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Arsenal move FAST to agree transfer of TOP striker!!!

Whether or not you agree with the former Arsenal and France goal machine Thierry Henry on the merits of Olivier Giroud and the chances of Arsenal winning the Premier League with the big Frenchman leading the line, I think we can all agree that we want Arsene Wenger to be in the market for a top quality striker in the summer transfer window.

Except that we may not have to wait and see what the boss does, as a Metro report is claiming that Wenger may have forestalled us all. Not only has the prof identified the player to boost our firepower, the report says that the Gunners have already agreed the transfer with the man in question, Jackson Martinez.

The Porto and Colombia international star was linked with us last summer as well and he made no secret of his ambition to play in a bigger league than the Portuguese one. I must admit that I was not convinced he could make the step up and really shine in the Premier League but after another season of scoring excellence, Wenger appears to have been convinced.

Maybe the fact that eight of his 32 goals this season came in the Champions League proves his quality or maybe the boss just cannot argue with over 90 goals in his three seasons at Porto. The Portuguese press are convinced that Jackson is headed for a club reunion with his international team mate David Ospina and after the 28-year old waved farewell to the Porto fans in their final game, he is certainly going somewhere. Emirates stadium, London NY perhaps?

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70 thoughts on “Arsenal move FAST to agree transfer of TOP striker!!!

  1. leo

    he will be 29 soon we can do better alexandre lacazette/benzema/cavani/reus would be better mandzukic/dzeko could be available for 10-15m as well

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    1. seancali

      No chance with benzema buddy…we have no chance to sign him, what’s wrong with Martinez???? He’s an all round goal scorer, he fits our play and loves to join us just go for him and bring him to Emirates. Asap plz..Jackson and giroud plus welbeck. We would have lots of options up front.

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      1. leo

        he has done well in Portuguese lague will need time to adapt to pl + he will be 29 by oct

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        1. Mick The Gooner

          Very good player but his age means he’s not worth his £30+m price tag. If he was 3 or 4 years younger then I’d be very keen on us getting him. Shame because he hasn’t just matured, his goal tally has been very good for a while now, if only we’d pounced a few season ago, like after we lost RVP.

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        2. Champagne Charlie

          It’s 2015 mate….players aren’t dead at 30 anymore thanks to sports science and general health improvements.

          Ibra is 33, almost exactly 5 years Jackson Martinezs senior (both october), and every Arsenal fan would love him leading the line. Jackson negotiated a reduced buy-out (25m) in his contract extension and 25mil for a ST like him that would give us 4/5 years top service is not expensive, it’s about the going rate.

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      2. sevenitti

        He fits our play you say. Based on what? I dont doubt he could do well in Arsenal, but he’s a risk, and at the age of almost 29, we could end up in a huge loss if he fails to perform.

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        1. seancali

          If you watch him play oftenly you would know what I mean. Go on and watch Porto vs Bayern again and see his qualities. I would prefer benzema but he will never join us and higuain is as old as Martinez. Cavani is not worth the money we should pay and benteke is as good as giroud. So what options do we have?

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      Stupid, rash move………. We should have moved faster when he wasn’t even close to being 26

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    3. jonestown1

      There is something obviously wrong with the whole Martinez situation. Porto have always been happy to sell to anyone at a price. JM must be one of the most regular names on the transfer rumour mill for 3 or 4 years now – not just with us but dozens of other clubs as well. If reports are to be believed he must be one of the most scouted players in world football. But despite all that no-one appears to have made a serious bid for the guy despite half the top teams in Europe on the look out for a top striker. Either Porto are massively over-valuing him or he is not that highly rated – or most probably a combination of both.

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        1. Mick The Gooner

          RVP was a 30 goals a season PL striker when we sold him at age 29. One of the best in the world. Even to a PL rival, at that age he was only worth £24m, so I can’t say Martinez will be worth his price tag.

          Plus Martinez is a very quick striker and relies on pace a lot. As you get older, it’s generally your pace that goes first, like Henry’s did.

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          1. leo

            for one season but people seems to think Martinez is the best in the world there are better options as well

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          2. GunnerJack

            Although quick and agile Martinez does NOT rely on pace a lot. As seancali more correctly said above “he’s an all round goal scorer, he fits our play and would love to join us”.

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          3. Champagne Charlie

            Have you watched him? Pace is not at all his defining attribute, he’s sharp but not at all rapid. His movement and efficiency inside the box is easily his biggest strength.

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    1. sevenitti

      Ï’ve been looking at youtube clips of Fekir and Lacazette all day, and I have only one thing to tell Wenger – SIGN THEM BOTH!

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      1. ThirdManJW

        I wouldn’t get too excited. I remember watching youtube clips of Arshavin and Gervinho, and they looked world class…until I actually saw them play full matches. So bad!

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        1. Midkemma

          You mean like when Arshavin 1st came to us? Vs Liverpool?
          Or how Gervinho has been priased by Hazard time and time again as being just awesome.

          They didn’t fit into Arsenals style and the EPL, they was both class players and Gervinho is proving it again since leaving.

          Youtube doesn’t make stuff up, the player actually has to do some stuff to get on their… youtube doesn’t show consistancy but it does show glimpses of what players are capable of doing.

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          1. ThirdManJW

            Arshavin was class…for the first 6 months, and that was it! It was all downhill from there. Gervinho may be doing better, but you can’t deny that he was a big flop for us.

            You’re right, Youtube doesn’t make stuff up. It can show glimpses of a players ability, but it doesn’t show their faults. Watching very short clips of a players best bits, is completely different to watching the same player for a full 90 mins. Even Andy Carroll can look world class in a highlights package, but it’s a different story when you watch him consistently for full matches.

            It’s like films. A two minute trailer can make a bad film look class, but once you’ve sat there and watched it for about 2 hours or so, you soon realised you’ve been conned.

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      2. jermaineBryan

        fekir said he will stay for a season to play champions leuage and his dream is to play for barcelona(potential pedro replacement)

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  2. ArseOverTit

    Arsenal Move fast….funny!

    Agree, there are younger/better out there.

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  3. seancali

    Martinez is quality, just watch the Porto vs Bayern match and figure it out. We need a scoring machine like him…he’s a proven goal scorer not a one hit wonder

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      1. vince

        cavani?? LOOOL. martinez is a BEAST. reus is an argument. and schalke isnt making champs league this season…

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        1. leo

          Martinez is a beast & u find mandzukic funny I give up mandzukic has won cl & bundesliga his record is better

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          1. sevenitti

            John Arne Riise has also won the CL, doesn’t make him Arsenal-level. Gerrard at 28 had never won the league, doesn’t mean he would be a target for Spurs.

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          2. jermaineBryan

            as much as i admire jackson i have to say mandzukic is slighlty better

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  4. GoonerG1

    If Arsenal wanted Martinez, the would have signed him last summer. This rumor is Metro BS.

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  5. leo

    fans thanked him after his last game his agent was asked about arsenal but didn’t say anything media in Portuguese say he could join arsenal for less than his release clause

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  6. emeladike

    Wenger wud not buy, am actually not expecting anything from d transfer market.

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  7. Kotte

    Now most Arsenal fans are complaining of his old ws RVP when man u bought hm frm us and mind you they knew he was injury prone.Arsenal fans like complaining alot but am sure Martinez is a good striker who can bully other team with his streangth the way we’ve bn bullied around with the likes of Drogba n Costa but still people want a youger striker how many young players at Arsenal have not lived to their expectations? We are always dreaming of players who cant even think of joining us wait untill Martinez join one of our rivals then you wil know how good he is!

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      RVP is a different kind of striker. RVP never had much pace, his talent was in his positioning, movement and most of all his finishing. He doesn’t need great pace to operate.

      Martinez is great now but he’s 29. If we could get him right now for under £15m then I’d definately have him, but at his age, as a player who does rely a lot on pace, he probably only has at most 2 seasons left before he starts to fade. That pricetag for just 2 seasons isn’t worth it. Plus unlike RVP, he isn’t proven in the PL, potentially a bigger risk, though personally I think he’d be just fine in this league.

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        1. Mick The Gooner

          Not better players, just younger ones or cheaper ones. Martinez is a fantastic player.

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          1. GunnerJack

            . . . who does NOT rely on pace alone but has speed, agility and all round goal scoring qualities. Can we now give the boring and untrue ‘pace’ aspect a rest please.

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      1. jonestown1

        And in fairness RvP wasn’t a nailed on superstar striker until he was 28/29. We tend to forget the 6 or 7 years of underwhelming performances – injury admittedly playing a part but still he wasn’t much more of an auxillary striker for us for the early years.

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  8. leo

    giroud was the top scorer in french ligue 1 & many want another striker but Martinez is seen as better option who plays in Portuguese league

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  9. AlmiR

    HAHAHA some of you would rather have another winger in Reus or broken Cavani than Jackson Martinez. Martinez would fit our game perfectly, he would step in OG position and let me remind you that Lacazette wouldnt fit our current style, we need big player to fight against big defenders and to defend corners, if we can i would go for Ibrahimovic but that aint gonna happen so best solution is J.Martinez fast, agile strong, good header, everything we need!!!

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      What’s wrong with Reus? Reus would be perfect for us and is still only 25 going on 26. He’s a goalscoring winger like Alexis. If we had Reus and Alexis on the pitch we’d be far less reliant on a striker ie Giroud. Plus with 3 goalscorers we’d be a much more difficult team to defend against. At the moment Giroud and Alexis are crowded out of the game. If we offered a threat down both sides of the pitch the opposition would be far more stretched and therefore easier to break down.

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      1. AlmiR

        hahaha, how do you expect to win league without top CF, and Reus plays in Sanchez position, so Sanchez would need to play on right so that wont work, and how much goals did Reus scored for BvB, we need goals not great hair and models

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        1. leo

          reus used to play as a striker at gladbach & he can with arsenal he was injured this season
          while u think we will win pl with Jackson Martinez upfront loooooooool

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        2. rkw

          2 players scoring 20 and another scoring 16 is just as goof as having 2 players scoring 28 a piece …. sanchez reus and giroud combo sounds pretty ok to me

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    2. sevenitti

      How would Lacazette not fit our system? Everything I’ve seen from him indicates he’s a striker that would score tons of goals for both Lyon and Arsenal. He’s fast (which would allow him to not go back to defend in order to be ready for counterattacks), fairly strong, good finisher and able to head the ball. He could become better than Henry.

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  10. AlanFrank

    Not sure about how this one. He moved to Europe quite late in his career His scoring record at Porto is very good and he looks quality. But at the same time he’s never played in a top league it could be an expensive gamble. People like to write players off when they reach a certain age and although he’ll be almost 29 at the start of next season you could easily get 3 – 4 of his best seasons out of him. But with strikers sometimes they can take time to settle then age could be a problem. For instance I wouldn’t mind us signing someone like Schweinsteiger and he’s almost 31 I think he’d settle quickly and fit into the team but with strikers it’s tough someone younger would probably be better. Also I think With him being an out and out centre forward it’s difficult keeping more than one striker happy in our formation so someone more versatile would be better. Someone who offers a massive goal threat off the wing and can also play as a centre forward if and when required.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      lacazette is a st / rfwd ( he would be the ideal walcott replacement if he wasnt staying)
      laczette would be our eduardo next season similar stature and both know how to score
      giroud is a cf target man
      welbeck st/lfwd

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  11. marc.overmars

    i would love to see hiim in arsenal jersey… he have everything.. score with both legs, beast in the air, quick… someone arguing about his ages and that he will be slower, thats the true but he will be quicker when he have 40 years than giroud is now, by the miles… this guy have unbelievable genetics and i can see him preformng in 35 and would score more goals than anybody in arsenal becouse he is that type of player in the top of the scoring charts… would terrorise epl defences becouse few people can bodycheck him…

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  12. Robin Vanpayslip

    Are people thick enough to start moaning that Wenger might sign Martinez.

    That is seriously dumb.

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  13. leo

    93 goals in 133 apps is good, for Porto. bet he wouldn’t get a third of that rethat much in the pl He’s coming from a tinpot league
    as far cavani goes manu wants him so does juve/athelitco madrid so these clubs must be stupid to go after him this is the kind of the mentality why we will never win big

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    1. AlmiR

      Cavanis record in French league is great LOL he is finished, just like Falcao.

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      1. leo

        he has barely played as a striker usually played on wings due to ibrahimovic he himself has said it we will see a differnet player when he plays upfront
        + people talking about Martinez’s 1 good performance against peps bayern the outcome would have been different if bayern were under hykenes

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    2. jermaineBryan

      juve ; signed dybalya and they have teves staying + morata,llorente,berradi
      athleti wants to replace mandzukic with benteke

      we wouldnt have competition for these guys

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  14. leo

    henry started as a winger & then was converted into striker same can be done with reus + he played as a striker at borussia gladbach

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    1. AlmiR

      haha, if it worked for Henry it doesnt mean it will work for everyone else, Henry is big and strong , while Reus is not, you stated he used to play as CF, so why dont he play now? do you know better than Klopp? We could also try Wilshere as CF, he played for juniors as CF LOL

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      1. leo

        u sya cavani is bad but still manure/athletico/juve wants him which means u know more than lvg/allegiri/simmone great

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  15. themadhurata

    Leo is everywhere on this thread. Funny.

    Martinez makes sense and the rumour seems to have more to it then most but it is still a rumour.

    My own personal preference given the fact most top transfers are kinda out of reach would be saido berahino. Take away the attitude I think he is way too underrated. He has a finish on him and in my opinion he is slightly better then Remy.

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  16. AlmiR

    lets state some facts here:
    Without OG and Mert Arsenal average hight is arround 1,75, or even below.
    Without hold up play from OG we cant transfer ball and play our possesion game, cuz our smaller players cant hold ball against big CDM-s
    Walcott played as CF few minutes, and i ve noticed we didnt cross any ball we just circled arround, we neutralised ourselfs.
    I ve pointed few things which we have, so if we sign Lacazette or someone else who doesnt have physical pressence we will lose balance in team, so we will struggle, we need powerfull player who can do better job than OG, simple

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  17. Mesut O-chill

    So we now have Morgan, Cech, Pedro, and Martinez joining our club within our summer budget, meanwhile folks on our current roster are signing new contracts.

    Can we talk about the facts please? Like the fact that we have a game tomorrow?

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  18. sparkles

    What’s wrong with Martinez? IMO he is an ideal signing. We need to get this right. He is not a signing for the future. He is a signing to enable Arsenal give a shot at the title next season and the season after that. This guy is an upgrade on Giroud. He is faster, more proficient in his finishing and shoots with both legs. Also, he is as strong and as big as Giroud. He can also play with his back to post but usually prefers running at the defence. This guy is an out and out goal scorer. Its a shame he is 28 but that isn’t a big deal. We can’t get 3 solid years of top class football from him before the likes of chuba akpom and welbz ( if he ever will) take over the mantle.

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    1. jonestown1

      Man – you are in love with this boy. 13 Championship goals and a dozen in the third tier means little. There were a dozen Championship and League 1 strikers who roughly matched or exceeded Benik’s admittedly impressive season – impressive at that level. Darryl Murphy at Ipswich scored more league goals – put in a cheeky bid for him?? Thought not.

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  19. Kaz

    Arsenal need a South American striker, why? South American’s are hard workers (Sanchez, Aguero, Suarez, Cavani, James Rodriguez, Vidal etc) I think Arsenal need that and I see Paulo Dybala as the perfect culprit…

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  20. Kaz

    Jackson’s a world class striker buuut the age is the problem, he’s almost 30, that’s when most players get lazy or too tired to work harder, have you seen Ronaldo’s work rate??? That’s the only negative about Martinez

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