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Arsenal need to go back to basics against Bournemouth

Back to Basics? by Dan Smith

Such was the manner of our display at Anfield, combined with a transfer window where we made a profit, there is a lot of hysteria around Arsenal at the moment. Hysteria often leads to people looking for negativity in everything and it not being fashionable to say anything positive. In other words a failure to have perspective or any distance as Arsene Wenger put in in his recent press conference.

On top of the debate of what the club should and shouldn’t have done in the transfer window there has been a major dissection into the starting eleven our manager picked against Liverpool. What you don’t hear supporters or pundits mention that in the FA Cup final just a couple of months ago Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Hector Bellerin kept switching full back roles, something that they were criticized for doing on Merseyside. Our midfield that memorable day against Chelsea was Xhaka and Ramsey, the same duo who are suddenly too light and not tough enough to play in the middle, with Ramsey in particular mocked for how often he likes to make runs forward. Of course no one mentions that it was this tactic by the Welshmen that got him the winning goal at Wembley.

Oh and the attacking three who outplayed the Champions that day happened to be Ozil behind Welbeck and Sanchez. Yes you guessed that was the same forward line that should never have been selected 2 weeks ago. Now that’s not me saying Lacazette shouldn’t have started, or that the OX should not’ve featured against an opposition he would be signing for a few days later. This article is not about debating who and who shouldn’t be starting. It’s purely pointing out that the same squad who lost 4-0 to a side they finished only a point below last season were the same who managed to outplay the champions.

In other words, when motivated we have a squad who are capable of producing better standards then we witnessed against Jurgen Klopp’s men. So with confidence on and off the pitch low,, selection this weekend should not be down to ability levels alone but who cares enough to roll up their sleeves and go back to basics. Alexis Sanchez for example may be our star man, but if his heart is not in it, is Theo Walcott not a better player based on the fact he would simply work harder. Our British players will naturally have a strong affinity to the club. They would’ve grown up watching us win titles and appreciate Arsenal for the big club it is. The next couple of weeks they are crucial to putting some heart back into the club.

There will be those who will argue that due to his age, injuries and lack of pace, Per Metersacker deserves to be a squad player. But at a time where we are crying out for leadership I would accept our back line being vulnerable to speed for the sake of someone who plays like the shirt matters to him.

As he is in every defeat Ozil has yet again become a scapegoat for all our failings. However his statement on social media should make him one of the first names on the team sheet to face Bournemouth. Whether you agreed with the German’s point of view or not, the fact is he showed he cared. He was hurting enough that even away in the comfort of his national team he felt obliged to express his pain. He’s smart enough to know he was inviting a backlash and a further spotlight on him but i rather he show me that it matters rather then keeping silent for a fortnight.

The last time Arsene Wenger had everyone in for training he reportedly questioned how many of his squad cared enough. Well that’s what the Frenchmen should have spent many sleepless night answering and what he should base his team to face the Cherries on. Technique and flair should be sacrificed for the moment for those who have pride and heart to wear the red and white, without those qualities it doesn’t matter how good a footballer you are.

Of course the boss needs to look at himself. It would be fickle to ridicule the 3-5-2 formation as it’s a team shape which helped us win 9 out of our final 10 games last year and seems to be benefiting other sides fairly well. But it’s worth remembering in his two decades in North London it was never Arsene’s chosen way to play and only came about as our back 4 had a crisis of confidence.

That insurance is fine for certain games, a perfect plan B when we go to Stamford Bridge, for example, but at the moment it’s undermining our attacking threat which is pointless as we are shipping goals anyway. Eddie Howe has decent footballing values, one of the reasons he’s been linked to perhaps managing at the Emirates one day. He hasn’t got the individuals to frustrate us and wouldn’t want to even if he could. He will tell his men to attack and take advantage of the nervous atmosphere which will exist round the stadium. Sacrificing an offensive player will be playing into his hands. By switching back to our old system you could have a Ozil, Sanchez , Lacazettte and Welbeck (Giroud) in the same line up.

Some will see that as going back to a philosophy that has proven not to work, where we used to throw bodies forward, leaving gaps at the other end. But that’s a worry for the longer term. For now we just need to find our confidence. We do that by winning football matches and scoring goals.

Time to go back to basics


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20 thoughts on “Arsenal need to go back to basics against Bournemouth

  1. Me

    Wenger just needs to shut up and stop voicing his opinions on the transfer window, tapping up of players and all the other rubbish that seems to follow him around and concentrate on the game tomorrow.
    Tactically Arsenal are a complete shambles – there is no team ethic there and no direction. To simply state that there is is not enough – it has to be demonstrated on the field with solid performances and wins.
    But its all about Wenger as it always is – the management of the team comes a distant second to him..

  2. Nothing changed

    I believe part of going back to basics is starting to play players in their preferred positions.

    Play Bellerin as right back or right wing-back and not as left back. Don’t play Monreal as CD but actually play 2 or 3 central defenders in our back 3 depending if we choose 4-3-3 or a variation of 3 at the back. Too may experiments at once leads to confusion which leads to indecisiveness.

    Don’t play Kolasinac as CD he is too good going forward so play him as left back or left wingback.

    Play Laca as a central striker so he can get used to the PL and his team mates as soon as possible, bring Giroud in as super sub.

    Instill some basic discipline in our DM’s and teach them the basics of when to bomb forward and what to do without the ball. Too often they are out of position when we lose the ball and are too far up the pitch as a pair.

    Go back to the pressing game that got us great results last season, but the press as a team, not just a few players.

    Let Bouldy teach the basic of defending set pieces we have too many recurring simple errors and a general lack of aggression in terms of attacking the ball when it is played into our box.

    Pull players who are not performing sooner, don’t wait till the 70th minute. When Ozil is not up for it, pull him at half time and give Ramsey or Wilshire or some other natural nr 10 a chance.

    If Ramsey keeps abandoning his DM post and is repeatedly out of position up field when we lose the ball, play Coq the next game. Teach players there are consequences if they don’t fulfill their task, if they don’t put in 100% or when they are undisciplined. No more favoritism to pets.

  3. Badenglish

    I think the biggest problem of Arsenal is Mesut Özil. He is not a Teamplayer. His defence is just alibi. He is just Jogging and do never attack. His lazyness destroyes the moral of his team.

      1. Badenglish

        Sänger is really not good Manager. He buys every overrated German player. Podolski Mustafi Özil are maybe the most overrated players in history. he is like a girl who wants buy a car.

    1. tas

      His been known to be called lazy even do he sometimes has the most miles run in a game,

      my problem with Ozil is when he or the team loses the ball he stops with his head in the air or his hands instead of tracking back, i’m surprised that he dose nothing about this where everyone criticizes him for it, its not like he don’t know how to defend he dose, take for instance the other day when he was playing for Germany where he tracked back and did a great job of reliving the ball from the opponents feet which could of been a attempt on goal, great job done everyone praised him for tracking back more then the tackle it self so why cant you do that sometimes with Arsenal, he obviously has great skills going forward just work on your defense

      1. Mobella

        That is how he is always instructed to play. People should stopped calling him a lazy player. Its makes them look stupid and unintelligent. Can a lazy cover most ground in a match? Can a lazy player did what he did playing for his country. Has anybody heard Wenger complaining about his laziness. I don’t know why people always picking on Ozil and exempt Alexis when all the players deserve criticism. See who received all the accolades and who received criticism playing for their national team.

  4. Badenglish

    Özil is not lazy for Arsenal he is lazy for Germany too. we have in Germany big discussion about Özil everytime. The German Fans are not happy Özil. The only reason that he plays for Germany is to bring the turkish people to the TV.

  5. ThirdManJW

    I’m sure we’ll beat Bournemouth, Wenger will be hailed as a genius again, “Arsenal back on track again” we’ll be hearing, then we’ll be absolutely destroyed by Chelsea, and reality will set back in again.

    I’m not a flip flop fan. Even if we beat Chelsea 10-0, it’s Wenger out all day long!

    1. Krish

      haha yeah you’re not a flipflop fan, you are the culprit of lazy hating like “doomed if you do, damned if you dont” it doesnt matter what wenger does, you will bash him anyways and that.. is just ridiculous nothing intelligent or factual there.. but yeah i know you wont get it, a small group of the arsenal fanbase (a big group on this website) arent able to criticize balanced and objectively

      1. ThirdManJW

        I criticise in very a balanced way, and I’m not pig ignorant to the facts. In fact, I rarely come on here and give my opinion on how I think things should be done, my opinion is based solely on factual evidence. So I know, even in victory against Chelsea, NOTHING changes in the medium to long term. I’m not sure how it’s ‘lazy’ when I research facts, and I watch Arsenal all the time, meaning I am in a very good position to comment on the decline of Arsenal FC. It’s actually the Wenger ‘ins’ that ignore facts, and are very lazy, because any discussion with them is often greeted with the classics “Look what he’s done us”, “judge him at the end of the season”, “who could do any better”. All quite laughable, and irrelevant. Their arguments eventually crumble because they’re only built on belief, and not facts.

        Next time you comment, I implore you to try and use facts, because it really does help a discussion stand up.

  6. Kenny Rolfe

    Lets be offensive, we’re at home against Bournemouth, Cech, a back four, Bellerin Kos, Mustafi and Monreal, Coq sitting in front of the back four and staying there, Riess-Nelson on the right, Kola on the left and Ozil in the ten role sitting behind Laca and Lex. Leave Ramsey and Xhaka on the bench, teach them a lesson in discipline joined by Ospina, Holding, Elneny, Walcott, Giroud, resulting in a 3-0 win

  7. ArseOverTit


    Protest planned for West Brom Home Game September 25th

  8. Liam

    Ozil wouldnt get half the hate he gets if others could finish, cant blame Ozil for putting it on a plate when Walcott Welbeck dont own cutlery.

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