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Arsenal player ratings from Watford loss – Iwobi MOTM

Yesterday it looked like Arsenal would put in another of those performances we have see this season in which we are not in full flow but get the result. Unfortunately that was not to be the case and even though I blame the ref I have to reflect the result in my player ratings.

Cech 7 – Powerless to stop either goal. Otherwise good.

Koscielny 7 – Would Arsenal have concede that second or been under such pressure with him? Probably not.

Mertesacker 7 – Good goal and all-round performance but as captain should have rallied team at the end.

Monreal 6 – Did okay but not enough, especially after penalty.

Elneny 6 – Good work rate and shot just over but also predictable and not enough protection later on.

Xhaka 5 – Some good long passing but a lot of sideways stuff and not enough defensive nous.

Bellerin 6 – Generally good apart from missing great chance and then the fateful (unlucky) penalty.

Kolasinac 6 – Not his usual impact but did alright.

Iwobi 8 – Looked sharp. Worked hard and created well. Didn’t deserve to lose.

Welbeck 6 – Worked hard but struggled to have much telling influence.

Lacazette 6 – One touch in the Watford box tells the story. Frustrating evening with little service.

Ozil 5 – Brilliant vision and pass but should have scored and at fault before penalty.

Giroud 5 – Good dummy to free Ozil but looked badly out of touch.

Holding 5 – Not his finest moment off the bench when calm head was needed.


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21 thoughts on “Arsenal player ratings from Watford loss – Iwobi MOTM

  1. Tony

    off topic:in sky sports, NEVILLE telling mourinho how to win EPL title!!! those pundits lol

    on topic:wenger out

    1. gotanidea

      Bob has forgotten Wenger’s rating. For me, Wenger’s rating is 3 for doing the following things:

      – Does not change his obsolete system for more than ten years. What I mean is not the formation, but the whole management, youth development system, transfer policy and strategy.

      – Keeps using expensive players, even though they are not preforming. Other manager like Conte, Klopp, Pochettino and Guardiola would have benched the underperforming players, no matter how expensive the players are.

      – Does not set up a world class football academy, even after managing the club for over twenty years. Clubs with less resources like Monaco and Lyon produced better talents than Arsenal (Mbappe, Kurzawa, Lacazette, Martial).

      – Refused to step down or take another role in the club, even though he cannot offer more and cannot improve the team after managing it for a very long time.

      I hope Wenger can finally be realistic and see that his level is behind younger managers like Guardiola.

    2. Mm

      I think players should look at themselves in the mirror. They are paid weekly to compete in soccer matches. The manager may give them a game plan but ultimately they need to show some desire to compete. Nacho, Iwobi, and welbeck show that desire.
      Peter Chech is past his best. He can’t save penalties or one on ones

      I have one question for Wenger out fans: who is the ideal replacement. They used to say Ronald Coeman but looking at Everton im not convinced. Klopp also not doing well.

  2. Imran

    Everything looked shambles. When you set expectation this team always hurt and down us. When you dont expect them to win they play good. How many times did Cech has saved a penalty for us? ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is not good enough to be a top goal keeper. I think this year must be his last. We need a top class goal keeper. Need a Santi like Pjanic or Golovin. We also need a replacement for Per and kos. Lemar, Draxler and Suarez can fill positions of Ozil, walcott and Sanchez.

    We as fans must think about next season. Our season is over. We can’t win anything for sure like these sort of performances.

    1. Tony

      u see player like ozil,cech came here n became ‘not good enough player’. who is next?
      Wenger gtfo

      1. GB

        Any keeper that saves a penalty is 90% luck so stop with the rhetoric about him not saving pens. Yeah, Ozil should have scored but played some smart passes that others should have clicked with.

      2. Nero

        Lol lacazette is next

        Wenger may just kill his moral real soon, no one subs their main striker like Wenger does

        He’s goal tally has probably dropped sincee he’s coming bunder Wenger..Wenger sacrificing his potential for his French love child, Giroud

  3. ThirdManJW

    Words that you don’t associate with Arsenal performances: passion, responsibility, aggression, energy, accountability, effort, spirit, entertainment.

    I agree with Iwobi MOTM. I thought he was unlucky not to score, because it was a lovely Henry-esque finish, but a fantastic save. Whereas it was a p**s easy save from Ozil’s pathetic attempt!

  4. GB

    Scores ok apart from 1 down for Kos, 1 up for Monreal, 1 up for Ozil, 1 down for Laca and 1 down for Iwobi imho.

  5. Brain

    It is sad I am surprised at myself for even hoping. Wenger is done its now a question of how bad he is going to decline I.e if he does not resign. We have a good enough team for a tactically sharp manager, the club has to admit and gather its losses. Sack wenger#…lest he does the smart thing and resign.

  6. Kenny Rolfe

    You’ve gotta be joking with the marks you gave the players at the top of the page, 6’s an d 7’s and then 8 for Iwobe, what game were you watching, with scores like that we’d have won the game, I think more like 2’s and 3’s and maybe a 4 for our better players, although I can’t think of any, with a 1 for the Manager and 2 for the Ref. WENGER OUT

    1. jon fox

      HEAR, HEAR TO THAT! I COULD ALSO NOT WORK OUT WHICH GAME HE WAS MARKING. Certainly not the Watford game . Posting a ridiculous set of marks from fantasy land like these, just means the writer, Bob, loses all credibility for future articles.

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    I thought our best players were iwobi, Koscielny, Metsacker.

    I think we should have played Kolsanic, Holding or Chambers instead of Monreal in CB position

    Eleny and Xhaka looked very average. Ozil needs top players behind him in Central midfield like Cazorla. Otherwise Ozil looks bang average too.

    Our central midfield looked awful actually

    I blame Wenger for that. He should have got players like Goretzka, Seri, Carvalho, Matuidi, Veratti, Nainggolan, Niguez, etc

  8. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    That was easily the worst team Wenger has ever put out. We can blame the players but the question is how did we get here?

  9. jon fox

    What a load of nonsense is giving points/marks to this feeble , fainthearted team. The only points that MATTER, is the three we threw away because of COWARDICE.. And that is the right word.

  10. Shinoda_Kc

    My fellow gunners, the years of expecting big things from this club are long gone. We are riding on our history, but that also is looking bleak because we are creating a bad history. We should be behaving like a big team, but we have a bunch of losers all the way from top to bottom. Those ratings are a joke & for such a performance, none of them deserve anything above 4. We can’t keep blaming others for our losses. This is football, shit happens. We need to try & unite as fans to force Kroenke out because he doesn’t give a f*ck about the football success of this club. Just imagine where we would be with a passionate ownership. I can only dream.


    Cech 7? He never been near to stop one penalty as an Arsenal Goalkeeper and the fans thinking he is doing great job jajajaj

  12. Hide_TR07

    The ratings are way too generous.

    On the surface, we had a good run in the past month, but don’t be carried away, we have had the same problem for years: lack of motivation.

    Watford was the better side. They fought no matter what. I had a bad feeling when I saw Wenger and Bold laughing on the bench before the game, while Silva looked very focused, giving detailed instructions to his players.

    That’s the difference. Wenger can’t motivate his players. And, how many times have we seen our players playing without focus, motivation and desire to win? How much money do they need to get motivated? It’s a joke, just to think how huge their wages are and why we have to pay our money to watch those gutless performances?

    Question; how many of our players were in our box when Cleverley scored the winner? Just one, Mertesacker. That’s the difference.

    We are living in the past. Wenger IS the past. If you look around carefully, there are good managers everywhere. I think Silva is a young, promising manager, considering what he has achieved at Hull and Watford. We just don’t look hard enough, because, somewhere in our mind, we are afraid of change.

    It’s high time for the big change. Wenger OUT.

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