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Arsenal need big name signings says Wenger

Arsene Wenger has been bemoaning the fact that the Arsenal fans will not accept players coming in to the club if they are not proven with other teams, although there are players out there who can do great things if you only take a chance on them. Using the example of Michu, who has done brilliantly for Swansea City this season, Wenger thinks that the Gooners would not have accepted him because of his price and reputation.

“He was a guy who disappeared a little bit. He was at clubs where he bombed out and so you always think `OK he doesn’t make it there so why should he make it here?` But he has done extremely well.

“It’s very difficult because the expectation is very high. People want to see Lionel Messi. They don’t want to see a promising guy.

“First of all the name gives hope. When a guy has no name, people are already sceptical, so it’s much more difficult for us.”

I can sympathise with Wenger a bit about this, because he has brought some good players in who were not well known, and some of the bigger names and more expensive players have not worked. I don’t think that Wenger is that concerned with big names, however. He has the security to pick whoever he wants, he just hasn’t got the money to sign the big name players that Arsenal fans really want.

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99 thoughts on “Arsenal need big name signings says Wenger

  1. VM

    M’Villa, Huntelaar or Benzema are not big name signings! We just need to end the trophy drought with better signings than youngsters! That’s all Wenger. That’s all!

    And yeah, Sell the deadwood!

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  2. Greg

    Yes its true wenger haven’t us gunners suffer enough? So get us the quality players we deserve cavani d villa isco mbiwa mvilla!were tired of mediocre signings we want trophies!

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  3. Gunners

    I don’t mind if wenger buys young promisibg players for the future but he also needs to think about the present. Just buy villa zaha and m villa and we are done this transfer window

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  4. mala

    Arsenal fans know our club will never fork out big money to sign big names, we just don’t want any potential deadwood! And we need players who can help the team now, not players who will need time to develope.
    Wenger, pls don’t use this excuse not to sign any players!

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  5. leo

    indeed we do hope barca accepts the david villa bid + good to know wenger’s interest in holtby can’t let spuds have him we can sign him for free in summer

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  6. lawrence

    proven players is what we want at arsenal but its very clear that we dont spend on big names so this sounds like a promise that will never mature.we only need trophies.

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  7. leo

    Zenit & QPR are in advanced talks with representatives of Yann M’Vila hope we get kevin strootman would prefer him over m’vila

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  8. SlengTeng

    He didn’t say Arsenal need big name signings? He said some fans always expect big name/big money signings, not giving a chance to developing players

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  9. Alex

    We talk about having a war chest of over 100 mil. So why not spend it all. We need both cavani and falcao because Walcott is not a striker and giroud does not suit our style. These 2 signings will be expensive but think about how much it will lift the team and merchandise sales will go through the roof. I would also like to see isco bring frimpong back to play cdm and a new rb and lb

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  10. Clive Belcher

    Forget strikers and mid fielders, a right back and left back is what we need Sagna has to be the worst right back we have had he cant cross or pass a ball only backwards as for Gibbs well he cant mark a man he was at fault with 2 of the goals Vemellon is far better than him at left back.When Mertaseker is fit with kiosheny in middle then we can be stronger Shaw the left back of Southamton was outstanding there the ones we want Sagna and Gibbs would not be good enough for premior league if they were to be sold Ribbery and Roben will kill them mark my words CB

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  11. GDL

    big names huh bring Falcao he wants champions league n a cdm m’vila oe sissocko or capoue anu will do n a lb armero his a beast

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  12. Angazi

    wenger is begining to psych the fans. this is another excuse he want to use for not buying players during this transfer window. He has done it over and again for years but he can’t deceive us again.

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  13. Kayboy

    Mr wenger, i disagree with you. the fans played their part by believing in you,but u refused to play ur part by selling ur best players in the past 7 yrs. van persie,song,fabregas,hleb,flamini,nasri,clichy et al,non of these players entered arsenal with great names. but u didnt care about the faith of the fans in ur project, and u just dispose them all to fill the pockets of the board and magt,which u are part of.sincerely, i havent seen someone who can convince me that you dont knw how ur key players departed from the club. with the kind of influence u have in arsenal,no player can leave the team without you giving a nod to it. yet they left,probably u have your own commission on each player you sell.wenger, the fans believed in your policy in the past,but you have lost their faith in you to your selfishness and greediness. but as it is now,the fans crave for trophies and the best way to get that is to sign established players that will guarantee us trophies within 1 or 2 yrs.keep ur youth policies for now

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  14. Matt C

    Wenger will only get two players this window. Walcott and Diaby who are “like new signings”

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  15. Darren

    I prefer Arsenal sign Alen Halilovic from d.zagreb, he’s similiar like messi

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  16. Allan Michaud

    I am VERY disappointed to read this. We have only Giroud and maybe Walcott as recognised strikers. Chamakh has clearly failed and most teams have at least 3 dedicated striking options. WTF? What about Ba, 1.5 seasons of continuous scoring in 50% of his games, so good premiership experience and apparently not a one season wonder… and only 7.5m. Seriously he had to be the ideal buy, I think most discerning fans would have been very happy. We VERY CLEARLY need (as a minimum) a GOOD striker, a defensive midfielder and a left back. Hopefully we can be rid of the mounting dead wood in the squad. We have far too many players earning serious money who are simply not good enough. Chamakh, Sqid, Arsharvin, Djourou, Santos and sadly for me, unless he’s employed on a pay as you play contract, Diaby should be sold too. Gervinho also needs to step it up as does Ramsey but for now they can still be useful squad players.

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  17. Shawnzn

    Wenger, you say you only look for ‘exceptional players’in the market,please tell me whats ‘exceptional’ about your recent buys (barring Carzola)… the reason we are ‘sceptical’ is because you have bought unknown players recently who are crap… more excuses not to buy…its so sad to see what is happening to our beloved club… 🙁

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  18. Obinna

    I think after selling clichy, song, fab, rvp etc, wenger is kinda scared he might lose walcot thats y hes trying hard for him to sign a new contract. Come to think of it…but to be frank is a player now bigger than the club? Hes not even good enough. Sell him off and bring better players like hoilet, ben arfa, or sinclair (who is apparently rotting in d bench for city). He’ll end up regretting it like hleb and flamini

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  19. BADMUS

    Arsen Wenger stop deceiving us with all your hopeless players anymore buy the right player at the right time. We need trophy to end this trophy less drought.

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  20. Simon Kinywa

    Have you really observed that if we were to buy quality players like a LB, DM (like M’villa or Strootman),Attacking like ISCO, and winger such as Zaha we will not necessarily need a striker.

    If we keep our defence solid and our midfield walcott and Giroud can perform proper striking roles. If the funds can only buy only three players then I would go for a LB, DM, intelligent winger who is also a finisher the way C.Ronaldo is.

    If the funds are enough then I would add D.villa to the list.

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  21. mean

    Wenger is the reason for our dip in form , he lacks mental toughness , so does his players ,
    the kind of pathetic excuses he gives shows the reason
    for our lack of trophies , he is so obsessed with promising players . That he has over 10 crap players on high salaries and no one wants to buy them.

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  22. Fletch


    As an avid Wenger supporter, if at least two purchases are not made this window, I’ll be on the Wenger/Gazidis and especially Kroenke out bandwagon.

    This really is becoming farcical, the club is on the decline, save it before it’s too late!

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  23. faz

    i dont think our team is in poor form because of player. we have a lot of world class players but poor in tactical. Every matches he still use the same formation with having any concern of opponent’s strategy. WHY WENGER??? PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO OUR TEAM’s STRATEGY. CHANGE THE FORMATION OR WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO AS LONG OUR PLAYERS ARE NOT STATIC WITHOUT DIRECTION ON FIELD.

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  24. Rishab

    Buy DAVID VILLA! NANI! M’VILA . And dont let walcott go. And sell the deadwood

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  25. cicero@gunner

    I have said it over and over again. Our main problem is Wenger, the board should get little blame though. Wenger is too stubborn and will never change his policy. Who is he fooling? He always beg the fans to be patient with his youth policy only for them to mature and sell to other ambitious club. What is now the reward of being patient with your useless policy? We are tired and if Wenger is not ready to change he should leave for other ambitious coach afterall he’s not even rated high again in his homeland. It Walcott leaves, I will kill Wenger.

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  26. Graham

    @ Kayboy

    Put your dummy back. All those players you named wanted to leave, primarily for money, the sort we could not afford to pay. Fab left for his hometowon club, which was always a dream for him. Song said he left because he couldn’t pass up the chance to play for barca.

    I believe Arsene will sign some players. I think he wants Theo to feel like he is priority above new signings, but it looks like all the attention is getting to the young man’s head and he his leading the club a merry dance.

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  27. Pat Rice

    Wenger says quality players are found in Germany and Spain, well then please stop buying players from French ligue 1,

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  28. Goon-Tah

    Wenger can sign whomever he wants, but he really needs to work on his tactics & flexibility in his approach to games!

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  29. Sir G

    Wenger and his too much rhetorics. I don’t understand all these talks. Chelsea had already hit the ground running. We lost Ba to them, the same way we lost Mata and Hazard. The window will soon wind up and we will be left with nothing again! Good luck!

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  30. tochus holach mo-onion

    i think wenger is the perfect manager he just needs money sell,squillaci,santos,arshavin,chamahk,geviniho. if one person owned arsenal we could have way more money and have a chance to win it next year probably not this year. we want: mvila villa benzema zaha and keep wallcot.

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  31. kokone

    Nasri,Fab,RVP and Song sales can easily spent in buying Mata, Hazard,Vertonghen or Hunterlaar. But Wenger said he just “bought” Diaby and Rosicky. So, don’t blame the gunners fan Mr. Wenger. Get the money and buy proven players and no more wonder kids. Your leisure at Emirates are numbered and Usmanov is watching you.

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  32. **** Set Gunner ****

    This is what i want to see in January:

    Rene Adler: 6 mil
    Luke Shaw: 4 mil
    Stevan Jovetic: 20 mil
    Maroune Fellaini: 15 mil
    CB: 7 mil

    Squillaci: 2
    Djourou: 5 mil
    Chamakh: 5
    Arshavin: 5
    Gervinho: 10
    Santos: 4

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  33. hhay

    Reality is we won’t get anyone. There has been money every year to spend and this year we have even more through sponsorship deals. He won’t spend on big players… To be honest its time for.change of manager. Wenger was a great manager but now can’t compete with the others anymore. At the moment all we how for is 4th place. So sad….

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  34. Gunnerineverylife

    Villa wont be sold in January.He wont force the move because his wife is giving birth.SO ONE DOWN,NEXT PLEASE.

    Fiorentina have nearly signed Rossi so may accept offers for Jovetic.I wonder if Jovetic qualifies as Wenger’s “EXCEPTIONAL” player.

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  35. giddy

    I will be happy if u sell diaby so that not each summer u keep on pining your hopes on him! I will also be happy if u sell chamack, arshavin, bendner and a constellation of non performing players they make one or 2 signings.

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  36. Gooner always

    ISCO, Strootman, Baines, Villa. I would like to see this month.

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  37. haxxxan

    we need big name signings and big proven players because MR WENGER we are tired of waiting for a trophy for 8 years now!!! we dont want unproven players who will take another 8 years to settle in and learn the trade!!!! we cant wait another 8 years!

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  38. Dan

    Chamakh, Gervinho, Santos, Ramsey, Denilson, Bendtner, Park.

    There is a reason why we want you to buy proven names Wenger, because these days you’re useless at picking out the future stars.

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  39. abouadnan

    Guys, could you please stop blaming Wenger for selling RVP. How could you imagine a manager would sell his best players? . It is just like a guy to win a race thus he decides to sell his Ferrari and buy a bicycle. I am pretty sure, it was his decision (the same can be said for Nasri and the other). And by the way, you can never oblige a player to play for you if he does not want and van persie put it clear that he does not want to stay in Arsenal. Thus stop being deluded and blame the board and the guy who negotiate contract. No manager would dig his own grave.

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  40. abel

    Hiw about we go with banners to the next home game and also voice out our discontent! The emirates is too quiet FFS!!! Scream at the top of ur voices and write ur opinions on the banners and that “in arsene we trust” banner should be burnt down!he lies a lot. Wenger is a good football administrator and not a football manager

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  41. globalsafeaus

    I said in the past, that until there will be no half empty stadiums, plummeting merchandise sales, sponsors start questioning value of their money, there will be no change, just more and more BS. Good luck to the fools who are paying the highest ticket prices and getting inferior performance. While MC and MU van grind the 3 points we are drawing against inferior opposition – no disrespect, just reality – and falling more and more behind. Wrong tactics, – 2003 was 10 years ago -, limited skilled players sometimes either too tired or just do not have the skills – quite frankly I do not care – selling whoever is doing a bit better than the average. This MUST CHANGE. But it will not change until the board realises that something is very wrong and revenue start plummeting. Then action will be taken. What it will be? Again I do not care albeit I strongly believe that AW had its time and should go. Actually he should have gone 2 years ago while the nice memories were still there. Nowadays, just BS, frustration, excuses. etc. At least half a dozen team plays BETTER and MORE ENJOYABLE football than Arsenal. Arsenal is so predictable and so easy to go against.

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  42. Jambo

    I agree with parts of what you are saying but you are living in a dream world if you think people will stop going to the Emirites. The BSM protest against Swansea was impressive, still insignificant to the number of fans queuing up for a ticket. We’re not going to sign big name signings, we never have bought ‘galactico’ players, and that will not change soon.

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  43. goonerjay

    I dont go to many games but i watch every match on screen but @abel is right, the stadium atmosphere is dead, it’s like a cinema everyone is quiet and just watch, and thats why we lose leads and cant always play typical arsenal football, we dont cheer our team to the finish line, instead we are all nervous and that reflects on to the players in my opinion and they get nervous and sloppy, of course its not just the fans to blame, the players and manager are most to blame but it would help the players if we got behind the players amd when we are winning by a goal and its last ten minutes, keep cheering!
    But i think its time we had our say! As i said i dont go to many games but we should make banners instead of “in arsene we trust” to “in arsene we rust”, i didnt come up with that but think its excellent! And completely true, if he doesnt get his finger out his arse, we are gonna end up like liverpool, a ‘once was’ team who fight for europa league football!
    I may get lots of dislikes but i think the cliche that fans are the 12th man is true, its like if a team takes the lead and the goaly starts time wasting early in the game then all the other players get nervous and try time waste and get sloopy because their nervous, whats the point of it being a home game and the away fans cheer louder than us, we should make emirates an intimidating place to come to, i dont mean like montpollier with rockets and flares just be A LOT LOUDER! We need to improve everything aboit arsenal, from the board, to players to the fans! We are a club and we all love arsenal so lets show it!
    But i think we do need to get our message across to wenger we want big changes amd show we are fed up whether its banners, chants, or anything to show him WE ARE FED UP!
    I was fine defending us in 2007 thinking of how strong our team was becoming just to see it all break apart and to restart again with worse players and 5 years later, we need change! When do we want it? Now!
    Lol cmon guys lets not stand for this anymore.

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  44. ajama

    i blame wenger!….why has he limited himself to french or french speaking big name?!….cavani,llorente,ibrahamnovich,falcao,higuain,demba cant be flops!….he should just get one of this people atleast!
    i’ll tell you this….there’s no club that has promising talents than arsenal in epl right now…but who wants to motivate them?,who can be the popular figure in the team?,who is the big brand?….there has to be one at least!
    man U-rvp,rooney…mancity-mario,tevez,yaya,silva,aguero….spurs-bale,….
    who in arsenal can be worth 25million in the market?…they are all exceptionally good but they need motivation!
    why do you think even players hail and celebrate some team mates..they are proud of them…they’re proud they play with them!…and they try to improve to be at par with the big boys!…..who do anyone in arsenal team want to see as role model?….they are all at par at an average…there’s no hero in the team yet!Non of them has become a superstar that they can boast of themself!
    when you here evra say rvp is special…he’s proud of him and happy they play together…and he looks up to him to perform miracles when they need one…and he does most of the time!…
    it’ll be deliting to see a big name come to arsenal to motivate these lads…then you’ll see jack,oxlade,gibbs,jenkinson,carzola,theo turn into diamonds!!!

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  45. sabbath matthew

    we dont want big name because you can not spend for them we need to compit with other club stop gambling your feature we need good signing

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  46. gooner from sudan

    I’m sick of this manager taunting the fans like that !

    yes we want messi ! < but the question is will he come to a club under a manager with such lack of ambition like you ?!

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  47. Viennagunner

    Finaly we are the same opinion, Mr. Wenger! Once you said it you have to hold to your word. Otherwise you will loose the last credits you have by your faithful suporters.

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  48. Okey

    If Arsene Wenger really said that, then he is a very big liar. Please enough of this crap and shit. We are sick and tired of this whaco psychist. We know these players RVP, T. Henry, Viera, Petit, Pires, Berkamp, Clichy,Nasiri,Cesc Fab, Overmars were not big names when they were bought.But they were sold by Wenger because he has euphobia for stars and big names,before the season kicked off, Wenger busied himself with the issue of giving Walcolt new contract only to end up selling RVP and Song with no equal replacement. His radar is mostly facing french league where he is on the look out for cheap & up coming players to develope and sell,had his radar tilted towards Spain he could have seen Michu but will he sign him? because that means parting with money and he hates doing that. January is here now he is still talking of Walcot’s contract, already Liverpool has acquired Sturridge, Chelsea – Demba Ba and may be Micah and others will soon join, Lorente is on his way to Juve Wenger & co are battling with Walcot’s contract rather than getting us a quality DM, LB and a double footed STRIKER. let him continue with his monologue of baseless stories.

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  49. caribbean

    I have this feeling that Wenger isnt signing anyone…Arsenal might not mke top 10

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  50. dalinho

    EISFELD looks promising?? F@cking play him then Arsene u C@NT!! Also give cazorla a rest (Rosicky) n play Giroud with Walcott upfront sometimes like when u need to get an early goal against southamton but end up drawing 1-1 and letting spurs take CL n become the new force

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  51. Big Gun

    Wenger, what is the point in trusting you with youngsters when you just end up selling them anyways? Fabregas, Nasri, Song, RvP became big names. They are not with us anymore.

    Arsenal are becoming Liverpool 2.0. We won’t buy big names, firstly because we cannot afford them and their wages, secondly because they don’t want to come to Arsenal. Kroenke has driven this club to mediocrity, no investment, no passion, not a care in the world for Arsenal. He would rather let a snake like Gazidis run the show and give himself a pay rise instead of investing into the squad. What kind of business sells it assets every year and replaces them with inferior quality? Arsenal.

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  52. Nick

    “Big Name” or small… correct me if I’m wrong but we still haven’t signed anyone have we? Stop waffling about and give out serious offers to the players at the top of your list Wenger! Try triggering a release clause for once like Chelsea have done with Ba and are rumored to have done with Turan…weren’t we targeting him? While I whole heartedly agree that big name doesn’t mean success (Torres @ Chelsea) sometimes there are young players who are/will be a big name and you can’t stall out if you are serious about them (Hazard, Reus, Gotze, etc).

    It’s not that simple but in the end if you want a certain player go and sign him.

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  53. dboy

    Bob you say :”I don’t think that Wenger is that concerned with big names, however. He has the security to pick whoever he wants, he just hasn’t got the money to sign the big name players that Arsenal fans really want.”
    Spoken like a true AKB.We Arsenal fans (not Wenger fans) have week in and week out consistently asked Wenger to:
    1. Free up the hefty wage bill and get rid of deadwood.

    2. Make at least three signings a striker; defensive midfielder and a left back. in January

    If Wenger spends about £40m he could get us some decent players that can make a difference. Because of the sympathy that AKB’s give him, the board get’s away with daylight robbery and fill their pockets instead of strengthening the team, like we should!! Stop being sympathetic and let the board know that we will not put up with this garbage. This is Arsenal fc not Walmart.

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  54. craig2500

    We havent asked him to sign Messi but anyone at this point would be nice even Heskey at least it would show he could spend…

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    attention mr wenger!
    you are the reason why we have fallen so far behind the likes of chelsea man c and man u.all you are interested in is basemant buys.even the likes of everton and that lot down the seven sisters road has now overtaken us in league position and player quality.and for your imformation mr wenger nobody has ever asked you to sign messi because we all know it will never happen.
    now is the time to pull a rabbit from the magic hat.

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  56. arshavin

    @dboy exacly the sentiments I wanted to convey,after initial dig at the writer.There are far too many sympathisers for wenger–wenger must do this,wenger must do that,and if wenger does neither it’s the board that that’s bad not wenger.Why for once,we can’t think beyond this french s*c*um who has turned us into garbage and still has the balls to tell us that he should be judged at the end of the milleniium.

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  57. vyash

    arsenal wants strootman(7 goal and 7 assit this season) and the clud wants also arshawin
    this is a big signing

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    every transfer window us fans get told we have ex amount to spend on new players but never happens.
    we do not even spend the full amount that we have come in from player sales..

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  59. RT

    Along with all the other deadwood remove Forehead and Ramsey. I’m sorry but when you can replace like-for-like with quality we don’t even need them as a ‘reserve’.

    We then buy Isco and Holtby IN = £17.5mil (only need to buyout Isco as Malaga are banned from nxt yr CL, Holtby can be free in summer).. There you go 2 for 1 basically.
    Then another ST (hopefully bloody proven this time)

    If we do not do this in Jan then I’m sorry but we can kiss goodbye to the CL spots – then we get less money – then we end up buying more Gervinho’s. W


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  60. james


    all other current arsenal over 21 sold released or put down(diaby). cost lots of money but what a team we have the worlds 5 richest man just itching to inject the money and about 200m in the bank just earning stan the man more money.

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  61. Invincibles nice (1)

    I happen to love the fact that Arsene can and did give us exceptional players who were an unknown quantity before arriving, but i fully understand when some fans want us to buy an already proven talent as the unknown will usually take quite a bit of time before arriving at the level of player we need

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  62. AmericanGooner

    Strootman would be a great signing. Doubt it will happen though. If we could get him and offload Arshavin at the same time, that would be great.

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  63. Nick

    AM: Belhanda or Fellaini
    DM: Strootman or M’Vila
    LB: Baines
    Winger: Zaha or Reus
    Forward: Negredo or Lopez (Not gonna say Cavani or Falcao due to price)

    Youngster/Future Stars: Dries Mertens

    Everton are in money trouble so lets help them out by taking Fellaini & Baines off their hands!

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  64. hallucinations

    Nobody has any clues about Cazorla before the transfer as well. And now he became one of the biggest catch Arsene has ever done.

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  65. love_arsenal

    wenger like to talk a lot.i don’t believe what he say anymore because he talks like a politician. stop talking but go to the pith and play football else get out. you got to bear in mind ‘word without action is dead’.

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  66. Hass

    Why would people want to keep seeing Promising guys, if they become good players, they are sold. Can anyone else name one other top 32 European club that has sold half of its starting lineup since summer 2010?

    Arsenal, Valencia, Porto and Ajax should have been amongst the biggest names in Europe for the last few seasons and now, had they not sold their best players.

    Look at Dortmund, they made a team and are keeping the best players and have won trophies, sold Kagawa and immediately got a replacement in Reus last season.

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  67. Hass

    Above comment forget top 32 European club, has any club sold half its best starting lineup since summer 2010 up until now?

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  68. true goon

    We don’t need promising players the whole squads full of players who look promising,Walcott etc.We need about 3-4 top players who can go into the team right now.

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  69. peterhos

    Have just read that Chamakh has now gone to West Ham on loan. Does anyone else think like i do that this proves that our players are no longer even good enough to sell. No doubt we will still end up paying part of the ridiculous wages of a player we no longer have. Could someone have a guess at the amount of money we are paying for all those out on loan? I’ll take 10% of it as a weekly wage! What a fiasco at the Emirates.

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  70. LoCkAy

    Is Wenger talking to himself?

    I thought he was deluded, but it is something else. Proper schizophrenic paranoia and arrogance delusion with an acute believe that you can win whatever he thinks he can win, with a squad of average players.

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  71. matspanar

    Don’t even try to mentione any big names mr. Wenger….you now become a liar to all fans. Even the youngsters also not keen to come here. Big names….messi, ronaldo, aguero, ozil……hahaha all dreams…..please stop it mr wenger. Just play my lovely team like schoolboys now with so called big talent such as oxi, wilshere and gibbs for another 2,3 years before they migrate to bigger clubs. Good luck mr wenger!!!!!!

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  72. Richard

    Very difficult to sign anyone when AW and tghe board are sitting on their hands.

    Also they have destroyed our reputation so who will want to join us, only the likes of Squillachi or Santos.

    Time to go AW and the board plus Silent Stan who has stiffed us.

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  73. Arsenal1Again

    Have we got a chance to beat Swansea in the Cup? Why is a weaker side being put against a team that blew us away while injury hit???? Especially now they have their players back from injury.

    How convincing is this that we want to end the trophy drought.

    Management skills are where?

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  74. rak199

    This is what wenger should effing do this month:-
    Find a replacement for podolski(one of the most overrated players in the world)
    Buy nani(20 mil) or villa (12-15mil) as a replacement or play oxlade there coz he’s clearly better on the left. Fking sell diaby, what’s the use of keeping a “world-class player” if he never plays and replace him with diame (4 mil-bargain) or m’villa (12-14 mil) and buy luke shaw(5-7 mil) to provide some competition to gibbs. Since chamakh and djourou have already been loaned, we can’t sell them till the summer, so sell arshavin (4 mil), squillacci (2mil), fabianski (2-4mil), diaby (6-8 mil).
    We’d make around 14 mil -6 mil(agent charges + board charges), so that leaves us with 8 mil + 40 mil( transfer budget), so buying nani -20 mil, m’villa -14mil and shaw -7 mil, so that still leaves us with around 6-8mil and we could buy a good center back for the money.

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  75. Eugene Danso

    Get us the right players n stop talking nonsense. U’ve destroyed our club bcos of your love 4 money. U n your employers are a bunch of idiots bent on destroying Arsenal.

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  76. Arsenal1Again

    We don’t need Holtby. Arteta is better. Get M’vila as a DM and that let’s Arteta play where Holtby would. The German international would have little opportunity to play here. Automatic starters = Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla. Podolski cannot be benched since he won’t have it, so that would only ever provide a right wing spot, lol. What would the point of Holtby be ???

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  77. Rasta

    Wow! half the comments here are really from people who i seriously doubt have a working basic IQ.
    i simply do not understand why someone would get so much abuse for saying stuff that every rational human being would say. Its ridiculous. one idiot said “I’m done”. who the hell is forcing you to stay. be done and get out with ur whinny ass. if you canont be constructive then shut the F**k up and keep it moving

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  78. Moses

    I think the main reason why people want to see a “big name” signing so much, is because we keep selling our big name players.

    If you want to remain competitive in a league which has a lot of bigger spenders at the top, you either need to retain your best players, or replace them like for like.

    It’s not that people would have objected to buying a player like Michu at all, but if you’re talking about buying someone like him as a direct replacement for RVP is not a like for like replacement, and when this isn’t the first time your club has sold a big name and not replaced them with adequate quality, you can understand why fans get frustrated and feel it shows a lack of ambition.

    That being said, whether they’re first or last in the league, I still love this club and always will, the thing is they just mean a lot to me and I want the best for them, it’s sad to see the team you love keep taking steps backwards.

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  79. For what it's worth

    Don’t want Villa – pretty much says it all re youth policy! Maradona was fantastic but we wouldn’t bloody have him now either

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