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Arsenal MUST rest Alexis against Watford

We may all call Alexis Sanchez the “Duracell Bunny”, but the fact is that the Arsenal hitman is still human and has the risk of burning out as much as any other Arsenal player.

Having played in the World Cup before his arrival at the Emirates, he then went on to play 52 games in his debut season with Arsenal, with only two of those as substitute. As soon as our season finished Alexis then went off to join Chile for the friendly warmup games ahead of the Copa America, and then played every single game in the competition proper as his country went on to lift the trophy.

Wenger promised us he would rest Sanchez for the first month of the season, but with us being two goals behind to West Ham in our opening game, Le Prof then brought him on as substitute and he has since started nearly every single game, so it should really be little surprise that he finally suffered a groin strain against Man United in our last League game. If only Wenger had refused to allow our star player to jet off to South America, but instead the Chile boss played him the full 90 minutes against both Brazil and Peru despite admitting that Sanchez was not fully fit.

He probably only returned to London yesterday and will now be suffering with jet lag, and has had no time at all to give his groin strain a rest. With Bayern Munich arriving next Tuesday, surely it would be madness to risk Alexis in tomorrows game against Watford?

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST rest Alexis against Watford

  1. jeff

    No, Alexis has to start. He should be taken off after an hour if we are leading. Now is not the time to be complacant. The prem should be our priority. With city’s injury problems we have a good chance to go top. As long as he is fit he has to start imo.

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    1. BarryL

      If so, Alexis will choose to play. He absolutely hates not playing!! And even being substituted.
      But if he aggravates the injury he could be out for weeks which would be a disaster our chances of wining EPL.
      So AW has to decide.

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  2. Tekena

    Resting sanchez is not even an option. He has to play. Traveling nowadays for superstars is not as stressful, they travel on super luxurious flights and sleep all through the flight. Sanchez needs to carry on. His presence alone completely changes the tactics of our opponents and they know they cant overlap much or waste much energy in attacking cos dey will need it to defend. He can be taken off in the second half when the job is done and replaced by the OX to maintain intensity. COYG

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    1. Koss the Boss

      Good point on the plane flights! Yes its travelling distance but in 1st class maybe even there own private jet, so cosy enough to sleep and get a good rest! If its that bad let him rest until 1pm on saturday to come back for a fitness test before the late ko?

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    1. muffdiver

      Cos he came off injured for arsenal. Then played twice for chile in a week while not recovered.

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      1. 007

        If Arsenal was to loose this game while Wenger rested Alexis we all know what the headlines would read Sunday morning.

        It would be the whole why play Ospina over Cech kind of thing. Alexis is our CR7, our Messi or new TH14, these players have one thing in common, they play a lot of games and are hard to replace in there teams lineup’s.

        I say play him for about 60mins, depending on how the game is going, sub him off. I bet he also wants to increase his goal tally meaning he will also want to play the lesser games not just the big boys.

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        1. atid

          Look how testing petr cech turned out.

          Ffs these players are super fit well paid highly tined athletes. They don’t need rest they get that when they are not playing or training.

          People make me die, they Want to win every match then want to leave out one of world class stars. I have paid good money to go to Watford tomorrow and I want to see our best players playing and us bringing home all three points.

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  3. Eddy Hoyte

    off topic

    What i dont get is why fans are celebrating and tweeting delight bout Wenger’s hint of leaving.
    I mean how can fans do that? I know we’ve all gone through tough times, but why are people so blind to the fact that Wenger is irreplaceable? Before you go on and list pep and names of people who can replace him, take a time to view Wenger, This man’s career at Arsenal is divided into two halves, first half is that of the amazing players,trophies and records he made,his half of success as a COACH. And the other half which isn’t a failure considering he literally became an ACCOUNTANT for us to be able to move to our new amazing stadium,keeping our beautiful style of play and keeping us in the top 4 and champs league with mediocre players and losing his best ones. That’s not failure.
    Here’s the turnaround, i’ll like to call this his new third half, after settling and having funds .getting players and already two FA back to back trophy,plus our challenge for the title this season i think we are being unfair and ungrateful to the man. Yes he wont stay forever but even his players do say how much he’s important to the team.
    Ozil and Cech came cuz of Wenger. they said so themselves, he told them bout the clubs new plans and project after a successful “project move to emirates” and they liked the club’s aim for the coming years. Yea he could leave and Pep come but trust me it’ll never be the same without him, and I am sure no one can replace him without it affecting us, If not Pep,
    I dont want Ancelotti or any of those hypocrites out there, you see them question Wenger’s trophy achievement but yet none of them could have achieved what he has in this club. Especially Mourinho who’s always trying to paint Wenger in public,it shows complete jealousy and hatred, Wenger is the most respected and nobody respects him(Mourinho) I will rather stick and gladly accept Viera. Yes Viera, call me crazy but him with Henry at the club will do the team a lot good.
    I am not saying wenger should stay forever.
    But lets cut out the delight and happiness whenever he goes,He should be celebrated by us to show our class, he should be respected, and lets make our club a great role model for other clubs, we repay loyalty.
    I am not among the sects of AKB,AOB. I am just Hoyte, showing my love for the club******

    and yea Alexis should be rested, i dont mean rest him just cus of Bayern. His body deserves to rest

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    1. 007

      Some interesting points that you have raised there.

      I’m sure AKB’s, AOB’s, and some of us in the middle will all feel sad and shade a tear or two the day Wenger leaves, that’s a guarantee because whether we like it or not the man has been a part of our lives (especially for those of us who breath Arsenal). I wouldn’t look too much into all the twits because most of them actually originate from non Arsenal fans or those with a little too much time on there hands.

      Its a fact that Arsene will someday pack his bugs for a well deserved rest so we should all prepare ourselves for that momentous moment in our club history. Knowing Arsenal they will look for a Manager, not Coach (English is not my first language but I think there is a difference) e.g:
      – Wenger = Manager
      – Benetiz at RM = Coach
      – SAF = Manager
      – Moyes at MU = Coach
      – Mourine = ????? trouble maker????

      So as for your proposal to engage Viera, he would be more of a coach which is not the Arsenal way. I think they will try to bring in someone who can run the club as Arsene does. This will really be tough and with our board all been old men with grey hairs I’m sure they will want someone they can relate with ( I don’t think our board can handle a Kloop or Simeone kind of manager).

      Among the current managers Pep is the only that comes to mind but something tells me we will unearth another germ as we usually do.

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  4. aaronpias

    Why rest the best player’ when you need points!?! I say No to this! Let him play for atleast 50-60 mins!

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  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

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  6. Koss the Boss

    If Alexis is fit enough to start and play and hour then he starts and plays simple as that, can be replaced with anyone tbh if the score is a good advantage for us. Example 3-0 up throw gibbs on to shut up shop or chambo/campbell to just get up and down the line to press the opposition! We have cover not the greatest but its what we got so best players need to start and be subbed off if its getting too much for them!

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  7. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Is Alexis groin strain still there or it’s cleared? At any rate, whatever be the level of his health, the Boss should not start him in the Watford game but leave him out of the match altogether. Not only should not Sanchez be started for the Watford game, but all the Gunners 1st team starting XI save 2, should also be rested for the all important Bayern Munich match at the Emirates Stadium next Tuesday night’s. The Boss has said, his starting XI for the Watford game will not be influenced by the upcoming Bayern Munich game. But I beg to disagree with him. Let me appeal to the Boss not to entertain any doubt on his reserve Gunners not winning the Watford game. I am more than confident the Gunners reserve starting XI will win that Watford game convincinly. So the Boss should be rest assured his reserve team will carry the day at Watford. My starts: Macey. DebuchyRhino’ChambersGibbs. ArtetaFlamini. IwobiAdelaideOxlade. Giroud. My Bench: OspinaBellerinKoscielnyMonrealRamseyOzilWalcott. WFC 0-5 AFC FT 90” +.

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  8. 007

    Cant wait for the games tomorrow so this site can also go back to its usual busy self. Hard to comment on certain articles really.

    As for Sanchez personally I’m caught in between, on one hand I want our star player to play so he maintains his good form, continue clicking with Theo, Ozil and the rest (the more they play together the better the chemistry will get) and plus all EPL games are a must win now if we want to be champions. On the other hand I really want him to be fresh and ready to smash Bayern and send a serious warming to the rest of Europe that we might be down, but not dead.

    I’m glad Wenger gets to decide.

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  9. Kempinski

    we seem never to learn lessons though for arsenal it is always deja vu all over again for arsenal. remember our first EPL game against west ham??? Sanchez had to be rushed in to save the the situation when it was too late yet we want to repeat the same old mistakes again and again!!! IF SANCHEZ IS FIT AND WILLING TO PLAY THEN HE SHOULD BE IN OUR 1ST ELEVEN AGAINST ANYBODY WATFORD INCLUDED!

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  10. Ks-Gunner

    You no understand that Arsenal is about Sanchez to 40%. No Alexis no Party. The sole reason we are doing so well is bec of him. The sole reason Chelsea are doing so poor is bec their Sanchez is doing very bad.

    Some basic tipps for Wenger. Play some good players first and do the job, sub them in the second part of the game. Not the other way around. Coyg.

    Sanchez for president.

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  11. bellerin58

    I think sanchez should play and sub him when we are winning with high score so as to give him the rest most of us are yearning for.I can’t wait for tomorrow match! .Arsenal all the way

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