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Arsenal transfer gossip round-up – Yaya Toure, Xhaka, Yarmolenko, Mkhitaryan

The rumour mill is slowly starting to pick up speed as we near the end of the season, so we thought we’d bring you a brief round-up of the latest speculation that is circling.

Yaya Toure’s agent has intentionally sparked a number of transfer links, by claiming his client is unhappy, and that he is looking to open talks over a summer move. The Man City star appears to be trying to force his club to give him one last bumper contract, but with a season left remaining on his current deal, they appear to have very little power in negotiations.

Granit Xhaka is one of the most thrown about stories currently, with a number of clubs being linked with an interest in signing him, including Man City and Liverpool. Some of the latest reports actually claim we have a done deal in the region of £35 Million, but it sounds like Chinese whispers may have led to that supposed news.

Another Bundesliga star linked with a move to us is Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is into the final two years of his current deal. The 27 year-old has bagged 10 league goals for the first time since moving to Germany in 2013, but with his new manager having brought the best in him since joining last summer, a move now appears highly unlikely.

Andriy Yarmolenko has been linked with a move to Arsenal and the Premier League for some time now, but his international boss has moved to urge him to complete the switch. The 26 year-old winger has been supposedly close to joining Everton and Liverpool previously, but despite looking a great fit for English football, is still stuck playing for Dynamo Kiev.

The only story I can foresee any truth in is the Xhaka story, with reports claiming we have scouted the star on a huge number of occasions, but a deal being struck this early before the window opens does not seem likely. Can you see any of the quartet joining us this summer?

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12 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer gossip round-up – Yaya Toure, Xhaka, Yarmolenko, Mkhitaryan

  1. Koss

    i don’t see any of them joining with wenger still in charge, we have enough quality already in those positions and we will have the wenger trophy as usual.

    1. almostawinner

      if we achieve top4 this year, wenger should not buy as his & kroenke’s goal is achieving top4 while minimizing outlay.

      1. jonm

        Almostawinner. A very valid comment. Kroenke’s aim is top 4 in PL, last 16 in CL and minimise costs. This aim is what will drive transfers both in and out of the club. Us fans can dream about transfers to enable us to win the PL, but they are just dreams. Kroenke has told us that he did not get involved to win championships.

      2. NY_Gunner

        There’s a lot wrong with your statement.
        Since you and many others run wild with the notion that top4 and last16 being Stans projected goal for best financial sustainable outlay. How would Stan, an American, being totally clueless to the in and outs of British football, know this to be the best level to sustain the club at? Stan gained majority shares in 2011, but started buying in 2007.
        Don’t forget to add in we havent won the league since 2003/4.
        So, who did Stan supposedly get this from? The same question can be asked to you and many who repeat this. Where did you get this from?

  2. Georgement

    Non of them will sign for us,it is just a ploy use this time of the year yearly to get fans excited and as a result will renew their ticket. Be wise

  3. davidnz

    Breaking news .
    Skyfootball is reporting
    tomorrow at 10 am
    AFC will announce
    Arsene Wenger is stepping down
    as manager in June
    Club will also announce Ronald Koeman
    as the new manager at 11 am.
    The Guardian and Independent
    have confirmed the announcement.

      1. Trevor

        Arsene will get a new contract offer and he sounds like he intends to sign it when he does.

  4. Trevor

    We have three going out in Arteta, Flam and Rosicky. One already came in so that leaves two places to fill. I have a feeling that Ox will primarily become an option in the middle with Iwobi steeping into his wing position. That leaves one more to possibly come in.

    Of those names yes you would have to say that Xhaka is the most likely, and after him Yarmelenko.

    I am worried that Arsene is going to be making the same mistakes all over again. Some of us feel like this is going to be a big window because we have felt let down hugely by the last couple of windows. Also because of experiencing the same mistakes happen in the title run.

    I am worried that he is going to look for internal solutions for the outgoing three, like what I mentioned with Ox. And then we have Bielik Niles Hayden who he might try and fast-rack. We need more experienced players with plenty to offer, not players that are beginning to learn from their mistakes.

    So I am worried that Arsene is going to read the signs that he likes seeing, the positive ones. And then completely ignore all the negative. Then gets the hump with everyone telling him how these boys weren’t good enough, so therefore needs more, but Arsene takes it as an insult so decides to try to prove everyone wrong by using basically the same exact team. I am very worried that this will play out.

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