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Arsenal rehaul needed, but where to start this summer?

Arsenal have endured a painful season this year, and while we can still save ourselves with a top four finish and the FA Cup, we have to be looking at major changes this summer. CrownBet’s FA Cup Futures have us as outsiders at 13/10 (2.3) to win the FA Cup (13/5 (3.6) to win inside 90 minutes), and we are currently relying on our rivals ahead of us in the league to drop points as we look to claw our way back inside the top four.

While we can still enjoy a magical end of season, that can not distract us from eyeing a major transfer window, as our previous signings have failed to make the grade. Arsenal simply have to invest in proven talent in the coming post-season, and the spine of the team needs to be assessed.

We need to be looking at signing a top striker, with each of our rivals having better options, and we have to sign someone who can danger the 20-goal mark every year.

Romelu Lukaku, Andrea Belotti and Alexandre Lacazette look our most likely options for the role, although I would much prefer to see our club splash out on Antoine Griezmann, Paulo Dybala or Kylian Mbappe.

The Italian looks the biggest risk, after only one season of amazing goalscoring, but the fact he has a wide variation of goals is exciting. He scores with either foot as well as his head, and with the technical ability he has on the ball makes him stand out as a real future star.

Both Bellotti and Lukaku seem likely to seal moves to bigger clubs this summer, but neither will come cheap, and our club needs to open their wallets or risk falling further behind our title rivals.

We simply have to look at strengthening our central midfield area also, and bring in a comfortable centre-back. Francis Coquelin has simply not done enough this term, and as our most defensive option, he has left our defence open.

While Kante is the man everybody is talking about, he would be near-impossible to prise away from Chelsea. William Carvalho has long been linked with a move to our club, and this summer may actually be the time for us to follow up our interest on the £35 Million midfielder. Atalanta’s Franck Kessie is an interesting option also, and at 20 he could prove to be a top addition for years to come. The latter also poses as more of the Arsenal-type signings, but I see big things for the Ivory Coast international.

Virgil Van Dijk is expected to be available this summer also, although a number of rivals will be chasing him, but he has to be a priority when looking to build a title-winning defence.

Who would your most important signings be this summer?

Pat J

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal rehaul needed, but where to start this summer?

  1. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments

    Start with the manager and the rest should fall into place

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Best way to start is to offload early
    Sanogo, Debuchy, Jenkinson for starters

    We have too many forwards. Many average. A few have to be sold. These are our forwards:

    If we want another Top forward we may need to part ways with a good forward

    Consider selling Mertsacker, Ramsey and/or Wilshere (injuries)

    Point is get rid of some players first then get better ones

    1. Janssen

      I think at the moment Ox is our best wingback in the 3 at the back formation. It does not suit Bellerin or Gibbs I think. Personally, I would not be surprised if Campbell would excell in that position as well. Wenger doesn’t like Campbell but I think a new manager might want to bring him back. Too bad we not bring back Gnarby.

      1. Midkemma

        While I agree Ox is doing very well at RWB, I do believe Bellerin will step up to that role, he has had his confidence hit hard and the fans have not helped, form is temporary and Bellerins class will show through again.

        Gibbs has looked better as a LWB than a LB, I am still concerned about his injuries but currently I am not upset with seeing Gibbs play, yes I would like better but as cover?

  3. John Ibrahim

    Get rid of the manager and at least 7 players have to go

    If the board is not pressured they will not approve and transfers or release the funds

    Hence the board has to go as well

    Manager, board and players all out

  4. Vlad

    Offense wins you games, defense wins you championships. Look at Chelsea and Spurs defensive records. Both have leaked the least amount of goals, and therefore sit in 1st and 2nd place. So before we look at guys like Mbappe, Lacazette, Belotti, Griezmann, etc. (none of which are coming, btw), we have to get some solid defenders first. Van Dijk would be my first priority. Then another left back because Nacho isn’t getting any younger, and Gibbs just doesn’t cut it. Then probably another solid DM in the mold of Wanyama, and Kante. And then, of course, don’t forget about Santi’s replacement, because I feel like he’s done. Only when you fill all those positions we can start looking at strikers/forwards. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Charlie

    I recently started playing Football Manager again and they allow you to swap around a few players Before you start. My choices were Lacazette, James Rodriguez, Kamil Gilik, Djibril Sidibe, Danilo and Leighton Baines. The Wing Backs (Baines and Danilo) were brought in to allow a change of system, which I Believe is the biggest problem. Gilik is a strong, tall centre back who is good in the air. All of the players have done very well, particularly Gilik and Rodriguez. I use the Arsenal 4-2-3-1 system in games that i’m expecting to win but it’s far too attacking to use away from home so i use the Chelsea system. The first step for Arsenal is to have more than one system, and not leave it until the end of the season to start using it but use different systems for different games. Giroud, Wellbeck, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Monreal and Debuchy were kicked out. Could’ve added Walcott to that. I Think Arsenal urgently need a technically gifted midfielder but i’ve had Santi in my team all season so i’ve been alright. You need a guy that can escape the attentions of Three tacklers consistently and deliver a pass as Vieira and Arteta used to do and Santi does now.

      1. Charlie

        Do I need to simplify it for you ? I know, it’s a game, the Point is that those are the players that I Think we need, excluding Baines which was a bit random I admit. The biggest Point is that the tactics of playing Ozil, Walcott, Giroud and Sanchez in the same team away against a team that will at least match you for posession is crazy. You know Ozil and Walcott won’t defend and you’ve got just 6 defensive players then you advise the full backs to both push up. All that this team needs is a pragmatic manager that will play whatever formation and strategy suits the situation.

  6. Atid

    The rebuild of the team should start from the back.
    Do we have at least 2 keepers strong enough? 4 or 6 centre backs, depending on the formation we intend to play, 4 full backs or 4 wing backs? Etc etc

    The rebuild of the club should start from the top. Kroenke needs to sell up, or hand the reins to someone with the appetite, to.push the manager out. Then the new manager can get on with the rebuild as stated above, in particular filling the backroom staff with exciting fresh coaching ideas, tactics and passion.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Lets start from gk

      Get both coutois and de gea to provide rotation and cover

  7. ArseOverTit

    Remove the major obstacle holding back AFC first and foremost.


    1. John Ibrahim

      Wenger takes up 50% the other 50 is the board

      The board can disapprove and transfers or not release funds

      Any new manager will not be able to obtain success with the team

      Fans need to protest correctly

      Get rid of all 3 parties instead of just 1

      Players, manager and board

      1. ArseOverTit

        With you John, but it’s just not possible to get rid of all 3 in 1 go.

        It’s proving extremely difficult with the laws inside the ground and the apathy amongst fans. Focus has to be solely on Wenger and his removal from the club.

        Once that is done and if the attitude of the owner/board doesn’t change in terms of ambition (likely) then we can then focus our efforts on them.

        1 battle at a time, then we can think about the greater war:)

  8. Pikey

    Major overhaul is an understatement. Completely outplayed by spurs, out-thought by their manager. Only Cech comes out with some credit. Everyone else might as well be sold including Ozil, Kos and Sanchez. Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramey, Ox, Walcott…noe of them are good enough and none have improved in the last few years in any meaningful way.
    Rip the team up, new manager, start from scratch

  9. Kedar Damle

    There few aspects to this question… 1st is we need get rid of some ineffective players like Walcott, Giroud, Francis Coquelin…. 2nd Aspect is will we able to stop Sanchez and Ozil to leave Arsenal??? If yes then we Certainly need to replace them… Let’s assume that they both are staying then we need to make them sign new contracts…. And if both are staying then we just need to buy World Class striker like Aubameyang…. We need tie up long term contract with Wilshere as well…. Then I think our team will complete… If we are playing 3 at back then squad could be like this… Cech, Mustafi, Koscielny, Holding, Sead Kolašinac, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ozil, Sanchez and Aubameyang….. Now let’s assume that Ozil and Sanchez are leaving then we would be in lot of Jeopardy because we won’t be able to replace both of them because of financial constraints…. I think we should focus on bringing Aubameyang and Mario Götze from Borussia…. In this case we need to make adjustments in starting line up… Cech, Mustafi, Koscielny, Holding, Bellerin, Sead Kolašinac, Xhaka, Wilshere and Cazorla and Götze will be forwarded and Behind Aubameyang…

  10. TH14atl

    I still don’t understand how or why people want to single out Coquelin as having not done enough. When played in his proper position, with a proper box to box CM, Le Coq does the combative job we need him to, and he does it very well. When played with Xhaka, who prefers to originate in the same deep position as Le Coq, and does not prefer to play in an advanced position of the DM, then Le Coq is useless. All of this is Arsenel’s fault. He continued to play those 2 together and asked coquelin to play in advanced position, which he clearly wasn’t capable of. That’s not on him, that’s on the manager.

    1. Break-on-through

      Shows he’s not good enough. Kante doesn’t just sit back waiting for something to enter that area, Kante does be everywhere, if the danger is further up he sees it and goes to it, he’s intelligent at reading danger. Coquelin is not and that’s why he’s comfortable at the position in front of CBs. This should show you that Coquelin is not good at reading danger, even the cut back used to tell me that when we had no DM reading it.

  11. Inkfight

    If we’re looking at strikers (which we should) we must also seriously consider Mauro Icardi. Might be challenging prizing him away from Inter – but more realistic than Dybala and Belotti.

    1. Break-on-through

      I think we’d need to throw more money at him than he’s worth. Make him force a move, other than that I think he’s happy there and they want to keep him. I agree he’s definitely more gettable than those two, Dybala is not at all gettable. He is a good player and in a few seasons he could become one of the big names not at all gettable.

  12. khangunners

    Haha we arsenal fans are easily fooled. It amazes me that most fans are brainwashed by the board and the club saying stuff like director of football and overhaul of the squad. Come on someone who calls theo one of the players we hve to keep no matter what,can you trust him with critical choices. Lets be analytical and as they say the table never lies. Lets for once lets forget season past and just this season judge the manager by our season. Does it merit him even managing the next game?
    No surgery is needed in this squad if klop can make a mediocre player like emra can seem good then i believe a new manager should be left to decide who is to go. Laugh at pep all you want but am sure next year they wil be a force to be reckoned with coz the manager has analysed that squad and seen who to keep and who to go. We need to move on or we will be left behind by teams that hve real ambition

    1. Midkemma

      Real supporters know that the only one who understands football at Arsenal is Wenger, the board are over reliant on him… Unless they get someone in who understands football then the next manager will be picked by Wenger.

      I am willing to see if this is just BS spouted by Silent Stan because if not then a SD/DoF is a step in the right direction and a step towards life without Wenger.

      This could be the person who hires our next manager.

      All the board has shown they know what to do is offer Wenger new contracts at a wage where winning managers are paid…

      Maybe if the supporters got behind this idea and really SUPPORTED it then it would encourage the board to go ahead with it.

      It has been highlighted that Wenger has more control at Arsenal than say… Pep does at City. Wenger is an old manager, when he came to Arsenal all those years ago he got brought into a system where football managers had a lot more say in a football club, they wasn’t so business shaped. Over the years though the industry has changed with the increasing risk for increasing profit and clubs have evolved, they have gotten in people to take over areas and managers are left to coach more compared to the business side.

      I do not care if you take that as defense of Wenger or slander of the man, I am merely pointing out an issue at the club. Wenger has my respect for what he has done but I do not believe he is the best manager we could have, I do not think he is the worse we could have either… Best way I can say it is I do not care about Wenger. I do not care one way or the other, what will happen will happen.

      What I do care about though is Arsenal and we need some board members and ‘powers’ that understand the sport and not just the business side, I do not want our next manager to be an accountant because they understand profit… I want a manager who understands tactics and how to get the best out of players and can attract big names.

      I guess we both want that for Arsenal from what you said so why not support the idea of getting a SD/DoF which can reduce Wengers role and can also be responsible for finding a new manager? I assume you do not want a Wenger clone or an accountant replacing Wenger?

      My point here is Silent Stan thinks in a way that will be different to say… Marc Overmars? When hiring a manager then the individuals way of thinking plays a big role, I believe Silent Stan knows this and knows he needs to delegate the work to professionals who can do all that and leave him to focus on the profit and spending his increasing wealth.

      We all know that if things do not change then AFC will drop in value, his shares will drop in value… He could either sell up fast or he can take action to make a change.

      I do not like Silent Stan but I trust his greed and the fact he hasn’t ran his companies into bankruptcy as proof that he knows a change is needed, what are the alternatives?

  13. Midkemma

    IMO the very 1st move should be is a record signing to get Lacazette, someone proven to score and consistently, make this signing a scream to the world that we are pulling out all the GUNnerS (bah bad pun).

    Unless a miracle happens then we have no CL football next season, we need to sign a known name who can see us as a step up still and can believe that this will be a one off season with no CL football. Wenger isn’t as hated in France and I feel Lacazette could be the key to show other players why they should come, start off with a good player and build upon that.

    Next thing is to get a mobile CM to partner Xhaka, I have said all along that Kante should have been a signing alongside Xhaka and not instead, we need a Kante type of player. Gueye has been mentioned a few times and if we can fin above Everton then it is still a step up while emphasising that he has EPL experience and has been performing.

    Tolisso has indicated he would like to play for us, he can play RB as well as CM, this to me would be a smart signing, while adapting to EPL he could be a sub and his ability to cover multiple roles will give him plenty of opportunities to get game time and adapt without being an achilles heel.

    Kolasinac has gone under the radar but we should keep working on him and get that as resolved as possible before the window opens, use him as part of the 1st press release alongside Lacazette and indicate how we are so happy he chose us over Milan and other top clubs who wanted him… All spin to convince players to join…

  14. Yossarian

    The overwhelming response to “Where should the overhaul start” seems to be “The Manager”. It has also been pointed out that board are not “Football people” and would likely trust Wenger to choose his successor. That is a huge worry for me.

    Wenger will guide the board toward somebody that is unlikely to make him look bad by turning the team around in the way Conte has at Chelsea, or Shakespeare has so far at Leicester.

    A strong-minded Director of Football with a top-class playing background is beginning to sound like a real necessity.

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