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Arsenal MUST make home advantage count in February

Arsenal face another key month of fixtures in February, with further progress in the Fa cup and the Champions league at stake, as well as the important battle to get past Everton and Tottenham into the qualifying places for next season’s elite European competition. One thing that the Gunners have got in their favour is that four out of the five games this month are at the Emirates stadium. This is the time for Arsenal to use home advantage to the full, and banish the nervousness that has affected us so badly at times, especially in the first half of games.

First up in the Premier league sees the visit of Stoke City tomorrow, followed by a trip to Sunderland next Saturday. These are the two teams we played in the first two games of the season, and both ended in goalless draws. Stoke are always tough to play at the Brittania but should be a different prospect tomorrow. With no wins in the last five League games and just one away win all season, Arsenal should get off to a good start with a thumping victory tomorrow.

After the away trip to Sunderland, Arsenal face Blackburn at home to get into the quarter finals of the FA cup. Again, home advantage could be very useful, and much better than travelling to a hostile championship crowd hoping for a giant killing. A win will put us within touching distance of a trophy, one that is sorely needed and could do wonders for the team in the future, relieving a lot of that tension.

We need the hoem crowd to be bouncing when Bayern Munich come to London the following Tuesday. It now looks like Gibbs will miss both legs in the champions league, while Monreal is cup tied, so a difficult task now looks gigantic. With a vocal Emirates behind them and the right attitude, Arsenal can beat anyone, though, and it would be fantastic to take a lead to Germany.

The last game of the month is another home game in the league, this time against Aston Villa. Another that we should win, and we must take maximum points in the league. We are three points behind Everton and four behind Spurs, who both have tougher schedules than us in February. If we can catch them or get closer this month, we have a great opportunity to claim a top four spot, because our first two games in March are against, you guessed it, Tottenham and Everton.

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59 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST make home advantage count in February

  1. mrinal

    we needed a world class dm
    and you want this team with a bullshit defense
    a team who always concede a goal first
    who always in 2nd half they play
    im afraid arsenal don’t win a single match
    im sorry but im also a gunner and will always be
    but arsene is ruining arsenal

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  2. budgie

    And we must stop conceding stupid goals, and can someone tell Mertsacker to try and stay on his feet and stop falling over. Stoke are going to have some fun with our zonal marking system!Good luck to the new boy, he wont have played anyone like Stoke before!

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    i will be giving my full support from the clockend ,just hope the rest of the fans have the same thing in mind
    we have to keep positive

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  4. ALI

    So angry.

    Capoue’s agent talking on the failed Arsenal Capoue negotiations, which Wenger said “wasn’t a money issue”:

    “Maybe it is one for next summer. The Toulouse president didn’t need to sell during this window. The asking price was a barrier every time”

    Cheapskate Wenger, yet again


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  5. El Blaze

    The challenge we have is our defense. If we can tighten it up then we can come out good this feb.

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  6. JV

    One question off topic: Bendtner is completely failing at Juve right? So we can probably forget any transfer fee in the future for this fool..

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  7. Sank

    Best target for us
    1. 3rd or 4th spot
    2. fa cup
    3. as far as possible in champions league
    4. prepare a proper squad for next season as certainly no one will go.

    all fans support our team.

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  8. sollygunner

    so santos will play against bayen gggrrreeeaaat hes a f”ckin n o b head

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  9. Lix

    Fellow gunners let us stop all the negativity and support the team there is nothing we can do now than this. We can actually push them into third or fourth place with our love and support. Do you know the nervousness in the team is caused by we the supporters? They become too careful cause they don’t want to make mistakes and by trying to do that they make more silly mistakes. Wilshere knows he is loved that is why he has all those confidence. Van Pasie the same thing. Show Giroud and Walcott love you will see the miracle. It is happening to Chamack at westham.

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  10. pembrokian


    Don’t lose hope bro, vermaelen might take shift on the left with Mert and Kos in central D if they are all fit.

    If santos is on then bayen will try sending their attacks down our left flanks for sure. I hope he can put in one of his life performances if called upon, but fingers crossed it won’t come down to that!

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  11. Moweis

    We signed Monreal suddenly everything seem rosy at Arsenal…seem like most gooners have forgotten the promises Wenger and Gazidis made to us about acquisition of top top top quality, exceptional players….Monreal is a good buy, no doubt but the deal only came through cos of Gibbs injury. Hence Wenger remained a Liar and he thinks of us as stupid.

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  12. G-Force

    @ Moweis

    Couldn’t agree more! Nacho was a panic buy as confirmed by Ar$ene’s statement.

    He said and I quote: “Our scouts have followed his progress for a while and of course we had a blow with the Gibbs injury, which is a bit longer than expected. We expected two to three weeks, now it will be four to six, so we were in a position where we had to make a quick decision. That explains our buy.”

    A quick decision means finding a club willing to sell so late. So it had to be Malaga, a financially strapped club!

    The wengerites can stop defending him on this now.

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    I think TV5 will play at left back against Bayern. Wenger showed everyone last night that his faith in Santos has gone.

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    Also, I wouldn’t say the purchase of Nacho was a panick buy. According to reports, we had him lined up for the summer, hence him leaning English. The injury to gibbs forced Wengers hand.

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  15. jackie

    I doubt Wenger is (though I wouldn’t be surprised) that stubborn to play Santos against Bayern. Way to much of a risk. I’m predicting Verm at LB with Kos & Mert in beside him. I’d pick Meade or even Jenks over Santos but that’s really throwing them into the deepend.

    Also, Afobe’s deal wasn’t cut short because we wanted it to be, Bolton cut it short.

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  16. lovelyboi


    sounds like depressed as hhhell?

    why dont you just be happy bcus AT LEAST we have a new player. not the class but the good one.

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  17. G-Force


    You must have read BLOGGER Paul Wikes article because it says exactly everything you mentioned – even the learning english part. What a load of rubbish.

    Who the hell is this Paul WIkes!? Nothing but a freelance football writer. I think I would rather hear that we had him lined up in the summer from Ar$ene, the board, or the official website than a BLOGGER!! So far, nada.

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    @ G-Force
    No I haven’t even heard of this person. I was relaying what was said by Graham Hunter on SSN last night.

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  19. johnverdal

    wenger ur so greedy. im pissed off that u missed out on etinne capoue. he would have certainly improve the squad massively but u always offer 2-3 million less to players.

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  20. Henry

    @G-Force …that doesn’t mean that it was a panic buy. We had been scouting him and we knew how good he was. It was just a purchase we brought forward by a few months because of an injury to Gibbs.

    Now don’t get me wrong I know we have been lied to. We were promised 2 signings and and for one reason or another we didnt get them, I like most am furious that these promises weren’t fulfilled but the window has passed. Question though, are you unhappy that we bought Monreal?

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  21. CUT

    What happens to our ace negotiator Dicky?

    Does he go back to cleaning stadium toilets until next transfer window?

    Wenger should come out clean and tell us Dicky’s fate!

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  22. John Legend

    I said I would bet-wet for a week if Wenger brings in players in January. Now, Gibbs injury forced him to get Nacho.
    Am I supposed to still bed-wet now??? Sincerely, Wenger did not improve our squad. A DM is seriously needed. With our defence not getting things right, a good cover from midfield could be of great help.

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  23. John

    If our defence can hold off Bayern, I’ll be confident about us winning the FA cup, I just have a good feeling even if it’s Man utd final.

    Bayern will be ultimate test for us.

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    Also, so what if it was a panic buy? Instead of sitting on his arse, Wenger has gone out and bought a FULL SPANISH INTERNATIONAL left back…. still not good enough for some people. Take the lemon out of your mouth and get some perspective.

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  25. Jego

    @G-Force Where have you been man? It’s AKB infested here these days.
    AKB’s seem to be fine with the club being milked and it’s £70+ mln. money siphoned into the pockets of we know who. AFC isn’t just a football club any more – it’s an investment bank, where supporters opinions don’t matter.
    AKB’s apparently don’t want a suga daddy, but got a milking daddy instead, moaning about greedy players, yet closing eyes on the greedy manager and CEO. Bloody hypocrites.

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  26. G-Force


    Graham Hunter, Paul Wikes it doesn’t matter. Ar$ene said “Our scouts have followed his progress for a while..”

    He didn’t ANYTHING remotely along the lines of “We had him lined up for the summer…”

    @ Henry

    You honestly think he is the only player being scouted by Arsenal? There are tons of players scouted by Arsenal that has NOT been bought! What PROOF do you have that Arsenal were going to buy him in the summer?

    Well since we are in agreement that the purchase of Nacho was only because of the Gibbs injury, basically it means that NOBOBY would have come if Gibbs did not get injured!

    Time will tell how good Nacho is. The main focus here is Ar$ene and the lack of ambitions yet again in this transfer window!

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  27. ram

    mate if u cant appreciate good things, atleast try not to critisice.. Ur time will come(summer window).. till then stop creating a bad env here.. we all love our team mate.. its time we should all unite and support our team & manager to the fullest.. i hope we get to 3rd place… COYGs

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  28. k.gunner

    if we fans show confidence in arsenal players, they wil also get that self belief in themselves n overcome nervousness, feb is a win,win,win,win,win … coyg!

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  29. gunner4ever

    i dont feel surprised or excited at the moment for our new signing Nacho. I expected 2-3 players coming to the emirates… hope he plays remarkably good . What ll happen when gibbs return, will he be on the bench after a very promising season?

    seriously why wenger bought nacho for 8 million who is going to be a deputy for gibbs. wondering whats going to happen…

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  30. Jego

    @LFS HARRY OF AFC We’ve already got “superb” FULL BRAZILIAN INTERNATIONAL, go out and ask random people – who is Nacho Monreal? If a guy is 26 and no other club were interested in buying him, no one even knows him – that’s a sign of a smelly brown stuff. Deadwood collection expands, Wenger probably put him on £50K a week, so it will be impossible to sell him. Unfortunately some fans are too blind to see the mess, their eyes only open up when we lose games.

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  31. Matt C

    Bendtner returned to Arsenal a while back after getting an injury that will have him out for the rest of the season. We should just end his contract

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  32. G-Force


    Oh so now you say “so what if it is a panic buy?” You fickle wengerite! Make up your mind!

    @ Jego

    Glad to see you mate! The delusional wengerites are out again defending their beloved Ar$ene’s panic buy. Hahaha. It is hilarious. Another wengerite S.H even went as far as to say that there was a pre contract agreement without any sources or proof. He then later said and I quote “Let’s just say I made it up because I was bored.”


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    Yes, Jego, that’s the spirit! Call him deadwood before he’s even kicked a ball for us. Mate, give your head a wobble.

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  34. Henry

    @G-Force…i would like to believe that we are scouting lots of people. The fact remains though that we got a Spanish international for a good fee. Whats wrong with that? Also you asked what proof have i got that he was going to be signed in the summer, nothing concrete, but what proof have you got that he wasn’t going to be signed in the summer?

    @ Jego….So let me get this right, we are branded ‘AKB’s” because we are saying that Monreal isn’t a panic buy?! Thats a smart argument! And just because people haven’t heard a player doesnt mean he is going to be s**t. Thats an even more deluded argument! Everybody had heard of Veron before he cam to the EPL and he was crap, same with lots of people. Nobody had heard of Vieira, Anelka and co and look how they turned out.

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  35. G-Force

    @ Henry

    So basically, you have no PROOF and ‘nothing concrete’ yet you mentioned earlier “It was just a purchase we brought forward by a few months because of an injury to Gibbs.”

    Have some dignity mate. My proof so far is based on what your beloved Ar$ene has said!! And he has NOT said ANYTHING remotely close that Arsenal had him lined up in the summer! Case closed.

    And I don’t know how hard it is for you to understand but the main focus here is Ar$ene and the lack of ambitions yet again in this transfer window! Not whether we bought a Spanish International only because of the injury to GIBBS -as CONFIRMED by Ar$ene!!

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  36. gunner4ever

    btw..we must thank gibbs(injury) and santos( wat to say? ) for making wenger to sign a player and adding depth in the squad…

    thanks gibbs & santos..

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  37. Jego

    @Henry I know what I talk, how many Malaga games have you watched? I’ve watched plenty to make a concrete opinion regarding Monreal.
    Veron? Is that the only example you came up with? Just Veron??? but most of the other quality imports did make a huge difference.
    Viera, Anelka?- they were young potential superstars, unlike Monreal who is almost 27

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  38. Henry

    @ G-Force…so basically you dont have any real proof yourself apart from what HASN’T been said? Sounds like proper proof to me.

    If you had read my earlier post properly you would of seen that I agreed that we were lied too and that it is sickening. We should of signed more players, we all know that the stingy board is getting rich off us loyal fans and there has to be a change.

    The problem is though you ‘Wenger haters’ seem so intent on labelling anybody that has anything positive to say about the club as ‘AKB’s’. I don’t think I have ever heard you say anything positive apart from to congratulate another ‘Wenger hater’. My ‘beloved Wenger’ as you called him is definitely not innocent but i honestly believe he isn’t the main cause of the problem. Ever since Stan took over, things at the club have taken a turn for the worse and that is surely where the problem has stemmed from. What concerns me is that a lot of people would prefer to see us lose to get rid of Wenger than to see us win with the current personnel we have. Now there is something seriously wrong if that is the case.

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  39. Jego

    @Henry, you are defending a stubborn champagne socialist called Ar$ene, who covers up for his bosses $tan Kro€nk€, Gazidi$ and P€t€r Hill-wood.

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  40. G-Force

    @ Henry

    First of all, I am not the one saying that Arsenal had him lined up in the summer now, am I? You and some other wengerites are the ones who make such statements WITHOUT PROOF!

    Secondly, what HASN’T been said by Ar$ene is more than proof enough! If he was lined up, Ar$ene would have most definitely said something along the lines of “We were supposed to sign him in the summer but we managed to get him earlier than expected due to the injury to Gibbs” etc etc

    So in conclusion, unless you find PROOF that Ar$ene was going to buy Nacho in the summer, you should refrain from making such claims!

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  41. Henry

    @Jego…i watched quite a few Malaga games actually. Im over there quite a bit for work and most of the people i do business with rate Monreal. Some of my mates that live in Malaga can’t believe we have signed him as he was rated as one of the best LB in La Liga. I appreciate you have made your own opinion on him but that wasn’t what you were saying, you were saying that people haven’t heard of him and because he is 26 then he must be sh*t.

    Oh and off the top of my head here are a few other people who were well know that didn’t make it.


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  42. craig2500

    @ JV, Bendtner is injured so wont be playing for a month or more. They have drafted Anelka in and Llorente is going to Juva in the summer. No way Bents will be staying and it will be another Summer transfer saga trying to offload him

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  43. Jego

    @Henry, just 5 examples? is that all?
    Players don’t turn form average to world class at the age of 26-27, fact! If he manages to play well as a back-up LB during the cup matches I’ll be happy, but I don’t see him as a competition for Gibbs or injury time replacement.

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  44. Henry

    @Jego…Since you weren’t happy with 5 examples here are some more

    Adrian Mutu
    Bosko Balaban
    Sergei Rebrov
    Winston Bogarde
    Tomas Brolin
    Jean-Alain Boumsong
    Diego Forlan
    Albert Luque
    Shaun Wright-Phillips

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  45. Jego

    @Henry out of all you listed I saw only Mutu, Robinho and Forlan as top class. The point is you get flops everywhere and all the time, top range players have less of a chance of flopping than average players – that’s my point.
    We’ll keep all the arguments/debates till late in May when season is over, fair? but make sure you do turn up

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  46. juzzyb

    Off the topic abit but the following should be sold/released as early as possible in the summer. Arsharvin, Squil, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Flappyhandski, Santos, Denilson and Djourou.
    We should then look at getting some of the following,
    Hummels, Capoue/Lars Bedner, Villa/Cavani (would prefer Cavani), Isco/Gotze/Fabregas.
    Quite unrealistic options but you can hope.
    With the money saved from this transfer window (60m) if you believe we actually had 70m to spend. The new TV rights and sponsorship from the stadium, say 60m that is an awful lot of money. That’s without the 20m you might recoupe from the sales of the above and the wages saved it doesn’t sound that rediculous. Plus I heard we get 50% of Fabregas’ sell on fee. Sweet so if we buy him back for 30m it is infact 15m. Sweet.

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  47. globalsafeaus

    One thing what is recently happening that we are shit in the first half and go behind then either we can climb out of the hole we dig or not during the second half.

    A consistent 90 plus minutes performance would go much further, albeit have to admit we are so short on backup in several positions that one injury for 3 to 4 weeks can make it less realistic to achieve anything and two will make it impossible.

    I still blame Wenger for not planning and ensuring that there is backup available and the socialist wage system which means several players became unloadable albeit they not expected to play unless we are in crisis, but due to their wages no one wants them and they are not stupid to drop sizeable wages to go to another team for regular football, but rather sit out their contract at Arsenal.

    In contracts such a things a performance based bonuses instead of standard weekly wage irrespective about your performance should be included which would ensure that these guys are not a burden but a useful contributor to Arsenal. No we just have to wait until they will be Aluminated (contract expires and leave on the free).

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  48. Shiva


    If Wenger has half a brain, he will play TV5 as left back and Mert/Koscielny as CBs.Santos simply CAN NOT play!!!

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  49. jud

    Wow I think some people are losing the plot. It’s not all about big spending. It’s about a belief in winning. Here’s an example. Apologies if I refer to our Down Under friends the Australians. Does an Australian team in any sport (cricket, rugby, league etc) ever go into a game thinking they cannot win it. Regardless of the team they have and the players they have. Why because they have belief. And that belief breeds a winning culture. And even when they have some crap teams (and they do) you can never write and Aussie team off from getting up on the day. And that’s what this Arsenal team needs. Belief. Belief we will beat Bayern. Home and away. Belief we will then go on to win the cup. Belief we will win the FA cup. And belief we will finish third. (we won’t even contemplate fourth). And of course belief we will smash the Spuds on their own turf. So lets start putting this thought into the players heads. And Arsene maybe hire an Aussie sports psychologist to get the team up instead of watching all those Barcelona replays. Its all about believing it will happen. And supporters need to believe too.

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