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Arsenal must choose experience over youth!!

Race for 4th: Experience Is Key by DS

This time last year Arsenal had an almost identical February and March, within days knocked out of two cup competitions and sweating over a top 4 finish. Arsene Wenger responded by taking the pressure off his younger players and fielding as many experienced heads as possible. While no Gunner was distraught to see Benayoun return to his parent club Chelsea, the likes of the Israeli and Rosicky gave the side a certain assurance and calmness to proceedings. The result… Arsenal finished 3rd with the Czech one or our most inspirational players.

Rosicky could also make an argument that he is yet to have a proper chance this season, no one’s fault as yet again he has been plagued by injuries. However when he has played he has made a difference and was arguably our best player in those two cup defeats.

To be fair to the younger players, the response since we lost the North London Derby has been good, two solid 2-0 wins at two tricky places to visit, followed up by a convincing home win. However we are still in a situation where we have to keep on winning. There is hope that Spurs are once again letting the pressure get to them but any Tottenham slip ups count for nothing unless we don’t keep winning, not even draws are good enough now.

Gervinho scored against Swansea and Reading, while Chamberlain looked good. Ramsey in midweek looked the best I’ve seen him since his broken leg while Giroud was also an international goal scorer and took his goal well yesterday. But the brutal honesty is we are no longer in a situation where we can rely on these type of players, we can’t afford to see if Gervinho is feeling confident, if the right Giroud shows up, if Ramsey believes in himself or if Chamberlain fancies his chances.

These players have had their chances this season and most of the time, when the pressure has been on they haven’t delivered. It is my opinion that we are in a position where we cannot afford to be leaving the few experienced players we do have, Podolski and Rosicky on the bench, these are reliable professionals who have played enough big games where we can trust them not to freeze, can we say the same for the less experienced names?

Look at Chelsea. Yes another season where they have been criticised laughed at and ridiculed. But do you ever wonder why when it always comes to April they are in with a shout for some type of silverware? It’s because they have the likes of Ashley Cole, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, etc. to (no matter what we think of the m personally) offer experience of how to deal with this stage of the season and the pressure it brings. Arsenal don’t have the luxury of having that many leaders, the ones we do have we should use. We can wait till next season to continue the development of our young talent/ new faces to this league, let the experienced ones ensure that when we are doing that we are doing it in the Champions League.

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal must choose experience over youth!!

  1. Arsenal

    I think even our young players have a lot of experience of the highest level look at Ramsey , Walcott ,Wilshere etc. With this team we will be in 3rd or 4th place .With more playing time together as this was 1st year for many of our big names and with some quality addition in summer along with getting rid of dead wood. We can go for title next season

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  2. Andrey

    Arsenal are a great side, all we need is 3 world class players to improve the team, and then we can challengeanyone

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  3. dal

    The experienced guys need young legs around them. its getting the balance right.

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  4. 03/04

    Experience, yes. Cutting out youth, no. We just need to find that perfect balance, which we have failed to do in recent years.

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  5. Tobias

    just my opinion but i wish we had used the option to buy beayoun for 1m at the end of his loan he played really well for us and evan said he prefered us over chelsea

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  6. akie

    BBC sport are saying wenger is planning a 70 m raid of germany’s gotze, lewandolski and lars bender from dortmund and leverkusen respectively.

    25m for lewandolski
    30m for gotze
    15m for bender

    do you think that this could sort our team out? theres already podolski and metersaker from germany so they can help us bring them in, podolski said that wenger speaking fluent german was a big part in why he joined arsenal in the summer so hopefully if all goes well we will have these players in soon!

    but one thing i doubt is that wenger is going to spend 70m without raising some funds from the deadwood littering out squad and wage bills at the moment, i can see sagna, squillaci, diaby, frimpong, rosicky, arshavin and chamack going which should free up about 15-20m if we’re lucky and a lot on wages.

    but also who would we rather have? jovetic or lewandolski? both are valued at the same value (25-30m) if we are going for ze bundensliga, go all out and buy a full back too! (if sagna leaves id like to see jenk replace him, but i can see bellerin coming in, nothing wrong with replacing from within)

    team next year:

    jenk metersaker kos monreal
    wilshere cazorla walcott

    for all the hype i cant see gotze or lewandolski leaving BVB, so jovetic would be a great buy!


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  7. prince

    Wenger never learns.The same script year after year.By now he should be preparing to assemble a squad that can realistically challenge for the epl and cl titles next season.I mean what is the point of qualifying for the cl without any hope of winning it. Wenger is not realistic,no matter how good he is as a coach.That has been our downfall.

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  8. LmFaO

    Off Topic… but.. the Ratings given in the previous post were shit… Rosicky was easily the third MOTM behind Cazorla and Gervinho…. Also Giroud played good too.. His link up play is awesome…

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  9. billy mills

    Its not just about experience over youth, its about quality and personality, Wilshere is our strongest leader and he is only 21!

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  10. LmFaO


    Just because Fabianski played a few good well doesnt mean he is our first choice keeper… and there are only 10 players in your team….

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  11. landi

    We really need a dcm that can get in to the first 11 like cazorla,arteta did.

    sven + lars bender, camacho, wanyama etc.

    I would put my money on sven bender and camacho.
    Then im not sure if we really need a cb because we have 3 international players and miquel.

    bender/camacho + isco and jovetic.

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  12. Tobias

    if we did buy goetz andbender imagin the midfeild in a few years time:


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  13. Tobias

    and then a reserve midfeild:


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  14. haywill

    no worries about experienced player mate. gervinho will lead the team like terry does in chelshit 😀 😀

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  15. MrJ


    BBC has not said anything of the sort. I think you must be looking at the gossip page where it states the actual article is from the Sunday Mirror, hardly a reputable source. Still, I guess we can live in hope!

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  16. landi



    Now this is a broad squad, and we will have talents to fill in if nessecary. COMON buy isco,bender and jovetic ARSENAL

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  17. Mudah

    Keep the faith current formula is working…hope this is the beginning of new invincibles era!!

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  18. leo

    agreed i would still sign david villa along with jovetic for gk rene adler we need leaders proven winners not the next rooney,messi or heskey we need star players

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  19. leo

    there is interest in lars bender i first thought it was twin brother from dortmund sven but it’s lars lewadowski would be great but we face competion from bayer as far gotze goes dortmund want to sign wiemann as a replacement for either reus or gotze acc to sources so who knows

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  20. leo

    jovetic is injured this week i guess he does have arsenal dna even nicolas n’klou (linked with us) is injured

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  21. ThirdManJW

    I think we’re doing well if you consider that in just two years we’ve lost Cesc (world class), RVP (world class), Song, Nasri, and Clichy. That’s half of our outfield players!. Spurs would be screwed if they lost Bale, let alone another four more on top of that. The same for Chelsea as well.

    In my eyes this is why Wenger’s still one of the best, because we got 3rd last season, and we can finish 3rd again. We also may not finish that far behind ManC as well!. If we qualify for the Champions League, then I can’t wait for next season. Because for the first time since we’ve been at the Emirates, Wenger will have a lot of money to spend. And I can really see us keeping all our star players this summer….for once. So Wenger may actually have a settled team for next season, to which he’ll add some more quality to in the summer. Then watch how good we’ll be.

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  22. leo

    MCFC Technical Assistant Angelo Gregucci was watching Stevan Jovetic yesterday crap fu*k you city

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  23. Ergs

    We need the right balance off player in our side mixed with youth and experience no point having the same type off player through the side!
    The littler mistakes we make over the next 8 games the more likely we will finish in the top 4!
    Not interested in transfer speculation guys till the season is over every topic it gets brought up!!

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  24. CUT

    Horses for courses mate…need to get a top guy from Tesco on Board!

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  25. Tobias

    what do you guys think of gettin kolo toure back in the summer on a free he is still quality and would prob take a pay cut to return to us and he was one of the invincibles!!

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  26. Neil

    To all those crying out for Jovetic..

    Where exactly will he play? In Santi’s position?

    Buying Jovetic will force Santi out wide. Santi did well there yesterday, but it was Reading.

    Jovetic IS NOT an out and out CF. I think he’d be good for us but I’m not sure where he would play. Out wide? Doesn’t suit him.

    If Wenger wants a guy to score 25+ league goals, Jovetic isn’t the man. I don’t think Giroud will ever be that man, but is still a useful player to have around the place.

    Now..Lewandowski could be that man.

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  27. true goon

    Chamberlain hasn’t been given a chance,i can’t remember the last time he had a good run of games like Ramsey’s had.An please don’t try an rewrite history,Benayoun didn’t bring much to the table his tanks empty an he’s just getting a paychesck at this point in his career,what Rosicky gave us last year was much needed creativity an urgency to a midfield whose most creative player was Alex Song.We now have creative players like Cazorla an Wiltshere’s back an we have Rosicky,what we need is not a bunch of golden oldies but the right balance an right team selection defensively,if we are to secure CL qualification.

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  28. LmFaO


    Cazorla plays as a PLAYMAKER… Jovetic does not… He is a striker.. a Deep Lying Forward… Other than Striker, he can play as a Second Striker or Wide as an Inside Forward…

    If you dont know what a Deep Lying Forward means.. it means a Forward who drops Deep to get the ball and creates chances for himself as well as other with his vision… A Deep Lying Forward need to have good technique and finishing as well as passing and vision… which he has..

    Its just the type of striker we need… Who is quick, can dribble and can compliment our style of play with his creativity and passing…

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  29. Sizindan Gooner

    What we nid for this team to do is simply to gel,once that happens the summer acquisitions whoever they are will come to a squad with the right type of confidence provided we don’t lose any of our star names.This upcoming summer is make or break for us coz if we fail to acquire quality(not names) we might find ourselves in the same predicament we found ourselves in previous seasons.

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  30. vyash

    maybe but wenger is a genius

    look this player Johnny Williams(19) central mielfielder

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  31. mohawk35

    @Neil: Thanks Again. More sanity amidst the fevered chaos.

    Jovetic is a fine player, but he is just one of many more and he is not significantly better than what Arsenal have now.

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  32. permagooner

    @DS: i disagree with what you said about benayou.

    many of us were sad to see yossi go back.

    he is a good player and great team player with vast experience and he helped save arsenal last season when other gunners were not doing the job.

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  33. Neil


    Do I know what a deep lying forward is. And don’t get arsey with me you sad little keyboard warrior.

    So, he’ll play just behind a striker? Perhaps netting 10-15 goals?

    Exactly what Santi does you fool. Jovetic can play as a forward (as in centre forward…look it up) but is not prolific there. It’s already been tried by club and country with average results at best. If he can play in a wide position…fair enough.

    Otherwise…tell me how you would fit them both into the side, remembering Jovetic is not a prolific goalscorer?

    P.S…we are not Barca so none of this ‘false 9’ crap too.

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  34. alaka edward

    @Niel: jovetic is more like a RVP type of player, which is exactly what we’ve lacked this season… Even RVP didn’t believe he could play as CF until he was convinced otherwise by wenger. Arsenal has a more creative midfield than both Montnegro and Fiorentina.

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