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Arsenal nearly got Capoue and will try again in summer

There were a lot of names being linked with a transfer to Arsenal last month, too many to list here, and quite a high proportion of them were defensive midfielders. The Spanish international left back Nacho Monreal was the only new addition for the Gunners, though, which surprised many people who thought that a strong midfield warrior was top of the list for Arsene Wenger.

Right up until the transfer window closed on Thursday night, there were rumours that Mohamed Diame would be a last minute transfer from West Ham to Arsenal, but Wenger must have decided he was not the right player. The boss did not want to bring anyone in, and it seems now that he had his eyes on someone else, the France and Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue.

Wenger has said that he almost completed another transfer in the last few days but the other club would not agree to the deal. Many thought he was referring to the David Villa situation at Barcelona, but that was already dead in the water. Capoue’s agent has told the media that Arsenal, Tottenham and PSG were after the 24-year old and he expects that they will try again at the end of the season, according to Metro.

Toulouse had said that they would sell anybody at the right price, but once Newcastle had bought another of their midfielders, Moussa Sissoko, they were unwilling to sell Capoue as they had no time left to replace him. If Arsenal had made a move earlier in the window, we may well have got him. Now we need Diaby, Arteta, Coquelin and Ramsey to stay fit and hopefully do enough until we can get Capoue to the Emirates in the summer.

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35 thoughts on “Arsenal nearly got Capoue and will try again in summer

  1. Mistyque

    Arsene wenger has lost his magical touch in the transfer window. Or maybe Ivan Gazidis is just a $%&#%&!

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    Wenger has taught me to never read about transfer rumours. We’re linked with every player under the sun in January. One player we’re not linked with we sign. Rumours are a load of crap. However, we haven’t been linked with a move for messi, so I expect to see him in an arsenal shirt next season 🙂

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  3. Robin Van Payslip

    Face it, fans and media completely blew the transfer situation out of all proportion.

    Fact is that this season Wenger has bought 4 high quality signings. That is almost half the outfield team! You can’t expect him to just go ahead and change the whole squad in one season!

    He lost two first teamers. They wanted to leave and he had to let them go. He couldn’t do anything about that so not his fault. He has recovered reasonably well from that but fact his that he is leading a sinking ship and doing it well.

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  4. Pat Rice

    I really really hope we DON’T get that Alain Traore guy from Lorient, sounds like more dead wood to me, sick n tired of us gambling on unknown french ligue1 players

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  5. gunner4life

    lmfao, The window has closed after 3days and already transfer rumours. No sites predicted the Monreal buy. People on here need to stop being gullible and wait and see who we get cause when you don’t get the player you expect you start crying and sh*t.

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  6. georgegooner

    Thats why you have MORE THAN ONE TRANSFER TARGET ARSENE. If Capoue said no, then you should’ve knocked straight on west hams door. OR you should’ve done the right thing and just got M’vila in the summer!

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  7. John

    Liken Sissoko looks the part jesus at 2M what a steal I dont think Wenger would have let that slip 3/4 years ago he definetley has lost soemthing in the transfer market

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  8. Mat

    Can only see us getting him as a replacement for Diaby. Arteta and Wilshire are first choice and we currently have Diaby, Rambo and Coquelin as backup with Frimpong coming through as well.

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  9. Uche Edochie

    Bull shlt. That is what wenger had to say to appease the fans. Who bids for a player on deadline day when the selling team have no time to replace the player? Did you see how quickly we bought nacho? Gibbs gets injured and we buy nacho twenty four hours later. Look, when wenger wants to buy, nothing will stop him and you never see it coming. I have come to realise that the players we are rumoured to be interested in are deliberately set up as a distraction by wenger. Did any of you know that a player called nacho monreal even existed? Of course not and neither did i. So learn to spot wenger’s bull shlt because that is how he entertains himself. Some people go to parties and play golf to entertain themselves. Wenger plays tranfers mind games as a major sport.

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  10. JimBeam

    There will be a massive cleanup this summer. Much of the deadwood will be leaving.
    This will help Wenger buy 2-3 good players and pay them well.
    Jovetic and Hummels must head the list.
    A third player could be Capue or Lars Bender.
    Gotze would be a dream buy.

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  11. gregory

    wenger hasn’t lost his touch in the transfer window. just because Newcastle got sissoko for 2mill doesn’t mean he would have been available to us for 2mil. if we did go for sissoko
    toulouse would have charged us 10mil because arsenal r a big club with lots of money.on the other hand we managed to tie up a world class left back for 8mil and u think wenger has lost his touch.
    btw toulouse have players built for the epl e.g Capoue and Abdennour. i would love to see them in an arsenal kit next season

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  12. Neil

    I think we’ll sign..

    A keeper to challenge Szczesny.
    A centre back.
    A box to box midfielder who can tackle.
    A striker.

    Not sure who they will be, but I would go for…

    1) Begovic (although United may have already sorted that for next season) 15m?
    2) Hummels (would cost a fortune…but he is quality) 25m?
    3) Capoue 10m?
    4) Cavani (Let’s try and have a massive signing) 50m?

    The rumour seems to be that Wenger will have 100m to spend in the summer. That lot = 100m (ish).

    Sell Santos (can’t beleive Wenger turned down 5m recently) and Arshavin and release the deadwood off the wage bill.

    This could be done…but will it?

    Problem is that Chelsea are aware if our interest in Capoue and possibly Cavani.

    It all depends on the offers the Sugar Daddy clubs make. I will not be angry if we put in a 50m bid for Cavani, and City/Chelsea offer 80m and we lose out.

    What can you do in a situation like that?

    Still, City/Chelsea can’t buy everyone so we can still get quality in.

    Do it, Arsene.

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  13. die hard gunner

    Has anyone watched julio ceaser lately? He is world class..would like to see him as a competition to szesney

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  14. NickTheYank

    I’d rather bring in Belhanda than Capoue. I’m still surprised Wenger didn’t jump on the cute rate price for M’Vila.

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  15. LoCkAy

    We are always nearing getting “someone” and it never happen… Strangely !!

    Newcastle bought Sissoko for £1,5 millions !!

    Wenger is talking about how difficult it is to find quality !!! Deluded psychopath manager!!!

    Monreal came because we were obviously short… Everybody knows ( well may be not the Arsenal delusional fans ) that the deal was supposed to be made in the summer, but Nacho had to sacrifice his CL aspirations and play for Arsenal. Don’t get me wrong he wanted to come to Arsenal, but only in the summer. That is why he got himself a £1 millions bonus when he signed.

    Anyway, I am happy we got him because we could not keep going with Santos ( joke ) and Gibbs ( the “glass” boy )…!!

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  16. WC

    If Wenger took the whole month of January and not just Jan 31st at 11:59 p.m. to try to sign his targets he’d have Capoue already. Most of the time Wenger doesn’t get a player is purely his fault because he loves to sit on his hands until the last day of the window.

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  17. Ryan

    Ramsey has converted to a deep lying cm, I don’t think we need a hard man I think we need a technical deep lying playmaker I see what wenger is trying to do with Ramsey an Arteta it’s like what untd have done with carick not an out an out cdm but does a job and the range Of passing in that position is key.. It’s almost what juventus have done with pirlo, deep lying spraying of the ball with players surrounding him aka Paul pigs doing a box to box role thats what I think we need a box to box hard man not cdm is this capoue?

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  18. jermaine

    3 weeks ago i mentinoed the sissoko situation were is contract would be up and would be available for peanuts.capoue was also my first choice for realistic dm/cb targets as he could be the fourth cb aswell. nacho was also third on my list for left back option (baines/fillipe ahead) in the past ive also predicted fabianski(was on of the best in east european football at 19) and nasri who was an apsolout inigma at marsielle age 20. if sagna goes i think surge aurier or abate would be is replacement coyg

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  19. JimBeam

    Jovetic would be the ideal signing in the summer. He can play anywhere in the front three, where I believe he is better then anyone we have. He is very technical and very young. He is the ideal Arsenal signing. He will probably cost around £25 million but well worth it.

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  20. terry

    People have short memories. we beat an average team like stoke we bought a good defender in monreal but are you serious if you think buying a lft back will get us 4th place. mertesacker is crap,kosciel is inconsistent and the skipper is having a shite season. we need to get rid of mertesacker,sagna at end of season get competition in goal and up front and buy a solid cb. would gettin lescott be a bad signing hes not the most skillful but cbk are not meant to be.we either buy quality in the summer or we will drop further down the league

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  21. Saffat

    Not saying he’s a bad player, but if Coquelin and the DENCH man himself improve and are can at least play instead of Diaby against the higher mid table teams we won’t really need Capoue. Just my opinion

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