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Arsenal ready to spend big says Wenger!

Arsene Wenger has been asked plenty of times recently whether he would be adding players to the Arsenal squad in January, and his response has usually been along the lines of, it’s too early to say, I don’t want to make any rash moves etc. That seems to have gone out the window, possibly because he has now been promised enough money and has got some players lined up. Wenger has revealed that the economic hard times for the Gunners are about to become a thing of the past, which will be music to the ears of Gooners everywhere.

“We have gone through a period where we had restricted potential, financially. (had, not have)

“(That happens) when you move into the new stadium, but we have come over that period and now hopefully can be a bit more convincing (with transfers and contracts).”

We know that Wenger keeps a United front for the cameras, but the players looked like they had been given some harsh words before yesterday’s game. Maybe Wenger laid a few things on the line to the Arsenal board as well, I hope so. Along with some potential additions in January, Arsenal are in the process of securing the services of the young talent, like Wilshere, with long term contracts.

Wenger believes that the future success of Arsenal lies at the feet of the core of young, talented players who have come through the ranks.

“When a club gives a chance to young players, somewhere the players must say `let’s do it together` because, if you educate players, at some stage fate is in their hands and they must want to win together.”

Wenger may have been having a dig at some of the former players who he educated, only for them to abandon his Arsenal vision, such as van Persie and Nasri.

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89 thoughts on “Arsenal ready to spend big says Wenger!

  1. leo

    i hope so cause we desperately need it wenger’s moneyball isn’t workin anymore & we need to spend

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  2. gooner

    no guys stay in reality… we wont buy an TOP player… Mark my words, we will get good players but nowhere near players that chelsea,city buy

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  3. medhane

    lets be harsh and loving to our club that seems to work atleast for yesterdays match. and we heard this cos last trnsfr window we talked toooo much and waited till the end but nothing we lost 2 great players where by with them we could be at the top of the league. but any way lets focus only on replacing vanpersie and song and a hard tackler on our defence.and a cheap midfielder like isco b/c diaby and ramsey are not worth it.not forgetting a great real winger cos i dont want yao to be back. remembring podolski,walcot,giroud as strikers

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  4. raquel

    I don’t think anything special is about to happen in january maybe huntelaar if wenger has 8 million

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  5. jamaican gunner

    most big name players are cup tied for the champions league however we dont really have a team good enough to push for that this season so any new additions would really help our premier league push ,as long as we keep our top players and add some quality we should have a formidable line up for the rest of this season and next season as well

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  6. Londoner

    Top four before christmas. Top of table at the end of the season. Clearly bcoz of the impact of the impact from the january buys. thank you mr.wenger.

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  7. Maverick

    This will not happen until the summer…….mark my words, and then he will spend big. A couple of reasons for this.

    1. The new emirates deal although front-loaded doesnt come into effect until next summer from what i heard so the extra 30m is off the table for Jan.

    2. Jan sales are not really the time for wenger deals unless there are decent players coming to the end of their contracts and as wenger says (and it is true) jan buying is a signal of desperation for most so all of a sudden a player that should be going for say about 10m will be charged 25m for because clubs hate losing players mid-season especially if they are good quality and are vital to their seasons………for that matter summer is the best time for decent deals.

    I am not saying NO business will be done in Jan apparently we have a new defensive player in already called Sunzu and this is the guy that dominated Drogba in the ACN for Zambia….he is a brilliant player and scores a lot of goals too…….might be others too but dont expect anyone hugely impressive which is a household name just yet!!

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  8. leo

    Villa is available for transfer. He doesn’t want to stay any longer if he can’t play centre forward. £10m will get him acc to spanish media what’s with everyone wanting to play as cf these day’s heard arsenal are interested

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  9. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner for around £40 million

    IN: Vorm, Baines, Yanga-M’Biwa, Capoue and Huntelaar for around £50 million

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  10. gooner

    Wenger snubbed by France: Arsenal manager doesn’t even make top 10 of French PFA awards equivalent

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  11. leo

    cup tied what about llorente/adrian lopez/zaha/kuzmanovic/sissoko/capoue how many are we going to get we are definetly in for a striker besides even if we buy a cup tied player what’s wrong i mean it’s not like we are going to win the cl

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  12. cooleddy

    AW will surely sign up players come january. I’m sure that even he is alarmed at how we have become so below average. My advice would be get us a DM,an AMF with at least cazorla’s quality but quicker like willian and an intelligent CF.

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  13. mo

    EL SHARAWAY will be the answer for arsenal as a striker. he can be better then rvp for sure. or maybe jovetic 20m

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  14. leo

    Huntelaar missted 13 clear-cut chances this season, more than any other player in Europe’s top 5 leagues

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  15. philthompsonsnose

    Believe it when I see it!!!!!
    AW never spends big!!!
    We can expect more mediocre and potential child prodigy’s!!
    We have more chance of winning the CL for the next 20 years in a row than AW spending more than 30m on a player!
    You can always dream…

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  16. Gunnersince15

    Please Arsenal stop messing about and get Theo signed and stop pretending that we are about to get some wonderful player, from elsewhere. Theo is ours now and I would like to think he will still be ours for years to come.

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  17. dboy

    I saY clear out deadwood 16 players for around £4m each gives us £64m. Youngsters such as Gnarby, Eisfeld, Chuk, Mayachi, Campbell should be drafted in. Reinforce by signing DM LB in Jan. Challenge for at least third place and FA cup. Do some serious signings in summer when best players are available. With sale of deadwood plus £70m made available, we should have more than £100m to spend than make some serious signings.

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  18. ken

    Arsenal would have atleast £50-£55 mil to spend this january and its not reliant on naming rights of the stadium and Kit deal with addidas/nike but this is from players sale from season back, With that money get Strootman,Shurrie,Adrian/Mbiwa and we are good to go in Securing a CL spot and then in the summer get Leandro Damião,Benat and a RB and we are good for seasons to come.

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  19. Dan

    I wonder sometimes how many scouting reports Wenger has dismissed over the years because we haven’t had the money.

    If we’d had money to bring in new talent. We could have kept players such as Hleb, Flamini, Nasri and RVP, by giving them big contracts and probably would have had 1 or 2 league titles in the last 7 years.

    Oh well, thank you nice, big, shiny stadium, you’ve turned us in to a Champions league side and Champions league side only.

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  20. Moses

    I’d love to see us cut some deadwood form the squad and then start to replace them with a few useful players.

    I think we’ll only buy a max of about 3 players in January, Wenger has usually done quite well when buying in January, so it’s encouraging to hear that he will be active, and with a couple of soon to be out of contract bargains possibly out there like Llorente, we could get lucky.

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  21. Gunner

    I get the feeling Wenger is going to ‘spend’?? Why? Because everybody is right, whenever he is asked about spending he always gives a conservative response. This time he himself is saying he has ‘more’ money to spend. That to me indicates a change? We shall see.

    I’ve not seen him play but Strootman sounds like the ‘type’ of player needed? Scherrer would be good too! Looks like TW is moving on so that means a right wing spot will open up, rumors are Zaha, Nani, or maybe Scherrer. Sorry I dont think Nani is good enough! Zaha who knows? Has anyone seen Strootman play. Scherrer is a goalscorer doe he do that from the right? If so then he might be the best choice with Walcott leaving town

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  22. Dom

    There is definitely no reason what so ever for the club to spend big in January now we have finalised new sponsorship deals. We are now earning more than Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool so there is no exception.

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    The Saying Smoke and mirrors comes to mind every time Mr Wenger opens his mouth. Take this latest article with a pinch of salt.The one sure thing is Walcott will be sold.

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  24. Gunner

    Sonzu the Zambian International can play at either Center half or DM, there are rumors about him moving to Arsenal. He is young and supposedly up and coming?? He is he on the cards?

    I am not in the Huntelaar corner at all, Arsenal need goals yes, and they need someone to replace TW because it looks like he just isn’t going to stay

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  25. Spendah

    My Dream January: Falcao, Gotze, Fellaini, Baines
    What I’ll probably get: Huntelaar, Henry and some random youngster nobody’s heard about.

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  26. Invincibles nice (1)

    I also think the dig part where aimed at Walcott, in suggesting he should want to achieve alongside his compatriots who undoubtedly have great potential/abilities.

    Its great to hear we have finally turned a corner concerning transfer funds, all we need now is for our board to abolish this measily wage structure. Its mad to think that liv can pay there stopper one hundred and ten grand a week and even Sahin chose them because the Arsenal could not rival liv offer, sounds crazy considering.

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  27. Kurdi

    What was the point of moving to Emirates Stadium?

    We were told it would bring in big money, make us an even bigger name and help bring in players.
    I was still opposed to it at first, but that was because of Highbury and nostalgia.

    However, those things that were supposed to happen did not! In fact, the opposite did. If we didn’t move, we would have more money to spend, a proper board who brought top players in and kept the ones we had. So what the stadium wouldn’t be as ”grand”? I loved Highbury and we were a much better club there. Hopefully these financial hard times are truly over at Arsenal and the board really does do some positive things.

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  28. RT

    Please ARSENAL can we aim a bit higher than Huntelaar. I rate what he’s achieved but he has flopped at most big clubs he’s been at, does nothing on the pitch but the occasioal goal poach – too similar to Podolski’s playing style.
    So we need a new striker DIFFERENT to Giroud

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  29. RT

    And also Zaha is SO overrated – he plays in the championship fgs! Sterling is better and might be on his way out – I hope to god we do get rid of Gervinho et al though and do get a proper winger though, my hope is we get Isco as the offensive talent – he’s deemed the next Fabregas & pals with Santi!

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  30. Nick

    I’m hopeful of some well placed quality players in Jan to fill the weaknesses in our squad. I honestly don’t think we need that much as long as those we have keep playing like they did yesterday! Even though Reading laid down in the first half we still kept it on them. JW10 was immense on and off the ball and I want that effort from every player out there every game!

    First things first is players have got to be sold. Rash avian, Djourou, Chamakh, etc have to be off the books completely before we have room to bring in the players we need.

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  31. Kurdi

    I do not know much about Sunzu, but fans are always complaining about bringing in players from weaker leagues saying they can’t hack it in the premiership, now we are saying to sign a guy who plays in the Congolese league. He has only played in Congo and Zambia’s leagues. He went on loan to a Frencg Ligue 2 team and made 0 appearences.

    I am not saying he is a bad player, but he doesn’t seem to be the replacement we so desperately need!

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  32. Mr Munchion

    just a few weeks or even days ago a lot of us were gunning for Wenger, some of us even wanted our side to lose to make Wenger see that we need some world class coz he took out and never put back in! But, this is destroying us, every true Arsenal fan must be hurting right now!!!

    it’s sickeningly obvious, we need some world class!!!
    We need to create a platform to attract the likes of Gortze in the summer… we really need to be smart in this forthcoming window!

    I read an article that we would go for Gustavo that Bayern DM player, I think that would be sound coz he’s quality, plus a quality “mobile” CF & a LB… we just need quality!

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  33. josh09

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson,Arshavin, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner for around £40 million + Loan Ramsey to Premier League side

    IN: Butland/Vorm/Reina, Jetro Willems, Yanga-M’Biwa, M’via/Wanayama and Pato + Ba for around £50 million

    In summer buy Zaha + Gotze

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  34. Ali

    El shaarawy or Javier hernandez-wants to leave united, Fellaini, Dani alves and Christian erkisen + a defender. These players would make the team much more stronger.
    I think all the useless players should be sold like Chamackh, Gervinho, Squillaci, Ramsey and more.

    I heard arsenal are thinking to buy liverpools keeper reina, i hope he does NOT come.

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  35. josh09

    Actually I’d keep Mannone as he has some promise an is young, we coul loan him into the prem if we sign Reina

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  36. vinie2000

    After carefully watching the reading game i still keep my opinion that a DM ( tackler-physical-intimidating )is A MUST..arteta did tired after 60 mins and we lost the cover in the middle..he was just jogging instead or rushing..he did an awesome job but it is easy to see how much wear him off..if this happens against City-Chelski-pool or Man Utd we will be in great M’VILLA ( get him free on loan til end of season with a buying clause ) is my choice since the season started…the formation was excellent as attacking minded but the big ones will exploit it so other choices are Yanga-M’Biwa (12m ) , and Huntelaar ( 8m ) = total spend 20 millions max really believe this is the main CORE to reach even 3rd and a decen run in the CL

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  37. Billy

    No way! This is bullshit!

    1 unknown senegalplayer is on his way in, thats it!

    If Wenger buys any real quality in january it’s because we the fans, had put pressure on him!

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  38. josh09

    Demba Ba has a buy-out clause of 7.5 million and David Villa wants a move to the premiership with Arsenal and Tottenham interested, he’s currently taking English lessons.

    If we bring in strikers it should be one or both of the two mentioned to give our squad real depth and quality upfront. In midfield Elsharaaway is a talented winger that we should be so that Walcott can play upfront whilst Elsharaaway and Chamberlain play the wings. My ideal player in midfield would be Fellani/M’vila both have the energy and drive to solidify our midfield but M’Vila cheaper and younger. Diame is my last option. In defence M’Bwia and Jetro Willems

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  39. ks-gunner

    u do not have any idea man …edinson cavani ….and mvila falcao aint cup tied….as for el shaarawy and geotze …its stupid to consider them as possibilitesas as both of them do represent theyre clubs as club main players….

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  40. AFC

    We need to get a bit more realistic, Falcao and Cavani mate? Not saying we won’t sign anyone but understand the market before making claims like that

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  41. Big Gun

    Who in their right mind would even want to come to Arsenal? Maybe youth keen on developing their game…and has beens…but nothing near the caliber we need. The only way players will come is if we offer them decent, competitive wages and signs of ambition to win trophies.

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  42. Carlos

    Cavani Falcao Neymar Suarez Fellaini Bale:P many more big players that wouldnt be cup tied

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  43. The Messenger

    So f***in excited! Loic Remy wants to be a Gunner! Sign his French ass up

    Realistic January Picks:
    Loic Remy
    Jetro Willems

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  44. Darren

    Being “ready” to spend big only means that you will “if” the right player or opportunity comes along. Otherwise…. you won’t spend big at all.

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  45. gunnererkid14

    Strootman/Fellani17-20m to replace diaby, Isco 17m to replace ramsey, and Cavani 30-35m cause we need a world class striker! If walcott leaves maybe ben afa woukd prefer navas only ge wont sevilla because gets home sick. However if reak madrid buy bale, di maria would be a great option!

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  46. aaa

    Problem…..gilles grimandi is our chief scout!….terrible player and terrible scout! Id like bergkamp to pick our players, not grimandi.

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  47. Joshua

    Hopefully in January we sign:

    -Luis Gustavo or Ettiene Capoue
    -El Sharrawry
    -Demba Ba
    and if we sell walcott, arshavin and chamakh even go further to buy isco.

    Everyone of these players are attainable and every one of them are not far from beeing wolrd class or have the potential to become wolrd class these signings would not only transform our team into title contenders for following seasons. But also give us a great chance of winning the F.A cup THIS YEAR and end our Drought COYG!

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  48. Joshua


    —————–Arteta—-Luis Gustavo————



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  49. dalinho

    CB Sunzu in Djourou out
    RB_Aurier in Sagna out
    DM Gustavo/Diame/Wanyama (either 1 of em) Diaby’s injured
    LB Promote Meade n Angha get Santos out
    RW Zaha/Sterling in Gervinho out
    My dream buy
    ST/LW Shurrle

    Also sell: Arshavin Chamakh fabianski

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  50. Kyle

    Big news ahead, Arsenal are going to buy a top class DM, 15 million pound rated and young + another striker, rated same amount, not as young – all I can say for now

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  51. dalinho



    —————–wilshere—-Luis Gustavo————



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  52. Hafiz Rahman

    @ dalinho

    whats going to happen to Kos and Per then…4th choice CB hardly get games…unless major injuries

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  53. yehBoi

    Problem is nobody wants our deadwood… because they are deadwood. very hard to get any money for especially because we are so desperate to get rid of them.

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  54. Hafiz Rahman

    @ ologbojo

    he wanted to leave…and the board being a nice board doesnt wish to go against any employee wishes and allow him to leave…..

    aint sure if he has a clause in his contract for that…

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  55. Ali

    GK -Szczeny
    RB – Dani alves – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs/(Baines)LB
    CM/CDM Fellaini
    RM Cazorla – LM Chamberlain/Christian Eriksen
    CAM Wilshere
    ST Ba/Javier Hernandez/Podolski – ST El Shaarawy/Giroud

    Definitely sell Gervinho-Ramsey-Chamakh-Squillaci-Arshavin.
    Sell Walcott and Sagna if they want to leave.

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  56. **** Set Gunner ****

    Forward: Getting El Sharawry or Falcao or Cavani is a really long shot and i don’t think we would be able to afford them. But i guess for a striking option we can possibly go for Stevan Jovetic, but then again he is not yet proven himself and he would be a risk, but a risk worth taking for up 22 mil. Also we should sign Walcott at any cost because he is one of our oldest players in the squad and if we keep selling our core then the chemistry of the team gets affected. We must also get rid of Arshavin and Chamakh, Gervinho’s turn to go can be in the summer.

    Midfield: Now getting Gotze or Eriksen is also not possible as they would not cost less than 25 mil each. But then the suitable target can be Maroune Fellaini. He would be the perfect midfielder we need who can take up any slot in our 3 man midfield. We can sell Ramsey and loan out Eisfield, Frimpong and Coquelin.

    Defence: First of all we need to get Sagna’s contract sorted out again for the same reason as Walcott. We don’t need a RB as we have Jenkinson as back up. On the left side however we need to sell Santos and buy Baines, but if we get Fellaini then i don’t expect we will be able to buy him, the other option could be youngsters like Luke Shaw or Jetro Willems. In the CB role we have 3 decent players but we need someone much better, someone like Subotic or Mbiwa. Then we can get rid of Squillaci and Djourou.

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  57. Harry broderick

    First of all we need to get rid of chamakh and arshavin and the rest of the deadwood at arsenal. We then need to bring in another striker without a doubt. An out an out goal scorer. Could ba be the answer? Roughly 7 million wold seal the deal as his contract has a sell on clause. We then need an enforcer to replace song from the summer. Diary needs to go, he’s a great player but he’s just injured so much and we need someone who can be there throughout the season. Diame could be the right choice. A great enforcer and he’s been amazing for west ham and he’s available for 6 million. We also then need another left back. Santos is diaboical. We needs someone to back up Gibbs who can actually defend unlike santos. Baines could be a great signing as it will also in a way mentor Gibbs and make him a more experienced player. He also needs to bring in another top signing to increase the morale of the fans as well as the players like cazorla did at the start of the season.

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  58. Afsal

    Anyone who is complainign of south american leagues/african leagues are inferior shall see how corinthians played against chelsea

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  59. LoCkAy

    I don’t believe a word coming out of Wenger’s mouth…


    His all coaching or managing endeavour and skills are in question!!



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  60. dalinho

    @hafiz rahmen aka NUMBTY
    Well imagine per n kos are injured then u numbty
    Same as imagining sagna has fu@ked off and so on
    And don’t forget this website isn’t real life football either its just a website
    U are the most annoying human being iv ever never met

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  61. dalinho

    @Hafiz Rahman
    After merts mistake against reading I’d prefer to see Sunzu at cb infront of him anyways! And I’m not a fan of koss and his ridiculus own goal stats and constant mistakes hense why Verm is still in there! U would have a point if per n koss were solid but there not! If u knew about football u would know that rotation is key not waiting for injurys to happen

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  62. donal de burca.

    i do not believe for one moment that scrooge wenger will spend , let alone spend big , lol , he is pulling our legs again . and his fall back excuse …. we must sell players to buy players . fair enough i say , but , who is going to buy our deadwood ? , absolutely nobody is my answer . even if we let all these dreadful players leave on free transfers , to reduce our wage bill , i do not think there would be much of a rush by any club to sign any of them .we are stuck with these duds until their contracts run down , and then scrooge wenger will have composed another list of excuses as to why he cannot buy big players . i do hope i am totally wrong , but experience tells me here we go again .

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  63. APC

    done even need to spend big. just get in 5 players.

    lille goalie thats just left the club

    zambian defender we may have signed?



    demba ba

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  64. Goonertron

    How bout Chris Wood, the guy is a scoring machine in the Championship 😉

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  65. Goonertron

    Demba Ba would be awesome for Arsenal, why look overseas when you have proven players in the EPL.

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  66. arshavin

    You really believe that liar?Who is this shunzu?Reports suggest that we’ve already signed him–is he big one Wenger is talking about?

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  67. arshavin

    Problem with Wenger is he does not rate proven players from EPL at all,one exception to this ignorance was Arteta,and even that came about in the twelveth hour.So,he would travel to France for anotherGervinho like shet and Wengerites will hail him for his masterpiece.

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  68. arshavin

    @Goonertron If you know wenger,you will know that he likes his french fries better than whatever excellent deal that is available in local store.

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  69. arshavin

    To be honest what we need is Theo;give him what he wants,he is more worthy of such wage than wenger himself.Replacements,don’t always work,you think you’ve signed someone better than Wallcot and suddenly things don’t go according to the plan and next year we will find ourself in the same mess.It was Wenger’s arrogance that told him that we are better even without RVP,but he must have realised after almost half the season gone,we are already out of title race,that it was a mistake.

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  70. Daniel Lombe

    I genuinely want Arsenal FC to be a team we knew years back. A team that could bring panic in opposition camp when faced.
    I am appealing to Arsenal boss to bring back the smile to millions of fans’ face of this fantastic football club by buying top class players.
    It starts appearing as if Arsenal is a second class football team by lack of ambitions. It’s time now Mr Wenger. Come on
    Mr Wenger!! Good luck.

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