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Arsenal just need to concentrate on our own games

JustArsenal League tableArsenal are sitting pretty in third place in the Premier League with 8 games to go, and now that we have finally got over our losing streak we just need to carry on making sure that we win all of our games and not worry about our opponents, according to our new Number 9 Danny Welbeck, who opened the scoring against Everton yesterday. He made it clear when he said after the game: “The most important thing for us is to worry about ourselves. That is the only thing we can do and not look too much at other team’s results. We need to focus on ourselves and do what we can do.”

We all know that Leicester also won their game at Crystal Palace, but Arsene Wenger also said that we can’t do anything about our opponents, just do our best to win our own games. “I would not consider us out.” Le Prof said. “Mathematically, we have a chance. We also have a game in hand at home. We are not flavour of the week, but if we don’t believe, no one will do it for us. Even if the environment is sceptical, we have to do our best in every single game. We have to be humble and fight in every game like we did today. Then we never know. We need some performances on our side, so let’s focus on that, but some good results from other sides, we cannot help that.”

Personally I think we still have a VERY big target. Despite yesterday’s win we are still 6/1 to win the title, but our arch rivals Tottenham, who have never finished above a Wenger side before, are 7/2 second favourites. We should do our utmost to get past them and maintain Wenger’s record. So let’s forget the other teams and just win every game until we are far above the Spuds and hopefully Leicester too! In fact this may be the perfect time to take advantage of this Bet365 Bonus Code and have a big bet on Arsenal with the bookies own money!

After yesterday’s excellent performance against Everton, I am feeling in confident mood that we can go on a long winning run again. Lets get the Spuds and Leicester looking worriedly over their shoulders, shall we?

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal just need to concentrate on our own games

  1. Arsenal007

    I agree with you 100% that we have to concentrate on our own games. We really don’t have any control over other teams’ games.

    1. WOS

      Have a feeling that arsenal will get 22 points from the remaining 8 matches but the important question will leicester drop 10 points in their remaining 7 games
      Mathematically this could happen as they have very tough matches to come
      So we must concentrate on our matches but leicester must drop pointa as well
      (goal difference will be on our side if we win the coming matches the goal difference is five goals now)

  2. Demwan Jones

    i’m glad we won. We need to win our remaining games if these players have any desire to win the league. Kudos to iwobi and elneny

    1. muda

      @Demwan, looking forward to see both of them (Elneny & Iwobi) play live on friday, when Egypt take my country (Nigeria). I will cheer him up even if he score against us.

  3. damochy

    Am very much convinced LCFC and Spuds will still drop points; all season they both have been consistent and hard to break down and fully deserve to be where they are…but the fact also remains that they have gotten to where they both are right now by not been shackled by the burden of expectations but now things have changed, people expect either of them to win it now and with that comes a lot of pressure and that it si why believe they are both a loss away from panicking…..hopefully it happens soon and then we”ll see what their title ambition is really about…all we need to do is keep picking up our own points to keep the pressure of the chase on them….not going to be easy, but its not impossible, this is hoping the players and Wenger get their heads right, the international break is a blessing, more players coming back after that so its not exactly looking bleak and foregone, its all up to the players and Wenger, they sure have it in them, whether they chose to do so is another thing

    1. Trevor

      Must say I had that palace game ear marked as their first banana slip, but they go and do their wham bam thank you mam then holding steady. I hate the way every side lets lei play their game the way it suits them, but when it is against us, they have rows of defenders and aim for a clean sheet and fast breaks also relying on set piece’s. Really annoying.

      1. Rockylegendliveson

        Yes agree Trevor, I watched that game it was noticeable that Palace never gave it a go. It seems that teams are up to play the bigger sides but quite happy to let Leicester win.

    2. Impenia

      You say “Am very much convinced LCFC and Spuds will still drop points”.

      And you also think our darling Arsenal is immune to dropping more points?

  4. kenyanfan

    juventus want heard it.they want giroud.whats a miracles .someone shout hallelujah..please have him now.

    1. admin Post author

      In this thread, can we talk about the actual topic of the article? The last one got out of hand.
      Talk about the football…….

  5. dboy

    Inconsistency is a big problem in this team. You just don’t know which Arsenal will show up on the day. I’m not holding my breath. In fact I’m looking forward to Arsene stepping down.

    1. G-Rude

      Inconsistency is a problem for every team in this League where anyone can beat anyone on their day. The facts actually tell you that Arsenal are one of the LEAST inconsistent, as only ONE TEAM has won more games than us!
      And that is why i DON’T want Wenger to leave. Be careful what you wish for.

      1. sevenitti

        I don’t know for how long you’ve been an Arsenal fan, but inconsistency has been synonymous with Arsenal for the last 8-10+ years. Even newspapers say it: “There are two things that are for sure in PL: 1) Arsenal fail to deliver when it matters, and 2) Tottenham fails to deliver when it matters.”. Every season for years has been split in two halves: one where we play like we’re going to win the league (or could have), and the other half is where we look like a team already set for relegation.

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Ofcourse Arsenal will concentrate on their own games but also keep a close eye on Leicester and Spurs.
    Arsenal will most certainly pounced on Watford after the international break and take them to the cleaners to make them pay for the sin they committed against Arsenal at the Ems the last time they were there.

    The international break could turnout to be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal as Ozil is ikely not to play for Germany in their friendlies during the international break. But should be fully fit and ready to play for Arsenal in their crunch away match against Silvan Bilic’s stubborn West Ham team. A match the Gunners will compell the Hammers to return all the 3 points they took away from us.

  7. kenyanfan

    i think leister will drop alot of points in the coming weeks..lets look at their fixtures
    Sun 3 Apr Leicester v Southampton 13:30
    Sun 10 Apr Sunderland v Leicester 13:30
    Sun 17 Apr Leicester v West Ham 13:30
    Sun 24 Apr Leicester v Swansea 16:15
    Sun 1 May Man Utd v Leicester 13:30
    Sat 7 May Leicester v Everton 15:00
    ..on paper the only easy game is vz Sunderland though hard too because its a away fixture.
    Tottenham v Bournemouth
    Liverpool v Tottenham
    Tottenham v Man Utd
    Stoke v Tottenham
    Tottenham v West Brom
    Chelsea v Tottenham
    Tottenham v Southampton
    Newcastle v Tottenham
    again difficult fixtures for tots.
    arsenal has the following fixtures
    Arsenal v Watford
    West Ham v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Crystal Palace
    Arsenal v West Brom
    Sunderland v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Norwich
    Man City v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Aston Villa
    man city is the only hard fixture but considering their form we can make a point.
    for me,if we win all our remaining games the tittle is ours bcz i blv that mancity is the only threat(but has a tight schedule in champs league)
    Man City v Man Utd
    Bournemouth v Man City
    Paris St G v Man City
    Man City v West Brom
    Man City v Paris St G
    Chelsea v Man City
    Newcastle v Man City
    Man City v Stoke
    Southampton v Man City
    Man City v Arsenal
    Swansea v Man City

    alternatively they got hard games.
    COYG gunners…the tittle is ours to loose

  8. xan

    Gabriel was my MOTM yesterday. Him and Le Coq needed that kind of game. Realistically I don’t know whether we can catch Leicester anymore. And the Spuds have a really hard fixture list comparatively. Honestly we need some luck going our way but worse case scenario we don’t win it, then rather Leicester than the Spuds any day.

  9. davidnz

    All the top 4 are saying
    the same thing.
    We are not thinking about
    anyone else just focusing
    on our selves.
    What it really means is that they are all sh#t scared
    and under enormous pressure.
    City and Arsenal are both one bad result
    away from losing touch with the leaders.
    Spurs are 2 bad results away from letting Leicester win.
    Wenger is watching every game the others play
    and he knows exactly the equation after each round
    that’s why he was gutted by the Leicester win at Palace.

  10. Trevor

    I know it’s wrong but I can’t help feeling a little sick that Vardy Kante or Marhez haven’t picked up injuries. Esp Marhez who if played for Arsenal would get kicked in every game. If only the lads had done this a couple of weeks sooner. Even just those Swa points would have made a huge difference. Get ourselves ahead of spu and we’ll see how things look, doubtful Lei are going to drop more than five or six points but stranger things have happened (like lei not dropping points in pressure games)

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