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Arsenal need some confidence and passion! (And more players!)

What are the key areas that need improving with Arsenal? by GN

Many of you people have recently being going crazy with the current situation of which Arsenal find themselves in; it is depressing us all! But what are the issues with this Arsenal squad that started the season in a good run of form? That was solid defensively?


When your confidence is low, you do not believe in your abilities, no matter how good you are, and how highly you are thought of. We have seen how confidence affects your ability with Arshavin last season, along with Chamakh. Both when signing the contract to become an Arsenal player, started off so well! Chamakh was looking a lethal finisher with skill and flair, and Arshavin was just the player we needed to help us really go all the way and compete for trophies, when he arrived for around 12-15 million pounds in the winter window a few years back. He started off really well; scoring those famous 4 goals against Liverpool, and being a lively creative force for us. However, being played out of position on the wing, Arshavin began to lose form, which led to him losing confidence in his abilities, and the simple minded Arsenal ‘fans’ could not wait to jump on his back, which would only have harmed him more.

Now Chamakh. We got him for a free transfer, and everyone thought of him as the perfect strike partner for RVP and a replacement of height and aerial presence to Adebayor. All started well for Chamakh, he scored around 14 Goals from the start of the season to December/January. He was doing great, only for something to strike him down. That man was RVP. RVP returned from injury and was placed back in the squad, and let’s be honest… he played great. This pushed Chamakh out the team with Wenger’s preferred use of one striker and then wingers. Chamakh was distraught. His confidence being eaten away by RVP. When Chamakh entered the field of play as a substitute, or the rare start; he lost his flair and did not seem as deadly in-front of goal as when he first joined the squad. This then lead to a large level of criticism being thrown at Chamakh, which again, would not have done him any favours. We know he has the talent, he just needs to re-capture it. I hope he does.


Need I say more? Our players need to show passion out there and play there heart out for the team, even when the going gets tough. With passion, we win… When we are winning, we gain confidence… With confidence high, we will be un-stoppable! If our players get more passion (Like was shown in the last 20 minutes against Fulham and at the start of the season) we will push up the table!


Okay. Do not get me wrong, we have a great bunch of players, who when all fit can beat anyone. But that is the issue. Only when ALL of our players are fit, can we challenge for titles. So that brings me to the next area of which I feel improvement is needed, and that is adding some depth to the squad. However, we need to be realistic with who we suggest (Even though we can only pray for a surprise!) I have my own suggestions of what I feel we need. A new Striker/Winger even if Walcott does not leave. We need to get some people rested up-front to keep them sharp. A New CDM (Holding Midfielder) Arteta lacks the strength to play in front of the back four, and would exceed more, in a more attacking role. A new left back who CAN DEFEND as back up to Gibbs as Santos is really not up to scratch, and rumour has it that he is off in January. Maybe a new goalkeeper? However I feel our current crop are fine currently.

I am 16 years old and this is my first attempt at an article, so give your thoughts in the comments below!


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46 thoughts on “Arsenal need some confidence and passion! (And more players!)

  1. Q8

    We must spend big in january and the beginning of summer to show our ambitions of winning silverware because thats the only way that we can keep sagna at arsenal. Also if we reach the capital one cup final we must win it. If we lose then we are going to have an extremly bad form on the next 10 games just like what happened the last time when we lost against birmingham.

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  2. Mike_Gun

    sorry ned i disagree there, chamack was and still is a good finisher, but like he said confidence and ‘fans’ getting on his back really doesn’t help.
    Anyone being told they are crap by thousands of people is going to take a knock.
    Unfortunately getting a run in the first team is the hard part.

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  3. Prithvi

    our confidence will be sky high when the little mozart and wilshere play together……..!!COYG

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  4. ned

    Ah mike he describes him as a leathal finisher with skill and flair. if that aint embelishing the truth….LOL

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  5. Christian-Nigeria

    Good piece. we need the likes of Arshavin, Chamarkh, Gnabry, and Eislfeld to play more games, but it seems Wenger is scared of using these guys. He keeps using the tired legs, and they go on to draw matches (or lose). why can’t he just try rotating these guys and give the Reserves (bench) some chance to prove themselves, then we can have guys who can approach every game with the required energy. This team is good, all we need is the energy level raised by using well rested players. And we can achieve this by rotation.

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  6. harugongo boy

    And hardwork( a fighting spirit)………..
    I think the next Arsenal manager should review the eating habit of arsenal players. They look malnourished, sick of kwarshakor….

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  7. john 3:16

    This is the team/squad we could of had now, but the board were too greedy!

    SZCZESNY Mannone

    SAGNA Jenkinson
    KOSCIENY Mertesacker
    VERMAELEN Djourou
    CLICHY Gibbs

    WILSHERE Diaby/Ramsey
    SONG Arteta/Coquelin

    CAZORLA Walcott/Oxlade-Chamberain
    FABREGAS Rosicky/Arshavin
    NASRI Podolski/Gervinho

    VAN PERSIE Giroud

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  8. leo

    i get the feeling wenger will sign huntelaar/hotby & yann m’vila & if theo leaves adrian lopez as his replacement all well within wenger’s reach

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  9. leo

    i have a question serously does any one knows or thinks stan will leave just asking someone with an answer

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  10. Alex

    Fabregas Cazorla Walcott
    Wilshere Mvila
    Coentrao Mbiwa Vermaelen Perreria

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  11. Briano

    Its up to the manager to make the players confident!!!We need to pass and move faster.We need pace!!

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  12. leo

    @alex we are not going to buy dzeko it’s a rumor first of all he will cost 25m+ secondly his wage is around 130m a year never gunner happen

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  13. jk

    Wenger when asked will he buy in January? ” We have a massive squad we wait on diaby and rosicky they will be like new signings” “plus we will only buy if there is top top talent” …… That will be his response then he will sell sagna and theo and replace with cheaper players with less talent!!

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  14. spendah

    leo, you’re clearly a new arsenal fan?

    Any gooner who has been around for atleast the last 2 years whould know by know wenger would never sign these players

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  15. George

    Hi guys, I was the writer of this article, so if you have any comments to help me improve, then let me know 😉

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  16. jk

    To be fair mate @Leo is right those are exactly the players wenger would go for huntelaar is going on the cheap due to contract issues and holtby could be on a free in summer and m’vila price has drastically dropped and adrian lopez only has a 14 million release fee

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  17. theOx @jamie9lashley


    So you aren’t putting any blame on the board, just confidence, passion and players? Don’t think if we had say man u’s board (not exactly)we would be in a much stronger position?

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  18. Al Bundy Weed

    on Saturday against Tottenham I will miss a fantastic player and a great and important players is NOT van shit,
    This is the man Thomas Rosicky

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  19. George

    To be honest, it is only partly the boards fault… But people just need to forget about them for a change. By all means, moan at the board come 1st of February, but at the moment, the team needs more attention and support.

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  20. true gooner

    We only need to Get Wenger out and Get Guardiola IN. It is not rocket science.

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  21. Michael Man

    Oooohhhh lord have mercy!!!! Every transfer window we get really good players linked with our club and sit and watch as everybody else strengthens whilst we’re lead up
    the garden path!! Last transfer window really broke me… We lost Song who was great for us and lost RVP who was even greater and I watched every website waiting for news that we’ve bought M’vila and M Suarez or Jovetic and hearing Mr Wenger say his favourite words, if we can find a player we will do it!? That broke me, cause I knew what was to come…. Low and behold here we are and if you
    Think we’re going to do anything about it don’t kid yourself… We are utterly screwed, I’m just waiting tuntil January when we’re cut adrift and listen to the same ol excuses

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  22. spendah

    guys you do realise wenger will keep saying ‘im workin hard’ and all of that sht but u shud kno only too well they are all lies

    comon u shud no by now wenger aint signin nobody

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  23. Alex

    What about frimpong in the holding midfield role. He can be a bit passionate at times but he is strong and has red and white running through his blood and he is wants to win

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  24. Oguntuase Amos

    Your article is very reasonable at your age. You are not like some fans who ought to regarded as fools who always called for the head of the players at every little mistake when in there own private lives and works, they had committed many unprintable and unpardonable mistakes and sometimes atrocities. The constant criticisms and abuses directed against the players had made some of them to lose confidence and self belief. If the fans really want to help the team, we must stop our morbid and destructive criticisms, give reasonable suggestions as well as support and encouragement to the players and manager alike. I agree we need a defensive midfielder and a left back. Santos is good upfront but not in the remember his goal against Chelsea last season at Stamford Brigde.

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  25. Frank

    Congratulations on writing your first article. You bit the nail on the head. You can say the same for Ramsey too, Wenger is playing him out of position and it’s killing him.

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  26. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal dont need any more new players..unless someone leaves or hes a young messi or Ronaldo that can geniuniely raise the standard……

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  27. realist

    imo we are all a part of the clubs lack of success in recent years. we the fans have too easily accepted the lies of the board manager and players we have took mediocrity lying down and rolled over. the players have in the main been poor and have all contributed to our failure. the manager has become a puppet for a lying board and at the top is the main puppetmaster who is simply playing with us.

    however as i said its not just the board and management we must accept our part in this and believe that we all have the ability to change things. we must make this happen and soon.

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  28. mohawk35

    1. It is unfornate that good fans are forced speak of the team management to argue solutions for Arsenal success. Sports should by about players and games.

    Although Sad, I Believe the Fans are Right and the Management are a Big Part of Arsenal Downturn!

    2. Hafiz Rahman – You are Right. Unless Arsenal get new and BETTER players, they are just a Merry-Go-Round spinning around with no change or improvement.

    I like the new players but…. Have Arsenal actually replaced Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri, RVP with even equal talent? Stop getting new players just so the coach can pretend Arsenal are competing for trophies.

    And for goodness sake get rid of players who can’t play.

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  29. snakeoil

    @Frank. I would like to know what position Ramsey can actually play well. Certainly he is no winger. He is no striker for sure. He is also no defensive midfielder, and he is little more than average to poor at center mid.

    The problem is not Ramsey’s position -The problem is that Ramsey’s play is chaotic and out of controll He can’t play at an elite level.

    As some like to say, however, he’s a really nice guy.

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  30. Hafiz Rahman


    good point

    at these stage….

    Giroud for RVP….Giroud looks good needs time…RVP took 8 years to score 30 goals…

    Gibbs for Glichey….glichey was a replacement for Cashley

    Gervinho for Nazri…..Gervinho is good but lack consistency…Nazri only had 1 good season

    Fabregas replacement was only found this season with Carzola….hes new and need time…Wenger wanted Carzola last season as replacement but lost out to Malaga’s Arab money…

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  31. kash

    Confidence is key in all sports,look at how Tiger Woods fell down after his confidence was torn apart,still has not made it back yet!
    I agree that more player rotation needs to be done,the last few weak/flat performances could be down to some fatigue from “key” players(cazorla,podolski)this is their 1st time in the EPL, have always heard comment that it takes a player sometime before they can adjust to the pace/intensity(remember Mertesacker had a hard time last year).
    For both of the above reasons though Wenger HAS to take some blame.He has to be able to keep players motivated & rotate players as they tire.Keeping someone like Walcott benched in earlier games what do you think that does to the psyche of the other players when THEY KNOW that the manager refuses to play someone that could really help the team?Now he could have had the balls like SAF (when he told Nani that he would not get much playing time because of his contract dispute),then it would not be a big talking point vwould it?Club/player disputes never help ANY TEAM gel,look how we started last year after the Nasri episode even though we had Song & RVP then!

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  32. schizznit

    dude, you are only 16?!?!?!
    I am very impressed at how much detail is in your writing. Just shows that you have a lot of passion for Arsenal.
    I agree with ya every step of the way. Although I feel Arteta is playing very well, but in a recent article I just read Arteta is just being marked like Cazorla preventing him from doing his magic on the pitch, therefore preventing our typical dominance in the midfield.

    Keep up with your blogging man, you got one follower 🙂

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  33. Hafiz Rahman

    @ schizznit, Kash

    its good to have knowledgeble fans in here….

    i agree confidence alway remains the key to success…. Apparently Wenger has stop giving the hair dryer treatment…like the Reading game…at half time, not performing…hair dryer treatment comes in …2nd half, the boys would be banginging 4-5 goals..

    Arsenal always make attempt to play football but most if not all teams will try to stop Arsenal from playing cramp the midfield space…park the bus….play defensive, wait for the mistakes and counter…..or setpieces…

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  34. Always a gooner

    i dont know how many years we are going to stay without a trophy ………..kroenke and co doesnt know the spelling of ambition i think……

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  35. S.H

    How about we look inwards and ask ourselves how we can improve as fans. When Arsenal do bad, every Tom Dick and Harry wants to give their 5 cents worth but when we do well those same fans are never as quick to drop Arsenal an encouraging “well done”.

    So I will take my hat off to those who still remain positive and believe. I was in the same boat last year when I chose to believe in the team and we turned our season around. Nothing has changed and I remain ever so supportive. I wish more Arsenal fans would have the same patience. And don’t even mention 7 years without a trophy. Ive been a fan for 25 years so 7 yrs means jack shit! Give me something original!

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  36. Triple S

    Fulham game was a positive that we can score goals now. We only need to improve in defence, possibly when Gibbs is back. I feel we need a quality LB(f*** santos) and a strong CDM in january.

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  37. arsenal4eva

    I jus need the fluidity, creativity, free flowing attacking futbol dat our team av before…pls Wenger!…do somethin, b4 it getting worse..

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  38. Ifedioranma Nwokocha

    I think, our problem lies in the defensive midfield. If we can get M Vlla or Briglia Arsenal Fc will go places. To me, we don’t need any a striker anymore. Thank God Giroud has started scoring goals. With Podosky,carzola, Theo Walcot, Giroud, Gervinho everything is okay. Let me sound this warning that Arshavin should not be sold. He should be allowed to complete the season. Look, whenever Arshavin comes in there’s always hope and he’s been doing it and things begins to change for good. if you’re in doubt, just watch the first match Arsenal played in the Capital One Cup, another one, Arsenal and Reading, Arsenal and Fulham. That shows you that he’s started improving heavily. Chamakh should be given a place to prove himself. If Theo decides to go, then, a good winger need to be bought. This is my candid opinion!

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  39. Waiyuen Leong

    It seems that Arsenal team having hard times plyaing against low ranking teams in the EPL as I figure that they can read Arsenal game well. Their defence is strong and they move up slowly from the back in attack on Arsenals back four. For Arsenal to win in any game,players must play a fast game with tight marking with wings on both sides to push the ball up for the strikers to try at the goalmouth. It does not work with players with short passing within the midfield area without breaking up in attack. Arsenal team cannot win when they look out of form until the opponents score first and they begin to get the momentum to find the equaliser where the speed that is what we call…. waking up from slumber.

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