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Arsenal MUST NOT sell Walcott to Man United

If Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board learnt anything at all from last night’s humiliating exit from the Capital One cup at the hands of Bradford City, I hope it is the fact that we need to keep hold of Theo Walcott. Even more important is that we do not sell him to Manchester United, as a report in the Mail today suggests might happen. If we do, we might as well change our name to Manchester United B.

Now, I enjoy watching Gervinho run around as much as anyone. He is the best in the world at getting himself into promising positions before turning back into trouble and losing the ball. He has also perfected the pass that splits, not the defence, but the attack, it is great entertainment. I would suggest, however, that occassionally we could do with winning a game of football and someone who is a bit better at both ends of a cross would come in handy.

I understand the Arsenal fans who say that Walcott is also frustrating and has not fulfilled his potential yet, but for the last three seasons he has been a lot better. He has chipped in with plenty of goals and assists despite being played on the wing. He also dragged Arsenal back into the Capital One cup at Reading, scoring our first goal before half time to give us hope, and the equaliser that took it into extra time. It could have been much different last night if Theo was available.

Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City are all keen on the 23-year old flyer, but United are believed to be favourites. Ferguson is looking to replace Nani, and Walcott fits the bill. If Arsenal sell Walcott and get Nani, we will have traded in a nice new car for a broken down Jalopy and will prove, once and for all, that we have no ambition and have turned into a feeder club.

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59 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST NOT sell Walcott to Man United

  1. the king

    we have made city, and united stronger…they pick and take our best players when they feel like it.
    and the board dont really mind.

    we have fallen of being a top club, no team is scared of us no more. 8 years won nothing and getting worse and worse…..i feel like a liverpool supporter all we can say he what we done and what wenger done 9-10 years ago…or how well and beautiful football we used to play years ago.

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  2. Gunner 8

    I’m gonna post some damning facts now which we should really be worried:

    We have scored exactly 3 goals from open play in the last 6 games.

    3. That’s 3 goals from open play in fully 570 minutes of playing time.

    Of the 26 goals we have scored in the EPL, 2 are penalties, 2 are own goals, and 1 was an offside goal. Of the remaining 21 goals, 11 were scored in just 2 games (Totts, Soton).

    So if you take away the penalties, 2 own goals, 1 offside goal and the 2 games in which we thrashed Soton and Totts, you are left with 10 goals… in 14 games.

    Is it fair to take away the Soton and Totts games? Yes. Yes it is.

    Because it’s no use thrashing two teams if you subsequently fail to score in multiple games. That does us no good. It’s much better to score 2 goals a game consistently than it is to score 5 and then go on a dry streak.

    So yes- this statistic matters.

    Finally, we have scored 1 goal or less in 12 EPL and UCL matches. Manchester United has scored 1 goal or less in just 6 EPL and UCL matches and 2 of those were garbage games vs Cluj and Gala after they qualified from their group, so really only 4 games scoring 1 goal or less.

    We suck in attack. Not even the most optimistic fan can spin it differently.

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  3. Sunny10

    Please somebody stop our greedy board and Wenger to sell Walcott and to Man U. I can not take this.
    Time for Wenger to go. Sac him and take a new manager. 6 months he can work with the team and can identify key players
    In summer, new required players can be bought and fringe can be signed. But new manager needs time.
    Try Pep Gradiola, It will be a lottery for us, but there is no harm to try.

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  4. Dave

    All Gazidis’ fault. He’s the one thats meant to deal with contracts. Failure of a CEO.

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  5. US4rsenal

    Stan is the man in mission to destroy our beloved Arsenal. don’t blame Wenger and Gaizidis they are just his recruites.

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  6. Gunnerineverylife

    Wont be surprised if we sell him to united or city,we have become their feeder club afterall.

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  7. Caribgooner

    If Walcott gets sold to United then the Emirates has to be burnt to the groung

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  8. Shankj

    Seeing yeterday’s performance, it can be easily said that wilshere is most overrated player in PL( maybe because he is young English player). Arsene insistance on giving more chances to wilshere and Ramsey is dragging the club down.

    Why Arsene don’t try Eisenfld, who was considered better than Goetz at Borussia Dortmund.

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  9. Gunnerineverylife

    @Shankj you say wilshere is overrated?horse placenta,which game were you watching.

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  10. dzoya

    If this happen,and I’m sure it will happen as soon as January arrive I will officially stop supporting Arsenal.This is not Arsenal anymore…Someone have to move on,either the board and Wenger or me(and guys who think the same) as a fan,it’s obvios it will be me so Goodbye Walcott,RVP,Sagna,Song,Fabregas,Clichy,Nasri,Hleb and guys that will be sold out in next season.

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  11. Ardi

    We should only swapp for nani other wise should not sell to Manu Nani I better then Walcott and that’s what we need so yes please straight swapp

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  12. dal

    But they prob will!
    Sack Wenger.
    He has been left in 1999 and hasn’t progressed with the modern game.
    Run out of ideas. He and arsenal both need new challenges.
    Sack wenger

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  13. always a gooner

    difference betwee n our board and man utd board ….both are greedy and money grabbers …but the difference is man utd board understood that but investing in transfer market can earn doube the investement by winning trophies …..arsenal board does not spend and sell our best players to fill their pockets ………

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  14. jackie

    Must not, but probably will, and I wouldn’t blame Theo one bit. I doubt he’d want to go to Man U since he wants to be a striker and they have more than enough there but he is clearly being unappreciated by the club and has every right to ply his trade where he will be appreciated. I mean, he gets signed as a striker, but plays as a winger, yet a sack of sh*t like Gervinho gets signed as a winger and gets played up front every game Giroud doesn’t.

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  15. gooner PUT http:/ before SO FUNNY

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  16. ks-gunner

    i remember people saying that we would regred the moment when wenger leaves the club……..well it couldnt be any worse then now like losing against teams as bradfort so there would be no regreds towars my site….if he left the club tomorrow morning

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  17. AFCF

    @shankj Wilshere is one of our world class players alongside cazorla,rosicky,arteta,podolski,sczenzy,sagna,mertesacker and vermealen!How is he overrated!He may even be one of the world best player in the future!His pace,vision and control is exquisite!

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  18. mala

    my worst nightmare:

    Arsenal sell Walcott to manure for him to reunite with RVP & together they win the EPL title for manure.

    Then Wenger continues to play Ramsey & Gervhino till Arsenal get relegated.

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  19. Sank

    we have got such a ambitious board that it can even in january if anyone comes for cazorla, vermalean or even wilshere they will sell them.

    pep gurdiola want to come to arsenal and it is on

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  20. mala

    we don’t need Peipe from Liverpool’s rubbish bin just like we don’t need Nani from manure’s rubbish bin!

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  21. giddy

    I have said several times Wenger is a liability to Arsenal. He has looked out of place in many occasions and should have been fired long time ago!

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    i have said this loong ago..but thre are some here who says that they do not want any negativity from my comments were not about negativity..its about concerns towards our beloved club..its about the truth that happens in Arsenal right now..Arsenal have lost its yesteryears pride and strenght by loosing current stars each year..we are a feeder club now..thanks to the greedy filthy board who only cares about profits to be filled in their pockets..its them who said winning is not priority in a football club (what a stupid statement was that)..its themwho encourage to sell sell sell proven players each year..and its them who gets the highest paid in this league..if this continues Arsenal will not be feared by any team anymore..think about this.

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  23. dan

    To late its already a done deal if not in jan then he will go there for nothing in the summer him and rvp are best mates and has had a big influence on his decision anyway who can blame any player for leaving arsenal they will not win anything there the club is finished being a major force in football and them days will never return we will just continue to be a average prem league team known for selling its best players and making as much profit as they possibly can that means more to the board then winning trophys!!

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  24. saras

    thinking of all rabish players we have in my opinion THEO deserv more money than the board them self..atlest THEO CAN SCORE FOR ARSENAL AND WE AS FANS WE GET HAPPY.. WHAT DOES THE BOARD DO FOR US???

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  25. haxxxan

    walcott wants to play as a striker. thats even more difficult for him at utd…. they have rvp rooney welbeck hernandez…. if hes going to utd then it means he will get more money there and hes going for money…. walcott himself said that he isnt asking for a pay rise but for a striker’s spot…. how will he justify his move to utd now? money or striker’s role?

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  26. qone

    wenger must be a gentleman enough and resign. kroenke (does he really know how football is played?) thanks for the past years mr. wenger, but please leave because the club is going from worse to worse. your tactics are no longer good and your ideas are nil.
    no wonder why our best players are leaving the club.
    hope that theo will not be given to manu. they are already strong. give them gervinho, ramsey and chamakh to mention few.
    come on you gunners, come on you reds.

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  27. dzoya

    2003/4 GK:Lehmann…2008/9 GK:Almunia…2012/2013 GK:Szczesny/Mannone

    2003/4 DF Line:Cole,Campbell,Toure,Lauren
    2008/9 DF Line:Sagna,Toure,Gallas,Clichy
    2012/13 DF Line:Sagna,Mertesacker,Vermaelen,Gibbs

    2003/4 MF Line:Ljungberg,Gilberto,Vieira,Pires
    2008/9 MF Line:Denilson,Fabregas,Song,Nasri
    2012/13 MF Line:Arteta,Wilshere,Cazorla

    2003/4 ATT:Bergkamp,Henry
    2008/9 ATT:Adebayor,RVP
    2012/13 ATT:Gervinho,Giroud,Ox

    Imagine us in 5 years from now…

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  28. Meks

    Sell out best to direct rivals and buy a) youth (to groom and eventually sell off for profit) or b) sloppy seconds at a discount rate (no disrespect to arteta or pod) everyone has to be a fkn bargain or out of favor with a struggling club. We neeeeed ONE world class striker for gods sake, a solid DM, another LB and we’re done! Honestly could off load chamakh 6m santos 4m and spend 20-30 on a striker, 15m for a DM and 15m on a LB. 40-50m and we are done! And that’s having absolute quality though out the starting 11 and strong bench, keeper to striker a fkn force!

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  29. Caribgooner

    Have anyone read that on about Pep.If this is true then pep should be cohearsed into coming to Arsenal.just when I thought we had no hope…at least pep likes us

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  30. leo

    aarsenal wants nani a stright swap but i thin nani will reject us i mean who the hell would want to join us

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  31. Nick

    I believe that Walcott will be sold and if it happens it should seriously be the start of an uprising and boycott from the fans.

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  32. leo

    @caribgooner i said this a month ago & @gunnerineverylife said he would bet his house on this story about pep first prefered club is arsenal it’s true he wants to be arsenal’ manager but he also needs massive funds unless that happens we never know but his agents were in london last month to talk about arsenal future he wants that job

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  33. leo

    @nick there will be no protests that is why the greedy board are bringing back henry it’s their plan to counter walcott exit idiots

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  34. Kunle

    My co-arsenal fans when last did we watch arsenal start wit 4-4-2 formation or change d formation to 4-4-2 formation dat will suit podoski,giroud,walcot and chamak well.To me wenger is killing arsenal players nt developin can u sign an attacker and play d attacker on d wing where doesnt suit d player.We keep on sayin arsenal should sell chamak,arshavin,park,bendtner for wat.To me wenger killed dis players performance on d pitch.lets say fergie signed dis players,he will play them in there position where they played in there former club bt wenger will buy u and play u out of position expectin u to give ur best.dat is wat is affectin podoski,giroud,arteta,cazorla,ramsey,gervinho, can a good coach for godsake play gervinho in central forward position,to score big problem 4 him.podoski is finding life difficult on d wings becos he is nt a winger and he prefers d central attacker role along wit another attacker bt wenger plays him on d wings or alone upfront in d central forward position.To me walcot is our best finisher at dis moment,it will be stupid and crazy if wenger and d board allow walcot to leave d club.why cant wenger play giroud and walcot upfront,play them together the way rooney and van persie are been played.I will love to see wenger 4 once change formation(4-4-2,4-4-1-1,4-1-3-2) atleast two strikers played upfront.

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  35. true goon

    The last part is rubbish about theo being a new car an Nani a jalopy,Nani and WAlcott are much of a muchness,both as inconsistent as each other,except Nani is better technically an Theo scores more.What we need to do is keep theo,and then strengthen the squad with a striker,dm,and 2 new defenders,then move out all the dead weight.

    I just hope we can win our games b4 january,becos i’ve got a bad feeling things could get worse,need to strengthen the squad so we can move Wenger out at the end of season,he’s run out of ideas and can’t take us any further.Hes been left behind.

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  36. get real gooners

    If we cant pay him wat he deserves and utd can the let him go! Got no choice really! Like rvp they can offer walcott money plus trophys! Wat can we offer him?? Nothing! I like walcott! He is a good servent of arsenal and there treating him like shit!!!

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  37. usmaNOW

    We the fans don’t know what the hell goes on in the board meetings and the b@stards want to make sure that we will never know, hence there is no seat on the board for Usmanov.

    The whole club has become a dark secretive organization. There are daily speculative stories coming out re Walcott that we don’t know who to believe who not to. We don’t who has the final say on players contract or who is answerable to who at the club. We don’t even know what the f@ck Gazidik does at the club???

    We were kept in dark re Fabregas,RVP,Song transfers and now Walcott.

    But than again, we the loyal fans don’t matter to this rich arrogant businessmen…all that matter to them is making money!

    KGB Mafia OUT!

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  38. GeorgeD

    Walcott will be sold… Stop dreaming, there is no ambition… Wenger will never be sacked or quit, he will die as manager of Arsenal..

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  39. keyamo ovie charles

    Look all gunners fanz ℓ̊ am highly disappointed & ashamed Ơ̴̴̴̴͡f being Ƌ gunners fan inshort sorry to say Arsenal fc Ȋ̝̊̅§ †ђξ worst & cheapest stupid self centred club in †ђξ whole wide world,ℓ̊ started as Ƌ gunners fan when ℓ̊ W̶̲̥̅̊ɑ̤̥̈̊S̶̲̥̅ 6 years old & now am in M̶̲̥̅Ɣ late 30’s ℓ̊ have never felt so disappointed in M̶̲̥̅Ɣ life but arsenal fc made ♏έ so tankz Ƒσя being disgraced,when ℓ̊ go out ℓ̊ see pple talking & praising their club but ℓ̊ can’t praise mine Bcos U̶̲̥̅̊ & ℓ̊ Ɲ☺

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  40. Popeye

    wenger is officially an bastard & I hope he dies soon so that wecan have our arsenal back

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  41. Johnno

    If we sale Walcott to United then I give up. This is f*cking lunacy. Who the f*ck are we? We’re losing our identity every day this board of bankers in is charge. Football is not about money. Football is about passion.

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  42. gary tan

    I think is time for wenger to wake up his mind. If he willing to let walcott leave Arsenal for the sake of money, i think he should left arsenal. Why arsenal kept losing? i think is because our team lack of experience and team work.

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    If Sir Alex wants Walcott at Man United and the price is right he will be a Man Utd player we have already seen it with RVP.Mr Wenger and Co (the Arsenal Board) are in the business af selling Big and buying Cheap. Big dividends all round. Walcott going going gone to the man with the big cheque book.

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    When Mr Wenger and the Arsenal board sold RVP to Man Utd they handed Man Utd the Premiership and FA Cup. Good one Lads.

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