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Arsenal risk losing Zaha to Man United

Arsenal were in pole position to sign Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace in January, but the imminent resolution of the contract extension with Theo Walcott means that we are not so desperate for the young winger. Palace have stated that they want to keep him for the season, but are resigned to losing him in the summer, and this puts Manchester United in a good position to seal the deal and snatch a major target from under Arsenal’s nose.

The chairman of Crystal Palace has admitted that a large bid in January may tempt them to sell sooner than they wish, but the Gunners are not well known for paying over the odds. Alex Ferguson may agree terms with Palace which guarantees Zaha’s transfer to Old Trafford, but allows him to stay at his current club until the end of the season.

Arsene Wenger could offer a similar deal to Palace, and may have to do some sharp and speedy negotiating if he is not to lose the promising player. Zaha is an Arsenal fan, and is more likely to play regular football at the Emirates. Wenger also has a fantastic reputation of turning promising young players into top class footballers, so there is a chance that we could still get him.

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132 thoughts on “Arsenal risk losing Zaha to Man United

  1. Gundam

    In other news Mclaren just unveiled their car for this season… noice… can’t wait to see that nutcase sergio perez give vettel a run for his title… doubt anyone can beat vettle’s consistency… yeah F1!!! awesome because you have a drive, you have a team… and that’s it for the season… transfers are a headache… most of us will be disappointed if zaha doesnt sign.

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  2. synsix

    **Sneijder agreed deal with Tottenham,and ready to move London asap.Waiting for Inter and Spurs to agree terms

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  3. Tamil Sundram

    spurs are desperate…they sign every player that are available…

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  4. kevin cook

    Arsenal are always losing players to other teams because of his pathetic youth and spending policy, look where we are now, a struggling team who lose to many points to weaker teams, and have no chance of catching teams like chelsea , man city and utd, how stupid and idiotic was wenger to sell RVP, to utd becuae of that they are now going to run away with the premier league, while we struggle with players he has bought in who are not consistant eneough, and no doubt will have a tough time over coming swansea, on sunday, start looking at ur squad wenger, as proven may times this year against norwich swansea bradford,and the latest southampton, ur squads not capable of consistant winning form, or capable of getting results week after week, not good enough not strong enough,,even 4th spot wengers holy grail is going to be tough to achieve, this year. and with man city and chelsea coming up soon. we will fall even further behind the leaders than the 18 points we are already behind. its a disgrace for a club like the arsenal, to be so far behind at this stage of the season, so my message to mr wenger buy players with premier league experience, u say h have ur nucleus for building a team around the 5 british guys who signed new contracts well prove it buy prem experience. and buy english ,

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  5. Badfan

    I also heard that holtby wants a spurs move lol funny but painful. So m’vila , adrian logez, and david villa are left? We are losing our targets one by one.

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  6. leo

    RUMOUR: Yann M’Villa has landed in London for a medical at Arsenal tomorrow some say it’s qpr or those scums spuds

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  7. The Messenger

    This is some bullshit. Keep after Zaha. Why aren’t we? Even if Walcott stays, he will still be a fantastic addition to the squad with loads of promise for the years to come, and is even better than Gervinho! Sell the deadwood (or loan with the option to buy). Get Lopez. Get M’Vila. Get Holtby. Get Shaw. And let’s get back in the top 4 and beat Bayern!

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  8. ks-gunner

    you dibshit…he was told back then about the club poletics and young project…he didnt believe in that he foresaw it to be a failuare….he was right to move on.. as Arsenal from that time on choosed to become a selling club (buesness cub) and lower theyre standarts and work with young players instead of proven ones….and Henry was aiming for trophys and not champions leuage quelefecations…Dain deesagreat with the project so he was kicked out soon after…losing him meant losing players

    Thierry Henry claimed that David Dein’s departure as vice-chairman had dismayed him and left him in no doubt that it was time to move on….. do u remember this u mug….

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  9. Henry

    @ Kevin Cook…do you think Wenger wanted to sell all of our best players? Do you honestly believe he wanted to sell one of the best CF in the world to a rival? To a rival manager that I’m sure he hates! Come on man wake-up! Of course Wenger wanted to keep hold of his best players, which manger wouldn’t? He was resigned to loosing RVP so he had agreed a 15mil deal with Juve and then Ivan stepped in and said we could get more money if we sold him to Manure!

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  10. craig2500

    Id rather have Strootman than Mvilla but im sure we will end up with neither

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  11. Matt C

    Chamakh joins West Ham on loan. Oh why couldn’t we sell him and be done with it? I guess we’ll have to be contempt with this for now though

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  13. Matt C

    Well Spuds agree deal with Holtby for the summer Arsenal are going to wait until the 31st to make their first signing from the leftovers

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  14. Nelson Chimpesa Phiri

    Arsene Wenger has to be serious during this transfer periond,otherwise he may end up singing his usaul song that “he has enough squard to do some wonders” while the team’s performance is becoming poor especialy when we meet these small teams which end up tanishing our good record. So fans lets add more preasure so that he bring atleast one or two good players.

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  15. DrPepper


    Before you begin calling anyone a mug, don’t you remember David Dein wanted Arsenal to move to Wembley?

    Citing David Dein as a hero of Arsenal without understanding the man makes you look like a fool. And seeing as you attacked a post of mine early with Ashely cole – have a look at who Cole blamed for his departure from Arsenal – Dein.

    Henry is friends with, Dein and the Dein family – primarily Deins son but that has nothing to do with his love of Arsenal or Wenger. Who as I’m sure you know Henry regularly credits a large portion of his career too.

    As for me, I neither love nor loathe the board – I’m a realist. I see that without Wenger these last 10 years would have been a hell of a lot worse.

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  16. Rick Rocket

    Matt C – We didn’t sell Chamakh cos nobody wants to buy him and pay as much as Arsenal currently pay him.

    It really is that simple!

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  17. Sowetogooner

    Guys im all the way in south africa so you london folks would hear before we do down here. F***k the transfer targets! Has theo signed day ting or not?!!!!

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  18. JamesHenry

    So already we’ve lost Ba to Chelsea and now Holtby to the dirty spuds .. Why must Wenger take so damn long to make up his mind and then buy someone useless anyway?

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  19. ks-gunner

    No one is perfect…back then it would made a lot of sense financially….it was Dain who brought the uknown Wenger to Arsenal so u Wengerits should be thankefull to him….Chelsea was tiping up Cole so of course Ashleys treatment was not a friendly one….usually my problem with ur view is ur blind support for wenger…stubborn like he is he never accepts critics never admits failuare he lies…he says big clubs dont sell theyre players …and later on they are all sold and he comes up and blames the player coz of greed…and to think about he is one of highest payed managers in the world…u are not a realist u are just blind

    whithout Wenger these last 10 years would have been a hell of a lot worse… thats greenly thing to say coz we dont know anything else then having Wengers as our Manager…

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  20. DrPepper

    Yes we do, because Wenger hasn’t always been the manager. There was Arsenal before, and there will be Arsenal after. Arsenal before he took over couldn’t compete financially and Wengers current Arsenal can’t compete financially.

    The difference is Wenger has the ability to compete on a budget (like no other manager in the world), but the disparity in budget is now greater than it has EVER been between the top teams. Realistically the lowest we know from Wenger is 4th, George Graham had us 10th and 12th between his titles and prior to GG we won nothing for 17 years.

    Ok so a few posts ago Wenger was at fault for letting Cole go, but now Dein’s name pops up it makes financial sense?

    Ash to Chelsea made NO sense, who got the better deal? Us with Gallas and 5mil, or Chelsea with Ashley Cole for the last 8 years? Because from where I am standing we got the sh*t end of that deal.

    Have we ever out of choice sold a player, only Song. RVP, Nasri, Adebayor, (possibly Theo), Kolo Toure and Flamini all went for Money. Whilst Cesc went to play for his boyhood club – taking a paycut in the process.

    The sooner you grow up and realise that David Dein isn’t a saviour, but an old man who sold Arsenal out repeatedly – to both Kroenke and Usmanov, the more you’ll accept modern football and appreciate what Arsene has done for us.

    There is not one manager in the world that could do what Arsene has done at Arsenal since 2007 – just wait until Tottenham move stadium. You will see then.

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  21. Doris

    Ks, Dr Pepper,

    Either way you are both arguing good points against each other, and in the end no matter what unless a miracle happens we’ll be in the same position at the end of January, players out on loan and we’ll sign a 5 month old baby for 50p!! The Next Messi!!

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  22. ks-gunner

    i was tllkit about the idea moving to wembley mate at that time as financialy reaseable …i may be wrong about it…1997 we and manure had the same ammount of tittles….10…manure adabted to the new age of football and Wenger and Arsenal choosed to take a diff way…they won 2 champiouns leauge tittles and 9 leuage tittles and we became a selling club…and wenger besides all his succes screwed things many time up like losing on the uefa cup finals and champions leuage final….also 2009 was our year to be won but the old fool was to tight to buy cover so we fell short coz of injuries (Van Persie aka Eduardo leg breake)4 weeks before the end and by that time 5 points away from the second place…what happend we ended up on the 3t place…..tinny things make the diff…and generaly i am not against Wenger but i am against the board phylosephy he( and u ) represents…..but u cant just mention the good and ignore the bad things…wenger deserve respect but i dont choose to worship him blindly

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  23. ks-gunner

    Yea true one that but he was also the first and only one at Arsenal who succeded by winning the European Cup a mayor triumph at that time ….his team was also the basement for Wenger succes …….anywhey just take Dormunt as an example and learn that from new managers the whole club mentality can change for good …Wenger is a shadow of his former self…and he did lost his spark a long time ago

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  24. Malik

    Dr Pepper

    for me George Graham is a WAAAAAAAAY better manager than arsene, arsene is a good economist and WAS very good at spotting talent but george is the better manager, george did get us to 10th but we never got raped by united and the next season, George would be going all out for the title, not selling his star players, in his short reign he ended a trophy, won us the premier league from one of the greatest team in the decade (liverpool), one us our only european trophy in arsenal history, gave arsene a fantastic defence to integrate attacking football into and MOST IMPORTANTLY INSTALLED A WINNING MENTALITY INTO THE ARSENAL. arsene wenger just knew where to buy players (ligue 1) and now that his been discovered and the stars of france are now being bought for millions not hundreds of thousands. arsene has been exposed tactically, financially even his man handling skills so many people credit him for are poor as shit, put it this way arsene has had 16 opportunities to win the champions league and only once did he come close to doing it, george graham needed a few seasons in the europa league and he cracked the code to win it, if he had half as many opportunites arsene did to compete in the champions league he would’ve won it by now

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  25. zulhazmiabd

    Don’t worry you guys….if we manage to claim the 4th spot,our manager will repeat the statement”I BELIEVE we have QUALITY players to yet again qualify for CL……”the quality of just finishing just among the best,not the best.the quality of losing to somehow relegation strugglers yet again,the quality to qualify for another top 16 in CL yet again,the quality to keep the money safely rather than spending for among the best players on earth again,the quality to seeing arsenal struggle to hike the 4thspot trophy as we are the 4th spot trophy title contenders yet again,the quality to losing another our rare top players to Manu,city,Chelsea even spurs again…..and don’t worry,we are the best among the average teams yet again…..that’s an achievement AW think……

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  26. Big Gun

    @Dr Pepper Did you actually watch any of Djoure’s performances? I can think of plenty times when he miss kicked, didn’t mark properly and was just a waste of space. I’m sure we have other youngsters far better than him that will cost us far less. Djoure stuck by us simply because he is riding the gravy train, LIKE THE REST OF THESE FREE LOADERS. 60k a week for what? Players like these are the reason we cannot afford to keep our better players who deserve a pay rise and why we cannot afford to sign any big names.

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  27. kevin cook

    @henry…… well so he sells RVP to utd because he is money motiovated , he knew how good utd would be with RVP, any team would be much improved but selling him to utd u just dont do it ….and they r now proving it, he could of sold him to any team but to our biggest rivals no way, u think fergie would of sold rooney to arsenal. ? and when utds win the prem because of RVP,s goals and we miss out on Champions League. then all wengers nightmares will come back to haunt him…. and especially the fans.

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