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Arsenal players with bad Christmas cracker jokes (Video)

This is an excellent Christmas video from the Arsenal Youtube channel where they gave the Arsenal players a pile of Xmas Crackers and made them tell each other the awful jokes to see who laughs first!

It was a great idea from the club and a lot of them are actually quite funny! Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal players with bad Christmas cracker jokes (Video)

  1. Lola

    Sorry to spread some negatives, but came here after a long time to remind you wengerites how WRONG you are….the following prediction was done by me a long time ago.

    September 9, 2017 at 5:41 am

    next match Arsenal (Bournemouth) will draw or win. Next 5/6 matches Arsenal will win convincingly. In the meantime utd/ city will win most of them.1st Arsenal disaster time is Decemember 20 to january 1st. Next disaster month is march. In April Arsenal will ne 15 to 20 points far from united.
    Repeat the cycle next year, replace utd with city/chelsea/liverpool.
    Repeat the cycle until Wenger passes away naturally.
    So you see, you can tell future when you know WENGER is gonna manage for tje forseeable future.

    1. GB

      Happy Christmas, you miserable tosser!
      Admin tries to cheer us up and along you come with your doom and gloom. Bet you were a riot at your Christmas party.

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