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Arsenal player ratings from Red Star win – Wilshere MOTM

I was seriously tempted to make Olivier Giroud my Arsenal Man of the Match from the 1-0 win away to Red Star Belgrade, because his goal was a thing of real beauty, but the France striker had a generally frustrating night. Though we were favourites across most Arsenal betting tips and news sites, the same could be said about the rest of the team, however Jack Wilshere stood out and did enough to get my vote.

Cech 7 – Some good saves and always looked in control despite makeshift defence.

Debuchy 6 – To say he has not played in so long and in an unfamiliar position it was quite encouraging.

Elneny 6 – You could tell at times he is not a specialist centre back but did alright.

Holding 6 – Some good work and a few sloppy moments.

Nelson 7 – Nearly scored and keeps showing a promising future.

Coquelin 7 – Great to have him back offering defence good protection but booked again.

Willock 6 – Tidy in possession but needs to do a bit more.

Maitland-Niles 6 – Better defensively and looking more comfortable in first team.

Walcott 7 – Should have scored but good movement and key part and assist for goal.

Wilshere 8 – Didn’t always come off but a cut above the rest with his quality and vision.

Giroud 7.5 – A bit rusty but fought hard on tough night and what a finish!

subs: Mcguane and Sheaf – no time for rating.


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20 thoughts on “Arsenal player ratings from Red Star win – Wilshere MOTM

  1. Turbo

    Usually I find these ratings too generous, but actually agree with the bulk of these this time. Some small exceptions:

    Cech 8 – very solid and I saw nothing serious to complain about
    Walcott 5 – great header to Giroud, flubbed earlier chance, otherwise not the impact one might hope for

    Agree with Wilshere 8 or maybe even 8.5 – there were points where he didn’t have the impact one might have hoped for, but when the team was lagging he gave consistent energy and generally played smart, overall some great competitiveness, a few situations of very high quality control and seeing opportunities for teammates, fighting to win the ball back, but with no crazy reckless tackles or ridiculously ambitious headfirst attacks where he might hurt himself despite minimal possible gain

    1. Anko

      Am happy Wilshere is playing with a balance between crazy and sensible! He doesn’t have to go all out to tackle because there will always be another opportunity to get the ball! He played very yesterday.

      1. Break-on-through

        Yes I was impressed by Wilshere, but the level of our opponents must be kept in context. I liked that Wilshere was releasing the ball quickly, not rushed but he kept a good flow. He wasn’t going one two crazy always ending up with the ball and in roughly the same position as his first pass. He wasn’t dribbling till blocked or taken down, he released the ball a little wide and between defenders, it was much better he really looked mature. If it wasn’t for Wilshere I don’t think we could’ve strung over four or five passes together in midfield.

        Cech was really good, he was assured, brought a level headedness to our area. Elneny and Holding benefited from having him there, and some our younger ones line Nelson. Some big stops in the second half.

    2. gotanidea

      I concur. I think:

      – Cech was good.

      – The three central defenders and the two central midfielders did okay.

      – Nelson improved a little in the right wingback position. He still has to play more often there, if Wenger wants him to be good in that position.

      – Maitland-Niles has similar performance as Nelson.

      – Wilshere was spirited and showed good ball control. If he keeps playing with Sanchez and Cazorla, he could learn a lot more.

      – Walcott couldn’t get past the opponents and always lost the ball, as usual. Luckily he clicked with Wilshere.

      – Giroud’s skills and movements were very limited, as usual. But he finished a creative movement, so at least he contributed.

    3. neil

      I think its high time Wenger took a stand and said to Sanchez and Ozil either sign a contract or sit on the bench… theyre not the same players and their heart is not in it..
      There is no way we can win Prem League and unlikely top 4 … so lets get the young kids like Reiss in and let Jack play in Ozils position.. he is better defensively as well… focus om winning Europa League to get back in champions league and sell sanchez and Ozil in Jan and replace with eg Draxler and Lemar

  2. Napersie

    Walcott 7? Niles 6? Nelson and Niles were the brightest of the youngsters in the team, Willock didn’t impress. Walcott was poor as always 5 will be fair.

  3. Godswill

    I don’t know why Wilshere was not fielded in place of Ozil against Watford in the substitution.
    Wenger lost the plot. You can’t please contract rebels.
    If you’ve messed up during transfer period play the players that respect the club.

  4. tas

    Wilshere is our best player once Sanchez leaves but can he stay injury free?

    i suppose Sanchez and Ozil is to good for the Europa League

      1. GB

        Wasn’t fully fit whilst there and also wasn’t rejected. We wanted too much for him which they could not afford.

            1. tas

              injuries aside Wilshere is our best player after Sanchez and i’m sticking to that and not because of one or two good games he had recently, i have been saying how good he is for years

  5. leo

    the best thing in that match was wilshere and nelson, why does wenger always want to please players like ozil and walcot without putting the development of iwobi and nelson in mind…walcot would and always have a brain freeze during matches,i dont know about you but i dnt see any pace in this guy,lazy piece of sh** ,football IQ of zero…we need an upgrade pls..

  6. John Rambo

    Le coq will always get booked it comes with the job he has to do. Don’t forget Vieira got carded almost every match.

  7. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

    My team for next season:


    Holding Chambers Nacho

    Nelson Sheaf Ramsey Kolasinac

    Wilshere Iwobi


    That’s the right balance of youth and experience and technically great while physically strong.

    1. tas

      Ospina is not that good definitely not good enough for Arsenal and Cech all do he played well last night but his slowly losing his sharpness, we should go after Kasper Schmeichel because he will never get in to Man-United like his father as long as David De Gea is there

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