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Arsenal nearly signed Brazilian international keeper

There were many Arsenal rumours over the summer regarding possible backups to the Gunners Number One Wojciech Szczesny, but with both Lukas Fabianski and Vito Mannone both remaining at the club (not to mention Damien Martinez) it seemed unlikely that Arsene Wenger would be seriously looking at experienced shot-stoppers.

But now it has been revealed that the Brazilian international keeper Julio Cesar was close to a move to the Emirates before he got snapped up by Arsenal’s big-spending neighbours QPR. Cesar said: “I accepted this proposal because I wanted to live in London.

“I have an amazing way of life here and I’m giving my family a great opportunity to grow up culturally.

“I talked with Arsenal in the last transfer window, and they were really happy about me playing for them, but at the last minute I moved to QPR.

“QPR has a project, and I dream about that project coming true. But I came here because I was thinking about my future once I quit football, that’s true.”

There are probably many Arsenal fans wishing that Cesar had joined Arsenal since the injuries to both Szczesny and Fabianski has meant that the inexperienced Vito Mannone has played nearly every game so far this season.

Then again, Wenger has already admitted that he thought that someone would have bought Mannone in the summer, and Fabianski has also made it clear that he’s not happy playing second fiddle to his younger countryman, so perhaps Wenger was just covering himself in case either moved on?

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27 thoughts on “Arsenal nearly signed Brazilian international keeper

  1. Always a gooner

    so arsene started showing some ambition by approaching experienced and top players … lets hope a happy jan transfer window for us and also walcott and sagna penning a new contract

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  2. goonar

    So qpr has a dream and we dont.. that says it all wenger, gazidis, kroenke and all of you ruining arsenal fc

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  3. leo

    on the cavani rumors there is an interesting media report in italy saying that napoli did make a 6-8m bid for djourou & are still interested in signing him they also are keen on bendtner or chammakh & acc to the italian journalist arsenal could offer 20-25m + bendtner/chammakh & djorou but i am not sure hope this is true

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  4. leo

    the edin dzeko to arsenal will never guneer happen 1) he is on 130-140 a week the excat reason why in summer he almost came close to join ac milan but the deal collapsed last min because of his wage demands 2)city value him at 25m & there are reports that arsenal have already agreed a deal with crystal palace over zaha for around 9-12m does this mean theo is leaving

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  5. jk

    I hope zaha isnt true the last thing this club needs is more potential it needs proven winners simple as that. I wouldnt say zaha is any better than theo either!

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  6. Big Gun

    1 new player ain’t going to cut it. Arsenal needs a complete overhaul, starting with Kroenke, Gazidis, PHW and Wenger. Then the wage structure needs to be changed. Players like Squillaci and all the deadwood just need to be sold on the cheap to free up the wage bill and provide some clout for bigger better signings. I would sign Baines, Fellaini, Lellana, M Suarez, Kone and another good keeper.

    I wish Arsenal would stop being so cheap and just buy some quality players. The top teams have done so and their investment is paying off big time.

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  7. Dave

    If we really needed a keeper, Lloris would have been our best option. I still think Szczesny is very good though.

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  8. leo

    @jk dude acc to media reports arsenal made 2 bids which were knocke back not sure but you are right don’t need him now maybe in summerwhat we need now is a striker like huntelaar or anyone else & a cdm like m’vila/victor waynama/kevin strootman/fellaini & a lb

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  9. leo

    the eidnson cavani rumors are 50:50 at best we all arsenal fans know it won’t happen but the italain media thinks there is a chance lol

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  10. LP

    Absolutely no chance of cavani coming to arsenal he’s just signed a new deal and why the hell would he move from napoli to arsenal that would probably be a step backwards AT THE MOMENT

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  11. Gunnerineverylife

    We are starting to lose transfer battles against the likes of QPR,Everton(Mirallas),what a shame,GAZIDIS,KROENKE OUT!!

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    Is very welcome ideas and i support the move to bring a new goal keeper to Emirate by winter window transfer that`s January as mentioned earlier by the Manager, ARSENE WENGER. Secondly on players you mentioned i wish you will bring them during the transfer window we are all waiting the promised make by you and endeavor to fulfill your above mentioned early. we still love the team and remain with the team no going back and retreat am still commit to their progress also they will still meet up and win the title by GOD grace up GUNNERS. Am still loyal every blessing day to my team that`s ARSENAL no team like them.

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  14. sank

    just forget cavani, transfer price and wages out of our reach.

    in case of zaha, i would better hold walcott.

    We really have got quality squad just a new
    left back- baines or any experienced player
    dm – fellani or wanyama as cant rely on diaby.
    we would really kill any team.

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  15. Dan

    This makes me physically sick. We could of had the number 1 Braziian and instead have had an unknown Italian all season.

    I hope we get Reina, we could get him back in form and piss Liverpool off at the same time.

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  16. Gundam

    how about that bloke suarez… sounds like a sure bet… unlike that zaha who hasnt impressed me thus far…

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  17. Salvage

    Aint you all tired of Wenger and the rest always saying how they *Nearly* signed so and so?

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  18. max power

    Nearly never what a load of bull.I think Mr Wenger and the Arsenal board put these rumour’s out there to get the Fans off their backs. The Fans get all excited at the prospect of getting top class players at Arsenal only to get the rug pulled from under them, when Mr Wenger and Co buy some Cheap middle of the road player. Mr Wenger and the Board do it again and again to the Fans.But do you know what the Fan’s fall for it every time. Already the rumour mill has started before the January Window but watch what happens Mr Wenger will not buy at all or buy so cheap player we never heard of and expect him to fit in to the team and when it does happen he feed us some more bull.
    I say enough Bull Mr Wenger, buy top class players and give us our Arsenal Back OR Go and take the present board with you.

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  19. max power

    I Nearly won th lotto my next door neighbour won it.How close can you get.

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  20. AidanGooner

    Basically QPR offered 50,000 a week/2.5 mill a year for 4 years, which the tight Arsenal board were never going to justify as a cost with young keepers like Sczecsny in the squad, even if Julio Cesar would likely be better for at least a couple of years.

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  21. Eternal Gunner

    @all fans expect a major transfer this year or any year in the foreseeable future.

    dont get your hopes up im sure we wont be seeing any Zaha, Cavani nor Dzecko but instead a player known as Delgianni, as im sure most ppl are wondering delgi who??? and that my point exactly we wont be signing anyone known to us or anyone good for that matter…. have you ever seen anything to suggest otherwise?please i urge u all to wake up and be realistic,i was forced to do the same not too long ago,and save yourselves the heartache and disappointment as thosee are the only thing guaranteed to us as arsenal fans

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