Arsenal players ARE fighting for their future

The most remarkable performance in an Arsenal shirt against Reading yesterday, for me, was Gervinho. The Ivorian was like a different player to the one we saw earlier in the season, after his initial spurt of goals dried up. Before the game, Arsene Wenger had suggested that there could be a number of players offloaded in the summer, and it seems like Gervinho is keen to stay.

“What is important is to look at how we finish the season, how well we play, and make the decisions about who we buy and who we sell at the end of the season,” declared Wenger.

“This will be influenced by how well we play in our last nine games.”

Wenger made a point of praising the performance of Gervinho after the win yesterday, which was not surprising given that he scored the opening goal and set up the next two. The difference in him was his attitude and decision making, and that must be down to Wenger, who knows what it takes to make a striker. Gervinho has always had good fett and technical skills, but often held it too long or shot when he should have passed and vice versa.

Wenger even alluded to his earlier statement in the post match interview, even though he dismissed the threat hanging over his forward. Gervinho must have been made aware of the transfer rumours and Wenger’s words, and he won’t be the only one. With Wilshere still not back for the next game at West Brom, Rosicky should get another chance to show he has still got it. Podolski will also feel he needs to finish the season well, as long as he gets the chance, and the defenders know that they have had their problems.

Hopefully, Wenger will keep all his players on their toes until the end of the season and ensure another year in the Champions League.

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49 thoughts on “Arsenal players ARE fighting for their future

  1. NickTheYank

    Podolski deserves more time but if Forehead hots up he won’t . I’m all for playing Podolski as a CF

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  2. mrinal

    podolski need to be sold
    for isco and gotze to come
    then next season for sure we will win a trophy

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  3. leo

    sell the likes of denilson,bednter,chammakh,santos,dojorou,diaby,mannone not podolski,gervinho + more players will be perfect

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  4. leo

    podolski should be sold why he is injured may need a surgery in summer he is quality player & isco gotze both won’t come it will be one of them

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  5. Aldo

    And then if Arsenal finishes 3rd or 4th, Arsene will say there’s no need to replace anyone..and Diaby will be like a new signing.

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  6. Jeff


    Don’t ask Leo. He doesn’t know shit. Just reads papers, who also don’t know shit.
    Leo hasn’t got a single transfer rumor correct. That’s a fact. Not sure why any one asks him anything

    One paper today said lowendowski, gotze and Lars bender are all coming in the summer. You know that’s not happening though if you use your brain

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  7. O2-Home kit

    Wenger telling the players they are playing for their futures is very smart thing to do.

    Fear always makes you perform better and it showed yesterday. Gervinho playing like a player possessed and Giroud who 9/10 would have blasted that pass by Gervinho over the cross bar into the crowd, grabbing his face and grimacing.

    He struck and hit the target with composure.

    (@admin ignore my post awaiting approval, I typed o2-Away kit instead of Home-kit, haven’t been here for a while so couldn’t remember name I used. cheers)

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  8. juhislihis

    One thing is for sure: Isco doesnt have s*it on Götze. Götze is miles ahead of him. We should do everything in our powers to get him.

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  9. leo

    @don isco i think gotze is holding out for a move to madrid/manure/barca i think isco looks likely cazorla/monreal are already trying to convince him told that we are also looking at thiago alcantra as well he would a good signing too isco + alcantra would be good espically with arshavin & rosicky leaving & reus too is an option dortmund are looking to sign wiemann of aston villa to replace either gotze or reus acc to sources

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  10. lol123

    gervinho needs to improve his finishing! he had so many chances yesterday and only scored on one his chances.

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  11. leo

    @jeff who said i am an itk or have inside source knowledge we are discussing transfer issues everyone asks one another this site is for that by the way i did get some things right told about walcott signing contract weeks ahead some guys like @mr lean knows that aks them or anyone else same with rvp to manure,song to barca it’s basic stuff nothing special

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  12. lol123

    why do you guys keep taking about isco and götze? the attacking midfield is our strongest position. We have cazorla wilshere and rosicky we do NOT NEED ANOTHER ATTACKING MIDFIELDER!!!

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  13. Syed

    Can’t wait for saint totteringham day this season!
    Spuds will always be in our shadow.
    There’s only 1 team in london. :-)

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  14. GunnerCPH

    Why are people talking about selling the best forwards we have? Giroud and Poldi are more than carrying their own loads (a combined total of 29 goals scored and created just in the prem). If anyone in the current setup beside the SCABD (Squid, Chamakh, Arsharvin, Bendtner, Denilson), it should be Forehead (although I’m warming to the idea of keeping him on as a squad player, to play back up to more efficient players).

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  15. Chief keef

    Leo you are fu*king retarded reus isnt leaving bvb HE JUST MOVED THERE you make up the shi*tiest rumors ever. Im gonna start spreading the stupidest rumors myself too and see how many people i can infect with these lies. Heres the first rumor: messi to real madrid i can tell i just can. Its like a god given power.

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  16. ardy

    Clear out all the dead wood, buy DM and move Padolski to the middle that’s all we need.

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  17. Popeye786Sailor

    Why do we always need to sell first b4 buying. All top teams keep squad depth. We can very well utilise less effective games to rest star players in less priority games.

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  18. leo

    @chief keef reus or gotze one of them may leave & wiemann is a target to replace them not sure who it comes relabile source bild they get’s it right 99% podolski,pep becoming bayer coach,sahin to leave lfc & join bvb they came out with this not me & by the way reus is an arsenal fan since he was kid who knows maybe he was the player we made that 30m bid in jan

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  19. snakeoil

    the fans, the critics, and the just plain sensible want podolski on the pitch. it is quite simple. you play your best players.

    after months of rewarding the underperformers (ramsey, verm, czesny, walcott lately, etc) while benching players with quality and experience (poldi, rosicky), wenger NOW decides that players must earn their way.

    where was that concept when wenger repeatedly benched podolski even though he was leading the league in assists and he often played ramsey instead, even though he was playing terribly at the time? (he is playing well now)

    wenger also overlooked rosicky even though he rarely has a poor game and outperforms some frequent starters

    why does wenger do the insane and then later say the opposite is important? why does he wait longer and longer each season before doing the logical? last season the turnaround started on 4 feb. this year, later yet.

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  20. ripple

    @leo: Don’t believe everything coming from wenger – he lies sometimes

    Poldi has not been badly injured and he has been very healthy his entire career. That is how you becometthe youngest european ever to reach 100 caps.

    He gets slight knocks like other players and wenger used this “injury” as an excuse to deflect the heat he has been taking for not playing one of his best players. The injury thing is pure wenger nonsense and you bought it.

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  21. mohawk35

    Ramsey’s best game this season by far against Reading. First time this season he impressed me.

    No wayward passes, no backpasses, no blasting the ball into the stands. And he always covered the open spaces. He is clearly more comfortable attacking from the middle as he had opportunity to do in that game.

    If he can start producing actual goals, he might have something there.

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  22. permagooner

    The difference between @leo and the rest of us.

    He reads the transfer rumors and instantly believes them.

    We also read the transfer rumors and just laugh or cry.

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  23. LP

    @Ripple hmmm……..even I have a feeling somethings happened between wenger and poldi!

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  24. ripple

    @leo: if you mention ten thousand transfer rumors, the odds are that one of them is bound to come true simply out of pure luck and guesswork

    i predicted wenger would make many stupid decisions this season – and i was right. am i now a genius or what?

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  25. angello

    Nice game by Gervinho. I don’t ever wanna hear about Rosicky’s departure. When was the last tme a player retired in Arsenal? Rosicky is a true gunner and a nice player, red and white should be his last jersey.

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  26. RSH

    Gervinho had one of his better games, by put nonetheless he was still just as frustrating and indecisive in front if goal. This could’ve been a higher scoring game had Poldi or AOC played. Never doubted gervinho was a good player but still not convinced he fits into arsenals style

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  27. sKeeza

    Yesterday’s news of the likes of podolski and sagna fighting for their futures just bought into the light that both players will be sold in the summer.

    No doubt poldi had written into his contract a clause that allows him to go if arsenal don’t make top 4, what makes me think he’s about to go is the fact he is not playing when he isn’t even injured. Almost like arsenal not wanting a potential sale to fall through due to injury.
    He is way better than what we’ve seen and should have been given a chance at top.

    As for sagna although he has shown fight recently I think the selling of fab, nas, van p then song is the straw that broke his belief.

    These are the players who should never have been mentioned when we have a mountain load of deadwood is really what gives it away.

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  28. leo

    not thousand i am sticking to us signing 5-6 players gk valdes striker villa + jovetic mf isco cdm capoue cb amoerbita & nicolas n’kolou that’s it said long ago but changes can happen like cpaoue has been playing poorly this season wenger might go for maxime gonaloans there rest are rumors but can or may happen

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  29. leo

    lukas podolski has an injury that he is been carrying from klon days he may need surgery he is not going anywhere it’s all bullsh*t rumors he will be one of our key players next season

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  30. Andrew

    Dortmund won’t sell Gotze anymore than Arsenal will sell Wilshere. Keep dreaming!

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  31. John Hannon

    Gervinho OUT OUT OUT, REMEMBER WHO WE WERE PLAYING YESTERDAY, eVERY TIME I SEE HIM WITH THE BALL i SHUDDER with fear, what will he do with it ?, fall over as usual!!
    Poldoski should be given a chance at centre forward.

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  32. Az Ahmed

    How can anyone criticize Podolski when he has not even been given a chance, neither up front nor on the wing?

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  33. shane

    I’m still not convinced by Gervinho. He made a lot of errors on top of his performance yesterday.

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  34. Jefflee

    TOP FOUR A MOST FOR ARSENAL: My advice to mr Wenger,play those player who re hungry to play,The likes of Gervinho,Rosicky,Sagna,Podoloski,Ramsey,Ox.I have my reasons,for Gervinho a bid is already on the table,he wldnt like to move,Rosicky deserves a first team shirt he wants to prove that.Sagna needs contract extension he has to convince Wenger,Podolski knows he is the best striker at Arsenal and he is hungry for that position.Ox needs England call up, his form at Arsenal justifies that.Ramsey is a blessing to Arsenal which pple refused to recognise,he plays any position on that pitch apart from goal keeping and he is ready to drop his last blood for Arsenal.Wenger try this players, they ll never fail u.TOP 4 OUR BIRTHRIGHT.

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  35. kron

    I want wilshere to have to fight to get back in the team. When you have players playing so well you dont want to disrupt that flow.

    Even tho he had a great game i was disappointed to see sanga get his place back so easily. Jenkinsons has had 2 good spells filling in for sanga and i hope arsene wenger uses him again before the end of the season. I think sanga realises he has to play well to keep his place tho.

    Glad to finally see rosicky get the full 90. Him and cazorla go together like peanut butter and jam.

    And the ox needs a chance while he’s in good form!

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  36. jay


    totally agree. just watched the game again, Ramsay was outstanding like you say.

    I’ve always been huge Ramsay fan, but i am the first to admit that his form this season has not warranted his regular place in the starting line up.

    Maybe, just maybe, Wenger’s loyalty towards the player has allowed him to play himself back into form. Hopefully he can now push on to be the player that we all expected him to be.

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  37. John

    Glad Wenger appears to be getting tough. . . . But this should have happened months ago. The ‘Invincibles’ were a team who fought for each other until the last second of every match , the famous Arsenal ‘back four’ literally ‘dared’ teams to try and score against us. For a few seasons now we have several players wearing ‘our’ shirt who just don’t have the fight when things get tough or not going our way.. . . Not real Arsenal players,but nevertheless, taking a wage.
    This deadwood has to be removed and replaced with skill and passion because it is negating what is being offered by those who are ‘real Arsenal players’.

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  38. always a gooner

    Iam sick of this wenger ….Gervinho played alot of games and improved his form …But why does Arsene doesnt give a chnace to Prince Poldi ……he is making us sick ……iam not sure whether Wenger will buy someone ..may be he wills ell pOldi and buy some other Average striker …..this economicvs prof is killing me …sorry to say this

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  39. ozed

    The levels of negativity on arsenal blogs are unbelievable! You just won a good game convincingly against a team man u only managed a lone goal against. Why are we working so hard to dilute this victory. In my view this team is practically a new team and has taken time to gel this season. Wenger just needs to replace players who have basically lost the will to compete for places e.g arshavin, schilachi et al and we will be pushing for a title next season. But in any event for us to even stand a chance the players must be supported by all real gooners not slated and second guessed at every turn.

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  40. Jathusanthegunner

    Arsenal will 100% surely get a top four finish because Tottenham have to play Chelsea , Everton and of course Manchester City. On the other hand Chelsea have to play Tottenham , Liverpool and Manchester United whilst Arsenal only have to play Manchester United . If we win Man U (more like Man’s poo) we have the faith that Arsenal will get a top four finish . In my opinion Arsenal and Tottenham will qualify for the Champions League whilst Chelsea slip up .

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  41. akie

    everyone needs to fight, vermaelen is doing that, szcznsey is doing it and players like rosicky and oxlade are doing it too. one thing is wilshere, he is amazing, our hope, our warrior. he is the new Mr. Arsenal. but he must have to fight for a place when hes back. its only fair. since hes been gone (its just a coincidence, we werent on poor form because of jack) we have been a lot better because we have to be! so when jack is back he should have to fight for his place too.

    hopefully in January wenger will bring some players that will make the regular starters start to think, jenkinson has done this with sagna, and verms payed the price.


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  42. ger burke.

    okay , i think it is safe to assume that dear dear leo is on mid term break from school , he is busy on here again , and it always seems to be either weekends or midterms that this amazing writer who always gets her facts right seems to come out of the woodwork . i bet leo will say before she goes back to school that we are going to win something or other by the end of the season , she is a romantic at heart really , bless , lol .

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