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Arsenal in £14m bid to give World Cup star his DREAM transfer

It is being reported that Arsenal are set to beat a whole host of rival clubs to complete the summer transfer of the very highly rated Mexico international Hector Moreno from his La Liga club Espanyol. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that Arsene Wenger is ready to give the central defender his dream move, as reports from Spain claim that Moreno has made it clear that he wants to play for Arsenal.

According to a Metro report, the Arsenal boss is now ready to place an offer of a little over £14 million for the defender, who missed six months of football after breaking his leg playing against Holland in the knockout stages of last summer’s World Cup finals.

Apparently Moreno has been watched carefully by the Arsenal scouting team for well over a year. They clearly like what they have seen and with over 50 senior international caps, three years in Spain and three years in the Dutch league with AZ Alkmaar before that, you would hope that the 27-year old would not take long to adapt to the Premier League.

But if we do sign this centre back, who do you think he would replace? Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gabriel and Chambers give Wenger four to choose from, so has the boss got different plans for any of them?

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal in £14m bid to give World Cup star his DREAM transfer

  1. G-Rude

    It just has to be Per. I think he has a wish to return to Germany where he is appreciated.

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    1. SaveArsenal

      It’s quoting the Metro FFS!
      Dead article, waste of internet.

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  2. Gunman

    There’s only room in defence if we decide to let BSG (Big Slow German) go but I think Arsene will stick him for at least another year.

    Don’t mind seeing him stay but rather see him on the bench, think he can be good backup and be a good influence on the team.

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  3. YingYang69

    I dont see us targeting this player as i think our next defender will be one with an eye on future. Wenger is happy with our three senior defenders so think next one will be early 20s, myself i wouldnt say no to an experienced top draw player coming in but just dont think that will be the way Arsene goes.

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    1. fireworks

      Why would wenger spend £14million on hector moreno when fabian schar will be available for free at the end of the season.

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  4. luvdaguns

    thought I was watching Olympic diving, turns out its Madrid v Athletico… anyways lets lighten up on Per, our defense is playing very good of late, Per is a very goid, classy warrior for the Gunners

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    1. northbankgooner

      There’s more rolling around in this game than a toddlers tumbling party FFS!

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      1. luvdaguns

        i just looked it up, chicharito in spanish means “green diver”

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  5. northbankgooner

    He replaces no one for the moment, just strengthens squad.

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  6. davidnz

    Another CB would be welcome.
    But depends on the health and form
    of Koz and Mertz. May be Koz will
    under go surgery in the summer?
    We still have Gabe and Chambers.
    Hayden and Jenkinson also available.
    How Gabe plays v Chelsea may well
    decide things.
    Another DM is more important.

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  7. Mick The Gooner

    If we were going to buy this guy, we wouldn’t have bought Gabriel in January. But we did sign Gabriel, and to me Gabriel looks at top centre back. Not too comfortable on the ball by the look of it, but as a defender it’s what you do off the ball that’s most important, and he seems to be great at that. Also he actually looks like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with, unlike Kosc and Per. He’ll add some fear factor to the defence.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      @Mick The Gooner
      I think Kos is an evil lookin soma btch. Him and Flaming are the meanest mofos we got…

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    2. jonestown1

      Mick – I have no doubt whatsoever that Chambers was bought as a CB as well – so AW has spent £27M on CBs in the last year. I cannot see any way that he will be splashing the dosh on more CBs this summer. I also think that CC doing some apprentice work at RB will pay dividends when he moves to CB. IMO he is the best all round footballer (technique, control, passing etc) of the 4/5 CBs we have, and would be a good foil to the more basic warrior type that is Gabriel.

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  8. luvdaguns

    maybe we finally get our replacement for TV5… wengers just a bit slow to react

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  9. haywill

    i want atletico madrid to win cuz i dont wanna see ozil sad seeing madrid win the champions league back to back just after he left 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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    1. fireworks

      They won’t win the champions league. I think barca will win it due to the sheer brilliance of their strikeforce. Even on an off day they still manage to score about twice. And the there’s bayern at the allianz arena. Teams have been getting ripped apart there (porto and shaktar).

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  10. haywill

    and thats because i love ozil no homo i always support him even when many arsenal fans criticize him because i always believe hes a good german 🙁 🙁 🙁

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  11. haywill

    and he works hard in the gym he also has cool tattoo ill have one like his someday when we win the champions league only tho…. 😉 😉 😉 😉

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  12. NY_Gunner

    OT****If we had done Monaco, we would be going to the semi’s of the CL…IJS

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  13. HA559

    We could’ve easily been into the semi final if our players didn’t go gungho in the first leg.

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  14. davidnz

    Arsenal Chelsea Man Utd
    Liverpool Man City Inter,
    Milan Athletico PSG Monaco
    Porto Valencia Dortmund
    Schalke plus 3 of the semi finalists.
    Only one team ever wins each year.
    Is Arsene right when he says last 16 is enough
    and that it’s too expensive to seriously compete
    for the ECL when only one team wins?

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  15. Andrew AFC

    We are not going to be one of the seeded teams next year if we go through to the UCL.

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  16. Ronny331

    Per out and moreno in simple! @grude. Back to Germany where he’d be appreciated, really?! Let’s tell it like it is Per would struggle in any PL side maybe even championship side. His height is all he now has to offer and with this it relies on an element of luck in the ball coming near to him as he’s not quick enough to readjust his body shape/position etc. I like the guy but other team mates are covering/carrying him.

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    1. jonestown1

      Don’t buy that for a second. Have you ever watched Kos without Mert? Do you recall any of our CB pairings since the break up of the Invincibles? Kos and Mert have been our best CB pairing over the past 10 years. Kos doesn’t lead, talk, organise – Merts does that for him and brings out the best in him.

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    2. truth

      I’m sorry but that’s just dumb. So you’re saying a world cup winner that has over 100 caps for GERMANY is just lucky. Every teams he’s gone to he’s been a starter. Cmon man really !! I know the guy is not the most spectacular of defenders but you’re comment is just dumb

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  17. bigperf

    Wenger has said himself he won’t be signing anyone who’s reaching their 30s as we have a few of those already and he wants to mix youth and experience. What you guys think of Hayden making the step up? Remember seeing him in the Emirates cup and he looks very comfortable on the ball and very strong!!! Exciting talent I think

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  18. GoonAR

    I would welcome him to the team but we need to strengthen in other areas first and would be angry if we didn’t go after quality players at the DM and LW/ST positions.

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  19. Ronny331

    I’m glad I whipped up a bit of discussion through my slightly provacative comments.
    However I do accept that Per WAS good, and DID justify his caps for Germany.
    Jogi Low dropped him in the world cup after he was horribly exposed in a game.
    His form is in the past and we need to be looking at the present and the future.
    Per’s legs have gone and he generally and widely known as a weak link to be targeted by opposition.
    If Kos needs a leader next to him then let’s buy one, but a player that can run faster than BSG, (Big slow German).

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