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Arsenal reject Nicklas Bendtner outshines Ronaldo-honestly!

Real Madrid goal machine and contender for world player of the year, Christiano Ronaldo, was given a lesson in finishing today by none other than the Arsenal and Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner. I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s true.

Ronaldo has scored 60 goals this season in just 55 games for Real Madrid, while Bendtner has managed 66 in his whole club career of 234 matches.

Bendtner nearly got Denmark a draw against Portugal with two headed goals, the second one a peach, but substitute Silvestre Varela finally did what Ronaldo couldn’t and won the game for Portugal.

Ronaldo had a nightmare and should have scored a hat-trick, but he was not even close to hitting the target. Bendtner had very few chances but when they came he was in the right place and made no mistakes.

I am, of course, not suggesting that he is a better player or that Arsenal should give him another chance, but it was amazing to watch. He should definitely earn himself a move to a decent club after his performances at Euro 2012 and I wish him well.

Maybe he was just not Arsenal’s type of player, but he can hold the ball up well and he certainly doesn’t lack confidence. Reports are saying that he will be on his way to the German Bundesliga this summer, and what is the likelihood that he will end up facing Arsenal one day and scoring?

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62 thoughts on “Arsenal reject Nicklas Bendtner outshines Ronaldo-honestly!

  1. Ghoul Sainsbury

    Im so happy for Bendtnar i valued him at roughly 9-10 million after his sunderland spell , everytime he scores at euro 2012 i would say it adds 3 mil to your price tag , so at the moment some german team has to pay 14-15 million , happy days , as hes a bag of turd !

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  2. jermaine

    i think we would have been beter of keeping bendner last season as much as use fan like to disagree he scored important goals and was a good sub striker but there was no space for him to develop

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  3. clarks

    Bendtner will hopefully continue to have a decent Euro tourny and of course push his value up. It will be a shame to see him go, he does have potential to be a great player. But maybe, his style and Arsenals were more of a clash than a compliment.
    Best of luck Bendtner, where ever you end up.

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  4. Sagggna!!!

    Fed up with that cocky dane….SELL HIM!!!

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  5. Omar

    There’s no need for extra signings at the Emirates this summer, RVP is free to leave, we have the answer to Ronaldo and Messi. Bendtner should be made captain, he’ll score 60 goals next season, so we might aswell call off the Giroud deal. A gunners legend is born, step forth Nicklas Bendtner!

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  6. Nr

    Rvp might just be subbed here…the dutch cnt score! Nd haven’t seen much of podolski yet.

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  7. snogdal

    He has class!
    but only when he get’s regarly playing time.
    but when he gets that he has the class to hold the ball until the rest af the team gets forward.
    And he will properbly be able to score 15-20 goals next season.

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  8. mtawarira

    bendtner u beauty!!!!! Keep raising that transfer fee up coz we need every penny of ur worth. i see the dutch are getn schooled. its a shame… Tho to our advantage,, we can resolve ths rvp issue sooner rather than later. (&move for affelay if thers any interest @ all from us)
    Read on that gazidis has told fans to brace themselves for an ”exciting signing”.. Could it be giroud, mvilla or someone we not even expecting???? #buzzing for next season#

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  9. Invisible

    Who needs messi or ronaldo n even rvp can leave, afterall we have the greatest striker in the world in nicklas bendtner a.k.a nickerless bender

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  10. realist

    Knock him all u like bendtner has an excellent international record. also if u exclude sub appearances which in his case average only 6 min per appearance hos record for arsenal is actually pretty good 45 goals in 79 starts. that does not hide the fact that his time at arsenal is surely over . i am certain he will fetch us 8m. bendtner 8m vela 8m arshavin 7m chamakh 7m park 4m. Thats 34m……nice.

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  11. reddb10

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Podolski has been awful at the Euros up to now.

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  12. zainkiani

    The only problem bendtner has is his ego..he is way better than chammack and park…!

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  13. realist

    Up for grabs X1
    eastmond djourou squillaci botelho
    park diaby arshavin
    bendtner chamakh
    subs: shea hajrovic boateng galindo watt neita vela

    anyone give me £50m? i estimate that this lot costs us £800k a week in wages around £10m a year. how many will actually play first team football next season?

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  14. Omar

    Ahaha some people could do with a sense of humour 🙂
    My previous comment was sarcastic for those of you who didn’t establish that :p

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  15. MBBB

    WTF holland are almost finished. Holland HAVE to beat portugal and hope Germany thrash Denmark to qualify

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  16. Titanium

    huntalaar – don’t buy
    afellay – don’t buy
    sneijder – buy
    Lewandowski – buy
    schweinsteiger – buy

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  17. Omar

    NR: yeah well I thought that I made it quite obvious, but you can’t please some people 🙂

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  18. Mizz

    He didn’t outshine Ronaldo, Ronaldo actually had a very good game but will be remembered for the missed chances a la Van Persie against Denmark

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  19. Omar

    On another note, who saw that Gomez 1st goal against Holland? That turn was INSANE!

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  20. alerg

    are u retarded @MBBB? If Denmark lose (fairly certain), they will have a negative goal difference. If Holland win by 1 goal, Portugal will have -1 and Holland will have -1 but if they win by 2, they will have a 0 GD and Portugal will have -2. Therefore, all Holland have to do is beat a lacklustre Portugal defence by 2 goals and hope that Germany don’t fuck up.

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  21. leite

    n[ce goal from rvp,thats the only positive thing i can from todays game(arsenal perspective)

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  22. Cssarsenal

    Good sell bentner and get giroud -chamak who in the deal get money back on wage bills and keep left over tranfer fee

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  23. realist

    Ol twitch is done at the lane. van der vaart modric and bale will leave. adebayor and vertonghen wont join. Mind the Gap!

    moyes favourite!

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  24. OhToBeAGooner

    Titanium : we’re not buying any of them , we only need giroud and m’vila that’s it . We have too many midfielders and wingers already given the fact we have our youngsters also

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  25. Rd

    He is good with his head, but a pile of poo with his feet . Not much help when your a striker.

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  26. gunner

    glad that d boy is doin well.wenger shud keep arshavin bcos he can thread those fantastic passes(unless arsenal can get abt 6mill or more).bendtner is decent,but he doesnt suit arsenal play.gud luk 2 him wherever he goes and he shud leave…

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  27. Al Bundy Weed

    honestly I’m so more tired on some arsenal fans, instead why not thank Arsene Wenger for he has done all those who have been the best of euro12,, Samir Nasri Fabregas, bendter, RVP, Arshavin,

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  28. gunner

    @benji,u r right mate.with the criticism arshavin has had,he will never b able 2 play with a free mind again.let him hav a gud ending with his old club.

    And happy news,girourd deal is almost done.why are ppl thinkin rvp will leave.with decent wages and this kind of signings,he wil b itchin 2 sign imo.hope girourd is not d so called hitman but a technically sound player.yet 2 watch him on utube mvilla and an al habsi or given pls.rb kosc,coquelin can play.attakin mid wilshere with his 1st touch,vision,and passing will do it.miyaichi and campbell r 2 new gud signings lol.

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  29. GunnerWillsz

    Harry has left Spurs! This must be good news as hes a pretty good manager and made them.

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  30. PatrickFoo08

    Yeah as alway i said that he is a good player but maybe he cost nothing to AW so he wasnt given much respect as beatles song go by all he need is love from the manager hahaha have u all heard that harry is being sacked by spur hahaha now spur is full of shit n all the good players will be gone n which manager they getting david moyes he a good manager but not a good players magnet so the most he will defend against us now let get bale

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  31. Dave

    Not really related to this article but wanted to ask admin with these articles stating that nedved is on his way from juventus to talk to van persie about a move to juve isn’t this illegal without the permission of arsenal football club as vp is still under contract, just wanted to check as it sounds a bit cheap and i haven’t heard of this kind of thing happening unless clubs have agreed it can occur. Plus i think we all know juve are not even close to our quality as it seems they cheated to win the title, justmakes me sick to think they class themselves as invincibles

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  32. Malik

    i really think we should sign the spurs LB or modric let’s take advantage of this spurs catastrophe

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  33. Malik


    exactly my point, their rivals were sooooo depleted it wasn’t funny they had pratically NO COMPETITION wat so eva but still had 2 cheat their way to that serie a title. no way is juve anywhere near a step up or equal to arsenal fc maybe i’m a bias fan but if u’ve seen them play all i can say is Buffon, chiellini(the guy whho made rvp glass), pepe r world class the others are sub par. if RVP leaves 4 juve it’s simply cause of wages hence i will lose all my respect 4 him n the board and he will 4eva be known 2 me as Van Per$ie

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  34. Malik

    now bendtner’s price tag should cover Giround’s so there is still money 2 spend get m’villa ARSENE

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  35. Shah95

    He only outshined Ronaldo in this game. But can he outshine ronaldo consistently in the league??? That is another question.

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  36. Stickey

    Let’s all have a good laugh at spuds my fellow gunners no redknnap = big sale of players cos players only go there to play for him and this = down with the spuds top ten if there lucky lol

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  37. Arslan

    That’s why i always disagree with most Arsenal fans that Bendtner is useless during his stay at Arsenal… He’s an out and out striker, inefficient outside the penalty box with his headers as the main asset as shown in Portugal game… It’s juz that his style of play doesn’t suit Arsenal’s which plays a lot of short low passes & seldom making high crosses into the penalty box… The same cud be said about Chamakh & i bet when he go to Montpellier, he’ll become Ligue 1 topscorer again…

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  38. NickTheYank

    Ronaldo never plays well for Portugal. NB52 can keep racking up the goals, I hope he does so we can ask more for him.

    I think Netherlands have a lot of locker room ego issues named Arjen Robben. Totally classless waking the long way around the pitch when he was subbed off taking off his jersey. Glad RVP finally scored. Terrible defensive play for Dutch and Schweinsteiger is absolutely brilliant for Germany.

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  39. Cisse

    Bendtner is a good player he is 15 to 20 goal scorer player .I wish he stay at arsenal .if rvp left .we have to take risk let bendtner to take his place he will score more goal for arsenal trust me

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  40. Leite

    Harry redknapp(done really care if i mispelt his name)

    0h arry,am so sorry for everything that has hapenned to you well i wish you well,you can come over,collin lewis would take care of you.Vertonghen:its seems you made the right choice

    arsene wenger has got to be the funniest coach that i’ve seen,he said he wouldnt talk about Giroud’s rumour if though he is totured.i so love this coach.bless you monseiur Wenger

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  41. ‚Bruce TongaBull

    @benji, i found your comment about “foreigners not understanding our sense of humor” inapropriate. If pipo didnt like Omars jok doesnt mean it has anythng to do wth being foreign. Lets jst love evn Alliens we are all one….evn love “Nickerless Bender” Lol

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  42. Sarsfield

    for all those saying negative things about Niklas B, he defintely looks better then podolski!! i dont understand why we are so excited over the german he never lived up to his hype and he is more of a name than anything else, very suprised to see him starting let alone wearing the number 10. i wish betdner could fit into our system but it seems he does not.hopefully price sky rockets after this performance

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  43. realist

    I would say winning 99 caps and scoring 43 goals for the most successful nation in europe is living up to your hype. scoring 20 goals last season for a relegated team is pretty damn good too. 2 mediocre matches at the euros dont make you a bad player just like 2 good ones dont make you world class.

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  44. Gunn 'em Down

    @cisse bro bendner was given a chance to do just that previously…… which he failed to do so…….. trust me when i say this he is a big mouth thats about it

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  45. Gooner411

    bendtner showed class…only arsenAl can provide him with that lol hes a good striker its a pitty we(germany) is gona crush them

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  46. Omar

    @Benji cheers mate, glad it did. That makes sense you know, we have a unique sense of humour 🙂

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  47. Gooner Soweto

    Bendtner is played in the wrong position at Arsenal, if you are playing in RVPs position there is no way you will struggle to score with so many good supply from Walcott, Song, Arteta, Gervinho, Wilshere, OX, Rosicky, etc. When RVP was injured Chamahk did well from the same supply of balls. Unfortunately Wenger’s system allows only one central attacker and 2 wide guys.

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  48. Gunn 'em Down

    @Gooner Soweto i think we have played him as a main striker some seasons back. He failed to capitalized on that oppertunity. He might have some skills (well not much looking at his stats) but he don’t have the right attitude to be a gunner…… so all we can hope for is him to score some more goals so that we can sell him for max price

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  49. k-gunner

    Although bendtner shines like the sun in his country,but hdoes shine because he is likely to be the best player in his country!!!! But I think he doesn’t have wat it takes in the epl,coz his last season in th epl wasn’t rely that encouraging!!!!! Now is the time to sell him to make money 4 d club…..he cannot be compared to c_ronaldo

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  50. Gunn 'em Down

    why are we arguing on bendtner?? have we not seen him play for arsenal?? is he really a gunner material?? just 2 goals and some ppl are talking as if is the grt one. we all know his skills and attitude. sure he has some skills but his mouth and ego overshadows his skills……..

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