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Which of these Barca stars would Arsenal fans swap for Bellerin?

One of the latest Arsenal transfer rumours is claiming that the Spanish giants FC Barcelona are offering three of their current crop of players to the Gunners as part of the deal they want to make which would see our speedy young right back Hector Bellerin go back to Catalonia where he spent his youth in the academy at La Masia.

The three Barca boys in question, according to a Metro report, are the Turkey international Arda Turan, the Spanish midfielder Denis Suarez and Rafinha, the brother of the Bayern Munich star Thiago who plays for Spain now while Rafinha chose the country of their birth, Brazil.

The deal is apparently for just one of the three players to be included as part of the Bellerin transfer, so what do you think? Assuming that Wenger and the Arsenal board are considering the sale of our Spaniard, which they probably are, would you like Arsenal to take one of the Barca stars and if so, which one?

I would say Turan as he has had the most impressive career so far and would seem to fit the mould of a typical sort of player we have seen under the Frenchman, but then we are also hearing about a bid for James Rodriguez and I am not sure we need both. What do you guys think?


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39 thoughts on “Which of these Barca stars would Arsenal fans swap for Bellerin?

  1. muff d...

    none of them
    we will give bellerin and 60 ..for neymar
    sanchez replaced! go to bayern an cuddle vidal

    arda turan is such a c***, says were a b level team then attacks a reporter for saying he was joining us

    pretty arrogant for someone thats a bench warmer.

    1. ArseOverTit

      He is arrogant for sure and I don’t rate him as a player but if you look at the facts like it or not we are a B team.

      Can anyone honestly say we are an A team other than in finance?

      1. ArseOverTit

        So Mr/Mrs I thumb you down. You forgot to leave your argument against the perception of AFC being a B Team?

        What makes us an A team then except it’s the first letter of both our club and managers names?

        Do tell..

        1. Frank

          UEFA Cup is a B team cup. Arsenal only have two world class players, Sanchez wants to leave and Cech is aging. Lacazette Is our best option at buying a good striker yet is behind Giroud in the French team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger was in Nice to get Mario Balotelli on the free.

          1. Frank

            Hahahaha see ArseOverTit, even I get thumbs down for stating facts. Looks like Super Mario is going to Dortmund for Champions League football anyway.

            1. ArseOverTit

              There is nothing you can say that will be acknowledged by the fully deluded Frank! Nothing!

      2. Janssen

        B team sounds condescending. Kinder way of saying the same thing and the truth all in one is we are simply not a big club making it difficult to attract big players (or keep them)

    2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      @ Muff
      Lol ?? As Bellerin would say ” Don’t Believe Everything That You Read” ?

      Turan attacked the journalist because of a story he wrote regarding a bonus disput during the European Championship, saying that the international team didn’t perform because they wasn’t paid any money.
      And it was nothing to do about him coming to Arsenal lol?

    3. funkyrith

      Turan is 30, and not a gr8 player. If Bellerin wants to leave, the only choice that is good for us Rafinha+50M or 60M net, he can be a good understudy for Santi for a year

      1. otiwito

        Turan is an example of the type of player Arsenal has been missing as we continue to have the same issues. We haven’t replaced the quality of Cesc, Van Persie, Nasri, and Rosicky except through Cazorla and that’s why we’ve struggled. If you think the Ox, Walcott, or even Ramsey are as good as Arda you are sadly mistaken. Barca’s seconds are still much better than most of our squad. Look at Alexis, our best player…used to be a Barca bench warmer.

        1. bran99

          he is 30, then how long will he play for us? one season? 2? we need a young talented Cazorla type of engine, not old unwanted guys by their teams

          1. otiwito

            Messi is about to be 30 this month, Cesc is 30, Luis Suarez is 30, and Ronaldo is 32…

      2. dragunov762mm

        How about “an eye for an eye”? Bellerin + 1 pounds to swap for Jordi Alba?

    4. Durand

      I agree, offer 50 million plus Bellerin for Neymar, if Barca doesn’t like it tell them 65 million for Bellerin; CASH now not over couple years. Otherwise they can F $$$ off; tired of Barca just walking in and always getting what they want for price they want.
      Besides please not Turan ever. He dissed Arsenal and talked down our club big time. Let him rot on Barca bench or sulk off back to where he came from.

      Barcelona should give up a big player for Bellerin, not offer up squad players for our starters.

      1. ucheclassic

        you are just funny Arsenal too got a good price from Barca on sanchez. just be honest for once.

      2. bran99

        Neymar is more important to them than a kid who goes up and down in his displays, MSN can’t be broken by just a young RG

    5. Dex

      Rather than 3 unwanted player. We better poach their La Masia acedemy. Give us 3 best player in La Masia and they can take Bellerin. With 3 at the back, Ox do the job better. We will have 3 next messi or iniesta or xavi. Mr Wenger know best to make them a player. We lost almost nothing.

    6. 268gunner

      now isn’t a time to be sensitive just respect the guys wishes because we praise Sanchez when he basically calls us a b team ny saying that we’re not ambitious enough aka a b team

  2. ArseOverTit

    I know his not on the list but we should try and get Lionel’s brother Mr Messy. Either him or Mr Happy.

    We need him in our lives!

  3. gotanidea

    I would swap Bellerin with Rafinha plus some money, because:

    – Bellerin has huge potential to be as good as Dani Alves, but he played like headless chicken wingback in the last season (still very quick, but released useless crosses without thinking to feint or cut in first).

    – Rafinha is one of Barcelona’s squad rotation player that played a lot, more than Turan.

    – Rafinha seemed to study Messi’s movements, just like Sanchez when he was in Barcelona, which could potentially replace Sanchez’s role in Arsenal.

    – Unlike other Barcelona players like Andre Gomes and Denis Suarez, Rafinha likes to play forward passes more (he doesn’t play safe like them), more aggressive, better dribbler and quicker.

    – Chamberlain, Niles, Chambers and Coquelin can compete in Bellerin’s position.

    – If Arsenal get some additional money from this transfer, they can use it to chase big name striker like Lacazette, Aubameyang, Mbappe, etc.

  4. princegooner

    You guys love rumors too damn much arsenal fans, if bellerin leaves then so be it, he just said we shouldn’t believe everything we read.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Yeah, I saw that hours ago.
      But again, it says don’t believe ??”EVERYTHING ” which could also mean that some of it is true enough to believe ??

      He could have been talking about the removal van outside his house, which was true ? but the story about it being there for his sister’s stuff could have been the Lie! ??

      Still none the wiser… Fabregas ♊️

  5. benjamin

    Please just check bellerin twitter account he just twisted that “DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT YOU READ” and am confident that he is staying

  6. Robin Vanpayslip

    Costa was a problem and disrespectful. Content used him to get what he wants and sent him a text message telling him to go **** himself and time to look for a new club. That is a star player and serious goalscorer that just got told to do one.

    Back at the Emirates – same happened to Wenger with Sanchez. Except Wenger is brown nosing and trying to him to desperately stay.

    That is the difference between a winner and a weak fool.

    1. dragunov762mm

      RVP new “smug face” fans? Whatever he’s done I never going to like him.

  7. Dex

    Neymar or suarez or Barca can forget about bellerin. He is our player for many years. Even if Bellerin push for an exit, we have Ox to do the job and Bellerin can go to U23 team or reserve for how many years he like to. But I am very confident with the attitude of Bellerin. He will not go against the club which made him who he is today.

    If we can convince Sanches to stay by giving him his asking money, move him centrally and try to get James Rodriguez to replace Sanches on the flank. Tadaa we will have a most dangerous front 3 in the league. We already have Kolasinac in our defensive side. Maybe just a stronger defensive midfielder to be added…

  8. 268gunner

    Wait til iniesta becomes a free agent and give him whatever he wants for whatever he has left, I swear that guy is a gift from god

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