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Arsenal need more than just Zaha in January!

Why Arsenal getting Zaha could be risky by KJ

It’s been a frankly terrible start to the window considering how obvious some of the gaps in our squad are. We are lacking a decent striker, a defensive midfielder, a wide midfielder/winger and possibly a second choice keeper. It’s already half way through the transfer window and there’s been no positive activity on our part.

At one point, it looked like Zaha was going to Manchester United but now after yesterday’s loss, it looks like Arsenal are back in the running for Wilfried Zaha.

I like the kid; he’s 20 but already has a wealth of experience at Championship level and has been crucial for Crystal Palace this season. He’s got pace and is extremely tricky to defend against – he’s essentially a more refined, more intelligent Gervinho. I do understand why we are after a winger, as Walcott and Chamberlain tend to drift inside because they have the instincts of a striker/midfielder. We need more width in games and that’s been a major downfall to our football this season.

However, it’s a bit worrying that he’s one of our main targets. We really should be after a class striker rather than a talented youngster. This makes me inclined to believe that Wenger is going to risk the rest of the season with an inexperienced Giroud and an unfamiliar Walcott in the lone striker position. This is a scary prospect as neither of them are going to score goals on a consistent basis and are just getting settled into their new positions. I don’t know whether they can score enough between them to secure a top 4 finish.

I really hope we could get more than one player but it always seems unlikely at Arsenal. I don’t really want to risk this season with youngsters and the hope of an injury free season for certain players. Tottenham are stronger this season than the last and are already on a good run; there’s no doubt that they’ll make Arsene work his hardest and perform his best to get us into the top 4.

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107 thoughts on “Arsenal need more than just Zaha in January!

  1. ac

    Giroud is a good player but not good enough for Arsenal. Wenger needs to wake up and realise this. Zaha looks like he will be a great signing and in a few years could be a great player, but we need impact now. We need a player to replace the goals that van Persie got us last season. I’m not saying spend £20m+, but a decent £10-£15m on a good striker would bbe vital to our push for 4th. This is wishful thinking though.

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  2. waiyuen leong

    The Asenal coach will wake up after another loss in the their next game. Again and again the fans could see the problems of the team without young and experienced players like Hazard, Zaha, Ba, Michu and Sterling that show outstanding run for their respective teams. Investments of such players will give back profits where more gate collections would definitely increase. The fans agree that Arsenal’s tactical play needs speed and strong players to push the ball up front.

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  3. Graham JONES

    I think we should forget the transfer window since there is obviously discord at the top of management with Wenger seemingly impotent to do anything (at least without a David Dein behind him).
    In addition Walcott is taking the mickey out of the club by not signing thus far ….. last week Wenger said he was happy Walcott would sign, now, this week he’s “very happy” he will sign … what a joke …. GET RID OF HIM Mr Wenger and show some management skills … you say you’re in charge of the money so OPEN YOUR WALLET.

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  4. guns&soul

    The ideal for me would be to sign 2-3 proven players this transferwindow.

    – a striker (on loan or a permanent deal) ex. Lewandowski, Villa or some other proven goalscorer.

    – a defensive midfielder, ex. Capoue, M’vila, Wanyama, Sissoko or Diame.

    – and possible a winger/CAM, ex. J.Rodriguez, Turan, Lamela or Isco.

    Other tranfers:
    – a goalkeeper, ex. Akinfeev or Stekelenburg
    – a left full-back, ex. Baines.
    – or a player with a big future/ just another.
    Would make more sense to be done in the summer.

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  5. John Hannon

    Bob says “Zaha is more intellegent than Gervinho ” my dog is more intellegent than that USELESS idiot, I only hope he gets anmesia and forgets to return from the African cup.Every time he starts or comes on my heart sinks, he is the worst ever signing by Wenger, 11 million thrown down the toilet. Why could Chelsea sign Demba Ba for 8 million and our genius Wenger could not even try to sign him? Zaha is totally overpriced at 20 million, 5 is the most we should pay, he has only scored 6 times this season personally I dont rate him. Walcott showed his true colours on Sunday, tough game he disappears, plays well when lesser teams play us, if it was my choice I WOULD TRANSFER HIM he is reading all the publicity and it has gone to his head. When the going gets tough he doesnt want to know!!

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  6. desparate guna

    confused wenger, wake buy impact players and not zaha if u need immidiate results, just copy from de brilliant old man-SIR Alex since u have run out ideas imagine ur younger than Mr Sir. Pliz Mr Wenger save the Arsenal, de ball is in ur hands

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