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Arsenal rocked by Hummels transfer snub!

There have been Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a move for the Borussia Dortmund and Germany defender Mats Hummels dating back to last summer and beyond. He is also the player that most Arsenal fans would agree on if Arsene Wenger was to be able to sign him and bring him to the Premier League.

So with Dortmund struggling in the Bundesliga and out of the Champions League, a lot of us were hoping and thinking that this summer could be the perfect time for the Gunners to strike. We do need a top class centre back and can now afford to pay the transfer fee which would be something over £30 million and with the World Cup winner being just 26-years old and with vast experience, Arsenal would have a solid platform at the back for years to come.

So it was a huge blow to read in the Daily Star today that Hummels has declared that he would only join a club in another country if it was our Premier League rivals Manchester United.What a kick in the teeth!

The Dortmund star said, “If I was to transfer abroad at some stage, then it would only be to Manchester United.”

Pretty unequivocal stuff really, although it does not mean that Hummels will be signing for them this summer as he has also used Twitter to blast rumours this week that he had promised to join United. I hope he doesn’t as I would rather Arsenal not have to play against him.

Which defender should Wenger concentrate his transfer radar on now?

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal rocked by Hummels transfer snub!

  1. misoko_gooner

    We ain’t gonna get Hummels!! Get Fabian Schar for free and our Defence is sorted Out….


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    1. jeff

      What kind if article is this? He already tweeted that those comments where absolutely made up days ago lol. And why would anybody be “rocked” by those comment if they were true smh…

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      yea……who needs hummels??? When there r other pacy , clever defenders out ere…. He can go to Manure 4 all care

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  2. Goonsquad8

    Am I the only one not “rocked” by this? Hummels is good but he is injury prone and we wouldn’t get much use out of him. Plus he really hasn’t been the same since the world cup.

    I think we have a top class defender in the making. Gabriel can take our defense to the next level, you see he has the potential.

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  3. cheeterspotter

    Arsenal rocked?your having a laugh.He’s not our player so who gives a toss.Anything like the Germans we already have will be good luck to us.His loss our gain.

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  4. optimisticgooner

    I m not even sure if we will sign another centre back! We hav meet koss Gabriel and chambers already. Ohh and don’t forget monreal and debuchy can play centre bak as well !

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  5. dragunov762mm

    Dude, I think Hummels has too many things in his mind, so he’s forget to up grade the EPL progression. Last time he checked on TV, it was grandpa red nose who shared the trophy with RVP. IT WAS TWO YEARS AGO! Hahahahaha…

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  6. fred cowardly

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  7. perf

    the phrase world class is getting tossed around far to loosely now a days

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  8. davidnz

    Mertz Kos Gabriel
    Chambers Hayden.
    No need for a CB.
    We only need another DM
    and we are sorted.

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  9. supertuur

    The foundations of the Emirates are shaking by this news…….

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  10. baldyloxxx

    Why do bobs lame articles get so much air time on here? well at least he’s ditched the irritating CAPITAL in every headline.

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  11. Pascal Cygan

    BAM!! Arsenal ROCKED by Hummels transfer snub!! What a pointless article really smh

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  12. maxwell

    Hahaha love the media sh********…. great player lets not be negative about him because he choose someone else. just hope the team you pick is in Europa X

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