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Arsenal need to make teams fear them again!


What does it take to have a good run? I guess the players who made up the invincibles. Unfortunately, there will never be such a team ever again in the history of the premier league. The best a team can hope for right now is a great winning or unbeaten run spanning several games.

Given the present scope of the premier league, every team has several ways of showing consistency. Its either you make your home ground a fortress or you embark on an awesome away run or score at least a goal in every game or concede no goals in several games. Arsenal were, prior to our last 5 games, in neither category. However, having started this run we have to keep it going.

Of course it wont be easy as we have lost the respect of every team in the league. Now playing Arsenal can be seen as being no harder than playing a team in the bottom half of the table. Boy! I do miss the days when playing Arsenal was a guaranteed bad day at the office for the opposing bench.

Our players just have to keep playing. Wenger has to make them prepared to give at least 100% in every game. If we play at our full strength, we are unbeatable, regardless of who we field. If I could, I’d tell Wenger to show the players tapes of our glory days. They probably do not know, or have forgotten, the calibre of the team who they represent. We just have to keep going even after the final whistle….LOL!

Was so happy December 21st, 2012 was not the last day of the world. At least we can still live to see Arsenal lift the champions league trophy someday. Happy new year Gooners…

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal need to make teams fear them again!

  1. Christian-Nigeria

    We need to keep our players fresh at all times to get the best out of them. We need a good DM (Diame or Biglia or MVilla) and some super finishers (striker like David Villa), and the team would be close to UNBEATABLE. A Player like Podolski is very dangerous to he opponent when he is fully rested and recovers well before a new game, and a player like Diaby needs rests in between soccer matches to play at his best.

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  2. CUT

    Need some fearsome players to make teams fear us but afraid havent got any right now!

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  3. LP

    Left footed volley on a lofted pass…….I thought no one other than RVP did it……pfffffffffffft…….

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  4. santi lev

    how come 90%of us arsenal fans ex pros and pundits all agree that we need a strong physical dm a natural goal scorer and a quaility defender and prob a left bk….but yet wenger wont go get them…..this transfer window is already pissing me off.

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  5. Lol123

    I’ve Said before i Think we need leadership and physical power, if we add that to our current team i Think we will be a team to fear again. With Mbiwa, wanyama/m’vila/strootman and jovetic we would be a team to fear

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  6. Leoj

    i thought gervinho was FEARSOME!
    anyway, whoever scouted gervinho must be fired!
    cazorla looks jaded. he needs a rest. wenger pls play rosicky. pleeeease!

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  7. makon

    If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

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  8. Aldo

    Arsenal players are missing some “balls” and that’s the problem. And that is Wenger’s fault. How can that arrogant Scot win titles with a team no better than ours? (taking aside all the given penalties and “Ferguson time”)

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  9. King Henry


    Because tactically the “arrogant Scot” is a hundred leagues above Wenger, that’s how. Wenger has no tactical nous, we play his way or no way.

    @Santi Lev

    Because Wenger is not interested in defence, never has been, he loves a silky midfielder though.

    Gervinho is fearsome, he scares the s*it out of me everytime he gets the ball, because I’m not sure how he’ll f*ck it up next. Plenty of talent, but headless.

    Cant just blame the team tho, its how they are set up and forced to play. Do you honestly think they want to zonal mark? Do you think every player wants a go on the left wing?

    Football’s moved on, Wenger hasn’t.

    We want a team to fear? Well lets start by getting a manager with ideas, get the right players and play them in the right positions, then we’ll be a force again.

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  10. Ricardo

    I dont think its consistency we lack, we do consistently under-perform. Its the killer instinct we need.

    Manchester United P21 W17 D1 L3
    Arsenal P20 W9 D7 L4

    The difference between us and the top, is turning the Draws into Wins. Manchester have conceded 6 more goals than us this year.

    Our Defence is good, its the fire power we miss.

    Does anybody know if there is a site that tracks penalties in a season? And goals from midfield players?
    I would love to see the comparisons between no. of penalties we get, compared to the other teams.

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  11. Reddb10

    1. The arrogant scot has the FA and all the refs in his pocket
    2. His scouts don’t wait for the last day of the winter sales to buy a player as cheap as possible and still have time to haggle the price.
    3. Can motivate them and give them a bollocking when needed.
    All of the above lacking at AFC

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  12. shadow

    Yeah, our Defence is good compared to Manchesters, but the Way we got the goals so far wasnt good.
    We have to much blackouts.

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  13. mr lean

    i think wenger is secretly working for manure and before you thumbs down me here’s my evidence. 8-2 defeat at old trafford last year with rvp missing a pen,2-1 loss at home we pull it back to 1-1 thanks to ox so wengers takes him off and puts arshavin on,sell rvp to them in the summer,lose again 2-1 at old trafford with another crap display ! i know its sounds daft but just think about it

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  14. Alex

    What about benzema and higuain. They arnt hyped up like cavani and falcao and we could get them cheaper. They are the type of world class players we should be gong after. Also what about if we give frimpong a go in the cdm position. He’s an arsenal fan and an absolute beast.

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  15. King Henry


    They aren’t as hyped up, because they aren’t as good, simple as. We sold the best striker in the world, we need someone at least half comparable. Falcao tore chelsea apart and has kept on going for Athletico. He is the kiddy.

    Frimpong? As much as I like the lad, he has no head! CDM has to be someone sensible, who will stick to the position, personally I think that Vermalen would make an awesome CDM, but then we need to replace him at CB.

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  16. RichRoberts

    Yes I agree that teams now think we can be beaten. The reason we find it hard is a lack of plan b formation. Compact the midfield, play deep and we will struggle. What we need is players who can beat a man or 2, unlike Gerviniho, Ramsey etc. Players like Walcott, Ox who have pace and arent afraid to take people on.
    We have experience and youth now, so thats no excuse. What we need is players that put it all on the line, the Steven Gerrards, Parkers, Shawcrosses of football. Jack is in that mould but the team need to respond. We as fans see no urgency, the game against Southampton was a perfect example. 3 shots in the whole game. A few players in the mould of the players mention and we can turn things around, if I had my pick of realistic targets it would be Papiss Cisse and perhaps Zaha but not at the money mentioned. If I was dreaming we would also add Baines, Shawcross and Mingolet.

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  17. RT

    Trust me Manure have lost a keen edge this year, they’re playing how we last year – defensively poor but had Robin to hit the net all the time to save us.

    It makes me wonder if we could have been closer to them this season if they didn’t sign RVP. Their record this year for going behind in games and then pulling it back extremely late is incredible!! Wouldn’t have won over half their games if it wasn’t Robin netting late, sigh.

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  18. Alex

    @ king Henry I’d love it if we got falcao but unless segueing drastic happens we won’t sign him. I agree we should be going after the likes of cavani and falcao but the 2 I mentioned would be cheaper options who are a lot better than what we currently have and are better than other strikers in the prem except for van Persie rooney and maybe Suarez

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  19. RT

    It’s SO annoying because we just need slight tweeks in places and then I really wouldn’t hesitate to call us title contenders!
    -Bin Ramsey & Gervinho: Either sell them at any price/keep them on the bench/loan them out until contract runs out – idc they’re not up to Arsenal standards!
    -Bring in youngers – I’m pretty sure we have the most talented players in our reserve, we should promote Eisfield/Gnarby at least up onto our bench (they’d be more effective coming on than Ramsey)
    -STOP ZONAL MARKING. So many are conceeded by poorly defended crosses! Our opponents know that now, we can’t be exploited!
    -BUY IN QUALITY. We pay the most expensive tickets in PL – USE that money fgs!! We have the weakest bench out of the top 4. This must change! Bring in Isco, Wanyama, any proven ST, cover for our CB’s.

    We’re so close it’s annoying :(, but time is getting on and I’m getting fed up of our Arsenal NOT being improved for 2 years when the problems are so bloody obvious.

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  20. Reddb10

    @ ricardo & king Henry,

    many thanks for your input guys.
    its always nice to see some fans that are awake

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  21. Neil

    Stupidly expected us to move early as it’s obvious we need a DM and a striker urgenty. Theo was looking good up front with Henry coaching him. Now he’s off so we need a top quality proven striker to play and help Theo when he gets a go up front. Giroud is ok, but for me he’s more of an impact player. A big man to throw balls into the box for when we need a goal, like against Newcastle. Theo would be our long term CF (as long as we stp farting about and give him the money he wants), but we need the likes of David Villa to help him.
    So far two players that Wenger claimed to be ‘watching’ have buggered off to other clubs (Holtby and Ba). Even though I’m not overly keen on either one, the slowness is getting on my nerves now.

    If Villa ends up at Chelsea, M’Villa at QPR and Wanyama at United, I think I will smash my house up. And other people’s houses that remind me of my house.

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  22. King Henry

    Don’t think Theo is the answer up front, he will get goals, but will always be muscled out against the stronger teams, and is weak in the air.

    If we persist with one up front, then, for me, Theo is not it, he’s an attacking midfielder, he’ll score a few, but not the 20+ a season we need.

    What we need is a proper striker, good in the air, quick feet, and that killer instinct. Funny, reminds me of someone……


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  23. King Henry

    Why on earth would chelsea want Villa?

    They’ll go and buy a proper striker, not out of the pick and mix bin. If they want another striker they’ll go for Cavani or Falcao.

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  24. chris

    King Henry has made several comments above. I agree with nearly all of them. They are well worth reading.

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  25. RASD KY

    Best Description of what Wenger has turned our Arsenal to.

    A team that sells its best player to the rival hoping that they can still use his genius to beat them with second fiddle playaz.
    A team that aims only for a champions league spot with no ambition for a trophy.
    A team that raises stars for the BIG and the best team to buy for some f**kin fat $$$.
    A team that is only good for free style football comics and theatrics with wonderful, exceptional performances from the likes of super Ramsey, flamboyant Gervinho, Lethal Squilacci, deadly Chamakh not to mention the best striker in the world Bendtner.
    A team that buys stars only to turn them to laughing stocks and nothing but flops like Arshavin.
    A team that plays players out of possession always and is always doing positional rehearsals during games when other teams are looking for wins.
    A team that has one and only one predictable style of play.
    A team that claims to be a BIG Gun but always struggles in the transfer market to get playaz. (wonder if we really have any scouts.) Why do the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool pull off their signings far too easily. They have already signed Ba and Sturridge respectively who have already won them games. They had identified the areas that needed strengthening way b4 the transfer window opened and acted spot on.
    This list is endless but I’ve got to pause.

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  26. sinero

    all of us fans know what we need, but what does wenger think?. Yes he doesn’t give a shit about us and our comments or sentiments. The clown is busy grabing his balls during matches as it shrinks under the pressure of loosing a match. We all know that it is time for him to move on. better late dan never.

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  27. lambgoona

    its so obvious that the main problem is the team is there is no natural leader. Our squad has the talent to achieve and be playing football a lot better than we are but once the going gets tough i dont see one single player trying to lead by example and get everyone else firing at 100%..i’ve given up on wenger being that character so there needs to be someone there on the pitch shouting at these players to put in maximum effort and get some consistency going..

    i really hope we find a leader soon as vermaelen and arteta are way too quiet and not the guys we should be counting on to inspire the rest of the team once we go 1-0 down for example..wilshere will be there soon hopefully but we need someone now to put their foot up the arse of this nonchalant team because it is pissing all of us off how they don’t see to give two shits when they’re on the pitch!!

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  28. GP

    Arsenal need to make their manager fear for his job and remember he is an employee.
    Remind him that winning trophies is his bread and butter.
    and stop giving him pay rises for finishing 3rd or 4th every year.
    There should be no such thing as a comfortable manager at the highest level.All the others live with the pressure to succeed every day.
    Every day we accept this we slide further behind the rest.

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