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Arsenal need 1987 repeat to kick start trophy success

There is a monkey on the back of the current Arsenal team and it has been there for eight years now. I am, of course, talking about the trophy drought, which is really starting to bug the fans, especially as the English media cannot wait to bring it up at the drop of the hat. Remember Carl Jenkinson’s post-match interview following the fantastic victory over Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena?

The only way to stop the media constantly harping on about this, and to shut up the fans of other teams, is by winning that elusive trophy. The Gunners have made it to three major finals since we lifted the FA cup in 2005, but all ended in heartbreak, especially losing the Champions League final to Barcelona. The League cup final of 2011 should really have ended the barren run, but the football gods were against us that day and we lost Birmingham City.

This is not the first time that Arsenal have gone so long without a trophy. On the official Arsenal website there is an article and interview with the former Gunner John Lukic, who was in goal for the 1987 league cup final victory over Liverpool, which was George Graham’s first success with the Gunners and ended eight years without a trophy.

Lukic believes that the cup win was the springboard to the period of success that followed. He also remembers that fate seemed to be with Arsenal on that day. Whatever the reason, it gave the players the confidence and belief they needed to forge on and win two league titles in the next four years, along with another league cup and an FA cup before Wenger took over and started a fantastic period of success.

We threw away two great chances to progress in the domestic cup’s last season, but it is vital the players put that behind them and give it everything next time. Just as before, one cup could be the start of many more.

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal need 1987 repeat to kick start trophy success

  1. Previgo

    Wenger @it again.. Sources say fellaini has told his friends secretely that he would love the move to london.. But seems wenger is reluctant to cough out the £23m release clause… That he dosnt think it represents s good value… What is wrong with wenger?? Now can you blame the booard??? This should have been ivans comments…
    What he should have said, with no backtracking, was, “Arsene has money to spend. Fourth place is not acceptable for a club of our status and our means. We fully expect Arsene to use the money at his disposal to buy the players needed to compete at the highest level next season. Now wenger wants to frustrate us?? Hell no, he’ll frustrate himself.. Now you see why i hate him?? Always treating the money like its he’z.. Behaving like an accountant, reluctance to spend what you have to get what you want..stingyness..GOD fORBID

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  2. Previgo

    I believe wenger negotiates his tax payment… I also believe he use to negotiate his kids school fees back then..

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  3. Previgo

    There are some deals that realy dosnt need negotiation.. Fellaini’s is one of them

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  4. Wonder man

    We will sign Rooney and fellani and maybe just maybe cesc fabregas

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  5. Matty

    So much for a ‘summer of spending’ face it, the board say that every year, if Wenger lets someone else snap up Fellaini then that says it all.

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  6. vyash

    we cant do anything because the staff is on vacation but wenger is meeting player

    he is serious this time

    fabregas,fellaini and higuain THERE R TOO MANY RUMOURS

    this time is our time

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  7. Andrew

    @ Bob
    I have said it before but I got shoot down in flames. We need to win any silverware you win you start believing end of subject.

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  8. Previgo

    Have always said.. I believe just a single trophy would change us for good.. Let the current players feel how it is and what it means to be the last man standing

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  9. gunna

    Rumours rumours rumours,something will happen but not until july just hang in there fellow gooners!

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  10. Previgo

    Obviously if you want nani now.. You were in support of the sylvester switch… Imagine the now injury prone underrated inconsistent impersonator of christiano ronaldo wants a 130k/w… Thats to show he is money driven..because clearly he never worth that, i’ld pay ben arfa 100k/w and still sign him for £17m.. @least he loves geting assists which underlines the fact that he is not selfish..onlike the self proclaimed christiano nanido.. Besides, we’ve got our ox for next season

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  11. Pmafc

    Can you really blame wenger for not spending big. He got Cazorla for 17, Koscielny for 10, Henry for similar. Now he’s being quoted 25 million for Fellaini aswell as higuain when there clearly not worth more than these players of superior quality, he just knows he can get better deals

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  12. Arsenal19

    We got to start by breaking the bank on Fellaini and higuian, then sign one or two more players like grenier (if fabregas is really of the market) and then we will win many trophies in the coming years

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  13. Lolgooner

    Shutup you idiots the transfer windows only just started the teams on vacation. What do you expect to sign higuain, felliaini and rooney and just have no other negotiations till the end of august

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  14. Previgo

    In every henry..there is a chamakh
    in every koscielny..there is a squid
    in every cazorla..there is an arshavin
    and not all club are as money stranded as malaga.. Everton(fellaini) and madrid(huguain) are clearly not bent hell on selling there players to raise funds.. And besides i believe wenger was in such bargains beacause we were not realy financialy now we are more cash rich, i dont think wenger has to wait for bargains before he makes a signing.. Besides we need to challenge for next season.. One are the bargain days.. But i wouldnt mind some few..

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  15. gunna

    Hopefully in the next month we have a proliffic striker a battling midfielder and a few more additions to strengthen all round,we have a good base to build on and a great shot at the title next season (:

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  16. Previgo

    Transfer window just started right? Common stupid wenger followers.. Think like him.. And stay tropyless like him, wait until everyone is in the market before you make your moves..foolssss.. Staffs are on vaction, so what stops you from agreeing personl deal with the player and is club 1st??? Oh you need the medical team for that too???

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  17. Previgo

    Many of you are so infected with the wenger mentality you hardly notice we are approaching a trophyless decade

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  18. GunnerG

    We want new signings! We want new signings!! Lol, I really thought we’d sign someone already.
    Can’t wait to see who will sign.

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  19. Shah95

    Don’t tell we were getting lied to again. If this window ends in disappointment. I swear to god we should protest

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  20. Previgo

    Your donkey(said he wants to fire us to trophy) good to see donkey being positive

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  21. moneytalks

    wenger is clearly a greedy bast*rd. he always tries to sign a player and offer 2 or 3 million less than the actual price. he lost drogba, ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, mata.
    wenger has clearly lost it. I want wenger to leave. I cant see arsenal winning trophy under wenger again.

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  22. arsenal

    wow man..u r really capabale to become one of the greatest manager in the world..really hope u can manage arsenal one day. LOL

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  23. dilla

    finally some good news today. bendtner has recieved 5 offers and arsenal has agreed terms with 3 clubs already. now it’s up to bendtner to decide. We must’ve told them they’re getting the ‘greatest striker in the world’ to sweeten the deal.

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  24. Gigi

    Rooney looked like a nice person in the last game of England, new haircut and smile, seemed like an Rasenal player instead of a Manure one LOL

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  25. AFC_Gunner

    ► Just read most of the posts and I know what we all need – news from There is no point arguing amongst ourselves as we all know what is needed for Arsenal to compete – 3 big signings. It’s Arsene’s last roll of the dice on his current contract. If those dice turn out to be snake eyes, Arsenal will have to employ another manager

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  26. Codedgun

    @previgo…..ur so eager like a kid taken to grocery shop to buy a sweet…..who’s ur source?calm ur nerves and stop tryin to get ahead of urself before u shit in ur pants,fans like u always watch football being underpressure….i can confirm that arsenal has agreed an upfront payment for felliani….so behave urself dude

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  27. Bouba

    Do not trust Wenger and Gazidis…!!

    You will be seriously disappointed…

    No bid have been made for Fellaini… Everton have not received any offers from any club!!!

    We will have some surprises this summer, but not good ones…

    Watch and see !

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  28. Dude New England

    Finally a good article not about transfers, although you wouldn’t know it based on the comments. I believe if things are managed properly we will be back to our winning ways, COYG!

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  29. emma

    WHY are people thunbin PREVIGO down. the guy is writin sense, some of u arsenal fans think like wenger, no wonder we are still in this mess

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  30. Antique Gunmen

    Malaga in the edge of financial crisis(become even worst now) when they’ve to sell Santi at 17M. As Koscielny worth that 10M with his quality at that time(not present). Maybe you forget about the inflation when mention young Henry. A young player similar like his quality at these day(I can’t see who) will worth at least 20M.
    Nowadays, if you want to get (an already) top player, you’ve to compete with top clubs, specialy the moneybags. Like it or not, you’ve to follow the rule of the games, or bein’ left behind. Fortunately we have the real chance this year with that 70M. So, why think backward? Splash it or get empty handed.

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  31. Gautham

    You are taking word for word whatever is speculated in the media. I mean, weren’t they the same ones who said Arsenal activated Fellaini’s release clause and all that remains is for him to decide to join us. Now, they are saying that it’s Fellaini who wants to actually join us, but we won’t match his release clause. The truth is that none of them have any idea of Wenger’s transfer plans and they are just trying to cover their tracks for the sensational “exclusives” they made a week ago.

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  32. Big Gun

    @Pmafc Your logic would be sound, If Arsenal were still winning trophies. What has Wenger’s stingy ways acquired us in the last 8 years? Only CL football, which is great for the finances of the club, but not so great for us fans who are the bread and butter of Arsenal. Also, what about the players? Just to play in the CL is not enough for them, they want to win it! They want to win trophies! But cannot, because we lack the quality necessary to do so. So both the players and the fans are being exploited and completely undermined. We havent won a damned thing in 8 years. 8 YEARS. That is a f*cking disgrace for such a huge and financially sound club like Arsenal. We need quality now, and if it costs 25m, THEN SO BE IT. Players like Fellaini and Rooney are sure bets, you know you will get your 25m worth, simply because we have seen them perform year in and out, sweating blood for their clubs. Rooney has been one of the top goal scorers in the BPL over the last decade, and as for Fellaini, well we all know what a versatile and beast of a player he has, something which Arsenal sorely lack.

    Wenger has no option. Either he spends NOW in the summer on at least 2 big names, or he gtfo. I’m sick and tired of being told we have money to spend and can afford big names, then when the transfer window ends we have signed another Gervinho.

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  33. Previgo

    I have always said this.. And i will repeat it again..
    In wenger you trust..
    In wenger shit talks..
    I loved wenher like many of you here, but wenger is stubborn and stingy.. He is stubborn that he refused to let bold take care of the defence ish @ the start of the season, he is stubborn that he kept playing players out of position when there were much better options… He is stingy in the sense that we lost mata for just a little penny..i dont want to go there..maybe we wouldnt have goten cazorla if we had mata..but never say never, we could have goten the two best creative players in the league

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  34. Previgo

    And if you have been following my comments, you will realize i dont paste transfer rumours like i’m sure of it like the way some dudes do it here… I like it when dudes paste rumours but i dont paste rumours.. You know why?? Because i know what wenger is all about.. We all know i dont get it why some of you behave like you started associating with wenger only from our last 16 EPL games.. Because during that period, he did all the right things

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  35. MVella

    To get back to the article, I think we should aim to win one of the domestic cups this year.

    If we look at MC, they won the FA cup the year before the ‘won’ the league.

    Winning anything gives the players the belief that they are champions. It gives them pride. It is an achievement.

    Like the article says, we can then build on that success. It isn’t a mission accomplished, it’s the first step to a bigger mission. I think that if we had won that League Cup vs freaking Birimingham then the team would have been much different. It could have been a negotiating platform, something to build on. Instead, we have nothing, and everyone just keeps talking about the trophy drought.

    Let’s aim high, and go for the FA cup, or League Cup. No more baby squads.

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  36. George

    I believe this 70 million booty that is being talked about is not for spending. Every summer a figure is quoted but never exhausted. Last season Wenger insisted he had the money and will spend it on “top, top quality palyers”, and that was after Carzola and Pod had signed. so there’s money but it will go back to the coffers next season

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