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Arsenal risk losing Zaha to Man United

Wilfried Zaha is an Arsenal fan, and Arsene Wenger is a Wilfried Zaha fan. Add to that the fact (we hope) that the Gunners are set to end the penny pinching ways of recent years and compete with the bigger clubs when it comes to transfer fees and wages, we might have thought it was simply a matter of time before Zaha was an Arsenal player.

Alex Ferguson and Manchester United have different ideas, however, and are set to provide a stern challenge to Arsenal for the 20-year old Crystal Palace and England star. United are believed to be willing to agree a deal with Palace that allows them to keep the winger until the summer, whereas Wenger was hoping to prise him from Ian Holloway’s side in January.

Arsenal may have to pay more money than they had planned to, or offer a similar deal to Palace to ensure that United do not beat us to one of our top transfer targets. Ferguson is also keen on Theo Walcott, but if Wenger can work his magic, he will have to look elsewhere.

If Wenger keeps Walcott until the summer and lets him leave on a free, at least we could have Zaha lined up to replace him in the summer?

Wigan vs. Arsenal will be on

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal risk losing Zaha to Man United


    @AFCAMDEN is a really reliable twitter source. He was right about Giroud, Poldi and Cazorla so if this guys saying hes a done deal then i guess, its only a matter of time before Zaha is an Arsenal player.

    btw, @afcamden was the only one who wasnt saying m’vila is an Arsenal pplayer. That was Sport_trend so, relax, enjoy the christmas festive season and watch Zaha join for Arsenal!


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  2. 9jagun

    until the deal is done its all jingle bells arsenal or man u… i believe his choice still counts at this age.

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  3. LiamBrady

    Let them get him, I really don`t think that he is the kind of player we need now.
    We have a lot of young potential stars upfront in our team already.
    I totally agree on Isco !!! Let Santi get one of his favorite Malaga stars to play with over x-mas !

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  4. gervinho

    If he goes to united he wont have more playing time like he wil have in arsenal, let him go if he want to and bring miyaichi back plis

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  5. sollygunner

    these are the sort of players we should really have to get talented , and they surport the club so should be a dream to play for them look at fabers and how hungry he was to play for barca ,,you want loyalty shorly cant get more than a fan plaing for there team ,,,, benteke ??? looking forward to great day at wigan come on boys smash em up !!!!!

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  6. Dan cazorla

    I believe we need a boxto box runnr who makes runs from cm such as de marcos from bilbao

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  7. neil moxon

    A great xmas present to Arsenal fans would be that Theo signs a new contract,COME ON ARSENAL HAMMER WIGAN TODAY!

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  8. mo

    i think spanish player are better then english so i would go for isco better then Zaha and Cazorla may tell him to come to arsenal as will.

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  9. owens

    I care less cuz i dont really fancy him(zaha), despite all the hypes by the media..i would love isco to join us and cazorla should help to get him just as pires did before cazorla became an arsenal player.

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  10. mario

    Another unproven flash in the pan like Walcott,Ramsey and the Ox.Get some proven material and provide us with entertainment like the Bergkamp and Viera days.

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  11. palmer17

    He is defo not a replacement for walcott gervinho yes then id agree id much rather we kept walcott and signed isco

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  12. Goonerbeall

    Man utd taking Zaha eh? No chance of success. Why, you wonder? Youngsters take time to develop add to that barriers in form of injuries. I dont think RVP could have been given time to sit on treatment bench for 6 seasons. Look at example of Pogba who flew to Milan. Only a romantic like Wenger could have done that. Why are’nt we hearing more of that? Because the most successful manager in UK is a dictator who punishes anyone who is not obseqious.

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  13. Goonerbeall

    I wish Wenger should stop this nonsense and start giving us men who will entertain and fight for this club. Bring Isco and Ba upfront. Teams should be afraidb of Arsenal like they used to. With skills and power we used to tear teams into pieces. Now they come at Emirates and give us a run for our money. No thanks, I am dreaming of a return of David Dein with his mate Usmanov.

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  14. realist

    To be fair i think in chamberlain gnabry jeffrey ryo and wellington we have 5 young wide players every bit as good as zaha.

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  15. Dan

    Zaha would be better off at Utd where he can learn from quality wingers like Valencia, Giggs and Young.

    We have too many young wingers who haven’t got anyone to learn from because Podolski isn’t a natural wide player and Gervinho is shit.

    We need a new striker and winger. A massive midfielder who kicks shit out of people would be nice too.

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  16. HARP3R

    i think we should sign isco who is a proven winger and could team up well with cazorla, demba ba who has goal scoring ability with experience in the pl, and maybe rescue m’vila and give him a chance to give us depth and strength in midfield, along with securing the contracts of walcott and sagna, then were good to go. We could still keep spending a minimum as well, which is what le prof likes to do.

    i would love zaha and sterling as they are british and love arsenal, we need players who are passionate and want to win every wilshere!! but experience is more needed.

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  17. Popeye

    NO need to pay over the top on another maturing stars.
    What we need are proven performers over time like Falcao & Cavani. Don’t waste money in panic.

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    The fact manu wont want him till summer could/should work in our favour, with Zaha yearning CL football, as he does im sure, he could then earn himself a starting spot if he has a run of good fortune

    It may only be one tough CL game but who knows he may see an opportunity in winning the CL with his favourite team. However im not really sure id put too much stock in him being an Arsenal supporter as you hear these things quite often enough, also why wouldnt he have wanted to join the Arsenals youth set up

    This is of course if there are any truths whatsoever to the paper rumours, with it all maybe being a mute point, i believe there are too many ifs and buts to have any real convictions on this matter.
    Maybe we should all ask Leo whats going on in the world of rumour mills lol

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  19. Jonny

    if he goes to utd, he cant be an arsenal fan. Doesn’t work. oh wait. rvp. God i hate him for that

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  20. Rasta

    extremely overrated player. Just like Wright Phillips was overrated and rushed into the england team. Just like David bentley was too after one good season with Blackburn. (Thanks Tottenham). just like connor wick ham who cost sunderland 10 million. and downing and Adam johnson. All overrated. i know from people at Palace who Rate Victor Moses way higher than Zaha. As they saw them both play for their club.

    Zaha needs to join a team like stoke or West brom. teams that utilize wingers. lets see what he can do in the league. if he lights it up then Arsenal should get him.

    Remember last year it too Victor moses 50 shots on target and 14 games to score for wigan. All that hype and nothing till later in the season.

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