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Arsenal midfield will soon be awesome!

The newest recruit to the Arsenal midfield, Santi Cazorla, has been talking about his team mates and how impressed he is by them. The Spanish international believes that they are really starting to get used to each other now, and will go from strength to strength.

Cazorla revealed that the other Spaniard in the team, Mikel Arteta, has been a great help to him since he came to the Emirates from Malaga in the summer. After initially settling in, Cazorla then had to adapt again once Jack Wilshere made his return from injury, and they have now been joined by Tomas Rosicky, but the more they play together, the more dangerous Arsenal will become.

“Every day that goes by, we understand each other better. It is very easy for me to play with them.

“Jack is an amazing football player. I did not know him well because when I arrived he was injured, but every day that goes by I understand why he is so well rated here.

“Mikel is more of a tactical player….There is a reason he is the vice-captain of the team. He is a reference player in the dressing room. He has helped me a lot…He has had a calming effect on me.

“I think that Rosicky is an amazing player now that I have started playing with him, because he too has been through a long injury, and he is also a `Spanish` type of player.”

Hopefully Cazorla will have another great player to get used to when the transfer window opens. Arsene Wenger is expected to spend some decent money for a change, and a strong, defensive midfielder, possibly a similar type of player to Abou Diaby, should soon be adding steel to the skill on show in the Arsenal midfield.

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66 thoughts on “Arsenal midfield will soon be awesome!

  1. haywill

    mathematically we can still win the EPL 🙂
    we are only six points away from manc shitty after we gun newcastle down 🙂

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  2. let's be Realistic

    Get sneidjer and De rossi with both looking for escape route from their clubs….Experience and Tactical Acumen.With these two plus the other talents in the team will cause Fergie to have a heart attack

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  3. @adeysams

    Its taking time for dem to adjust 2geda. Chelsea and Man United didn’t take dt long mate.

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  4. Jonathan

    Hey Gooners!
    I hope that we will sign Zaha,Holtby and Diame.
    we need someone like Diaby in midfield, sad to say this but our midfield in defence is what has ruined this season.
    diame and holtby are bargains 4&6 million and Zaha cause he’s a great talent and we need a winger. Diame role is obvious and holtby can play where cazorla is and on either wing. and by buying two players that are wingers wenger is showing walcott that he has a place through the middle and that will make him sign da ting!!!!!!!!!!!
    and ofcourse offload deadwood, replace santos,djourou, fabianski, loan out Coquelin.
    EQUALS great squad!!!!!! Possible starting options

    szczesny mignolet
    sagna kos ver gibbs jenks mer ??? ???
    diaby diame
    wilshere cazorla rosicky/arteta/ramsey
    holtby walcott podolski OX/zaha giroud gervinho

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  5. shahin

    Our attacking midfield is perfect, we need only a beefy dmf and a complete finisher, and a signa like player on the left. Then we can think of epl and cl titles. Like literally 3 players can turn arsenal to top of all trophis.

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  6. Gunnerineverylife

    @let’s be realistic your name really suits your suggestion of buying De Rossi and Sneijder

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  7. Twig

    That midfield needs some steel, an enforcer. If we get that player (m’vila, capoue, wanyama, strootsman) then our midfield would be awesome.

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  8. michael mushi

    i believe on decisions which will be decided by our coach but zaha is important as well as michu.

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  9. ButtFlaps

    We are to arrive soon top top of league. Once we get top top players like Debbie Ba or llorents we unstoppables

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  10. nick

    Pato plzzzzzzz. PERFECT FOR SYSTEM… How can u not want a 23 year old brazilian that scores against the likes of barcelona and other top european clubs… He also played with the best, these are good attributes.., he won’t panic in games agianst the likes of man U, man city, chelsea…… He will need to prove him himself again to gain that spot bakk in his country’s 11…. Wenger u can do this, U r the verrry best at this…. U made Henry…. I watch with my own eyes….. This kid is better than Henry wen henry was 23….. Mr wenger I would prefer to c him fail, which he won’t…. Look at oscar!!! U think PATO wouldn’t want to be playing in the same league and rediscover the Pato we kno, gain some glory for himself….???? Mr wenger I will be upset if we don’t get Pato, he is perfect for us upfront!!!!! PERFECTTTTTTTTTT

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  11. shariffow

    Plz wenger teach gervinho how 2 pass the ball quickly like jack,rosiscky,santi bcoz most of times he z de 1. who waste most of our chances

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    @nick Pato is injury prone,thats why Milan are going to sell him.I dont want another injury prone at arsenal,lets count the injury prone players we have had at arsenal…Diaby,Rosicky,Eduardo,Rvp,Gibbs…the list goes on

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  13. jjohn

    We need 1 captain type midfield hardman that can pick out a quality pass if required and protect our quite vulnerable back 4 by reading and breaking up the play when we are being counter attcked. But hang on! Didn’t we already have that in Alex Song. Anybody heard of him since he left? He really has furthered his career!
    Best not buy anyone, cos if he does well and becomes a success, we’d have to sell him and go back to square 1!!

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  14. Goonerbeall

    Now if Wenger wants to stay or retain his status a super manager unlike Redknap or these other Englishmen who have never won EPL then he has to bring in at least 3 players. Mvilla, another AM and a proper striker like Dembe Ba. Did you see him running rings around Manure yesterday? Yes, Rio was quacking every time hence 4-3 scoline.

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  15. Uche Edochie

    What I like about santi is that he speaks his mind. If you notice, he never mentioned ramsey or any of the other dead wood players. This is his way of telling wenger who his strongest players are and which combination works best. I will like to see rosicky on the same pitch with santi. That will be a brutal attacking midfield that creates chances every second.

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  16. Ganaz

    bob you are one of those fans who keep lying to Wenger that we are going to be champs!Never with the current squad we need dm,true top class striker who can score and back up for Gibbs.So atop your non sense.

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  17. Mistyque

    Pato is an exeptionel talented, gifted player.
    He will be very good for Arsenal, but he is always injured…
    Otherwise, we would not be able to buy him!

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  18. bashman

    a midfielder in january means wenger has given up on diaby or coquelin surely one will move on if that happened. i dont see much wrong with the midfield IF diaby comes back. most obvious places to strengthen are left back ( not just cover gibbs but competition) and a center forward who is someone capable of scoring 25+ goals a season and if walcott wants to leave zaha will do

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  19. Greg

    Santi cazorla has been a revalation for us and he can only go from strength to strength for arsenal but still we need add some more steel to the team with these players in mind. Isco mvilla llorrente lopez and mbiwa we will surely be a dangerous force!

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  20. kamal

    about diaby..his footballing career seems to be over….think bout it he had full preseason yet he still gets injured…sum players bodies are not suited for excessive physical stress so im sorry but we hv to let him go…sadly

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  21. jjohn

    Why does Arsene keep saying he will only spend if a “real quality player is available that will improve our squad?” Hasn’t he learned yet that there are loads of quality players out there and would be available, but you are not going to get them on the cheap Arsene! To get real quality you have to offer quality prices!!

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  22. No more excuses

    Chelsea spent big money on drogba and got a top striker for many years who won them trophies , city bought dzeko , aguero and co and they are now getting silverware , utd gave big money for Rooney and now rvp – like it or not guys – these are successful teams who win trophies – even Liverpool gave big money for Suarez and got a trophy . Thers a pattern showing here … U get what u pay for and if we wanna mix it then its time to startin actin like a big club and goin for top quality . Falcao maybe Wudnt come – but start there and work ur way down !

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  23. CRABBY

    Does anyone know much about this Strootman guy?
    I have seen a clip on YouTube but even I could look good on youtube!
    He looks big and strong as well as a good passer.

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  24. afc

    can’t help but think if afc had r van pussy, clichy/cole, song, cashri and adebuywhore we would of had an untouchable team there would be no need for transfers we f###ed it up ourselves and now are in the middle of nowhere looking for replacements that we can’t afford sadly.

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  25. Invincibles nice (1)

    The central midfield area is up there with the best of them (barring barca of course).

    Its just a pitty we dont have anyone who likes playing on the wings, really stretching the pitch, and defences.

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  26. leo

    just sign a striker a cdm & if theo leaves get a replacement llorente/negredo or both + kevin strootman & maybe holtby or adrian lopez that’s all we need i think the likes of thomas eisfeld/gnabry are ready to fill in & mostly offload the denilson’s park squid/chammakh/santos/djorou we need to bring down our wage bill

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  27. caribbean

    A transfer window is approaching and am getting depressed again….Are we going to buy anyone?Even the rumours have dried up and become a little more unrealistic in the past couple of days.
    Munchen is now onto Holby
    Man U onto lewondowsky…
    And people please stop with this Pato crap…Arsenal is not a hospital

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  28. CRABBY

    @Invinsibles nice(1) We do miss dedicated wingers in our team if only we had pires in our team now!

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  29. lifeasagooner

    Villa wont go from Barcelona to Arsenal…. no way.
    Edinson Cavani would never join Arsenal.
    Napoli would probably want £50M for him and theres NO WAY Arsenal would spend half of that on him.
    The most likely candidate to join us is Zaha – because he fits the trend of the club – he’s still young so we’ll bring him through and make him a star and then sell him on when he is ready for a pay rise.
    Sorry to dash your hopes but do you people not learn from previous transfer windows?!
    Just dont go building your hopes up for Cavani or Villa.

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  30. D1G

    Ok that means we are not far off from selling someone good in the midfield department.

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  31. leo

    PSV wants at least €10m ie close to 8m for Kevin Strootman acc to dutch media him wenger please

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  32. mr lean

    i would be really suprised if we buy in Jan,we need a cf dm and lb and we need to get rid of the deedwood either for a bit of money or on a free.i would also like to see eisfeld in the first team squad for the rest of the season

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  33. Topgooner

    There’re a couple of positions that we can look into for players in the upcoming transfer market…..first of all, a strong cdm that will add steel to our midfield as diaby is showing a very little signs of returning back and a true winger who loves to deliver those lovely crosses for giroud.also a quality back up for we can end up buying none…..lets hope wenger finds that exceptional player in the market who can add quality and not just the quantity in our squad.

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  34. Gunner101

    What annoys me most is that United are top at the moment. When I look at our team, all we truly lack is a defensive midfielder and a pure striker. Who did we sell in August? Song and Van Persie. If we hadn’t sold them, I’m sure we would have been top.
    However, what’s done is done so we now have to address our current issues.
    (1) Clear out the deadwood – Chamakh’s linked to a host of clubs, Squid’s contract is running out and Arshavin’s going to Reading.
    (2) Realize who’s not Arsenal quality – Wenger knows by now that Santos, Diaby and Gervinho will never live up to expectations and must be shipped out.
    (3) With those funds, added to the sponsor income, we should target a 2nd choice left back (Jetro Williems), a defensive midfielder (Diame/Wanyama) and a star striker (Cavani/Lewandowski/Ba). Walcott has to realize he is not a stiker, and if he leaves, Zaha has to come in.
    (4) We need to bring through academy players as well. Ignasi Miquel can be our 4th choice center-back while Serge Gnabry, Thomas Eisfield or Ryo Miyaichi can take the 4th choice winger role. Also, Afobe and Joel Campbell need to start staking their claims for a striker’s role.

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  35. leo

    cavani & villa looks unlikely a loan move for villa is possible though but i think wenger’s top 3 targets are llorente -5m,negredo-12m,adrian lopez-12m negredo & another stiker could join us if theo leaves

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  36. FG

    I disagree that our midfield is top quality. It has the top quality ingredients, but its not working together as well as it should.

    We have too many players in mid-field that like to stand back and try to create from deep. We have a selection of great passing players in jack, santi and mikel, but all three of them are hesitant when it comes to pushing forward to get on the receiving end of a pass.

    Also, none of them are really great finishers which means we rely our CF to do the finishing. This would be fine, except Giroud seems to be more at home with a supporting role, laying the ball off to others, or heading it down to others. Result: We have no real bite, and no real goals!

    As much as i dislike Gary Neville, he summed up our shortcomings perfectly in his analysis for sky sports, Its well worh a watch for those who didnt see it. See link


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  37. lifeasagooner

    January Sale Now ON:


    How long are we going to continue paying around £50K/wk to all these people?

    Arsenal used to be a well run club financially but we are wasting money the last few years.

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  38. leo

    @caribbean arda turan will leave athletico madrid he is one of the players we are looking at for mf as arshavin’s replacement others include belhanda & valencia’s sofiane feghouli we are looking manily in french legue1 acc to media

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  39. mishaktak

    Chuks Aneke is the man. He is perfect in dm position and can pass the ball as well as Song.

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  40. moza

    Just get rid of the horrible Ramsey and will be ok for the second half.i do not understand why we extended his contract or why we waste valuable game time for him to suck instead of helping Ganabry and Eisfeld grow.In Football,Players that suck for half a season tend to suck for the rest of the season.sometmes i think Chamakh in the midfield or on the wings is a much better option than that please Wenger! loan him out to wherever you loaned out Denilson!

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  41. asher

    Oh pliz I think Pato can b a good buy rather than keeping gervnho who heads like he has no head… i want wenger to buy for me the follwing if possible 2 players..

    1. Pato..
    2. diame
    3. return Denilson
    4. Lopez
    5. Villa

    thats all i need and keep the squad 2gether but sell the following flops


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  42. true goon

    i hope your right about him spending money.We don’t have a great midfield yet, Arteta is the weak link,but it seems that he is a great influence in the dressing room,making it hard for Wenger to drop him ,this is the problem for our midfield.

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  43. j

    Would love Wenger to get Villa, Yanga Mbiwa and Capoue or M’Vila. Maybe an experienced keeper too.

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  44. owens

    This is wenger’s best team ever Lol..!!,even better than the “invincible”..sometimes i believe wenger is under a come we the fans know were we are lacking but wenger doesn’t?..despite washing it on tv after the game?

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  45. true goon


    i watched the link he has a point,but the irony is that against Reading Cazorla started to make those runs,and scored a hatrick.The team has taken a while to settle Cazorla is new don’t forget,and he has scored 7 goals in the league from midfield thats more than any Man U midfielder.cazorla and wilshere can fill this gap.

    The real problem for us is thhe DM position Arteta can’t do it.And we need a striker of Rvp’s quuality.

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  46. Mike

    Since the Arsenal Boxing day match was canceled I found my self watching ManU Newcastle and after I was even more depressed by the sale of RVP. Arsenal’s decision to sell him to ManU practically handed them the title how many games has he been the key difference between dropping points and getting all 3 it may have been Hernandez that scored the 90th min winner but it was a RVP free kick that he finished off and it was RVP that got them level. Take RVP off that team especially when Rooney is not in the lineup and they are average at best. And it is NOT just him putting the ball in the net but also his assists.
    The fact they are scoring more goals then anyone else is the only reason they are top of the table. RVP is NOt their only goal scorer but the addition of him is what puts them above the rest in the EPL. ManU’s defense looks worse then Arsenal’s at least during that game (we will see Saturday I guess if that is really true when Arsenal take on Newcastle)

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  47. dblackchyld

    I know dat dis might sound funny,but if we REAllY need a DM dat can hold D̶̲̥̅̊ ball nd mount D̶̲̥̅̊ mid-field wit his physic MIKEL or M’VILLA always pop into ma head….wat do U̶̲̥̅̊ tink?!

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  48. gunman

    get an experienced striker. groom afobe.
    striker problem solved.
    eisfeld is good backup for att midfield.get an experienced dm and wait for the emergence of coquelin or frimpong.
    that gives us a well balanced squad with good depth

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  49. Philthompsonsnose

    Rosicky can be our missing link! If u remember how well we played with him towards the end of last season he was the 2nd most important player for us!! Cazorla, wilshere arteta and rosicky will be awesome… If… And it’s a big if.. AW buys another cf in January..
    If we beat the Geordies on Saturday, which I very much hope we do, then it will only strengthen AW belief we will be ok for the rest of the season…
    Will he replace van p..? I doubt it??? We all know how much we miss him and where we would be now if we had his goals… That is y A TOP STRIKER HAS TO BE OUR ONLY PRIORITY in January!!!

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  50. AFC

    Avoid a tall striker as we always boot it long from the back, not the arsenal way, a better version of Walcott ST? Villa would be perfect but then he is too expensive. Definitely need a CDM

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  51. Sam

    My prediction is that Arsene is not going to buy any more players this January and, as a result, Arsenal is going to struggle for the rest of the season. So stop dreaming because you will be disappointed!!

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  52. SlengTeng

    I love Rosicky and Arteta as much as the next fan, but theyre getting old. We need new players coming through, namely an attacking creative midfielder and a defensive midfielder. DOnt tell me Ramsey and Diaby are our solution to that.

    I think our midfield is very weak. Arteta not natural DM and we rely too much on Cazorla

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  53. S.H

    A good article to remind people that our players are not robots! Even before the season started I said it will take months for our new team to gel. It will most likely be another 6mths to a year until we see the best understanding between the players. This is keeping in mind that there will be new transfers in Jan, which in turn will affect the chemistry once again.

    My biggest concern is really the BELIEF in each other. This is more important than the chemistry, as the team understanding will come, once a foundation of belief is set. I still doubt that Cazorla for example, would have as much trust in Giroud as he would in Podolski. But that’s just me.

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    That all well and good a great midfield but no one to score the goals. So it will be the same old same old
    PASS PASS PASS PASS and back to our keeper, great.

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