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Arsenal player ratings for QPR away – Coquelin MOTM

There were quite a few candidates among the Arsenal players for the Man of the Match award, for me, with Ospina, Bellerin, Giroud, Rosicky, Cazorla and Alexis all having big games but I have gone for Francis Coquelin because he held the team together as we needed to stay firm before and after taking the lead.

Ospina 7 – Did little wrong, made some good saves, punches and catches but I marked him down for not moving to save Austen´s shot.

Bellerin 7.5 – Seriously lively and a real danger with his pace and direct attacking down the right and should have had an assist when Ozil was pulled back.

Mertesacker 6.5 – Good return from the German, did nothing wrong.

Gabriel 6 – Still adapting to Premier League but did alright before pulling up and being subbed.

Koscielny 6 – Was generally good under pressure but was partly at fault for the QPR goal.

Gibbs 6- Very good going forward and worked hard but was also at fault for goal.

Coquelin 8 – You´ve got to love him. He was everywhere, never backed down, marshalled the team and also helped turn defence into attack. Keep it up lad.

Rosicky 7 – Struggled a bit to start with QPR pressing but came more into the game and tied them in knots at times. Lively and dangerous.

Cazorla 7 – What you would expect from the little man, involved in most things and getting stuck in when needed.

Ozil 7 – He is not a tackler but worked hard and oozes class.

Alexis 7.5 – Worked hard and gave QPR no rest all night but was not the sharpest up front until that wonder solo goal.

Giroud 7 – Struggled to get into the game for much of it but was willing and scored a real poachers goal.

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal player ratings for QPR away – Coquelin MOTM

    1. muda

      I agree too, but it was Rosicky who cross that ball which Ozil got pulled back!

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  1. Gunner

    y is gibbs being blamed fro QPR goal….he was in a catch 22 situation…didn’t know if should track his man on his wing…cos if he went straight to block Austins shot as well, then Austin would’ve passed the ball wide and same result.
    I tout Ozil was pulled back from TR cross not Belerin

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    1. YingYang69

      Because qprs top goalscorer and striker was the immediate danger who he happened to be in touching distance to before backing off to cover outside, thus enabling him to turn for goal. If giibbs stays on him keeping in mind that he wants to turn onto his right foot well then the striker has nowhere to go except his left side which our players had covered.

      Look i know its easy to say now but Gibbs should have been on him like a rash not allowing him face goal and on his right foot. I was also disappointed kos couldnt at least get a block in or even an attempt. Where the pass came from, our other players didnt cover themselves in glory there either.

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    1. Trudeau

      It was poor communication between Gibbs and Koscielny. Gibbs was right to cover the run on his outside but only if he was sure Koscielny was shifting over to cover. It’s such an easy game from the comfort of my armchair.

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    2. RSH

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      1. lee

        Incorrect. He is most definitely a better goal keeper than Szez. He makes more saves & has a much better saves/goals ratio. I feel we have a better chance in games with him in goal.

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  2. Budd

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    1. Jim A

      @budd I agree essentially OG made 15 tackles and won possession on each. That is what happens when Ospina or any ball is played in the air through the middle and OG holds or flicks the ball to an Arsenal player. If someone kept stats on this I would like to see them. I have a feeling that all the strikers he is compared to have maybe 1/10 of balls won in the air for his team. Its the part of his game that seldom gets talked about.

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    2. Grim Bligh

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    3. Twig

      Good question. What if Arsenal had secretly signed Messi just to play this game? That would be cheating wouldn’t it be?

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  3. Skandalouz

    I agree with (the majority of) the ratings, except Bellerin was MOTM for me. Definitely his best game of the season and proving that Debuchy will get a serious hard time in playing him out of the XI. Coquelin was immense though I dont want to take anything from him.

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  4. leo

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    1. Trudeau

      Van Persie and Fabregas both spent eight years at Arsenal. Just saying…

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      1. YingYang69

        While i thought the wales coach wrong and totally out of order as its none of his business how we train our players who we pay very handsomely. The one player whos career or maybe just Arsenal career was cut way too short for my liking is P Vieira, i remember at the time people praised Arsene as they thought the player in decline but he went and won titles in Italy so am not too sure. Also other teams would have got another season or two from Gilberto

        Ps @leo, i dont think you can blame persies grey hair on Arsene, the things people will use to beat Wenger over the head with.. amazing.

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    2. Budd

      Seriously? This is a MOTM/ratings discussion, wtf are you smoking? Fabregas was for 8 YEARS with Arsenal. 8 F UCKING YEARS ! Hardly “few” years. Gosh you are really retarded.

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  5. Bigvalbowski

    OT, but Kondogbia available this summer for $15M?

    Who would you rather have, Schneiderlin or the Monaco man?

    Kondogbia for me

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    1. YingYang69

      Are you going by that one match, because i must admit to not watching a full monaco game since before they where relegated, never felt the need to watch french football unless a cl game. We had them in the Emirates cup but you cant go by friendlys.

      Id rather choose the player we see week in and out, we know when Schneiderlin fluffs which is not all too often. Saying that however Kondogbia does look right handful and i wouldnt be surprised if he was as good as fans say.

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      1. Bigvalbowski

        Ive watched a few of his performances in Ligue 1 as well as the Champions League. He is young, but physically and technicially I find him on the same level with Morgan. I would even contend he has the higher ceiling of the two players, although you can never underestimate the significance of Premier League experience.

        Would love both. Lol

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  6. fred cowardly

    Good result. Totally happy whenever we win

    However, we will need to play a bit better away against United. Don’t underestimate them. I know RVP is out but Falcao and Rooney are improving. We have a better defense and defensive Midfielder but de Gea is an excellent GK. Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud will need to play their best.

    We can definitely win. If we can beat City we can beat United.

    And honestly it’s a MUST WIN if we want a trophy. A loss would almost certainly guarantee us a failed season

    United 1-3 Arsenal

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  7. Mick The Gooner

    Anyone see Jenkinson’s challenge on Costa yesterday? Decent…

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    1. Bigvalbowski

      I saw a few of his trademark crosses. Lol

      In all seriousness he has been very solid for the Hammers this season

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    2. fred cowardly

      I wonder if he will be with us next season

      He could be our 3rd RB and Chambers can concentrate on becoming CB specialist. (Bellerin is better than Chambers at RB and Chambers is better CB than RB in my opinion)


      Wenger could decide to sell Jenkison, keep Chambers as RB and perhaps sign another CB and LB

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      1. RSH

        3rd RB’s get no playing time though, even with the injuries we have. I’m wondering if Bellerin is our new 1st choice RB though. Unfortunate Debuchy keeps getting injured, but Bellerin has really taken the spot as his own. Unfortunately I think Jenko is going to be sold. There is no room for him, and we’re not selling Debuchy or Bellerin. Sell him to West Ham with a buy-back clause I say, so when Debuchy leaves we just bring him in.

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    1. Twig

      Whoscored has him as MOTM with 9.2!

      But thought he has only one assist…

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  8. misoko_gooner

    Agreed… Though next its Man United, oh my… We should beat Manure, #COYG we can do it.. Top gooner

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  9. leo

    avengers new trailer – people would look to skies & see hope I will take that away from them first this line suits more for wenger than ultron/james spider year after year we expect something outcome 3rd or 4th palce trophy

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  10. Brada b

    Yess they all had a good game im happy for our boyz but im not going to rate anyone yet because for me thats a relegation tm & they’re doing so poor right now , after the manure fa cup clash then ill rate the boyz , we always perform well against the small teams now is time to grow some serious balls & beat the hell out of manure when last we had a victory against them #COYG!!!

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