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Arsenal must keep Baines quiet to beat Everton

Although Arsenal will need to watch out for the goal threat of Marouane Fellaini and Nikica Jelavic who are the top scorers for Everton this season, with six and five goals respectively, it is the left back Leighton Baines who really makes them dangerous. The 27-year old has developed into one of the best left backs in the Premier league, in fact stats released this week show him to be the best in Europe.

Baines is a very good defender, but that is not where his best qualities lie. The England international takes almost all of the set pieces for Everton and creates more chances for them than any other player. In fact, the stats show that Baines has created more chances, 50, than any other player in Europe. Our own Santi Cazorla is second in the Premier league figures with 38 and is just behind Kiyotake of Nurnberg with 39.

Baines works on the left in partnership with Steven Pienaar who has created an impressive 33 chances himself, so our right side will need to be on their mettle tonight. Quite a few of the chances Baines creates come from set pieces, but he is also dangerous in open play, topping the charts for the number of accurate crosses produced and lying sixth in the number of passes made in the opponents half.

Arsenal cannot afford to let him have too much space tonight, so it might be a good idea to get Oxlade-Chamberlain to offer support to Sagna or Jenkinson at right back. His energy and speed could be invaluable against Baines and Pienaar.

Everton vs. Arsenal will be on

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal must keep Baines quiet to beat Everton

  1. john 3:16

    £8 million pounds + Ramsey in exchange for Baines! Ask Moyes about it tonight Wenger, as you’re up there!

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  2. Matt C

    Walcott should be back right? Baines pushes up a lot to put crosses in so hopefully we can get the ball out to Theo and he can use his pace to exploit the gaps behind Baines.

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  3. nikk

    Latest headline on BBC sport

    “Champions League may have 64 clubs & Europa League scrapped
    It means seven English clubs could enter at a qualifying round stage.”

    Must be music to In Wenger we trust, loadsofmoney Gazidik & ole fart Hillwoods ears!

    Hurray! we can afford to be even more parsimonious in our transfer policy as we can still qualify for the champions league by finishing seventh!!!

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  4. leo

    i hope wenger sign off topic arsenal are linked with a 30m bid for mario gotze acc to german magazine bild arsenal made a 30m bid for gotze last year after the exodus of fabregas & nasri arsenal could make a bid in jan transfer window all i want to say is PMSL/LMFAO/LOL good rumour

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  5. Joe

    If that comes into play then it would suck. How can it be the champions league with the best teams in the world if the like of spurs are there.

    Or even worst teams like Hamburg, Real Betis or Fiortentina would be a joke of a competition if they want the Europa league to be considered a good competition then they need to up the prize money and make it worth winning because winning the Europa league generates the same money as getting 12th in the premier league.

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  6. Always a gooner

    mario gotze would be a dream signing ….cazorla, arteta, wilshere,gotze,rosicky,diaby ,ramsey …best midfield in europe

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  7. Joe

    @ Leo i wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was true i think wenger will splash the money if he finds the right player and we know he tried to get Gotze for the last two years now it was reported by respected journalists as well as the papers but he wasn’t ready to leave dortmund.

    We know that he offered 28m for Eden Hazard the year before he was sold on deadline day so i think he’s prepared to spend the money.

    Wouldn’t get your hopes up though i highly doubt that we will be the only team after him when they all get wind he’s ready to leave.

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  8. leo

    the mario gotze rumour is from bild who were first 2 confirm our interest in lukas podolski & his signing with arsenal they are reliable maybe this one might be true who knows hope this happens

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  9. leo

    @always a gooner & @joe no seroiusly this could be true bild are a very reliable media they have got 90% of their claims true very responsible & matured gotze 2 arsenal can happen

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  10. Joe

    Back to this match:

    Good artical evertons right side is extreamly dangerous where as there left side is really ineffective, i hear Jagialka might be LB. So we need to keep them quite and stop baines from crossing into Jelavic and Fellaini because i would fancy them in the air against whoever we play at the back.

    Then we need to get players around fellaini because everton will play direct were not going to win the first ball but we need to make sure we pick up the second ball like we did against carrol at west ham.

    They’ve been on a bad run and have leaked goals against weaker teams so if we can get at that defense and keep tight the other end i can see us winning. An early goal would be good to silence the crowd who get extreamly loud when one of the top 4 or liverpool come to play.

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  11. Joe

    @ Leo i know there reliable they also reported that we offered 30m last year. I said dont get your hopes up because when he becomes avaliable he will be the most sort after young footballer simular to Hazard but add real madrid and Barca to the mix. I know he’s said he would love to play for Arsenal or Barca so we will see.

    I wouldn’t mind signing Marco Reus eaither its a shame we didn’t get him before he went to dortmund i think we made an offer but he wanted to stay in Germany.

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  12. Dan

    He’s absolute quality. The way he bursts through the middle reminds me of Winterburn, the days when we had a proper defence.

    I don’t think we have the quality in attack to break them down. Jagielka, Distin, Baines and Hibbert are solid. Walcott will get nowhere near the byline because Baines will keep him quiet, and Giroud will struggle in the air with Jagielka and Distin.

    Games like these is when you need players like Huntelaar to nick a goal, and somebody who can run at their defence. Jelavic and Fellaini could easily break down our often shambolic back 4.

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  13. Nickerless Bender

    Goetz. Lmfao, and they say I am always the optimist..?

    Take a draw tonight as I can see that the pressure of three points tonight will be a strain on our weak minded players. Especially if there is a demo this weekend.

    But hey the feck Ho I’m always the optimist..;)

    Thumbs up if we are fecked over a barrel or thumbs down if we are being sold down the river…. Lmfao

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    Fingers crossed, eyes crossed, limbs crossed, the ball crossed, C O Y G’rs please! please!! get the points!!! pritty please

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  15. Gunner

    I agree with Dan, except concerning Huntelaar? Every one is mad to see him join? Why do Arsenal need another tall striker? I just don’t get it.
    To win today they need to score twice minimum, is that feasible? Yes but its a stretch given the 7 goal scoring record in away matches. That tally simply is not good enough.

    To win they need to get the ball into the penalty area much faster and create more chances. the midfield and flank players must attack Everton’s penalty area and the defense has to cut out the school boy errors.

    Baines and Fellaini are going to come right at Arsenal from the start, so if the start off in a slumber they could get into difficulty quickly. You know exactly what is coming with Baines, same with Fellaini. Those two are all about going forward getting into the box and causing havoc.

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