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Arsenal MUST beat Man United – and we will!

Arsenal are confident and ready by Sam P

Okay we all know Man United have won their last two games scoring 8 goals, but come on, you can hardly consider that amazing form when your opponents were Shrewsbury and a team I can’t even spell, can you? More to the point, United have only won one of their last 4 Premier League games and are now 10 points behind us in the table, whereas we are coming from wins over Bournemouth and League leaders Leicester.

I am confident we can beat the Red Devils, but more importantly the Arsenal players also believe in it. Francis Coquelin explained his reasoning behind it. “I think it’s been a difficult [season] for Man United but in big games like this, we know that they’re going to turn up, because everyone loves these kind of matches,” Le Coq said on “It would be a massive win for them to beat us. But we’re going to be ready.

“We beat Leicester and I think the whole team is conscious that, if we want to win the title, we have to win against these kind of teams. Man United are always going to be a great team. Even if they had a bad spell, they still have a strong squad.

“Last year we didn’t lose to them away from home [in two matches]. We showed that we can do something against them away.

“We won there in the FA Cup and drew there in the league. We’re going to go there full of confidence after what we did last year.

“We’ve just beaten the team at the top of the league and shown that we have the desire to do well and grab silverware at the end of the season.”

There you have it, we need to win the League, and we can gain three valuable points on Sunday. United have lots of injuries while we are relatively in a great position. We simply MUST win, and we will…


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10 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST beat Man United – and we will!

  1. muda

    Forget spurs, Man U are my no.1 rivals, it doesn’t matter whether they are challenging or not. Win against them and it will be one big season for me.

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    1. muda

      Am sure people from Nigeria (my country) knows why. They are so f+*+*+* noisy here.

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  2. goonerbri

    Omg wot a gr8 draw for the spuds. Cudbt have been better hahaha comon the dortmund.

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    1. Roe-hahn

      I don’t see how it helps us at all.This could mean that they go out of the competition early and have less games to contend with. If they go through, they have more Thursday nights of football,hence less time to recuperate for the league. Europa games could actually derail their League ambitions.

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  3. SoOpa AeoN


    Then we go on to see ridiculous scoreLines at the end of the day!

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  4. Dianjuh

    Does it pain you guys to see the very thing you dread unfolding in front of you? Start of the season and Jan window, again what we needed was a WC striker. were they available? it depends – if you want the title then yes, because you wont mind paying over the odds to the selling club (Benzema/Aubameyang), if you want to gamble then yes of-course no one will sell to you so not available will be a good excuse to use.
    Now At a very crucial time we cant score goals – and its not surprising if your strikers are Giroud and Walcott.

    This are Wengers priorities, in very strict order-

    1. Balance the books (MUST) – only spend if its the end of the world once that is done then…
    2. Go for the Title, if this is not possible, then….
    3. Go for top 4 (MUST) once this is done you can then….
    4. Go for FA Cup. then
    5. Try champions league title.

    Please note that the only MUST DOs for Wenger is 1 and 3. the rest is not cast in stone.
    For the sake of me not asking too much of my team for the rest of the season I will remember that clearly.

    Wenger is not interested in winning the title – He’s just happy to compete.
    So should we for as long as he’s Manager.

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  5. Wayne Barker

    Arsenal MUST win. We wont get better opportunity to beat them heavaily. The 8-2’s the 6-1’s still pains me. We can all laugh at them but truth is when they were at their top they did humiliate and embarrass us but now when they are crap we are not doing the same to them. This is our chance. Anything other than a convincing win will feel like a loss. Hope the excuses book is not opened after the match by Masseur Wenger

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    1. gunner_1395

      Sorry to break this news to u my friend….but our Arsenal doesent have the kind of players to convert 8 or 6 or 4 chances against UTD. Any kind of score is good enough for me as long as we get the 3 pnts.

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  6. Dennis

    Play welbeck/elneny-coq/gab-chambers-kos-gibbs/ozil-cambell-sanchez.

    We need to rest Monreal-OG-Ramsay-Monreal for the big Spurs game. UTD are a beaten down team, we can win without many of our big players

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