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Arsenal player ratings from Doncaster win – Wilshere MOTM

None of the Arsenal players on the pitch as we progressed to the next round of the league cup with a 1-0 win over League One’s Doncaster last night was on top form, but Arsenal did still dominate the game and deserved to win. Theo Walcott scored the only goal but I am giving my Man of the Match vote to Jack Wilshere after the midfielder looked impressive in his first start for the club in 16 months.

Ospina 6 – Busier than expected but was always alert and produced some good saves.

Holding 5 – Pretty steady on both sides of our back three but not entirely convincing.

Mertesacker 5 – Lack of pace and not as dominant as expected.

Chambers 6 – Looked good until going off with injury.

Elneny 6 – Busy, energetic, committed and good range of passing.

Wilshere 7 – Great return for Jack with flashes of brilliance like ball for Giroud’s overhead kick.

Nelson 6 – Not the impact we hoped for but decent game.

Maitland-Niles 6 – His pace was crucial a couple of times but a few mistakes in there.

Walcott 6 – Took goal very well and some good movement but could do better.

Alexis 6.5 – We know he can improve but getting sharper game by game.

Giroud 6 – Goal would have been a worldy but got frustrated and struggled as game wore on.

Dasilva 5 – Looked a bit nervous and nearly cost us a goal.

Iwobi 6 – Injected pace and threat when Arsenal were under pressure.

Willock 6 – Good cameo from the youngster.


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23 thoughts on “Arsenal player ratings from Doncaster win – Wilshere MOTM

  1. John Legend

    It was like a game played by combination unfit, unhappy, out-of-form, young and fringe players. Although, the attack was expected to produce minimum of 2goals more

    1. Shortboygooner

      I was at the game. Sanchez was shit. Shocking rating for him. He was messing up the play and tryna take on the whole team alone. Crap

  2. gotanidea

    So Wilshere and Ozil could get the MOTM just by showing “flashes of brilliance”? I think it should be given to the one that made it counts, because nobody really stood out.

    For example, Walcott, because he scored the only goal, despite the not-good performance overall. Or Sanchez, because he was the one that unlocked Doncaster’s defense with his vision, despite the horrifying performance at the beginning of the game.

    And Nelson deserved 5 or 4, in my opinion. He also lost the ball a lot and did not do anything to break Doncaster’s defense.

    When Chamberlain played in that position, at least he tried to wreak havoc in the opponent’s defense area. A good wingback should be able to cause disruption with their runs, does not playing safe all the time, but also does not neglect his duty in defending.

    1. tas


      if you watch and study the match again you will see Wilshere of the boal he was outstanding by holding his position well and creating space for himself allowing players to be able to pass the ball freely to him and by doing so he created a steeping stone for attack, he was also great at defending, in my opinion Wilshere could of done more but he was let down by some players who didn’t respect his ability if they had done it would of been a different game and score line , hope that will change soon and he will get the respect from players and fans 🙂

      1. John Ibrahim

        finally someone that actually see the game and analyses

        reckon his frequent injury has cause his confidence to be down a little

        hes usually more aggressive

        Hes very rusty tooo

        if Wilshere can get at least 5 or 6 games of 90 mins…he will improve

    2. Godswill

      Chamberlain? Is it the Ox to be sure? Please let’s get on. So happy to see his back. Even Chelsea fans were celebrating after Tuesday night game that they did not get him.
      I thought he was bad here but I had never seen him put up that kind of shameful display in our shirt except when he was helping his new team in advance. For what he did that day he shall continue in that form.

      1. jon fox

        It is clear that Ox, having left, has left many contented Gooners behind him being glad he has gone. Include me in that number. HE ALWAYS APPEARS TO HAVE DRIBBLING ABILITY BUT IT INVARIABLY ENDS UP GOING NOWHERE. He constantly loses the ball, often in dangerous position and his goals/ assists stats over 134 games is appalling. At 24 he is no longer a young player and as I always point out, if a player has not made the grade for sure by 23 he is not going to. Prime example of that being Walcott at our club. We have had that weed since he was 16 and he showed promise but nothing, except a huge fortune paid to him in unearned wages, has come of it. So glad we stopped Ox who was going down the same cul-de-sac to nowhere land.

    1. Kilted Gooner

      Agreed, we have no cover at wingback at all and unfortunately the burden is falling on 2 youngsters who deserve to be able to showcase their talent in their correct positions!!

    2. jon fox

      Based on Wengers’ notorious lunacy of playing so many players out of position , perhaps he could do the same for himself and get instead the position of tea lady(or man in his case). On that basis ONLY, I would gladly keep him and pay him minimum wage per hour. Though all the tea cups would be sure to be in the wrong place and the cups broken(injured). I reckon Elsie the tea lady(or whatever her actual name is) would do a much better job as club manager than Wenger. So bring your banners,” ELSIE FOR MANAGER”! PS. Wengers tea would be cold , stale and tasteless, just like his management.

    1. tas

      if the team we played was Spuds or Manchester or even Everton it would of been seen as great performance but it was only Doncaster 🙂

  3. The barrel

    Its Walcott who scored, a person hated by most Arsenal fans and coach. The argument is he does not track back, but Ozil is OK when he does not track back. Walcott does not miss in front of goals. Giroud needs at least 5 chances to score 1 goal. Even today I’m failing to believe when Arsenal sold Gervinho and kept Giroud. I really like attackers who can challenge defenders, not Giroud style of play

    1. Nothing changed

      I am not a Giroud fan. When he starts we often seem to struggle. He is too one-dimensional.

      He is great as a sub late in the game.

      Part of the reason I got so frustrated with watching Arsenal was Giourd. Like Henry said you will not win a PL with that guy leading the line. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for talented players like Sanchez and Ozil to have to play with a striker as limited and average as Giourd.

      Can you image the nr of assists Ozil would have if Giroud had a bit of pace? Or was a halfway decent finisher?

    2. jon fox

      Yes, I too miss that huge physical tank of a forward challenger, Gervinho. Nurse! This straitjacket is too tight!

  4. Sandeep

    Why so negativity it’s ok the team played was with players getting into shape, they all are not so gelled together Alexis still not clear with his mind.its ok.

  5. Shortboygooner

    Shanchez is a sulky baby and thinks he is messi. He was woeful. We could have been 3-0 up if he learned to pass

  6. Wolfgang

    Beating Doncaster -0 is nothing great.
    If they can beat any of the top 6 1-0,it would be something.
    As for Wishire being mom,it proves nothing unless he can do it week in and week out.
    WBA under Pulis are a well disciplined team.

  7. The barrel

    Wilshere played well in that game. Please let’s give credit where its due. Only Ozil fans are worried about his performance

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