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Arsenal need a boost-OK Santos is leaving

Arsenal fans are like bears with sore heads this morning after seeing a promising start and early goal against Everton cancelled out which led to the Gunners hanging on a bit for a point. The result meant that Tottenham went up to fifth, while Arsenal lie in seventh, a massive 12 points off the league leaders, Manchester United.

So I thought we all needed something to cheer us up today, and I have found something that might do the trick. Andre Santos has had offers from other clubs and is likely to be on his way out of the Emirates in January. There had been rumours that he might go back to his home country Brazil, but the 29-year old defender (can I call him that?) has declared his intention to still play football regularly in Europe, which probably means a return to Turkey.

If he does harbour intentions of playing, then he will have to move because I cannot see him playing for us. He is apparently on the sidelines with a stomach muscle problem at the minute, but that could just be disguising the fact that he is out of Wenger’s plans, we can only hope.

“My idea is to stay in Europe. I want to keep playing, wherever it might be.

“I still have many objectives on this continent, some clubs from Turkey have called me, but there is nothing concrete.

“If there is any interest from Sao Paulo, we’ll talk as I’m a professional.”

Santos did well for Turkish side Fenerbahce and is well thought of in the country, we will not stand in his way.

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal need a boost-OK Santos is leaving

  1. Gunnerineverylife

    I wish him well,his goals against West brom and Chelsea will be a good remembrance.Tell him to take Squillaci and Chamakh along with him.

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  2. Tiko


    Hoepfully wenger migh finally let arshavin play now so he can do his beast crossings so Grioud can be scoring left right and centre

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  3. NzGunner

    Lets all blame Ramsey coz its hi fault! He’s been our best player the last 2 games! We need to improve out movement off the ball! It’s too predictable at the moment.

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  4. Malik


    typical brain of an AKB:yeah ramsey that great player that can’t hold possesion to save his life and kills every counter attack that’s ever existed, what a great player he is, he lost possession with class for evertons goal, what a quality player, guess we don’t need a midfielder cause his better than santi, arteta, wilshere, cesc ……heck even vieraa would be embarassed by his technique, POWER AND PACE


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  5. Malik

    lol our competitor’s fans get excited by signings, arsenal fans r just glad their garbage is leaving

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  6. Mikey

    Tell him to take Wenger, Squillachi, Djourou, Chamak, Park, Ramsey, Diaby and Rosicky (as they never really play),Fabiansky,Miquel,Gervinho,Frimpong,Denilson. JUST Imagine if we could free up these salaries?

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  7. Fabregas

    SOO! this is the time for reinforcement.
    we still have the chance to catch up the up fronts if we can do some quality signings.
    my preferences: CAvani, Felaini and one more, Excellent LB, please mention one.

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  8. BOUBA

    @ Mikey

    Well mate, you have hit the spot right there… You have accurately nominated the academy award list of the Arsenal deadwoods… You have omitted the best striker in the world, Bendtner.

    The fact is we won’t do FU.. ALL this season again because there is too much cleaning to do. Another fact is that Wenger is not ready or willing to do the cleaning. So another manager will have to do it for us.

    the fact and the matter is Wenger is finished and if he gets another contract we will clearly know what the club is about. It would be based on pure financial benefits.
    Another fact ( again ) is that Wenger is old and we need someone fresh and vibrant to take us to the top of Europe ( even if it takes few more years ).

    I know that Sagna will leave… I can see him play and getting frustrated with his team mates. That’s a real sign.

    Sagna might be the best RB ( or amongst ) in the world and he has not had his contract talks as yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Walcott is our best player as we speak and his contract has not been finalised!!!!


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  9. Gooner Cape Town

    Cool Santos to Turkey, Chamakh to Fenerbache, Arshavin to Zenit, Bendtner to Spuds just leaves Squillaci. Must keep Walcott and Sagna but looking slim at this stage. Here’s hoping. Must get Fellaini, Huntelaar/Cavanni Vorm in Jan.

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  10. artillery1

    Wenger Satisfied wid Point n Sayng We Have Shown Some thing O.0

    What, Our As* infront Of GOAL :/

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  11. COYG malaysia

    Walcott not in Arsenal’s 2013 calender? oh well, in Arsene We trust #SarcasmDay

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  12. BOUBA

    A boost will be to get Sagna and Walcott to sign new contracts.

    Obviously, getting few more quality players would be a massive moral up too.

    Is he going to happen? Well I don’t see it unless we get some serious injuries.


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  13. vinie2000

    hey get off the guys back for you all santos haters think Gibss is a better left back? he’s horrendous to just say defending too or just because he’s english we let him off the hook? The guy was in a brazilian team and whatever you all moan that’s not for being crap.we must dig deep where arsenal problems are.There is no pace,there’s not explosion on the last 3rd,i saw ramsey crashing heads and toes with cazorla for simple ball and showed me there’s no cohesion between the team.Admitted,there’s 4 new players in the team ( Jack as new ) who never played together before..that needs time but the problem is the Old ones arent showing the spirit and the determitation to get this guys involved and that gives assurance to a football player.Yes,get rid of the dead woods is a MUST but don’t come to blogs and write negativisms all the time.You want changes? Go outside the emirates and show your discontent on daily basis..sitting at home bashing the team isnt the solution..Join me and lets make a change.Up for it today? i got a banner and im heading to the emirates soon..

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  14. Top Gunner

    Arsenal fans are talking about Giroud. That guy does not have ball control, cannot penetrate the defence, does not have pace.
    If we compare Giroud and Walcott, then Walcott will be our main striker. Wenger just want to support his countryman. Even Gervhino and Pod are better than Giroud.

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  15. vinie2000

    And for those who like it or not..if we have a player like Y’ann M’villa in that DM role.believe me ,we would nto be bullished from players like yaya or felliani..thats what have been missing..someone who shows authority in that place since vieira left.REAL STEEL IS coq,not,arteta,not ramsey which are light weights

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  16. vinie2000

    How many croses giroud got? NONE,no crosses..the only one who try is PODS..giroud flicks,nobody chase the balls..wasting of time..we will become like stoke..miss ljunberg and pires..or patrick – gilberto breaking through the middle by surprise..nobody does it any longer.

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  17. Ashendren reddy

    Ever notice that when a player has the best season, it becomes his last season at Arsenal.

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  18. Cesc

    Dear Santa,

    This year for Christmas, if the quality is available (because we just don’t want any Santos, Squid or Bendtner), can Arsenal have:
    -an experienced, clinical and unpredictable striker
    -an authoritative, technically gifted CDM
    -a real, actual winger that can torment opposition fullbacks
    -a solid LB incase Gibbs gets injured (Yes, I think he is good and better than Santos @Vinnie2000)
    -Walcott and Sagna signing contract extensions as soon as we show intent and restore their belief that we are trying to win things. (We kNOW they don’t believe this atm, Walcott seems to be trying extra hard just to get noticed to get out the club right now..)

    That is all.

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  19. Uche

    Just another day at the office for the club who’s players and team performance are second only to their bank balance. Isn’t it sad? Watching that game yesterday, everton battered us. A draw was not a fair result. For all the chances they created, we deserve to lose that game. Arsenal football club has systematically drained this team of talent. All our top players have been sold and as soon as another emerges, he too will be sold. Theo and Sagna have emerged and they too will be sold because this is what we do. We talk out of our behinds and sabotage our team by selling our best players. How the mighty have fallen…

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  20. synsix

    see he is a nice guy/he’s a kinda boy who would have been fan favourite if we were winnin but due to his jolly nature and the club runnin through hard waters, he unfortunately had to b one of the reasons for us playin terriblly/its sad though/i wish him all the luck/n pls dont boo him because of the VanP shirt incident

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