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Arsenal news-You’re having a laugh by BA

I just heard that there has been a fire at the home of Arsenal striker Robin van Persie. Police suspect Arsene.

Sorry about that but I have just read something really funny. Jan Vertonghen expects Tottenham to be challenging for the title next season. He is so impressed with his team mates in training that he is confident that Spurs will be up there at the end. He is in for a rude awakening, but he is entitled to his opinion.

Talking of opinions, I am sick of reading about people having a go at Arsene Wenger for not spending fortunes on “top” players. Andy Carroll anyone? Liverpool are about to lose £20 million on him, Chelsea are still wondering what happened to Fernando Torres, and Man City are selling Adebayor to the Spuds for another £20 million loss. We did alright out of that deal, remember.

Manchester United were held to ransom by Wayne Rooney but they were happy to keep him because he was young and the team were built around him. Buying a big name player is no guarantee of success, Football is full of players who have failed to continue their success elsewhere.

Van Persie took years before it all clicked into place and he could fall flat in a different system, it has happened before. Wenger knows this and he knows what he is doing. People say that Messi is only as good as he is because Barcelona are set up to suit him. I still hope that we can keep van Persie but I don’t think we should be pushing the panic button and buying the most expensive striker we can find if he doesn’t.

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70 thoughts on “Arsenal news-You’re having a laugh by BA

  1. mightygooners

    these stupid spuds think they can actually win something next season. Can’t wait till verthongen realises he went to the wrong part of London, LOL. Cant wait 4 the season to start. COYG 😉

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  2. Edsturm

    All I would like when vp goes is jovetic in and pauliho in

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  3. Dan nairobi kenya

    Let jan vertoghen join th likes of van der vaart …..etc so that they may dream together.

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  4. Adizza

    Vertoghen should please let me know when he wakes up.

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  5. paul

    Another spud who will be eating their words
    Bale and van der fart last year.
    3rd anyone.

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  6. Zery

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  7. Dal

    Just Looked through the pictures of the arsenal squad training on the arsenal web site. RVP is all smiles but Arsene looks a troubled man. Hope he has some thing up his sleeve.

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  8. Nick

    Very true, spending lots doesn’t always mean success!
    Man U just had a 38million offer for 19 year old Lucas rejected. They’re trying to buy back the title from Man City who bought the title.

    Believe in Arsenal….COYG!!!

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  9. lube

    the news around now is that Arsenal want RVP to run dwon his contract nd leave for fee next year…i dant think this is wise thing to do….! but i hope if we win something he will sing a new contract… all finger cross

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  10. rumel

    People are laughing now, but spuds are slowly improving season by season, so keep a good eye on them!

    As for RVP, the only place he will slot in nicely is Juventus, he won’t be able to settle at Man City or anywhere else, sorry but its the harsh truth.

    It took years to bring out the best in him, the current team was built around him, but like I have said from the start of the ‘RVP Saga’ wait until the transfer window has closed or until his contract has been renewed, too many articles focusing on RVP, we at Arsenal are never nor will be a 1 man team!

    RVP be in an Arsenal jersey next season or not we will still be prepared!


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  11. Nick

    Ok, just looked at the pics and RVP has got some grey hair! I didn’t think Euro stress and wanting to leave Arsenal could age a man so fast.

    How unhappy does NB52 look in that picture, lol. AA23 & Szczesny are all smiles aren’t they.

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  12. Segun

    The way spuds keeps poaching into our transfer targets really pisses me off.

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  13. fredrick

    The SPUDS are really thinking big,even if. we sell rvp to them, we will still finish above them

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  14. john 3:16

    Sell Van Persie for £20-25 million and Walcott for £15 million and buy M’Vila for £17 million, Afellay for £5 million and Jovetic for £20 million. JOB DONE!

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  15. zainkiani

    Cant wait for the north london derby…we will kick their asses…they have appointed a chelsea reject and are having a dream of winning title?..:L

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  16. john 3:16

    I want Fabianski, Djourou, Squillaci, Denilson, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Vela OUT (preferably all sold, but if unable to sell, loaned out for the season) before the season starts!

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  17. tissiam

    no need to worry about the spuds,they,ll be leaking goals from everywhere thanks to AVB tactics!!

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  18. Amol

    with modric gone….spurs will b finding it tough to qualify for top four
    with Liverpool n newcastle strengthening.

    vertonghen doesn’t know Tht English league is:-D
    let the season start we’ll see teams like everton n swansea teaching English footballing lessons to tongs…

    rvp….he may not b as good as he’s to arsenal.
    but to arsenal he’s of immense value
    coz he’s at arsenal since he was a kid.
    he’s well settled into arsenal play style n has the experience…

    so it will b hard to find any replacements
    Tht would fit in directly.

    n wenger has already bought giroud
    wenger needs a playmaker n a stopper…

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  19. kingdave

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but does anyone smell a sp*d around here who is hitting that dislike button up there. There something fishy goin on here, @admin pls do investigate coz we can’t have demons lurking around at the gathering of angels.

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  20. robo

    Don’t care about rvp or vertonghen hurry up and sign mvila its gettin tedious now, me too rvp out jovetic/mirallas in…love arsenal more than my family….in my magic glass I see big things in the next 3 days at arsenal

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  21. john 3:16

    Theo Walcott to complete Liverpool move by Wednesday for a believed fee of £18 million. Sky Sports. SELL SELL SELL!

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  22. kingdave

    It is written in the stars with gold print: “TOTTENHAM WILL NEVER FINISH ABOVE ARSENAL IN EPL AGAIN”
    Even if spurs bring in messi and ronaldo, they can’t change their fate!

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  23. robin van persie

    Frimpong threw a grenade in a crowd of spuds and killed 30 Of them then the grenade went off

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  24. Alex

    Buy Ganso, Mvila and Sakho

    and if walcott leavs buy pedro and if rvp leavs buy jovetic

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  25. George ibude

    Djorou cant be sold because of homegrow rules. What arsenal really needs is not platoon of players but to keep the current ones and buy just Mvilla. The reason we finish 3rd last season was due to late recruitment of players that led to late blending and thus those early poor results and injuries to diaby,wilshere,sagna,gibbs and santos. Lets keep Rvp to the contract becuse by next season prince podol and gigi would have adapt to our system. Believe it or not,2012-13 is our year of at least one trophy due to the following reasons(1)we now have more expirencè players unlike before when our team were more of ‘boys’ than ‘men’.(2)i see wenger doing his best to win a trophy to catalyse Rvp to extend his contract next june and(3)virtually in every position we now have a reliable player and a capable substitue unlike before when our keeper was a joke and have only first eleven and thus very poor backup in case of injuries and suspension but the reverse is the case today,check this!-GK=szczesny,fabianski_now more expirence and less error prone,martinez: RFB-sagna,jenkinson,coquelin,konscieln: LFB-gibbs,santos,vermealen,coquelin: CB-vermealen,konscielny,metersacker,djorou,song,bartley,mvilla: DM-song,mvilla,coquelin,frimpong,diaby,arteta:BOX TO BOX MF-arteta,song,diaby,wilshere,lansbury: PLAYMAKER-wilshere,arteta,rosicky,diaby,ramsey,arshavin,eisfeld: RW-walcott,aoc,gervinho,ryodinho: LW-gervinho,podolski,ryodinho,arshavin:SR-rvp,giroud,podolski,walcott. Thats it,COYG!

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  26. Bob Dylan

    Tottenham freidel, walker, vertonghen, kaboul, akotto, parker, sigurson, van der vart, bale, lennon, adebawhore
    Arsenal scezney, sagna, vermaelen, koscielny, santos, song, arteta, rosicky, podolski, giroud, gervinho,

    Now if we dont sign a dm or attackin mid then our team will not be better than spurs next year if van persie and walcott leave, we need fresh blood, we can all kid ourselves and say our teams better than it is but there is work to be done believe me

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  27. Bolly

    Some people (BA) need to get real. Been a Gooner and hated Spuds for nearly 50 years but sometimes you have to be realistic. They have made some good signings and finished a point behind us last season. They won’t miss Modric as much as we will miss RVP. I Fu*king hate em, but fear em all the same.

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  28. clarks

    I keep reading about Ganso, Affellay, Lewis Holtby, M’Vila and Biglia. Has everybody forgotten about the pressing need to resign Walcott and i believe that Koscielney are in their final year of their contracts. They need to be resolved soon. RVP has but gone, but don’t worry. After Wright there was Henry, followed by Adebayor and then RVP took the role. We’ve got Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho and Park. All of whom could may well be the replacement. Finally, we need to sign a keeper (Lloris) to give competition to Szczesney and a few defenders, Debuchy as cover for Sagna and Yanga Mbaya for the centrebacks.
    It’s ok screaming for loads of attacking options, but our defence has been shocking at times, it needs a shake up soon.

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  29. gunner

    we need to buy:
    .Lewis Holtby – he said he would like a move to Arsenal
    .M’villa – all this stories about him are exagerated
    .Kevin Mirallas – the guy is fantastic, he is literally like ronaldinho or ronaldo but with less diving.

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  30. mungo

    Kosh has got 2 years left mate, same as song, their in talks now to get him to sign for 5 yrs, hopefully the get it done quick and then go about getting song to sign long term too, i agree we need to stop the rot now of winding players contracts down to a year and putting them in a position to get poached by others, lets just hope AW and the board start getting this sorted

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  31. yevhen

    if messi played for arsenal we’s win the league plain and simple. Walcott and podolski would just have to make runs while he plays the perfect through ball

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  32. mikegooner

    Sky sports reports Arsenal have agreed fee with caen for M’baye Niang

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  33. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Serious question, would you buy Squid and Denilson?

    Wenger might have to sell them to the Chippendales.

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  34. Patrickfoo08

    Man who the real dreamer we are doomed spur got a new n young manager he is full of idea he cant work av chelsea cause of all the outspoken players there at spur he will work wonder be afraid gunner it abt time spur is better than us that why jan joined them instead of us

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    vertagon off his head.we had troublesome start…spuds were flying last season….still they cudnt finish ahead ov us.
    next season we are stronger…

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  36. Patrickfoo08

    Dont forget it all cause harry is troubled by the court case n the appointed of england job that why he got sack n avb he full of idea porto won everything is no easy task n spur got good player

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  37. john verdal

    tottenham line up next season:
    friedel walker carvalho vertonghen ekoto parker sigurdsson
    van der vaart lennon bale adebayor.

    arsenal lineup:
    szezcsny sagna koscielny vermaelen milo m’vila arteta
    rosicky chamberlain podolski giroud

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  38. stephen187

    annoys me when spuds join in the “no trophies for x years” jibes..erm they havent won anything but a league cup in the last 20 years lol and we treated that as extra training lol such a big joke and talking about winning the league lol lol lol

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  39. mikegooner

    As much I hate those c*nts there actually getting players. There gonna be stronger this year. I wouldnt sit here and laugh at them while were losing our stars. Worst of all we prob wont even replace who we lose with equal or better talent.

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  40. Shah95

    Spuds!? Challenging for the title?!?!? Hahahaha…. Not even in a million years

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  41. CF

    Should sell RVP, sell mertesacker what a waste of money, buy a new centre half, (Mamadou Sakho!) A new midfielder like paulinho or use ramsay more often and leave it at that, we are panic buying, we got gervinho, miyaichi and the OX still ?

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  42. john verdal


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  43. Tyro

    if we keep rvp for another year he will turn 30 and his market value will decrease alot and he won’t be getting his 225k deal he will only be getting 160-180k cause of his age and if we keep him and offer him 130k he will stay cause no other club would give that much to a 30 year old and then we tie him down end of story(won’t get the respect)

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  44. Flavour

    It is time we all learn from the past and start believing in Arséne Wenger and Arsenal. We were hit with the worst kind of injuries last term, started from 17th and yet finished third. City won just with gold difference with all the money spent. In the past ten years Liverpool and Spurs have been spending more than Arsenal, they have been buying quality players and yet we are always finishing on top of them. This is a proof that big spending does not work. Man City won the league but they spend ridiculously and the winning was not outstanding. They were lucky the useless QPR Captain was sent off it would have been a different story.

    Yes the team is built around Robin van Persie so he shines. I think right now Arséne Wenger wants to expand the number of strikers so anyone can score in the box. The team made Robin and it is not Robin that made the team. Without the Arsenal style Robin is completely empty. I am not saying he is a bad player but he is as good as Arsenal made him to be on a game. He lost more chances than any striker I know but the scored the most goals because we create more than five times the chances created by Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, NewCastle and Spurs.

    Finally there is a financial squeeze in the country, families are having tough and rough time with the recession and Man City is spraying money like they pluck in from a tree. This is sad.

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  45. Olivia (not a girl)

    i think we arsenal fans aren’t doing enough to keep rvp. rmbr ac milan fans carried placards against d board for trying to sell Kaka to real madrid (though it didn’t work), but it shows how much d fans love u. lets storm d training ground to show our displeasure!!

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  46. Tom

    Until get rid of passengers and injury prone players they will win nothing,Diaby, Denilson,Squillaci,Gibbs,Santos,Mertesacker,Fabianski,Woolcott,Arshavin,Park,Vela,Bendtner, are 12 players who shudn’t be in the reserves let alone the ist team. Santos and Mertesacker can’t defend to save their lives neither can Gibbs

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  47. Bruce TongaBull

    Gudmorning…. I wud ratha we loose RVP fo free next yr than sell hm fo 30m ths yr. It can show our resolve as a club and no one wl b interested in hm next yr. Thn that wl act as a deterant to other players wanting to behave like that.

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  48. Tom

    If RVP wants to go let him go we have Chamakh wot a great buy that was lolol oooops almost forgot we have another worldy in Park do me a favour these 2 players wud struggle to get in Watfords team

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  49. Tommy_gunner

    Who knows this song by one republic? All the right moves in all the wrong places..yeah we going down. All the wrong freinds and all the wrong faces,yeah we going down.
    Everybody knows everybody knows
    where we going
    yeah we going down.

    I’d like 2 sing that song for verthogen and spuds by the start of the new season. Hope you sing along.

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  50. Big Gun

    Forget the spuds. We need to focus on beating City and United. Tired of this fourth place race. City, United, Chelsea have all strengthened their squads tremendously. Arsenal has bought a replacement for RvP and another good winger. But is it enough to clinch the title this time?? I still think we need strengthening in our defense. Our problem last season was not because of the lack of goals, but because of how many we conceded. What the heck happened to Chris Samba…Arsenal should have snatched him up. I think Wenger needs to bring Bartley back from loan too, and promote Yennaris to Sagna’s backup. I’m also still not 100% satisfied with the LB situation. Santos is more of a winger/LAM, and Gibbs is still work in progress. Hopefully Wenger does something about this before the season starts.

    Have a good feeling though a bout this season. With Arteta, Wilshere back in MF, and perhaps even RvP staying, we could have an outside chance of winning it.

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  51. Ben

    The way he acted with Ajax at the end makes me glad that we didn’t sign him.

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  52. Josh09



    Podolski/Chamberlain/Van Perise


    Diaby, Rosicky, Ryo Miayachi, Sahko, Coquelin, Walcott, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Affelay, Butland/Loris

    Likes ?

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  53. Josh09

    In fact loan Ramsey, Gervinho, Miyachi RB cover M’Vila/Song allowing Ganso to fal in place with Wilshere attacking mid with Podolski ahead of them.

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  54. JamesP

    personally I don’t think we should sell rvp yet, he has still got 12 months so why not keep him until january and sell him then, we won’t get as much but he will have to play we to keep clubs interested in him and we will also be able to make him ineligible for whichever club for the champions league for this season so if we keep him we will be able to use his ability as well as getting a bit of money for him and who knows, if we’re doing really well he may rethink his decision

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