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Arsenal must hope to outscore Aston Villa on Saturday!

Match Preview: Aston Villa At Villa Park

Arsenal fans may still be upset with Tuesday’s Group D Champions League defeat against Borussia Dortmund. However, this coming Saturday’s league tilt against Aston Villa offers the Gunners a great chance to get our title credentials back on track. While not viewed as a contender in the EPL, Aston Villa have proven time and time again to be a pesky side. In recent seasons, they have taken top clubs down to the wire on several occasions, particularly early in the season. Take a look at Aston Villa’s 2013-14 league results at ESPN and you’ll recall early-season wins over Arsenal and Manchester City and tight, one-goal losses to Chelsea and Liverpool.


Thus far in the 2014-15 EPL campaign, Aston Villa is up to the same old tricks. The club is 3-1-0 in its opening four games—good for 10 points and second place in the league tables behind Chelsea. That early record includes two wins away from home, including this past weekend’s stingy 1-0 victory over Liverpool at Anfield. Simply put, while their form hasn’t been overwhelming by any means, Aston Villa is far from a pushover. In fact, with the Gunners already having played (and drawn) Everton and Man City, this is merely the latest in a series of tough early season matches. Nevertheless, Arsenal will get the chance this weekend for a strong early road win against a team higher up in the standings, as well as vengeance for 2013’s 3-1 loss. Saturday is a great early opportunity.

Before anyone gets too carried away with Aston Villa’s strong start, however, let’s make one important note: Arsenal remain the strong favourites, even playing at Villa Park. The latest odds on the Premier League at Betfair show Arsenal with 4/5 odds to win the match, and Aston Villa at just 4/1 (with the odds for a draw sitting at 14/5). These certainly don’t indicate that the oddsmakers believe an Aston Villa win or draw is completely out of reach. However, the odds disparity seems to be a respectful nod to Arsenal’s overall quality vs. Aston Villa’s surprisingly hot start. Still, when you factor in that Aston Villa is playing at home (which the oddsmakers have theoretically done before posting odds), this one could wind up being tight.

Beyond the opportunity in the standings, the chance for vengeance, and the odds on the match, there’s a great deal for Arsenal supporters to be excited about on the field this coming Saturday. To begin with, the game at Villa Park will be Danny Welbeck’s second league appearance for the Gunners. Although the most memorable highlight of his debut against Man City was his first half chip shot that hit the post, Welbeck got off to a strong start overall. There’s also the fact that this past weekend’s 2-2 draw with Man City, though frustrating in that it could nearly have been a win, brought encouraging goals from Jack Wilshere and Alexis Sanchez. Daily Mail posted a brief video in which Arsene Wenger discussed Welbeck’s debut and basically stated that he was pleased, but that Welbeck would have to continue to learn to play with his new teammates.

That sentiment can be expanded to include the entire midfield and attack. What we’ve seen early this season is a more talented overall attacking unit with individual pieces showing flashes of very strong play. Once the likes of Welbeck, Wilshere and Sanchez — along with Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud, and Aaron Ramsey — are more familiar with one another, we could have a very deadly offensive club this season. Saturday will be another fascinating step in this unit’s journey to come together.

Of course, there’s some bad news ahead of the next league match as well. Namely, Matheiu Debuchy is going to miss significant time, which makes the already thin defence even weaker for the next few months. Calum Chambers likely gets the start at right back on Saturday, but for the time being we may simply be hoping to outscore opponents more than actually hold them off.

All things considered, the Aston Villa match should bring about some exciting football. Also, it will give the Gunners a chance to make a nice statement. Our prediction: Arsenal 3-2.

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal must hope to outscore Aston Villa on Saturday!

      1. jay4life

        Too meny akb balls lickers in this site, evn if we get religated to division 1 them akb ball lickers will still deffend ther loard wenger cos they only support wenger not the club

        1. ijmos

          Is it tiresome being such a complete Dbag?? Do you have to train for that shit? Or does being a stupid fukk come easy to you? And what’s ur deal with licking balls? U have a strange fetish dude. Does ur bf not like ur balls, gay4life? Is that where ur obsession comes from??

          And other then believing AW supporters “lick his balls” do you know anything about football?? Other then knowing the team with the higher score wins??? You don’t seem very educated, so that’s why I ask.

  1. cheeterspotter

    Thank you for all you’ve done for the club and have a long and happy retirement.

    1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

      When we need hope to outscore Aston villa then you really know how hopeless we are

      1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

        You see, hope is the last resort for those who don’t have. I don’t hope to pass my math tests, I just pass them. But my girlfriend who is unbelievably poor in math will need alot of hope just to get into a math exam room!

        So if Arsenal only ‘hope’ to outscore villa, I wonder what we will need to outscore chelsea and mancity…the hope will be all spent and gone 🙁 🙁 🙁
        #these are sad times 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. SeamonkeyUK

    If Diaby can stay fit he must be our defensive midfielder this season. Still won’t make up for his poor lack of purchases in the transfer market.

    1. davidnz

      Apart from Chelsea
      all the other major sides
      have had moderate starts too.
      Cyst + sPUS -7
      Arse+ Live-poo- 6
      Utd + Eve – 5.
      This round Swansea v Sotn
      City v Chelsea, Liv v WH.
      If Arse wins we will close the gap .

      1. davidnz

        However overall Arsenal must
        lift our game because
        next Sat we have Spurs (H)
        Gala (H) Chelsea (A).
        In fact of our next 23 games prior to the New Year
        only Hull, Burnley, QPR and Newcastle at home look comfortable wins.
        I’ts almost like we are in a must win the next game scenario already.
        We have the squad but do we have the “smarts” and the desire?
        The Villa game will be very revealing

  3. Goonerforever

    Balotelli is not scoring for Liverpool. Pool fans are very much supporting him.
    Welbeck is not scoring for Arsenal. Arsenal “fans” are moaning instead of supporting the club and players.

    1. dboy


      IF we loose or draw……

    2. Jimbeam

      @ goonerforever Not true. I am not reading anything anti-Welbeck on this site. I see that everybody here wants to give him a chance. There are no bad seeds here, we all love Arsenal, alot of us are just fed -up with Wenger.

  4. Tatek

    Camble ,, Welbeck,,Sanchez come on gooners tel me im wrong this team will cop with @ villa

    1. ChristopherHWinters

      Swansea or Southampton will be in between but yeah we will be in top 4 then, but not a draw this time.

    2. davidnz

      Yes and the following week we
      can go 3rd if we beat Spurs (H)
      And Chelsea (H) beat A-Villa.
      Liverpool v Everton also on that weekend.
      So as long as we convert these next
      two winnable EPL games
      we should be well placed after just 6 EPL games.
      Things can change so quickly.

  5. InWengerWeTrust

    Welbeck is faster, works harder, has better placement than Giroud, but Giroud is a better finisher. Not a great finisher but better than Welbeck. Sanogo is Sanogo. Campbell doesn’t score many goals. He is better on wing than up front.

    We need a Costa, Falcao, Aguero, RVP type player.
    But with Wenger known for keeping his faith in players, that is now an impossiblity.

  6. Aussie Jack

    It`s hard for me to imagine Arsenal beating Villa at Villa Park but beware the wounded lion. I`ve bagged Wenger enough of late so really it`s up to the players and their captain to rally and put their bodies on the line. (If they`re allowed to) Sorry Arsene I promised to leave you out of it.

  7. Darwin

    Aston Villa is a good counter-attacking side. Possession will mean nothing when we play against them.

    seeing EPL teams matches in CL, does anyone besides me think we are not performing well due to the games we play in EPL? as in other league teams can maybe afford to rest key players for build to CL matches, but can EPL teams do so? just some random observation

  8. Onochie

    I like that word “hope” it keeps us alive,just hoping that two or three of our players turn out with a good performance. Am I the only one thinking that its time our bench warmers gets game time? Don’t want to lose another player to an ankle or any type of injury because he’s not match fit enough.

  9. Justsoccerfan

    Just type WENGER OUT and send. No point of discussing how we gonna play cos you are not Wenger. We need a manager that will listen to us, respect is both way.

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