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Arsenal need to unleash Podolski against Bayern Munich


In Arsenal’s most recent EPL games, we have struggled to put the ball in our opponents’ net. We could highlight some reasons for this ranging from lack of communication in attack, absence of proven goal poacher. We have a positive however, two successive clean-sheets.

The acquisition of Podolski was great news to Arsenal fans all over the world and so far, he has not disappointed in my opinion. Yes! He may not be entirely consistent and have few off-days, however, you would agree with me that he is a beast on his day. You can expect better services come next season.

Wenger prefers to deploy the Prince on the left rather than in the CF position as some of us fan clamour. His exploits on the left can never be over-emphasised. The way he runs the flank from our half to the opponents box is amazing. The defensive cover he provides is compared to none in the team as an attacker. His link-up in front with his powerful left foot is wonderful. We would recall that he did not start our two most recent PL games. He came on against Stoke to fire home a deflected free-kick. Against Sunderland, we could not stretch their defense because Santi drifted in-field a lot, accepted his strike won us the game but with Podolski on the pitch that day, one of our counter-attacks would have been fruitful but against Stoke, Begovic made a couple of good saves to deny The Ox. When Wilshere makes his runs, he sometimes find Podolski running-in from his LW position. Little wonder Podolski has good statistics to his name, besting other wingers in PL(including the big money boys). In essence, Poldi’s absence in our attack has only left and MAY continue to leave us struggling in attack. Definitely, we have created chances but the fluidity in our attacked with Podolski is dynamic.

Against Bayern, I would expect to see Walcott-Giroud-Podolski in attack as we can not afford to struggle to get goals. However, Wenger is laden the responsibility to choose his team and surely knows the trade more than I do.


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35 thoughts on “Arsenal need to unleash Podolski against Bayern Munich

  1. LP

    Podolski has had rest I think we should play him as CF for one half against blackburn!

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  2. Sowetogooner

    Poldi hás a point to prove to bayern. If our defence can perform that will give freedom and confidence to our attack. I smell a Poldi goal or 2.

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  3. Indian gunner

    Giroud’s height and strength will be necessary against the German defense. Combined with the speed of Podolski and Walcott, we have a good chance of scoring. The midfield will be where the magic happens. COYG !!!

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  4. Sammykit

    I think prince poldi have to energize his striking voice by playing up front against blackburn,then if he plays well deploy a 4-4-2 formation having giroud poldi,cazorla arteta wilshere walcott

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  5. ram

    Poldi is beast of a player.. his unselfishness in front of the post brought us a lot of goals.. if we Walcott also can play with the same mind set of Poldi we can get to see lot of goals from Giroud..

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  6. Goona

    Walcott to play upfront against Blackburn with gnabry, the ox or eisfeld in the fabregas role

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  7. topats

    With Pod, Caz, Giroud and walcot playing, we will certainly score a goal or two.

    Question is can we keep a clean sheet at the Enirates?

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  8. kron

    i defo think pods should play but i think we should hit them with something they don’t know! I vote for strength and power. Arsene Wenger should take this as one of those fighting games, that he’s always on about!

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  9. kron

    I mean we thought our german players were gunna do something against schalke.. But they done nothing….. 😐

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  10. ArsenalMike

    Arsenal needs to put an end to defensive errors. We don’t make an error and we draw with ManU; one more point for us, two less for them. The same can be said for several of our games this season. The attack has become better with the integration of Prince Poldi and HFB as the season has gone on. Theo has improved. Jack and Santi are helping. Frankly, if we had committed far less errors, we’d likely not be talking about our lack of a natural, center half. All in all, this season could have been far different, but probably not one where we contended for the title.

    I believe we have enough, though, to beat Bayern at home. When we don’t create chances for the opposition, we are very, very tough to score against. Bayern are over-hyped. Make no mistake, they are going to easily win their domestic title, but having watched the German sides, it is not because they are an unbeatable powerhouse.

    Best wishes this weekend. Let’s hope our boys can put Blackburn to bed early so our best can be ready for the big game. If we beat Bayern, I think it would put a dent in the pundits claiming we have no chance in the Champions League.

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  11. Big Gun

    Well whoever is left wing has to go up against Phillip Lahm.
    I feel Chamberlain to start on the left wing, Walcott RW and Giroud CF. Reason for this is so that Giroud can get crosses coming in from both the right and left. I do not think we will be able to play much down the middle against Bayern so we need to rely on our crosses. Giroud is more than capable of headering them in, he just needs to be given good service. Podolski is not an out and out winger who will take them on and cross – where as the Ox can.

    I would try this tactic first half and see at the same time how pressurized play is down the middle. If we are given lots of space, I would bring on Podolski at half time.

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  12. Ably

    The prince can be unstoppable on his very good day .i pray that the entire Arsenal team have a very good day against Bayern come next week.

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  13. benjas

    My family was diveded into two, German fans and English fans, Sorry guys I like the way Arsenal play but we need that 5th star on the bayern shirt.

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  14. hg

    the majority of people stop saying that Lukas should be moved central as soon as his position is moved in fifa to a left wing…

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  15. samuelj

    Surely it would be madness not to play our deadliest front 3, podolski, giroud, walcott. This is not a game we will win by throwing crosses into the box

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  16. Dave

    Would love to see what The Pod can do at CF, he’s only been given one chance and that was at the beginning of the season against Sunderland.

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  17. SlengTeng

    If we play Giroud, Podolski and Walcott up front it means the CAM is Cazorla with Wilshere and Arteta behind.
    I think Wilshere is better used more forward than that. Plus it leaves us with two small defensive midfielders. If we gonna play like that I would prefer Diaby to Arteta.

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  18. Gunners family frm naija

    Wenger plz tell walcott not to be selfish in front of goal post,he shud pass the ball were necessary for easy goal. That will help the entire team and not him alone.

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  19. Big Gun

    @Samuelj In any form of attack, a team needs options. If Bayern are crowding the middle, we need options down the wing. If you watched last nights game United and Madrid you will know what I mean. Madrid were all over them first half because United had so many gaps down the middle. But second half came, and Fergie changed their formation. Madrid could not move down the middle at all, they were continually blocked. To my surprise, Mourinhio took DiMaria off (who was causing problems for United down the wing) and he brought on Modric who is to similar to Ozil. This gave Madrid 0 chance of actually scoring. They should have been pumping those balls down the wing, that is the only way of breaking down a team playing that type of formation. Arsenal is no different. We have two seriously pacy players in Walcott and Chamberlain who can utilize the space on the wing to their advantage and cross to Giroud. It’s not a case of just ‘throwing’ crosses into the box. A well placed cross and I’m telling you 9/10 Giroud will beat his defender and score with the header.

    Both goals scored last night were from crosses. Don’t underestimate the power of a good winger and a good cross.

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  20. Tiger

    last season was unpredictable, but this season was a bit hot and a bit cold, FA’s cup get a little light on the silverware, well, chelsea won CL and no one thought they would lose at FIFA world cup, we, Arsenal, got the best runs.

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  21. mwenyeji

    I don’t excatly get what you mean by unleashing Poldi whether you mean he must play or he should play centrally. Our weakest link theoretically of course will be left back.What I beleive is that if Wenger plays him as a CF the most likely candidate for left wing will be Ramsey and i know most of you will give him hell for even a single mistake. Apparently, one thing most people dont notice is that we are mostly quite solid with Ramsey on the left defensively and it was the same last season with Benayoun there. If we go all guns blazing, Ox is the best for the position then Gervinho

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  22. Hasibullah

    Against Blackburn we should play following squad:



    Against Bayern Munchen the line up should be:



    What is ur view GOONERS?

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  23. Gunner

    Anyway Price P and Walcott have to be 100% fit for the CL game against Bayern.
    Gunners this is not a unpossible match lets show them our english “tikitaka” football 😉

    ARSENAL <3

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  24. Invincibles nice (1)

    I still think that poldi would be a better centre forward than any of our current and that maybe he would show this if certain players were to get injuries, unless he would need Walcotts assisting. Poldi does indeed give great help to our full back… but it makes me even more annoyed that Walcott does not and when you consider how quickly Theo could make up ground with having one of the finest engines worldwide well its a definite con.

    It would have been great if we could also have rested Wilshere Cazorla and able to utilise Nacho.

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  25. yemmyt

    I’ll be so grateful if arsen can use this formation and I’m telling U̶̲̥̅̊,it will really yeild a positive result. Wolcot, Giroud,Podi Wishier,Rosicky,Santi,Arteta,Sagna,koscene,Per/m and Varmenator.this is a dream team,trust M̶̲̥̅e.this can destroy even baca 4 sure.Up gunners!

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  26. John Legend

    When we played Schalke, we were not doing well in any way.

    The article clearly points out that he should be deployed on the left wing. Podolski is better than Ramsey on the wings. He is better going forward and maybe the same with Ramsey tracking back.

    You gat 12players on the pitch, except Verm will man the sticks.

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  27. specs

    @invicible nice.
    I believe walcot does not contribute defensively all d time because he as to remain upfield for counter attacks.

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  28. Arsenal1Again

    I came here just to see if I am right about something. When I saw the title I thought, “No way was that written by Bob because it doesn’t mention Walcott.” And I was right. I’m going to slurp some coffee and enjoy this Walcott for moment, make it last as long as I can.

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  29. Vlad

    I’d love to see them try and play 4-4-2 against Bayern with Poldi and Giroud upfront. It could prove to be the most lethal combination.

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  30. ryo

    I wanna ask all of you what’s the different between giroud,bendtner & cahmakh?
    I tink there’s no big different,they were opportunis striker not a thechnical striker.
    For now I thik poldi is the best choice to CF role..

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