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Arsenal need a manager with the HUNGER TO WIN!

Arsenal have sacrificed our football legacy for a financial one. by GP

Let me be very clear. Arsene Wenger is the best manager we have ever had. Because of the contribution he has made to not only the English but the world game, I have him up there with the very best. Not winning the champions League maybe be a blot on his Arsenal CV to some but his record as a coach developing players into great players cannot be equalled by anyone else.

However, all that began to change when his focus shifted from the training ground to the boardroom. Wenger is proof that even the best can become complacent and believe in their own hype.

He rightly believed he could continue being successful on a smaller budget, but when that did not happen within 3 years of leaving Highbury, i think his pride became our biggest obstacle. He insisted it could be done and the board were happy to indulge him because it meant writing less or smaller cheques for players.

I cannot believe that a manager who was given the freedom of input in the design of the Emirate Stadium and our training ground would not be allowed to spend money on top quality players where and when appropriate.

As a result of putting money first, Arsenal football club on the pitch have been declining in front our very eyes.
Some fans will not accept the word decline because we have not been relegated, We play in the Champions League, and our name is still world famous. However, that name was made famous by the contribution of many other people as well as Wenger

When he arrived, the mission was clear. Win trophies. The success of George Graham was still hanging over the club and Bruce Rioch had a legacy to live up to. We all know how that ended.

Wenger is approaching 8 years without a trophy and is getting further away with each frustrating season. Yet who amongst us would suggest that he would have been allowed his first 8 years without a trophy and kept his job?

Wenger is now presiding over a club that has lost the will to win consistently which is what success is about. Yes we will have our good moments, but like the last 7 seasons they are not enough.

I truly think we need a change of manager and a new emphasis based on success on the pitch. It will cost money but the biggest missing ingredient is mentality.

There are too many examples of Arsenal teams surrendering leads going back years. Negative things as well as positive things become habit.
Too often i watch our team play badly without any reaction from the technical area. I don’t mean the usual frustration from the manager toward the 4th official but the kind of body language that tells the players”Get a grip or it’s the reserves for you for the next couple of months”

We have some excellent players but many of them lack the experience of winning even with their previous clubs. Another price you pay for buying cheap. Winning players cost more money to buy. A manager with hunger and personal ambition could have us achieving more, even with this squad.


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82 thoughts on “Arsenal need a manager with the HUNGER TO WIN!

  1. synsix

    Sarcasm apart how many of us realistically think that we’ll b playin champion’s league next year/
    Thumbs UP for Top 4/Thumbs DOWN otherwise

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  2. RWRW

    I feel so sorry for Arshavin

    He is always thrown on in the last few minutes and expected to turn the game for us. Im suprised he has got any heart left for Arsenal.

    Individually: Sagna, Mert, Kos and Verm are all great players but as a defensive unit there is something seriously missing> WE didnt beat Fulham because we condeded 3 TIMES!!!!!

    Fair play to Giroud

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  3. dal

    I agree. I hope he stays on with the board of director’s but he is making the wrong decisions to often and we are suffering. No one can question his economic head but cracks are starting to appear in his football coaching. The board don’t help matters. My opinion.

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  4. Sharkseven

    Yeah We Seems Need a New Manager.But The Board Will remain wenger as our me even we start to dissapointed.The Board Will still remain and Collect Our money.

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  5. Reddb10

    Great post.
    The only problem is that as long as AFC are only spending the money received from player sales with the managers blessing the yank will never get rid of him.
    He is the highest paid manager in the world who does not need to win anything to keep his job.
    Talk about having a safe job!

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  6. mukund

    Wenger is a great manager but just now his philosophy of not spending has been eclipsed by chelesa, Man city and Manu. The board sucks as we all know, but also i feel he must be less stubborn at times. I wish david dein was still there in the board we could have been much different. He was intelligent being and i am sure he thought well for the club before trusting to sell his stakes in arsenal to Usmanov. I wonder were will we finish this season. On the field we are missing a leader and on the bench we are short of quality players. We are short of ideas also i feel sometimes just failing with our usual approaches. I think Arsene should really think about his stakes, if i would be him than i would not takes my wages for sometime so that money can be used to buy some players. I know wenger is loyal to arsenal but he need to consider many things and adapt.

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  7. leo

    we need some big signings like cavani/falcao + a cdm like fellaini & a lb & get holtby & huntelaar for free in summer

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  8. olu

    He as turned the club into a joke the manager needs to go now,there is no sign things will change under him.
    I am fed up with the whole situation at the club.There is a lot wrong at the club from the board to the manager.
    Please don’t let the club continue in this way,the supporters need to do a lot more.

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  9. Lawrence gf

    At last. A decent article that doesnt talk about wenger in God status.

    The board and owner should all do the honourable thing and sell up and go.

    Fans should boycott this rip off farce.

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  10. BJV

    Jesus christ people take it easy! Once the emirates is paid of and a new sponsorship deal will be signed good times will come and Wenger should be the one to lead this club to glory! I just hope the club will stay above water until that time for I must say that it is worrying to see the team play at the moment but I think it is imperative to remember that Wenger has been, is and will be the one manager that understands how this club works and how to make it great…

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  11. Chisha

    Admin thank you for this article I was saying before the fulam game that Wenger is nolonger the same but some guy said I was negative but lets call a spade a spade. Your article sums it up well written Any big club cannot allow a manager for 8 years not winning but only arsenal because as long the books balance and top 4 then we fine but I ask what’s the point of bein in champions league if we know we can’t win it. How can u win champions league if u can’t win even carling cup. After 3 years for real Wenger should have admited defeat. Arsena no longer even play the Attractive football and Wenger seems to not care bout that. And his so predictable in the fulam game we scored 3 goals only because fulam was not defending other teams just need to defend against us and we won’t score and Wenger as long as some one tells him what to do he won’t just to prove a point. But his time has come to end he did well for arsenal but he must make way for another coach he wil never reach Fergie in number of trophies

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  12. dadagbon

    Being an Arsenal fan at the moment is a bitter taste in the mouth.As an Arsenal addict, it’s a low period for me. Can somebody step up and save our Arsenal, things are looking really grim.

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  13. AYJ

    I’d take the “David Dein” influenced Arsene Wenger any day. The mediocreness that Gazidis/Hillwood/Kroenke stand for has to be eradicated. These three guys need to say goodbye ASAP!!! Get David Dein back as chairman to sort this mess out. Get Usmanov in charge. Then we’ll see Arsene at his best again, guaranteed.

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    anything left for too long would go stale.. i don’t think wenger is inspiring anymore.. too many draws and defeats are chipping away the club’s reputation.. players seem clueless on the pitch with no game plan..

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  15. niyi

    I will be lying if I say I am not frustrated with the Arsenal. I wish more than anything that I lived in the UK and not Nigeria for the singular reason of being an arsenal fan.what are the fans living in the UK looking waiting for and our darling club has become so ordinary. I know not everyone will agree with me (I understand) but its still my opinion. Bouycott the stadium. There is no way you will be able to pass a message to the management better. I don’t care if its Wenger or the directors at fault. As long as we have some type of players in the team we will never win trophies. Modern day football is won from the bench. Arsenal lacks depth. Imagine a team with ramsey, gnarby, coquelin,oxlade,djorou,chamack,gervinho,diaby as sustitutes. These type of players can’t turn a game around. Podolski,cazola,Giroud can not perform with the quality of players around them. If these players remain as sub after january I really can’t tell what will happen to arsenal.

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  16. leo

    lol more transfer rumors this time we are linked with Sofiane Feghouli of valencia & siem de jong of ajax & Granit Xhaka of Borussia Monchengladbach

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  17. mukund

    Fire brigade phones Arsene Wenger in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    “Mr. Wenger, sir, the Emirates is on fire!”

    “The cups, man! Save the cups!” screams Arsene.

    “The fire hasn’t spread to the canteen yet, sir”.

    “I mean the trophies save the trophies”.

    “Wake up sir i think your team didnt win any trophies since 7 years”.

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  18. Frank

    I would like Wenger himself to stand down or be given a little push rather then just sack him.

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  19. Gunner


    the changer will be podolski for chemberlian. the reason i didn’t play podolski at cf is that, giroud is working hard and he is vital in set piece, podolski is not on top form and he needs a break, and after that he must play as ST.
    wilshere is simply better than coquelian.

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  20. Wilshere

    The Main Problem we av now is dat some fans still blv in wenger….boycott spuds game people….#arsenal the sinkin ship

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  21. Geons

    Wenger has to change for godsake.Arsenal are losing not because they dont hav good strikers or bad defence.They loose because the way they play.In Fulham game first 2 goals conceded because of TIKI-TAKA between DEFENDERS.I wonder why they does that.Against Liverpool they played 4-4-1-1 and played more direct Football and got fantastic result.Suddenly Wenger changed the winning formation. WHY WHY WHY?
    Only he knows.Can anyone tell me Sagna’s position, RB or RMF?.Thats not Sagna’s mistake.Thats the way they play.
    Why dont they defend as a team?
    Why our defenders play TIKI-TAKA between them? While they does that the opposition players marks the nearest available player and the defender either lose possession or pass back to goal keeper.Why our defenders lob the ball to 6ft 4inch Giroud who is pretty good in air and can tap the ball to his nearest team mate quiet easily.What I am pointing is Arsenal got very good players in the squad,its the way they play gets them to bad results.Arsenal need to change.To play TIKI-TAKA a team of EXCEPTIONAL players needed.Better play mix of tiki-taka and Direct football.I hope they will sort out the problems.Its very much frustrating to see My Team loose in the way they loose.I will be Gooner for Life Whatever the position of Arsenal.Hope other fans will do the same instead of Boo-ing

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  22. RWRW

    Arsenal could field any of the main 11 players, but unless we start playing as a team, nothing will improve.

    This means Wenger needs to spend an entire week with the team and actually work on what we call DEFENDING!!

    The following week we need to spend time on what we call SET PIECES!!

    Its not rocket science but we are making this so difficult for ourselves!!

    mark my words, if we carry on this way Giroud, Cazorla, Sagna< Wilshere, Theo, Verm, Podolski are not going to want to play for Arsenal anymore, and why should they???

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  23. mohamedaziz

    wenger did’nt need to sell our defensive mifld worse is he did’n replacehim trusted arteta for the job no offence for the spaniard,but we actually need somebody infront of our defence and manmark opponents ISTILL SAY THAT THE BOARD SHOULD SACKTHEMSELVES or the fans should boycot the games watchit on tv why spend dearly on tickets to be the boycot of emirates dryup their pockets

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  24. braven

    This team have no passion anymore. They play soulless football. We’re becoming next Liverpool….

    We must act fast before the damage become impossible to recover!!! Wenger needs to change his attitude that will reflected on the tactics use and the players attitude or he may leave. We really appreciate his contribution to the team but no one is more important than the club!!!

    If the board don’t support this then we as fans must react!!! There will be no club without the fans…We have that power tho make changes!!! COYG!!!

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  25. Arsenal_love

    Hi Admin, this post is so wrong. Can’t anyone see that the WHOLE problem lies with the board? Try getting AW to Chelsea and see how long he can still there without trophies. I’m not a AW fan nor am I one of his haters. But it is not clear for everyone to see what the board intentions are to have a non-winning manager for such a long term. If AW is working under a new different board, and then we gauge how good / poor he actually is.

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  26. Gunnerineverylife

    Some people are still waiting for emirates to be paid off…LOL…we will be in relegation zone in 3-4 seasons if we let this continue.

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  27. franses

    we need a some big signing like Henry,like bergkamp,like sol,like pires,like fredy,like lehmann,like kanu,like gilberto and reapet won championsleauge,primier leauge

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  28. leirbag

    Ever since David Dein left, Arsenal has properly been transformed into one of the greatest feeder clubs on the planet. Wengers failure are also clearly seen on the pitch because he doesn’t use his players well.

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  29. David_arsenal for life

    My dear Gunner fans, We need to stand and fight this… some fans are blame the Board not Arsene Wenger because they think board in charge to give money out to buy world class player, i want you people to understand that Arsenal team was change to business team and Board and Arsene Wenger are talking fans as fool, our stadium is higher paid in PL which is 3 higher paid in the world of football.. Fans you are not blame Arsene Wenger why.. why our manager was higher paid in the PL without collecting trophies for 8years and board doe not sack him because they are sharing the money together and talking fans as fool that we are paying them. i want you fans to know that our manager is higher paid in PL while our player is lower paid in PL top 4. Tell me what do you expected from player that collect small wages. fans stand up and fight for our Arsenal back to glory. Gunners for life

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  30. ceejay

    Arsenal fans in the united kingdom re so deluded,boycott matches to show ure all angry abt the way the club is been runned

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  31. ahta

    ya i want to see next hunger to maneger at arsenal. one more think arsen wenger is no good enough to use player and he [wenger] no good enough to control how to win the game.wenger never change player under 70 min.i don’t like anymore wenger r now.arsenal fc need like ferguser m u maneger. u see 11/10/12 aston vila game lose 2-0 to 2-3 how’s ferguser did .r now arsenal fc is like eglish leauge one level .pl change maneger

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  32. Darule

    For people who say lay of AW the board is the one to be blamed needs to realize that AW has been instrumental not just with matter on the pitch but off it as well because he has a degree in economics he feels his input to matter off the field is equally valuable. I would prefer AW to just focus on one role that is being a manager and retaining our best players every season as well as adding in departments where we are lacking. But that is not the case in Arsenal we sell our best players keep the underperforming ones cause they either are hard to sell or AW’s ego plays in because he bought these players he needs to prove to the fans he was right. Was is not AW who was instrumental in letting go of Fabrigas despite the board staying firm, the same can be said about Van Peria and Song. If AW wanted he could have convinced these players to stay but balancing the books is the oder of the day for AW and Arsenal. This team capitulation has similarity with how Monaco fell AW was then the manager there he did get the sack after he got them to a dismal 17th place in the french league. As supporters do we still need to trust this manager to deliver? Or are we all still gonna be ignorant and let the professor continue experiment?

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  33. Dave

    If Arsene gets sacked, this will be perfect for the board. All they need to do is find a new manager and keep on raking in the money. Its not Wenger that needs to go, its Kroenke & Gazidis along with Hill-Wood.

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  34. xilef

    tanx to everyone concern here.iguess we joined arsenal for one reason or d other i joined dis grate club because of our style play of fast pace attacking football n trophy acquisition evry season no defence could stand our prolific attacks d midfield waz superb n d best of defence not for some idiot making money of my arsenal n depriving me of my precious arsenal i c fans leave n make jest of me but i know dat one day ill b on top again pls fix a date for d boycourt ill b there make sure close fan follow suite i want trophies now champions league trophy chelsea fans are killing me

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  35. David_arsenal for life

    Up gunners please listen to this. I am not blame board and Wenger for treating us bad but i will blame the fans that paying big money to watch Arsenal match in emirate, if you don’t pay for ticket for one to two weeks, i swear with my life Board will change to good immediate. i want you to remember that RVP betray us to our rival, RVP said this on twitter, i am still love Arsenal with all my heart and my family but arsenal fans can ask Wenger and board about the meeting i hold with them before Euro competition. I don’t tell me about the ambition of the club and they beg me not to say anything until Euro competition end so that Arsenal fans will buy season ticket by then.. that means Wenger and board know that they will sell RVP but they want our great Arsenal fans to buy ticket before they will sell our best player. Please great Arsenal fans base in UK that paying money to enter stadium, this is time for you to help us fight our glory back.. Gunners for life.

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  36. jason

    1.Kroenke & Gazidis and Hill-Wood out
    2.Dien and the Russian in
    3.Wenger to director of football
    4.New manager
    5.Reinvest the money in players

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  37. ajmills

    AW is a good bloke and has done many good things for Arsenal but he has been struggling for the last few years and things are not improving.
    I feel that the AW and Stevie Bould partnership is a total disaster. I am sorry to say but I feel the time has come for both to move on. They shouldn’t be sacked but simply given other roles at the club.

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  38. Berth

    Wenger is a retarded old man. The team did play well though – attacking wise and that is because Theo started.

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  39. Michael

    AW is geting too fartherly even in situations where he has to get tough on his slopy players, he defends them instead and praise them for showing character after throwing away a two goal cushion. Am afraid we are taking the Liverpool trend. At least for they once in a blue moon capture a league cup or an FA Cup. We need not only players who are ready to sacrifice a little but also a manager who can make them accountable.

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  40. cicero@gunner

    I still insist, stubborn Wenger will never admit failure. Even some fans don’t even care, when you write against the manager here they thumbs you dowm. I posted about us including BERBATOV in the the that saw RVP move to old trafford while BERBATOV move opposite, but some fans without foresight thumbed me down here. They said. He has no pace, he’s sluggish. But with his lack of pace none of our defender could win any possession from BERBATOV. He was instrumental to all the goals against us. BERBATOV is a class and clinical finisher anyday. WENGER, YOUR TIME IS UP. RESIGN HONOURABLY PEP COME IN.

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  41. goonerray

    wenger needs to let go totally of defensive coaching. We have international defenders right across the back and they cannot organise a shag in a whorehouse. zonal marking never works yet he has continued with it for at least 2 seasons which have seen up deteriate at the back with every passing game. Who ever thought lining up along the 6 yard box and let good strong players have a clear run on to the cross when defenders have standing jumps must have bumps in their head. It can only be wengers decision as bould never played that way in the greatest defence the prem has ever had. Why?

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  42. Mo-Gunner

    and how many managers are there available in the market who are hungry to win? i tell you : 1 !!!!!!
    and i also tell you this: YOU WISH!

    mourinho is just wating for sir alex to die and take over and he wont go anywhere else

    you might be thinking about guardiola and he might be a possibility but again YOU WISH!

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  43. Fatboy

    Still wondering why, RVP and Song wanted to go? Next year it will be Sanga and anyone else left with a modicum of talent . No way that Arsene Wenger is going to stand down.

    He has been great and we owe him a lot but he is completely out of his dept in this situation. In the past he has had the fortune to rely on some quality young players who could by their individual skill change matches and provide confidence for the future now the squad cupboard is so bare that there is no way to turn but to do a big U turn on his philosophy and buy costly players.
    This terrible situation with the teams lack of self belief, hunger and pride has been coming for some time and any decent leader would have seen it coming, the lack of investment has obviously sapped the confidence of all who remain, but Wengers arragonance and the boards lack of leadership has made a difficult situation much worse than it should have been . Sad sad sad but what can we do ?????????????

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  44. Angus

    The truth of the matter is that Arsenal are terrible to watch, they have no idea about defending or attacking. Their defence has become a joke since Steve Bould has come in. They are so predictable. I have been watching them since the 1970’s and I have to say that the last few years have been the worst period ever. There is no excitement watcing them struggle against everyone. No game plan, no pride, no idea.
    Sack Wenger and bring back some pride and exciement. Sorry Mr Wenger but you are no longer the manager you were 10 years ago!

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  45. tyno

    I really pity Wenger ’cause he gets even older than Sir Alex. Come on! Something is wrong. Speak up! Speak out Wenger!

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  46. Mo-Gunner

    you gotta be .. kidding me, i would have someone like carlos dounga but or even worse but not benitez -_-

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  47. FF

    What risks are we taking if we replace AW with any manager?
    The only risk is that we may not get a place in the Champions League but what is the point of being in the Champions League if we are crap and always get knocked out. Be honest, does any Arsenal supporter really think that we can win the Champions League with Wenger. I don’t think so!
    Stop feeling sorry for the guy, he has made millions doing a bad job. 8 years with no trophies and still no improvement is not good enough. Get rid of him, admit it, he is crap!

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  48. Chris

    Hold on a sec.
    1) Spend some money – it won’t always work ask Liverpool & QPR fans.
    2) Who do we buy – you have at least 2 clubs who could easily out bid Arsenal at any time – so you you may not get the players you want
    3) Only one team can be champions. – if we fail to make big spending tell we may have a debt problem that big money owners like Chelsea and Man City will not. ManUtd are already big interest payers – spending the money they have is a gamble – is that what we want to take?
    4) Sack Wenger and bring in who ?

    I agree something is wrong at the moment and needs sorting and we do need some signings but lets not kid ourselves that AFC could have enough money to buy as big as Chelsea and ManCity and pay the big money (which at the top levels is not sustainable in any eveny in my view).

    Time to get behind the team

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  49. Zaidovski

    Spot on in every aspect ! Well done !

    I don’t understand why some fans reply with their own essay?
    Write a blog you fools and not a life story reply.
    Arsene has failed after useless youth and over rated garbage like Ramsey, the Ox and others were hyped into legendary status.
    English youth and England’s inability on a national scale to win stuff means fans accept using arsenal as an intubation ground to produce English/welsh talent.

    Sell 14 of our bench warmers starting with Ramsey, the Ox, Jenkinson, Frimpong and RAMSEY!!
    RAMSEY !! You are a twat worth nothing!

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  50. John Odhiambo

    Our fans back in the UK are letting us down. Why would they buy tickets every wknd to watch the shit being being done by wenger? Boycot the matches until the board reacts.

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  51. TKC

    It would hurt even more when Wenger retires than van Persie, Nasri, and Fabregas’s departures combined. He’s been a true legend to the club, and he deserves a statue outside the stadium. Whatever happens, whether he leaves or stays, he’ll always be an Arsenal legend.

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  52. Alfred

    One request, if you are a true arsenal fan by heart, dont go to the stadium to watch arsenal’s matches since it will make our bloody board wealthy..

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  53. Always a gooner

    useless ,senseless , stupid ,iditic admin …if wenger goes will be playing in championship ..with usmanov and wenger we r the epl champions …. so think and post idiot

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  54. Amol

    More than manager’s hunger

    its about board who really supports the manager n the fans

    Can’t u people see the top players ask for better wages

    Yupz wenger has got the money

    but Wht about the salary

    cavani, falcao such world class players will ask salary which is over arsenal wage structure….

    So how should wenger lure them….huh??

    People need to realize the board is fooling people n fans
    by showing there’s funds available to spend
    they’re directing the rage towards wenger

    but unless wage structure doesn’t change
    no top class players will join arsenal

    no matter if money is available

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  55. Uche Edochie

    Best article i have read on this site for a while now. I also want to add that while i also agree that wenger should leave, our problems will persist even with a new manager. Do you know why? Because peter hill wood, ivan gazidis and stan kroenke will still be there. Do you know what is worse than not qualifying for champions league? It is the fact that gazidis and hill wood have publicly stated that not qualitying for champions league is not the end of the world and that they are prepared for it, should it happen. If the people who own and run the club sound and think like this, what makes you think pep guardiola stands a chance even if we manage to sign him up? Guardiola, mourinho, ferguson and manchini all have one thing in common. They were all backed by owners who did whatever they needed to win. So we have got bigger problems besides wenger.

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  56. Nasir

    U r absolutely rite but owners of arsenal cannot get better manager then wenger who is just working to earn them as much they want.our board does not care bout winning and how can a 70 or 80 years old person b an ambitious person .arsenal board is ful of old scums and on top of that they r Jews so their greed is evident that they r happy to earn money rather then winning anything.we need a complete overhaul at our beloved club otherwise the doom and gloom is on it’s way and one more thing there is no chance arsenal will reach champions league for next season.all arsenal fans should boycot arsenal’s home and away’s time to take a decisive actions or arsenal will end up in champio ship

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  57. ERG

    Do you conveniently forget Wenger spending
    11 million on henry
    10 million on wiltord
    10 million on jeffers
    all transfer fees which in the modern day era would almost be treble!!
    I refuse to beleive the problem is Wenger he doesnt sign off transfers or decide our wage seeling ultimatley!
    The buck stops witht he shareholders.
    If alex ferguson was in charge off our current squad to you think we would win the league title???
    Alot of our income spread sheets which look positive are down to us selling our star players.
    Whithout this our finances would look very different.

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  58. LucianKid

    I have already taken action by cancellin my season long tickets.I sick n tired of Arsene..we need a manager like a Harry Rednapp..someone who’s gonna spend the damn money..the players needs fresh ideas

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  59. pekir

    Wenger is happy for Giroud because if he keeps scoring at this rate it will be a good opportunity for him to feed another club next season
    (im joking right)

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    i personaly first blame the board and then wenger he must carry some of the blame.if there is going to be demonstrations everybody must turn up but not enter the ground just for one pecific game and all congregate together at a certain meeting place and sing our hearts out for 90 mins expressing our anger at who we feels responsible for our decline.everybody must participate in or it will be a piontless sure we will then get positive feedback.

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  61. George

    Wenger as the final scout, the bloke who decides our final signings would be ideal. With a manager who has a winning mentality like Guardiola, Redknapp, David Moyes or even Tony Adams would be perfect. We always hear Wenger ‘ Interested ‘ in a player like hazard, mata, lloris and falcao but we never go for them. With a manager that says that these are players we NEED, a scout who knows best for the team and a board who will give funding surely we can get back to winning ways?

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  62. Always a gooner

    shut up idiotic fans who are criticising wenger …..useless craps what do you know abour wenger ……you are some kids who knew nothing about football ………..go and support some other team …we dont want these kind of fans ….yeah we are a mid table team …so what you are going to do …boycott …i feel like laughing …seriously you idiotic fans are fool

    sorry guys …im very sorry for posting like this ….we r an arsenal fan …..we should get behind our team even during hard times ………trophy drought ….dont worry guys everybody has a moment and everything has an end ….so be optimistic if you are a true arsenal fan……anyways once again sorry for yelling at you guys without us no arsenal no emirates

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  63. peter

    wenger should do the right thing is to step down….or step a side and let another manager take arsenal forwards…pls..pls..wenger !!!!

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  64. Arsenal_love

    A lot of the post are talking about replacing AW with another manager.
    1) do you really think our trophy drought will end because of a new manager coming in?
    2) are we able to attract a manager of high calibre?
    3) would the new manager be willing to work in-line with the boards wage structure?

    Think Liverpool, they tried to go for new ideas and new manager, and what have they achieved so far?
    Think QPR, they splash out cash like nobodies business and how much success did they received so far?

    I agrees that we need to change big time

    A) No more zonal markings. If Mer is man-marking Ber in the Fulham game, I really don’t think he will be able to score, or at least score such an easy goal.
    B) AW needs to be more innovative. AFerguson changed his formation accordingly to his opponents during CL games, but yet we tried to play the same style day in day out.
    C) Buying of players that will bring instant impact, (ex: Manu saw the need to bolster and bought RVP), but may not harvest any resell value.

    Are we not in a bad situation now? By not showing support and boycotting games does not make anyone a better fan.
    I stand by Arsenal FC anyday, for it is Arsenal that I care about
    And it is the people high up there that is root of the problems.

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  65. tyno

    Ok, manu didn’t lose because they scored 3; Arsenal didn’t win because they conceded 3, did they score 4? Bunch of crap* #respect#. Lol…

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  66. dude

    Just saw man city come back to win at spuds, that same special feeling when I use to watch arsenal

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  67. Richie

    Wenger is a joke. A joke I say. Arsenal will never be successful under Wenger as long as he sells his best player(s) season in season out.
    Secondly, the additions to the team and the few quality players will always be overworked as a result of mixing Quality with below- average players. You will agree with me that some players shouldn’t be playing as sub for AFC, let alone starting games…I think Wenger shld do a humble thing and just announce his resignation in the metro tomorrow’s mrng.

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