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Arsenal must get the defensive strength back NOW

At the start of this season, the thing that most Arsenal fans were talking about, other than money grabbing Dutchmen, was the new and improved defence. The appointment of the former Arsenal defensive rock of Steve Bould was hailed as a move of genius and had reformed the usually somewhat shaky Gunners back line into an immovable object.

At the minute, however, it all seems a long way away, as Arsenal have kept just one clean sheet since beating Liverpool 2-0 at the start of September. The failure of QPR to score last weekend was not so much the result of great defending as of last minute blocks, luck and poor finishing.

Arsene Wenger knows that the Gunners need to get back to the early season form, and he knows that the players are capable of it. He stopped short of having a go at the defenders by claiming that the attacking players in the Premier league have got better and so it is harder to stop other teams scoring, but you can bet that he and Steve Bould are doing everything they can to get the defence working well again.

“When you are 4-0 down in 37 minutes, you can’t say all is well on that front.

“You have to give credit, as well, to the offensive quality in the Premier league, and to the offensive quality of Reading the other night. It is not always about your weaknesses, it is about strengths as well.

“It is not only down to work, we worked last year as well. People forget that last year we were the team with the least shots against us in the league.”

Just like strikers, defenders need confidence and that comes from clean sheets and good performances. With individual errors creeping in, Arsenal’s defence has lost it’s confidence but can soon get it back with a good display tomorrow against Manchester United.

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal must get the defensive strength back NOW

  1. TKC

    Rome wasn’t built in a day…
    Our defense will slowly get better, and with the addition of Steve Bould, I’m sure that as the season progresses, we’ll get a helluva better.

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  2. Twig

    Is Giroud the french equivalent of Djourou? :-p When Giroud scored, all the cameras swung to Djourou who must have wondered, “But, I didn’t do anything!” :-p

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  3. coyg

    If I am not wrong then arsenal have best defensive record, and they have yet to get past the no. Which they conceeded in a single game in last season. Just arsenal need is their booting shoes, and then pl is our to loose

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  4. Goonerfanatic

    I think that Steve Bould is doing a great job and its not long before we start keeping clean sheets consistently.Guys, remember that we’ve had problems at the back for a long time now and it will take some time to fix them, lets be patient coz it looks like we are headed in the right direction.

    I also think some of our defenders need to up their game, the likes of Santos and Kon coz they seems to be lacking a little bit behind.

    The whole squad needs to be taught that defending starts from the front and they need to put preasure from the front and back-track like Podolski.

    I pray to God we beat manu…

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  5. neil moxon

    If Santos starts 2mor he needs to be at his best defensively no diving in no getting caught up field,a good defensive unit is needed 2mor.

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  6. Jan

    @TKC says: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

    You must’ve been an Arsenal supporter since yesterday.

    Wake up! It’s not one day. It has been 7 years and counting without any success, except for money money money £ £ £.

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  7. Bradster

    Interesting fact that. So if we had the least shots against us but let in 49 goals, does that mean every chance they got last season was a goal?

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  8. gunner39

    could anyone plz give a count of koscielny’s own goals …. i really don’t know why i got pissed of him this season

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  9. dutti

    Offence is our best defence!
    We’re #1 in goals allowed average and our only weak link is at left back with Santos, right now our attack needs to take the game over. Giroud came on against Reading and showed his leadership in the squad for the first time and Theo’s passing and finishing have improved to point where he’s more confident moving off the ball and getting through the middle. With Sagna back hopefully that means Walcott can drift more centrally with Ramsey or Wilshere covering for the right back.

    Sagna BFG TV5 Santos
    Wilshere Arteta
    Walcott Podolski

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  10. GDL

    I think wen the ransgers open again we should buy armero he plays lb left def mid left mid left wing he is morr of a lb but.could also play in those position he is really the best pla

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  11. dutti

    Then again maybe Ox should start since Walcott played the whole game during the week. He needs to be fresh for Shalke so he’ll probably come off the bench tomorrow.

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  12. Berth

    Defensive strength? When was the last time Wenger and his team had a very good defensive display. The team can’t defend – the proof will be seen tommrrow

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  13. gunnerVCC

    Arsenal should play a 4-4-2 with Giroud and Poldi up front and Cazorla and Ox on the wings, beat United at their own game. They wouldn’t dare play that diamond midfield on us with our counter attacking threat.

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  14. PJ

    I am not really relishing the idea of Santos vs Valencia. However, being a gooner, I do hope that the Santos we loved from last season returns for the Utd game. Please don’t botch this up man!

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  15. Shiva

    Honestly-this is needless criticism. We conceded just 6 goals in premier league this season. This is the best record in the league. Chelsea is second best with 9 goals. Statistically conceded 50% more goes than us!

    I am not saying we do not have to improve – but we are not undergoing a crisis. I think Mert and TV5 have been solid so far. We will have the best defense once Gibbs & Szczesny return.

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  16. realist

    @gunner vcc

    podolski and cazorla on the wings walcott and giroud up front. but we must have vermaelen at left back not santos.

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  17. Mr Wenger

    we will loose and it will be a lesson to Arsenal FC no to sell their best player and best strker in the premier league to their rivals idiots!!

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