Arsenal need big name signings says Wenger

Arsene Wenger has been bemoaning the fact that the Arsenal fans will not accept players coming in to the club if they are not proven with other teams, although there are players out there who can do great things if you only take a chance on them. Using the example of Michu, who has done brilliantly for Swansea City this season, Wenger thinks that the Gooners would not have accepted him because of his price and reputation.

“He was a guy who disappeared a little bit. He was at clubs where he bombed out and so you always think `OK he doesn’t make it there so why should he make it here?` But he has done extremely well.

“It’s very difficult because the expectation is very high. People want to see Lionel Messi. They don’t want to see a promising guy.

“First of all the name gives hope. When a guy has no name, people are already sceptical, so it’s much more difficult for us.”

I can sympathise with Wenger a bit about this, because he has brought some good players in who were not well known, and some of the bigger names and more expensive players have not worked. I don’t think that Wenger is that concerned with big names, however. He has the security to pick whoever he wants, he just hasn’t got the money to sign the big name players that Arsenal fans really want.

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  1. For what it's worth

    Don’t want Villa – pretty much says it all re youth policy! Maradona was fantastic but we wouldn’t bloody have him now either

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