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Arsenal need a striker – Walcott is available!

Lots of the fan comments after yesterday’s win over West Brom mentioned Arsenal’s need for another striker. Gervinho and Giroud both tried hard and did some good things but could have done better. We had to rely on two penalties to win the game but we had enough of the game to have scored a few times from open play.

Giroud, to be fair to him, never got a decent chance, but he cannot seem to fashion his own chances. Gervinho did some great work but seems to freeze at the last minute. Arsene Wenger will probably buy another striker in the January transfer window, but we already have a player who scores goals as well as creating chances in Theo Walcott.

Time is running out fast if Arsenal are to keep Walcott at the club, but rumour has it that they are still unwilling to compromise enough to persuade the striker/winger to stay at the Emirates. Even with his lack of games, he is the top scorer at the club. We have already sold one top striker this year, can we really afford to do it again?

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80 thoughts on “Arsenal need a striker – Walcott is available!

  1. Sharkseven

    Do You Think Wenger Will Play Walcott in the striker position? The Answer is no. giroud is the 1st choice 2nd choice that Mr.Forehaed Jelly Fish leg “Gervinho”..

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  2. KickuPtheArsene

    I cannot fathom the rational behind some of the decisions we make when it comes to players, thier wages, their contracts, and whether it’s worth keeping said player or not. I want to throw up every time I see RVP score for ManUre. He was ours! Now to replace him will cost us much more energy, resources, and overall money to get another player of his calibre. And we had him!
    Now that Walcott is actually performing well (after seasons of growth & development) … We will surely let him go. It’s a shambles and a disgrace. Those in the seats of power and decision making need to take a look at themselves and be ashamed. Just making a profit is NOT success. Only making a profit (while keeping your assets, not selling them) is smart business practice. Anything else is stupidity. Anyone can sell off their most valuable assets, then claim how wealthy they are. It doesn’t mean they are successful some of us fans see through you Gazidis. We aren’t all suckers. You are a disgrace.

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  3. leo

    theo is leaving blame it on the board but what we really need is llorente while huntelaar deal is done for 4m

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  4. leo

    theo is definetly leaving lfc looking likely destination but we need to move on zaha/adrain lopez + lius gustavo or someone else will do it coyg theo wants 100 week board sticking to 75 no breakthrough

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  5. jhbgunner

    The only thing that upsets me is that when we sell a striker for 24+ million we don’t by another for 24+ million. Wouldn’t be a problem if we lost our top players if we just replaced them instead of hoping someone else steps up as has been luckily happening every season.but we were promised transfers soon so I will wait till then supporting my club with my all

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  6. true goon

    We do need to re-sign Walcott,but please lets not pretend he’s the answer to our striker problems.We need new blood a world class striker is definitely a priority whether he signs or not.

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  7. Pete85

    Huntelaar is a done deal and theo is defo gone , let’s just see by the end off jan how FULL OF SHIT LEO is !!!!

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  8. GDL

    Falcao cheap option Remy any would do great n a def mid Fellaini or diame his been great n cheap

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  9. Sank

    Now when walcott leaves and may be sagna we need not worry as we have sold all our star players.

    and other players have atleast 3 yrs on theis contract.

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  10. mr lean

    please mr wenger tune into sky sports 1 now,the answer to our goalscorer problem is there – FALCAO

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  11. vyash

    i will pray for wallcot to stay

    but if he go,we must bring Chirstian Eriksen or isco

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  12. leo

    Van persie still on the pitch at Etihad Stadium – searching for all the coins that got thrown lol love this one

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  13. mr lean

    hope we all donate some coins to rvp when he visits with his charity cases next year

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  14. leo

    Some bits of good news from Walcott’s camp about a possible compromise for the player to pen a new deal. Winter move out of it Walcott & his representatives & Arsenal are all looking to reach a compromise. Theo not desperate for a move Theo wants improved terms.He’s not looking to walk out on Arsenal.Arsenal doing all possible to get the fans back supporting the team. Theo will be a draw back.Gazidis & the board not willing to repeat ‘RVP’ all over again.Arsenal have upped their offer to 80-85 there is still hope & arsenal won’t sign diame out for 3 months

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  15. usmaNOW

    Thats the bottom line with the board. If they can afford to pay Gazidik £2.5m salary package than bloody well Pay the man b4 Fergie steps in!!!

    With RVP we would have been challenging for trophies on all front this year!
    Will they ever learn?

    KGB (Kronke Gazidik Board) OUT!

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  16. stan

    theo is not goods. Agents are trying to make some money. He must go. We must clear out all these wise guys once and for all. Sagna should also go. Prof wil buy class this january. Klaas,, rb. We will win the champions league this year.hope he rots on a bench

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  17. mr lean

    @leo,sounds positive about theo hope he stay and with the legend th14 back who better to coach him in a strikers role

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  18. mo 2

    Good riddance over hyped purely becuase he is English, average at best no footballing brain at all. Dnt give these rubbish stats most are in capital one cup against lower league teams. so called fans who go to games and complain ur just unbelievable u want to be heard STOP GOING TO GAMES if hundreds did that id like to c the board or Wenger not stand up and Finally take notice.

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  19. Doc

    I cant see why Theo didnt get half the opportunity as Gervihno up front. BAFFLES ME BIG TIME. I feel Huntaleer is coming and Theo is going, but wouldnt Podolski, Girourd, Huntaleer, Walcott and Gervihno of been a good combination of a strike force to play 442 or 4312. Aerial power, speed and finishing. What on earth is wrong at Arsenal. Top scorer is not allowed to play up front.

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  20. Salman

    diame out for 12 weeks.. seems to me like a tactic for other teams not to meet his release clause..dont think arsenal would sign him.. hoping for gustavo to be the prime target now..

    as far as walcott is concerned, i have this gut feeling that he wont sign.. there was this report which stated that walcott will only concentrate on football and let his agent handle his contract situation.. if he had loyalty towards the club i think he would have made it very clear to his agent that arsenal is the club he wants to play for and that its not about the money.. well whatever happens we already have the perfect replacement for him in santi cazorla! with wilshere playing in the hole position behind the striker.. arteta coming back to his original position as the deep lying play maker and gustavo as holding midfielder

    if the reports are true about huntelaar and we see the lights of him playing in arsenal colours come january, arsenal would be one of the most feared teams in europe like we were before! would love to draw barcelona in cl then and watch them shiver when they enter the emirates

    but for the time being, im enjoying joel campbell harass the barcelona defence

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  21. Bob

    We have already lost last years topscorer RVP (the rapist)

    Now Walcot is on his way out. @theo – Sign out theo, you are rubbish!

    We want BA and HUNTELAAR in!

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  22. mo 2

    # th14, y becuase I’m not like the ‘standard fan’ ‘in Wenger we trust’ lol, arsenal players the reality is this they are the biggest bunch of wimps in the league, no heart,passion,, no bottle simple as. Average bar a couple of expections in jack and Cazorla. Football is a results business just go ask the Ex chelsea manager remember wat he won last season even if it were not deserved, The fact that a manager is in his job becuase of past glories and that he is business minded making the club money is a joke. Carry on being enthusiastic and delusional maybe in 2020 arsenal might just win a trophy,lol, Financial fair play oh that’s the new excuse,Lol

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  23. mo 2

    @ young gold gunner, gervinho is rubbish end of but Theo ain’t far behind him, Giroud ain’t bad he just doesn’t get the service from the wings is play podolski up front purely becuase he would add more pace. I dnt know y Carlos vela was never given the chance baffles me that as a second striker to Giroud would have suited him he was clinical wen he played

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  24. Cruz

    Christmas wish list:
    GK: Vorm or Butland
    DF: Chiellini
    MF: Fellaini. Götze.
    FW: Cavani
    Obviously we have to get rid of the usual suspect but that’s a given & have been for a while -.-
    It won’t happen though.. 🙂 But i’d be happy just to see a Huntelaar along with a DMF like Biglia etc

    Time to spend some of all that mula that’s burning through their pockets! 🙂

    Marry Xmas You Gooners!

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  25. David

    Playing well at the moment, bu still too much time on the physios bench, he’ll never be a centre forward with a shawcRoss or Terry bearing down on him. Sagna leaving worries me more with only Jenkinson as backup.

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  26. ERG

    Walcotts not leaving in january he will block any move the board make to sell him and leave on a bosman in the summer!
    I bloody would! and wait for the fat contract offers from man city chelsea and maybe man utd to come in.
    Sagna will be sold in the summmer.
    Diame!!!?? another average prem player.
    Gustavo!?? havnt seen enough off him to pass judgement he looked ok in the champions league!
    Id break the bank for Edison Cavani his wages wouldant be an issue either aslong as know other teeam was after him.
    We need some more grit in midfield aswell id play Frimpong tell him to batter the opposition and give it simple.

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  27. mr lean

    the next transfer window is not just about who comes in but just as important who leaves,deadwood only i interested to see who the captain is on tuesday and who the center backs are

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  28. Seriousgunner

    I’ll be more gutted if Walcott leaves or sold shud I say, than all latest tranfers, I’m praying we offload ass shaven we could have top starting 11 player for his salary. Would it be strange to see Thomas v as a defensive mid, if we bought another dc, I think huntelaar is the same as giroud created his own chances, Adrain and jovetic star buys

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  29. Sank

    campbell had good 1st half agst barca, call him back. got substituted

    Time to sleep…

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  30. leo

    @mr lean yeah dude agreed we need th14 heard arsenal are trying to get him till may end + zaha & a cdm in jan & probably in summer adrian lopez/holtby for free would be great

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  31. leo

    Arsenal are ready to make a bid for Marouane Fellaini in January.Arsenal board have given the green light. Wenger biggest transfer window acc to certain arsenal sources still he is one of the target’s along with luis gustavo & denisov of zenit but wenger prefers fellaini will have to wait & see

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  32. Doc

    Yeah I agree with you Erg, Walcott and the board have one thing in mind MONEY. Cavani would be great but we wont buy him but il accept Huntaleer.

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  33. Terry Norman

    As I said on another post if, as people on here claim, a deal has been done, then explain to me why it hasn’t been officially announced by either the clubs involved, the player or the players agent?
    What benefit is there to keeping a “done deal” quiet?

    As far as Woollcott is concerned all I’d say is this.
    If we’re talking about the Woollcott who played against the spuds, give him what he wants.
    If we’re talking about the Woollcott who played against Swansea then, taxi for Mr Woolcott.
    Personally I think it’s pretty certain he’s going. Both he and Wenger, the boards mouthpiece, have come out recently trying to lay the blame on the other. I think they have both done this so the fans think it’s the others fault that ie he was sold, only my opinion though.

    Always remember this when it comes to transfer rumours.
    It is well documented that both Wenger and the board encourage rumours concerning both transfers and ‘war chests’ i.e to keep both season ticket sales up and fans interested.
    It’s because of this I’m Mr Cynical concerning signings etc.

    Well said mate.

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  34. Doc

    Hope your right on Fellani we need a BIG BUY to lift the club and he would be perfect along with the Hunter and Zaha

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  35. Doc

    Fellani, Wanyama, Huntaleer and Zaha and line up a few defenders for the future

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  36. Terry Norman

    If we buy Fellani that will make my Christmas! I said it before the start of the season we should buy him, I had a few doubters I don’t think i have many now. He took on united almost single handed and won. At times the guy is unplayable.
    Forget everyone else, concentrate on getting his signature, that would do me for starters.

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  37. haywill

    give chamakh a chance. he played amazing against reading! that boy deserves a second chance.

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  38. leo

    @terry norman dude regarding huntelaar’s announcement i think both the clubs are announcing it because schalke right now are struggling in bundesliga huntelaar has been mainly crticised he has only managed 5 goals in 15 games + the fans there like here are booing there teams week in & week out maybe they are trying to kee it qiuet even podolski deal wasn’t announced till summer despite it bien wrapped up a long ago still we ay have to wait & see

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  39. Richard

    Of course we can sell Theo as once again we are successful the “Silent Stan” way by not winning but being profitable

    Its the “P” word which I think describes him accuratly

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  40. Big Gun

    If Fellaini gets signed I will run down my street butt naked. All we need then is a top quality striker – Cavani would be great. Falcao will never come to Arsenal but its a nice thought. Whoever we get as striker, he must be pacy with skill AND NOT LAZY. I really hope the board do not let us down again in Jan. And for Pete’s sake DONT SELL ANYONE. We need re-inforcements, not replacements. Zaha would also be great, otherwise Adam Le Lana for LW.

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  41. FHibell88

    How can we afford to let Theo leave in the club at all??? He was bought as a striker, however Wengers reluctance to play him as an out and out forward is beyond belief a there is not a centre half in the world that could deal with Theo’s pace. Look at what Henry did to Centre Halves back in his prime, Walcott has the potential (this potential seems to be surfacing to reality now) to be as deadly and prolific.
    Wenger is looking for a striker that will be able to cut it in the Premier League and I’m sure he would like to get one over his rivals in the league and continent, we won’t be signing any major players such as Falcao however keeping Walcott at Arsenal will show our intent to push on as the likes of City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barca, Madrid all want Walcott at their club as they know it is an asset they dont have at the moment with his electrifying pace.

    Wenger cannot afford to let Theo go at any cost, Get rid of the deadwood at the club Chamak, Squillaci, Arshavin, Park, Bendtner etc and pay higher wages in order to keep the best players at the club. What is an extra £20k a week gonna do to the club. Nothing. He is as valuable as Podolski and Cazorla so pay him the same. Home Grown players don’t come cheap as we all know I would prefer a team full of English players as they show more passion then the foreign imports but that’s just me.

    Without Walcott we lack pace and a natural finisher. Wenger sort it out!!!!!!

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  42. clarks

    I can’t help but think that a lot of people on here are absolutely clueless.
    You slate Walcott time after time, it’s rediculous.
    This season he’s our top scorer, i believe he’s also up there with assists. Take in to account he’s young and still improving. Wenger himself has said Theo is getting better. Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool still all want to sign him. Yet people still don’t see his quality and would rather pin our hopes or signing a player who doesn’t know the premier league. It’s just incredible.

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  43. Nick from Portugal

    Nobody has the first idea whether he is going or staying. As McLintock said on TS today, Arsenal are opaque in their business dealings. The boy is a game changer, they would be mad to sell him on the basis of a million a year, stupid, senseless from an economic point of view never mind the football…but who knows what has gone on behind the scenes, they moved Song very quickly, nobody knows why and don’t spin the line about Diaby because when he does play he is not a defensive midfielder. Wenger appears to make no exceptions where salary is concerned but could someone tell me how Podolski justifies his salary as the highest paid in the squad? Not on what I have seen.

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  44. ks-gunner

    Being taked for a ride from a dude like walcott is emberessing man…….he should appreciate Arsenal as a club his demandings are underserved and bullshit …sell him

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  45. Terry Norman

    I’m with you 100% mate on Zaha, my view is simple. Doing it in the championship is totally different to the premiership. But that’s how I feel about a lot of players that are mentioned and why i’d love to sign Fellani, he’s proven premiership quality.

    Been a bit hard to see Woolcott quality cos, more often than not, he’s gone missing. At the moment he’s played some good games eg spuds but then goes missing again eg Swansea.
    But what we can’t afford to do is weaken our squad any further. If you ask me,straight Woolcott or Zaha I’d opt for Woolcott.

    Although I hope your right concerning Hunteelar, but 5 goals in 15 games isn’t what we need. When he played against us I thought he was better than that.

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  46. Dan

    Sorry, but watching Carlton Cole work his arse off against a solid Liverpool defence shows how immobile Giroud really is. I don’t think Gervinho has to be mentioned anymore really, but Wenger is too stubborn to realise he got it wrong yet again.

    Just buy Huntelaar for £5 mil in January. Walcott’s already made his decision because he’s clearly fed up with Wenger for not playing him centrally. The guy isn’t worth what he wants anyway, this Zaha looks like he already has more about him than Walcott does and he’s 3 years younger.

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  47. ripple

    None of us really know about Walcott staying or leaving. That said, Arsenal are not an elite team now WITH Walcott. Regardless of him leaving or staying, Arsenal need some serious January help. The Walcott situation just helps determine which positions become priorities.

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  48. Uche Edochie

    As a business man myself, i look at the way arsenal under pays its top players while over paying its deadwood and boldly claiming to be astute business men and i shudder. Walcot is only 23. It may have taken him a few years to finally come around but he is doing very well. He is our most prolific goal scorer and offensive playmaker even as some people argue that he has no football brain. You see, when you do not value your players and you make a show out of humiliating them like wenger has humiliated walcot, they will all leave. They may kiss the badge now but as soon as a better opportunity presents itself, they will grab it with both arms and legs.

    If you watched the westbrom game, it is clear that while we clearly outplayed them, we would have drawn that game if not for penalties. Does any of you think that if walcot was in that game, he would have blown all the chances that gervinho, podolski and santi blew? Wenger will play any arsenal player upfront except for the man who has been grabbing the most goals. And somehow, he thinks that this will make walcot change his mind and accept whatever peanuts he is being offered? When Rooney threatened to leave united, Fergie and co swallowed their pride and made him an offer he could not refuse. That is how you treat your best players if you actually value them. Did you guys see the two goals that Rooney scored against city? That is why they pay him the big bucks. It is players like that who make the difference jus like Theo makes the difference for us.

    Theo is a proven epl player who has scored close to fifteen goals or more in all competitions inspite of his injuries and starting most games as a substitute. Wilfred zaha is an unproven championship player who has scored four or five goals while playing regularly and you guys think that he is the perfect replacement for walcot? Havent we learned anything? How well is Giroud replacing Rvp? And we want to sell yet another top player with arsenal DNA who has served the club for six years and has fully digested playing the game the arsenal way? What did barca learn when they gave away samuel eto and paid an obscene amount of money for an ibrahimovic who did not fit into their system? In football, one plus one is never two. If a player fits into a particular team, he is not guaranteed to fit into any other team. I think that wilfred zaha will be a good one for the future just like chamberlain. But to buy him as a replacement for walcot is just madness.

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    is sad that Theo will leave im almost %100 sure of it…all these years of injuries and inconsistency from him and now that he’s playing good, the greedy bastards from the board cant give him a pay raise…most likely he’ll go to Liverpool because he grew up a LFC fan…only a miracle could make Theo stay, i really like him even though he’s not technically gifted but his speed is crazy and thats whatmakes him so dangerous

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  50. Hafiz Rahman

    Let Walcott leave…there are heaps for replacements….he has a poor ball control…and no direction at all…

    Wondering if u guys watch Ox plays???

    big difference between a younger ox and walcott…

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  51. g00ner4lyf

    Genuinely amazed at some of the leniency shown toward Walcott by Arsenal fans. If he doesn’t want to accept the very reasonable offer i imagine Wenger gave him, then quite frankly i don’t want him to stay either. He should be killing himself to try and stay at this club.

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  52. pat rice

    Xmas wish list:
    Dear wenger and the money hungry board
    We would like players in and arround this calibre

    Mid: eriksen – gotze – wanyama – fellani – Isco – honda
    Attack : falcoa – adrian lopez – jose callejon – pato – muller – lewdowski – m.gomez – zarate

    There’s a few players we would like why? Because like we know has any team won trophys without world class players I see the arsenal fans on this page and were sick of allways coming up short 2nd is like winning the league for the board we have been given the same excuse since we moved to the emirates stadium we have let players like fabregas,song, hleb,adebayor clichy,toure,nasri,rvp leave and haavent even thought of replacing them it hurts me but arsenal fans have been voiceless and arsenal fc’s loss’s are making us heard that’s why I’m glad its taken these loss’s for us to be heard many of us have followed this club as far back as we can remember and I remember being a winner from are might defence we have gone to small fragile defenders wing back’s that can’t cross or defend wingers who want to be strikers and strikers who can’t score and midfielders who have forgot the arsenal who was the best team once in the world in the passing game I don’t want to say no more thinking of all this I’m upset

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  53. S.H

    BIG difference between Walcott available and Walcott actually being able to fill the role. If we’re serious about winning anything, Walcott should be sold. He is so unreliable. I want a player that has confidence in his own abilities, not some kid who hasn’t improved in 8 years! Same trick for nearly a decade, that is too run run run like a dumb dog!

    After watching the Mancs play last night, it’s obvious that Arsenal are so far behind in terms of overall player quality and depth. Why are we still waiting on players like Walcott when there are a plethora of available players to buy that are 3 times more skillful? If we want to get serious about winning, we need to really knuckle down on the weak links of the team, or simply get rid of them. I find it funny how people are screaming for change at Arsenal, but they keep on wanting to keep the same old shitty players like Walcott and Ramsey, waiting for them to improve. Get over it already, because our club is suffering from such hopelessness! Technically, this is one of the weakest ARsenal outfits I’ve ever seen!

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  54. Hafiz Rahman

    @ pat rice

    with that kind of signings arsenal will never meet the quota allowed of home grown and English players….

    its better u stick to your Fifa 2013…

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  55. S.H


    This site loves Walcott because they regard him as the great English hope! Yes, I’m now pissing myself laughing! I’m advising Wenger to piss him off, get a real winger, then we will see the difference in quality. Walcott fans will quickly forget him 3 months after he’s left when they see a true quality winger play. We are Arsenal. Hyped second rated players can all head through the exit door, if not I’m always willing to offer a helping hand to throw them out!

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  56. Hafiz Rahman

    @ S.H

    Well said… just wondering if they do watch the games..

    just watch the way Ox plays and anyone can tell the big difference in them….

    the only position that suits well for Walcott is by playing Centre Forward

    but then again….he has poor ball control and can only run straight…

    though his finishing has improve a little…but its still not good enough…

    Guess Wenger could have seen it everyday in training…if Walcott is that good and can guarantee goals…he would have been thrown into the Centre Forward role long ago….

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  57. Rasta

    Podolski is highes goal scorer because he is a german international with over 100 caps and is 27. And he is a lethal goalscorer. Sucks he’s been wasted on the wings.

    Theo can go. With or without him the team is struggling. So why bother. he isn’t adding any improvements from last year. And as for being a game changer bar the reading game what game has he changed? Think about it. Why are you building this guy up to be something he isn’t. Against everton and Swansea he was ineffective. We watched those games.

    If Theo wants 100k he has to score every game. thats the way it is at arsenal. there is a wage structure. It isn’t changing. not for you or wenger. its been there for years. i do agree Gervinho is useless as a striker but i like what i saw from him yesterday. a new striker is needed.

    The prospect of a midfield of Wilshere carzola and Rosicky is attractive tho.

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  58. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Rasta

    Totally..Pod should play striker

    Pod and Giroud as strikers, we still need one more…either sign another speedy one or promote rising Akromp

    Gervinho is more suitable on the left but he has to work hard on his passing and finishing to contribute more on the assist and scoring duties….

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  59. Ricardo

    Such Arsenal talent on display last night in the biggest game of the season so far, the game which could possibly turn the season around. I mean , did you see RVP’s goal !!!! Nasri was excellent , Glichy was quick and Kolo Toure put in a good shift. o’wait … damn, they dont play for us anymore………… they are now at teams which challenge for silverware and they are getting paid proper money…. good bye Theo , good bye Sagna.

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  60. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Ricardo

    Arsenal old boys reunion…

    Wenger helps Fergie solved his goals scoring and 20 title problem…with RVP

    Last season and before Wenger Helps City solved their defence, Midfield and scoring problems…with Glichey, Toure, Nazri and former Blues Adebayor… Silva was a target and almost joined Arsenal similar situation with Mata…due to enormours amount of money offered…

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  61. ricardo

    Gervinho makes Marouanne Chamakh look like Marco Van Basten
    Sounds like a footballer – except he can’t control a ball, can’t pass a ball, can’t run with a ball and can’t shoot. What a crap (I can’t even call him a player). Seriously Igor Stepanovs was a better player for Arsenal. We would be a better team if we resigned Senderos and player him up front instead of that plank

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  62. Big Gun

    S.H and Hafiz, have no idea what you are smoking. Everytime Walcott gets the ball, he has one idea in mind and that is the goals (not like most of our other players who fanny about around the box and never actually shoot!). He is very direct and his skills have improved since two seasons ago. How many other wingers get past defenders on a regular basis? Do you see Bale dribbling the whole team to score goals every game? No. Next to Wilshere and sometimes Cazorla, he is the the only player that drives forward and gives us a sense of urgency. When he passes that defender, it normally leads to a goal. Even Messi himself said that Walcott is a dangerous player. Are you going to believe the greatest player in the world, or a comment from a has been two years ago? (Hoddle)

    We need to keep Walcott, he is more of an asset than anything else.

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  63. Benji

    Caz, giro, ox

    Why don’t we try this formation that way you have giroud winning the arial battles and lots of pace and skill playing off of him??!?

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