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Arsenal review and player ratings – Gibbs MOTM

Champions League review by KJ

Marseille 1 – 2 Arsenal; we survived the first half and punished them in the second. The game started off decently with us getting Walcott through on goal numerous times. Unfortunately Theo struggled to put those chances away. We were forced to defend resolutely for the remainder of the half as Marseille were really strong with the likes of Valbuena dictating the attack.

The second half started with a scare as Mertesacker got a clearance horribly wrong and Gibbs had to brilliantly clear it off the line. We finally managed to score a goal thanks to a poor header by Morel that allowed Theo to shoot across goal with a very restricted angle but he blasted it in. 0 – 1. Soon after, Ramsey scored the second thanks to a significant deflection. 0 – 2

Finally, in the dying minutes, Marseille were awarded a penalty (wrongly in my opinion) as Ramsey overran the ball in our box. Ayew scored with ease. 1 – 2.

Player ratings:
Szczesny – 7.5
He had to make some very good saves to keep us in the game and was generally commanding.
Sagna – 6.5
Struggled at times to deal with Valbuena and Payet but was good enough.
Mertesacker – 6
Wasn’t the best today and his defensive error could’ve been very costly.
Koscielny – 6.5
Decent shift by him but nothing outstanding.
Gibbs – 8 (MOTM)
Simply a brilliant performance by Kieran and prevented what could’ve been a crucial goal for Marseille.
Flamini – 6.5
Was decent but gave Valbuena too much space.
Ramsey – 7
Was good on the ball and scored but did give some passes away and his overconfidence did give away a penalty.
Walcott – 6.5
Did miss a few good chances and struggled to punish Morel. But he took his goal very well.
Özil – 6.5
Very timid game from the German and understandable as he’s still learning. Was stronger in the second half.
Wilshere – 7
A very nice performance by the Englishman. Did give the ball away but his dribbling and control got us out of tricky spots and helped transition defending into attack.
Giroud – 5.5
Very poor game by the Frenchman especially considering his form. Nothing seemed to go well and his link up play was really non-existent.
Subs – N/A
Not enough time to judge our subs.

All in all, this was a crucial win for us. If we can now punish Napoli at home in a fortnight we are really on our way to qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions league.

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal review and player ratings – Gibbs MOTM

    1. TrophyCab

      Walcott needed that goal, he’s looked a bit low on confidence. Watch him go on and smash Stoke this weekend.

      Also, bit of genius last night having 10 players to work their socks off to allow Giroud a rest. We can’t do it the normal way, that was just unconventional beauty.

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      1. Uche Edochie

        Agreed @TrophyCab says. Players thrive on confidence and Theo is the kind of guy that when he is on a roll, he will be banging them in for fun with the occasional hat trick and brace to sprinkle some glitter on his performances. I am glad he got the needed support. He is a big game player and has always come through for us in tough games. There was a time last season that he was the only reliable and regular goal scorer. So respect to Mr Walcot. I am sure there are more goals to come. Big up to Ramsey too. The guy is a man on a mission.

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    2. Uche Edochie

      I wouldn’t say that Giroud did not play well. Marseilles defended very well and defended in packs. We need to give the opponent credit sometimes. Sometimes players don’t shine because they were average and sometimes it is because the opponent played a good game. There is a difference. There have been games when Messi and Ronaldo were well shackled and couldn’t do much. But they are still the two best players in the world.

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  1. Greg

    Agreed! Spot on! Was truly remarkable assisted in the goals for arsenal, and defended like a ”beast” clearing away a certain goal! Gibbsie you deserve it! Motm! Coyg!

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      …yes indeed, Per didn’t have a great game, but I think he did better than a 6.

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  2. zelalem

    Well done to the lads…………bt Walcot needs to up his game I know he score a goal but he has been so average for the last couple of weeks.

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  3. mjGooner

    By the way guys, did u see how rubbish Chelsea where? They should sack the manager & bring back Mourinho…. Oh wait…….. 😉

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  4. Jimbeam

    Great win! I really do like Giroud and like most strikers he will go hot and sometimes cold, and I do think he is a better finisher than last year but still we do lack quality upfront.

    Suarez or Rooney in this team and no major injuries and we can go and win it all.

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  5. luvdaguns

    Gibbs is really growing into a great player, this team is special, 10 wins on the road, in a row, cant wait to see santi hook up w Ozil

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  6. RSH

    Spot on grades. Only saw first half, but nobody seemed outstanding besides for Gibbs. Giroud didn’t exist basically, but I felt all over the pitch we weren’t linking up well enough to get some good string of passes. Sometimes its about having enough nerve to stay in the match. The boys tired Marseille down, and took their chances, and thats what counted.

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    Good hard fought win. Marseille did their homework and cramped our creative players hence Theo could run down the flank, Wilshire and Ozil had no space, I saw at time they had 9 players defending on the line. Serves them right for being so defensive. At times I felt our midfield were allowing holes in the middle and their players were shooting at goal – we never had those chances on the other side.
    I agree Gibbs is MOTM awesome display. Still I lift my cap to Ramsey and Wilshire … Can’t believe it… They are giants and legends to be!!!!

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    1. Uche Edochie

      Agreed. I am actually happier with such hard fought victories because winning a major trophy is never a walk in the park. So our boys are definitely getting a good taste of the task ahead. I cannot think of a better situation to prepare them for the likes of madrid, barca and dortmund because surely, the road to champions league trophy will pass through one of these top teams. There is a certain team intelligence and grit that is developing in this team that is just brilliant. We are unpredictable and always find a way to win. We always find a way to win. That is what makes us a top team right now. You must be able to grind out a win if you want to be top dog. Infact I am actually happy that players like Ramsey are outshining the likes of Ozil. It goes to show that we are not a one man team and are capable of winning games in a variety of ways and a variety of player combinations as well.

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  8. northbankgooner

    When you consider the depleted squad we had due to injuries this was a fantastic result. When we get all our lads back fit we will have a quality team.

    Our next game at home to Napoli is going to be crucial. Can’t afford to lose that one.

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    1. SUNNY13

      Need to win that game, we must not draw as well, other wise the hard work done in France wil be wated. We need 4 ponts from the next two Home games against napoli and Dortmund. Then if we win agianst Marseli at home, that will make it 10 whcih is minimum. Now on top of it if we manage a draw away at any of Dormund or Napoli, we may top the group.

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  9. Big Gun

    Marseille were pap second half, they ran out of steam. The amount of pressure they put us under first half was too much for them to carry the full 90 minutes. Arsenal’s slower pace in the first half gave us the edge second half as we slowly broke them down. It wasn’t the classiest of performances, but a win is a win. Well played Gibbs, him and Szczes were our best players.

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  10. kauluma

    jst b fair in ratngs. Wilsher doesnt dersve a 7,a couple of runs wth da ball,doesnt hide da fact he had a poor 1st half ad his runs don’t hv an end product.. Ramsey does dersve a 7.5 hell a 8 wil du..he was duing more than his shift,he your lifeline.

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  11. John Legend

    I think Ramsey will now know he needs to control himself with over-confidence.

    Good win!

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  12. red-ironstag

    “His over confidence gave away a penalty”

    Were you watching the same match. Clearly it was a perfect challenge but refree felt like home team needs something to cheer at.

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    1. Gunnersway

      It still was a poor first touch though.
      I have only seen him making a few mistakes but overall, he is just BOSSING the midfield again!

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  13. HOB874

    Good win it was. Let us not be carried away by individualism. It was team work and determination that did it for us. The fact that giroud ddnt score doesn’t mean anything. The fact is that he was everywhere he could to help out. I agree gibbs was outstanding but scezzny made my day the more. Anyway up gunners!

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  14. ArnSam

    Gibbs surely deserves it that clearing from per’s mistake and the cross that brought about our first goal not to mention there’s nothing bad to talk about him in that game. ramsey did well scoring the second goal but had some blind passes before

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  15. Robin Vanpayslip

    Yesterday was excellent for AFC. The Napoli result was huge because IMO the biggest threat to us in that group were the Germans. Arsenal can beat Napoli at home so it is now on Napoli to beat Arsenal in Italy and Dortmund are already behind with Arsenal picking up 3 points away from home. The pressure really is on the other teams. Arsenal were favourites to qualify and after the first game it is the others that will need to work hard o change that.

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  16. Twig

    Ozil looked very weak and tired. Didn’t put in any defensive shift at all. Could he still have little stomach niggle?

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  17. Arsenal Fan

    A bit concerning playing Wilshere out on the left but tucked in, made Gibbs job more difficult but what a game he did have. He has been a bit unsung this season so far.

    Again Arsenal win away from home, after losing to Tottenham last season we have been on champsionship winning performance. Why not compete for honours this season?

    What I enjoyed was the skysports panel say ‘look we have been so critical of Arsenal, especially there defending but they have won 10 away games, maybe that cricisicm isn’t right’.

    Arsenal though can not get complacent, they haven’t won anything yet and you don’t get honours handed out in Sept.

    Good result, keep up the hardwork boys

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  18. Waldo

    My goodness KJ, you are very harsh, to you an eight is man of the match standard, wow. We had a decent game and winners have luck on their side. We played well despite having a game with Sunderland with the same players on Saturday. Overall we were great but not excellent. COYG.

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  19. jjkmiles

    I hate dat rating for Giroud, he had no clear cut chances, But he held the line well. He mustn’t score all the time and that doesn’t require such rating IMO. away games are not always easy

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  20. ThomasJohansen

    Funny how Ramsey has gone from being a swear-word at Arsenal, to being bar far the greatest player this season..

    Last season Ramsey’s name was only uttered from my mouth in conjunction with swear words that would make this post blocked from this site.

    This season his name mentioned makes me well excited, in a non-sexual way 🙂

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  21. Mk2013

    The rating for Wilshere is just too high. He made a lot of unintelligent rums,lost the ball so many times by running straight to defenders. As usual lacks positional awareness and disrupt the balance of the whole team.If everyone is feet then Wilshee must be on the bench

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