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Arsenal MUST improve on August’s performances

What went wrong for Arsenal during the month of August? by SE

Midst high expectations and certain degree of excitement, Arsenal kick started their 2014/15 campaign on a decent note. Despite relative inconsequence, the FA Community Shield win over Man City was, as it turned out, the brightest point of the month. Looking beyond that evening at the Wembley stadium, however, what went wrong for Arsenal?

Talking Points
Sometimes, your inferior opponents can cause you the biggest of headaches, as they are the ‘underdog’ and, almost always, a win for the superior team is rubber-stamped, even before the referee blows his whistle for kick off.
We haven’t seen many shocks in the league so far; the solitary upset came at the Etihad, where the former Man City manager took his current Stoke side and conjured up a terrific result against the Premier League holders.

But Arsenal, who are so used to seeing off those mid and lower-mid table sides, haven’t really lived up to history. And, albeit they started off with a hard fought win against Crystal Palace in their season opener, those two points dropped against Leicester could prove costly come the end of the season. The Leicester game, most importantly, proved to be an implication of what really was going wrong for the Gunners.

Arsenal’s ineptitude to score goals
In 5 competitive games this season, exclusive of the FA Community Shield, the Gunners have managed to find the back of the net 6 times, only. On average, as a result, Wenger’s wizards have managed 1.2 goals per season, which is not good enough. Barring a tough away fixture against Everton, Arsenal had a relatively easy time of it during the month of August and, consequently, should have scored a lot more goals.

Arsenal’s strikers haven’t been prolific, which is the cornerstone to the paucity of goals. Having said that, goals win you football matches and, in Arsenal’s case, it’s their failure to score a good number of goals that impeded their results – subsequently – during the month of August.

Final Thought
With Welbeck’s acquisition, Arsenal’s frontline should get a boost in the quality of personnel, as well as in the number of goals they score from now till the end of the season. However, during the month of August, it was Arsenal’s ineptitude to score more goals that impeded them from enjoying a ‘satisfying’ start to the 2014/15 campaign.

Arsenal MUST improve on this in the next few weeks……


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30 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST improve on August’s performances

  1. Sumo

    Just win me the ManC, BvB, Aston Villa and Spurs game in September. Thats all i wish for in September.

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    1. Sumo

      No i am not.
      Long story short, i like sumo wrestler’s a lot. I feel they are a dying fleet. And to be extinct soon. And they do not get the respect they deserve from people and are instead criticized for being fat.

      So as a sign of respect to them i kept my user name Sumo.

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            1. Sumo

              Seen the tunnel of Arsenal then?
              Few of my friends were on holiday there and the lucky gits saw the launch of the new kits by Freddie there.

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  2. JStarrr

    We have a tough month ahead. I think we need a solid performance vs city, and this will give us the momentum we need.

    But in the mean time…I hope Welbeck scores a couple today. 🙂

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      1. leo

        yeah apkom is talented but he never gets a chance he should be in our squad & start ahead of SANOGOAL but 4 some reason

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  3. samgunner

    any season arsenal wins its opening 4 matches they really do well for me I’m not seeing any cohesion in our final third we struggle to break opponents defences since our giroud and sanogo are not fast but with welbeck I see penetrating More, so am expecting an improved September.

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  4. muffdiver

    its that chelsea away after them turkish nuttas im worried about.
    cant handle another mourinho drubbing.
    with fabrecash pullin the strings.

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  5. bazooka

    Win Mancity, Manu, Chelsea, tottenham, liverpool home and away and the trophy is ours

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  6. dboy

    Beating the likes of City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and Everton. Will define our season. So Sunday should give us an idea if we in for top four or not. This season will be much tougher then last. Please beat City.

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  7. leo

    city likely 2 be without jovetic/company & Fernando so hope we can take adavnatage get 3 pts + Walcott to make return against Spurs on Sep 27

    Reus ruled out for 1 month after injury last night likely to miss Arsenal tie in Dortmund next Tuesday

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  8. kia

    Lets just re-assess after the City game. Don’t want to think too far ahead right now. The players should be focussed on Saturday, and Saturday ONLY at the moment!

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  9. samgunner

    Wenger must not put cazorla or ozil on the left wing else It may go same,He should start Sanchez on the left andox on the right with cazorla in the middle we would tear them apart.

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  10. leo

    Andres Jonker: “The people at the top of the club told me that, if Wenger leaves, we’ll bring in another coach that matches the philosophy.”

    klopppppppppppp who else can match it or simmeone maybe

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  11. Sumo

    Fcuking Breaking News
    “Don’t think I didn’t think about it [playing for Arsenal’s rivals when I decided to join Chelsea]. I will keep the Gunner feeling forever and I know that I will return to Highbury [Emirates Stadium] and [it] will be a special moment, but I am a committed guy,” Fábregas said.

    “I remind you that I played the Champions League final against Barcelona [with Arsenal] and I swear I would have done anything to win that game – and I have been a Barcelona fan since I was a kid.

    “So I know that when I play against Arsenal I will know who is my [current] team, who are my colleagues and who I defend. And I know that the Arsenal fans will understand me, I have no doubt.”

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