any one else from Spain or Jupiter

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  39. Ned

    We need a proven premiership goalscorer! Just think what Ba could do with the supply from Cazorla and Wiltshire! That equals a lot of goals!!

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  40. rhys

    Has anyone heard the news? Arsenal sign a 13 year old kid from brighton called charlie gilmour I think. The next wishere there calling him

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  41. MDOwn

    You didn’t finish what he said in the interview, he also went on to say that ‘no…because we play them on saturday, and it wouldnt be right, fair for Newcastle or for him…’

    Arsene has done this before, he doesn’t like talking about players until they are signed…

    As far I am concerned the proabability of Ba joining has NOT changed. He may still be coming.

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  42. steve martin

    i would love ba at arsenal, proven epl striker

    luke shaw, jack butland aswell

    zaha to replace gervinho

    keep theo

    and diame


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