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Arsenal Opinion – If I was Arsene Wenger….

If I were Arsene Wenger… By Ras911

Arsene Wenger - Justarsenal.comFellow Gunners, I personally cannot say I envy anybody’s life or lifestyle, nor do I wish to be somebody else as I love myself very much as we all should. However in the past two years I’ve had this lingering thought at the back of my head, wondering what I would do if I were Arsene Wenger.

Ever since I was a kid and started supporting AFC, I’ve been a big fan of Wenger and everything he did for our club in the past, as most Gunners would agree and held him in high regards. In recent years however, my admiration has slowly turned into frustration and anger even though I still respect and thank the man. If I were in his shoes right now I would feel shame and frustration because of the way he gambled with our club especially last year. Every single sentient being in the universe, except Wenger, knew what Arsenal needed to do to win the EPL, at least this season, yet Le Prof chose to gamble with our hopes and trust an injury prone and sometimes uninspired team to lead us to glory.

If I were Arsene Wenger I’d put my stubbornness and pride aside and listen to the fans and pundits alike. Even though he spends more time with the team than anybody, listening to and taking into consideration outside counsel and advice sometimes are qualities any leader should have. Some fans have argued he should do the honorable thing and step down after this season (and I’m beginning to feel the same way) but he won’t as he still feels he can take us further and doing so will hurt his pride.

Finally, I’d put my Rambo bandanna on, show no mercy and sell or release players who add little or nothing to our team then plan from now on getting good long term replacements and making the next manager’s job easier; he cannot let the club fall to ruins like Manchester United after Ferguson. I do admire the trust and confidence he puts in all his players, but he has to come to the realization that not all of them will live up to their potential. Walcott for example has been hit or miss for most of his career with us. He isn’t getting any younger and is paid astronomical wages for his one-dimensional football.

If I was to go on, I’d probably write a book about what Wenger should do and change this summer and next season since we all know he is going nowhere. I really do still hold the man in high regard and I will never insult him out of respect, but everyone should take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof in this case.

I do however fear that he will stick to his convictions as old habits die hard, use the same tactics, not address and fix the blatant cracks in the team and play the same players who keep letting him and us down.

I really do hope we see a new Arsene Wenger next season, I hope he wins us this ever so elusive EPL trophy, cements his legacy as an Arsenal legend and retire… but only time will tell.


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15 thoughts on “Arsenal Opinion – If I was Arsene Wenger….

  1. 007

    There is only one Arsene Wenger. Arsenal Legend and the best manager we have had. Revolutionized football in the UK and respected world wide.

    A man who deserves some rest after 19years of service and love for the club. A man who needs to retire to a villa in Paris or a beach in South Africa. A man who needs to kick his feet up, coach kids for fun and play beach soccer with the girls. A man who needs to enjoy his millions while being an ambassador of the club.

    They can only be one Arsene Wenger!!!

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          1. muda

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  2. damochy

    That Walcott dude really really winds me up…anyone remember the boy holding the club and Wenher to ransom over a new improved wage packet and his preferred position on the field?….well, he got both hos wishes, his pay package was doubled, and he has played in his preferred position upfront, straight through the middle, but has he delivered? NO..methinks its about time dude’s contract is torn up and he is moved on…and if that is not an option then his salary should be slashed by half and sent out on loan…..

  3. jonm

    I became manager of a good club and made them great.

    Then the club decided to build a new stadium amd told me that I had to qualify for the champions league every season whilst selling my best players. Then along came two sugar daddies and poured money in to two average clubs and made them great, and my job much harder. I persevered and every year still got in to the CL despite the club selling my best players, ofter to direct competitore. I looked forward to the day when stadium debt would reduce and I could spend money on players and start winning.

    Then, as the future started to look better, a shareholder took a majority stake in the club. He told me that he did not want to win championships, he wanted the club to be a financial success and make him money. He also said that that competing with the sugar daddy clubs was too expensive. My aim must be to get 3rd place to guarantee Champions League football but fourth place will be OK, and to get in last 16 of CL.

    Now the fans are blaming me for not winning things, they say that someone else could do a better job, they do not understand that “he who pays the piper calls the tune” and the tune is not “We are the Champions”

    Arsene Wenger

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