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Arsenal rumours 10th Aug – Sahin, Capoue, Tello, Kouyate, Song, Vela and Ki Sung-Yeung

I refuse to mention Robin Van Persie in today’s list of Arsenal transfer rumours because I have frankly had it up to here with the never-ending saga of our traitorous captain. So, swiftly moving on, it seems that Alex Song is the man that Barcelona want above of Van Persie and Gerard Piquet is the latest to join the list of Barca stars to ‘happen to mention’ that Song would be a good addition to the side. But he even goes as far as to say that ‘ looks like it could happen’, which seems to be going a bit far to me…….

Nuri Sahin is still supposed to be on his way to the Emirates, and one report says we will know for sure this weekend, but as usual I’ll believe it when I see it. But if Arsenal really do get him he could be a VERY exciting option for Wenger this season. God knows how he is going to pick the midfield as it is……

The rumours about the two Olympian midfielders, Senegal’s Cheikhou Kouyate and the South Korean Ki Sung-Yueng just seem to me to be space-fillers dreamy up by someone watching the Olympics and linking them with Arsenal. I don’t care how good some people think they are but I doubt very much they are on a par with the tremendous midfielders that Wenger already has on the books.

One midfielder that does interest me, and is still a possibility i reckon, is the Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue. He could be just as good as Yann M’Vila at a much cheaper price, but it is highly likely that Arsenal are only considering him if Wenger believes he could replace Alex Song. Frankly I am surprised with the rumours that Song is actually pushing for a move, but then again I used to think Van Persie was loyal too……

Carlos Vela has now been confirmed as a Real Sociedad player (why do these things always take so long!) and other than saying ‘goodbye and good luck’ there is not much to say on the matter that hasn’t already been said….

Which just leaves the interesting rumours about the promising young Barcelona striker Christian Tello, who is set to leave the Catalans this summer anyway. Whether he comes as part of the Song deal, or just gets snatched by Wenger I won’t mind, but he is certainly a very possible ‘one for the future’. He is the sort of winger/striker that Wenger loves to have around, and if we can get him cheap perhaps we could sell him back to Barca in 5 years time lol……

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78 thoughts on “Arsenal rumours 10th Aug – Sahin, Capoue, Tello, Kouyate, Song, Vela and Ki Sung-Yeung

  1. S.H

    I believe Song will stay. He would have to compete with Busquets and Iniesta every week. Song has established himself as a valuable first team member so I’d hate to lose him. To be honest I think losing Song could be worse than losing RVP with the DM cover we have at the moment.

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  2. S.H

    Oh and good news if it’s true is that Squillaci is in discussion with Olympiakos for a 3 year contract. Let’s hope it comes to fruition.

    That was reported on

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  3. jk

    In no way should we sign tello hes a great prospect but we have lots of great prospects coming through ox, eisfeld, ryo etc! If we buying a player it has to be a dm or lb or rb!!

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  4. Emery

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  5. coolfool

    Christian Tello that would make a good deal sweatner for AW and for us witht he 15 mill they say song will go for we can get a nice replacment no problem although i like song and like you am very surprised hes looking else were maybe RVP told himt o leave to who nows and like you im so fed up of his name on ever article about arsenal.
    is there a way back for RVP if he doesnt go thinkt he 25 mill AW is asking for could cover a couple of the 3 players i think we need to be tital contenders all in all it is looking good even if we sell walcott song and rvp and the rest of the so called dead wood if AW keeps this spending mood up we could have a very interesting team indeed

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  6. coolfool

    forgot to say Etienne Capoue and Yann M’Vila are both nice replacments imo along side arteta or diaby would be nice indeed although im expecting coquelin to be a star just maybe to early to expect it now.

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  7. gunner

    no tello, we got enough attacking force, we need a CB or a DF or both and thats it we are ready to go, i mean to fly to the top!

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  8. jeffoo

    jus wonna tank u 4 nt brin up RVP Saga coz is makin me sick to ma stomach as 4 song ? lets get 20m 4 him and get a replacement…. gonner 4real

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  9. Ankeet

    I can only confirm Sahin & M’Vila. Although Aresnal might not might not want M’Vila nemore.

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  10. Oscar

    We have our SONG to Sing, going nowhere, maybe add the lines and likes in the form of a RB,LB n a cover to Billong..!!

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  11. maddy

    If song leave(hopefully not) then defensive mid is must for wenger to buy..
    IMO mvilla deal is still on and we might buy him..

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  12. leo

    if song leaves arsenal should go for javi garcia/m’vila + we don’t need ki sung or anymore mf’s we have got a lot of them just add a striker in case rvp leaves + wan der weil as rb & a gk like julio ceaser

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  13. KobiSH

    I dont care about RVP ….
    I just want Song will be stay with us…. (F U Barca)

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  14. Apostolos

    I agree with most that all we really need is a defensive midfielder(MVilla,J.Garcia/Capoue) and a defender (Sakho<PSG) I really hope we still get M BAye if RVP leaves because we could use a striker with that kind of upside

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  15. maddy

    I still have some problems while loading the site sometimes i get
    ERROR(page not found)..and some times it shows old posts from 3 days ago..

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  16. lube1234567890


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  17. george

    alex song must stay n let rvp go…………. song is our only DM so far.Wenger pls add mvilla to song let them do our work.

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  18. Gofsoh

    Why arsenal do lyk dis dnt let wenger sale alex song let him sale vanpersie and find replacement 4 vp but let song stay with us

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  19. jjoonneessyy

    If we do sell song only accept 25 to 30 million if mvilla is valued at 20 mill then song must certaintly b worth 30 anyway if they offer 20 million plus thiago or tello id take it and sign mvilla who will protect our back 4 and still fit into arsenals passing game

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  20. Kobi

    Ray Parlour just gave a good interview on how much Arsenal need a true holding midfielder.
    Alex Song will stay, Im sure but we still need some steel at the back. M’Vila or Capoue (though I think Capoue is similar to Song in having an attacking urge) could be the final piece for us.

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  21. mystic

    To be honest I really am not fussed whether Song stays or goes. I’d rather than none of the 1st team player sleft this summer, but I guess if there was one who I am less concerned about than others, it is Song.

    Considering how bad he was before going on loan to Charlton, his progress is probably as good if not better than anyone elses. But even so…..

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  22. James

    Let RVP go I think we are fine without him because of our depth in attack (Giroud Podolski and Chamakh can all play up front) plus I believe Gervinho will greatly improve from last year and Ox can only get better. Arsenal will take a much bigger hit if Song leaves and I’m shocked/dissapointed that a deal is even being discussed. His presence in mf was vital last season. I know we have an increase in depth there now but losing Song will be devasting.
    Also, Tello is not needed and frankly i believe isn’t worth it to be on our books. What Wenger needs to do is sign a versatile fb because of how injury prone Gibbs and Sagna are. It was blatantly obvious how much our attack suffered without them last year proving how important strong bf’s are to Arsene’s tactics. Santos doesn’t play a lick of defense and i just don’t trust Jenkinson to be a full time first-teamer.

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  23. k

    If Song and RVP leave, they are c*nts

    Van Persie gave us 8 years of injury and 1 year of greatness, i dont think we’re even yet.

    Song has had a few decent seasons but this is the only one where he has become one of the “star players” so i think he has to stay and do more for the club.

    Fabregas i can respect, he gave everything he had for arsenal, and even now is helping us by persuading Cazorla to join.

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  24. Alan

    Song will be a bigger loss than van persie. we bought more than capable players to replace him but coquelin and frimpong dont have enough experience yet and diaby is always injured. Never taught van persie would become greedy. I have respect for fabregas as he didnt leave for money

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  25. UAE-Gooner

    Loosing van pierse will effect the team but not as much as loosing Song specialy with the poor performance of Arsenal’s defience.

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  26. Odu

    I wonder why Asenalis not filling in complaints about Barca players. They did it last year and went scott free. They have started again. There are rules about a team talkng about tansfering other teams players withut permission I now know that Barcelona has thugs as players. Arsenal should report officially

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  27. Sango

    Dnt trade ur gold for silver, and truely do nt throw ur pearls to th pigs or else thy wil trample thm.
    Rvp is a vantastic technicaly gifted player, infield or infront of goal. Let nt hs age & injuries fool u. Me believe he hs some unfinished footbal business @ AFC.

    And 2 yah,al yapping football puppies~stars r never made at th Euros. Euros r abt ‘hw far cn ur legs burn money$$$’ afta an exhaustive league campaign.
    I wl b vry saddened if w r 2 lose both Rvp n Song. Song is a gritty mid jus abt 2 turn into a germ, and u allow ur rival 2 claim it?!. I dnt understand th logic.
    Thn if al these transfers take place it luks likely w wil b opening th season with a completely new team with many faces also new to th premeir league rigors. My prayer is it doesnt bacfire!. Wenger hs 2 make sure th GOONER wil fire!.
    I need a trophy. Nt jus a trophy bt a big trophy.
    *I rest ma case*

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  28. zak

    if we lose song a telling u all these summer signings are going to be useless……does anyone recall messi shining at emirates i don’t remember it was because song was the wall.

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  29. Ashboxer

    If song end going to Barcelona it will be the biggest mistake he will ever do an he will end up like the likes of Helb.

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  30. dan

    With Cazorla coming in I doubt Song’s creative capabilities will be missed. However he would have to be replaced with a proper defensive midfielder who gets stuck in and doesn”t wander forward too much. I would also strongly welcome the idea of a new winger like this Barca lad. As long as Walcott doesn’t mae the starting 11.

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  31. chyxki

    i would want coquelin to play DMF cos he’s the best RB i’ve seen in Arsenal in a long, long time!

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  32. dokg

    I hope song decides to pack his bags and we replace him with a solid defensive midfielder like m’villa or tiotte (newcastle). Although song is a quality player, we now have a very creative attacking line-up now and need to solidify the defensive element of our midfield

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  33. Patrick Karani

    I am surprised by guys trying to imply that M’Villa or Capoue would be better the Song defensively. The reason Song made those forward runs last season is because we lacked a creative CM. Now that we’ve Carzola, Song will certainly have to concentrate on his defensive role. Selling him would be suicidal.

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    song will leave, I think we have more chance of rvp staying than song tbh.. bring in m’villa and a LB and lets start the season

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  35. Ejykos

    It’s very interesting how we easily get carried away by what we read on tabloids. Since the Song issue came up, I have bn trying to figure out how much money all these writers make from people reading there articles. We all read the fact that some Barcelona players made comments on how good Song is and the tabloids are now telling us how far they have gone with the transfer. Pls, has any of us, the readers heard any thing from AW, Arsenal board, Barcelona board/manager. Song has bn called all sorts of names without the man saying a thing about the rumours going on. Pls, can we be patient and sensible enough and be sure of the facts before we start putting up all these ideas about who replaces who and all these name callings. My taking in it, the writers just have us swelling there bank account by reading there posts. It’s just ridiculous how people just believe everything they read in these tabloids.

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  36. Adizza

    What is the problem of these barca players and barca as a whole? Can’t they just look elsewhere? They just want to be disrupting wenger’s progress. I fully realise now that most of their players lack respect,and they are arrogant. The club use their players to carry out such nonsense. Do they think arsenal is their feeders team where they will be calling our key players anytime they want? Their attitude is absolutely wrong. If i were to be wenger,i’ll ask them to give me messi,then they will get song in return. Maybe then they will realise how painful it is to loose your key players on the cheap.

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  37. Lawrence gf

    When in need of products quickly most people go Argos

    When in need of players quickly Barca go to Arsenal

    They must use the Arsenal match day programme as a product catalogue with special features on products to come…..

    If only they would tap-up Djourou, squillaci, Chamakh, Bendtner….

    “These are all quality players with barca dna all over…”

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  38. Hademe P

    Selling Song makes arsenal a club without ambition,for God sake while should we sell Alex, the 0nly reliable ,strong and rugged defensive midfielder, is it forbidden for us to have any quality player in that position? It is better a dream than reality , it’s unthinkable at a time when RVP and Theo Walcot are holding us at the jugular.I want to see RVP stripped off the captaincy even if he choose to stay. It should be given to TV5.

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  39. Ajoge A

    I tink song would be makin d greatest mistake of his lyf by goin to Bacar. He’ll be treated as slave jst lyk Kaita nd Yaya Toure. Inshort! I hate d way Bacar handle African players. Gunnerz 4real!

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  40. Laurentkboi

    Let’s play a game, a roman game the fallen combatant is our very own robin can persie and the executioner is le prof.

    Thumbs up result in he lives

    Thumbs up results in he dies

    The genre is he has signed for the red devils make your choices beloved brothers and sisters of arsenal.

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  41. Noble D

    lol….hold on a second..let me ask. Who is talking abt selling Alex Song? Has Song told anyone he wants to leave? Pls guys, rest ur nerves, d only player dats at d verge of leaving is RVP. As for song, he’s trying himself out as a Gk in Germany while d Barca entizers are wasting their breath. Song’s contract runs till 2015. Such a long time.

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  42. Aaron

    If you really think about it Coquelin is almost ready. People underrate him because we brought him through the reserves, if we bought him for 8mil then everyone would hype but because he was pretty much free he isn’t exciting to some fans.
    He has amazing Control of the ball, and composure, almost like he is 30 not his age. I really think he can become the player twice Song is, maybe not as a goal creator, but an energetic box-to-box midfielder who has pace and can pass+dribble. But i also think he has the composure to dictate play like Xavi, Arteta, Pirlo, Emile Heskey etc. Its up to Wenger to decide if he will be a CM who sits back and dispatches the ball across the field, or if he will be a player who runs around, being a menace. People regard him as a defensively minded midfielder, I think he is just as good dribbling and going forward if not better.
    Song last year was underrated and now I feel he has developed into an even better player, but he lacks in a lot. He thinks he is attacking Mid now, he goes forward leaving too many spaces at the back, especially towards the end of the season, he also can be bad in his decision making and annoying. He is definately worth keeping, he is world class now, but Coquelin, if he is given a season in the squad (n0t necessarily the first team eg. playing every few games) can because just as good if not better.
    5 years i see us:
    Jenkinson/new RB—Verm/Bartely—–Koscielny/Djorou?—-Gibbs—–
    ——-Walcott/OX—-Giroud(30 is fine)—–Gervinho/Miyiachi————–
    Might come out wrong^^

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  43. Joe

    Wenger’s played a very clever game with Yann Mvila. I do believe he will be an Arsenal player very soon, when there was alot of interest in Mvila Rennes wanted 25m. So Wenger instead agree’s personal terms with Mvila and mvila tells the board he wants to leave to go to Arsenal, he rejects moves to inter and barca leaving Rennes in a bad bargaining position.
    Now with only Arsenal interested Wenger holds all the cards and will probably get him for 12m.

    Back on topic i will be highly disappointed if Song leaves rumours are the barca story was circulated by Songs agent to get a better contract offer from Arsenal. If thats true i wish Song would just come out and announce he isn’t going anywhere. Fed up of worrying about our best players leaving all the time.

    If we keep this squad together i think we can really push for the league this season. COYG.

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  44. Wizbuzz

    …hey fellas…lets relax..nobody amongst us knew we were gonna av a wonderful window lyk d 1 we are having rite nw…i strongly believe that watever decision the boss takes abt players coming in and going out is in the best interest of the club in terms of ending our drought and also making our club financially stable as it as always bin….lets kip d faith in arsene…in him we trust !!:-)

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    i think all we need is victor wayams around 4m ,& sahko around 5m, plus niang around 7m,& were good to go ,i cant see song going to barca just for the fact how they treat thier black players ,hopefully he can see that with his own eyes & not believe the hype ,,as for rvp i would like him to stay but if he does decide to move up north ,I PERSONALLY PUT A FU***NG FATWA ON HIS GREY HAIRED PUSSY ,if he stays i will take it all back
    WHO 2
    WHO 2 B
    WHO 2 B A

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  46. Guv

    Bould doesn’t rate Song and if Wenger can replace him for the same price he will leave. That might not be this summer but Song lacks holding ability that Bould doesn’t like.

    Watch the space!!!!

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  47. aloyd'optimist

    why is that when enever our players wants to leave we qickly sell them both under/out of contract. Cant we control our players when they mess up? Song is still under contract. I want to ask you, is song bigger or older than luka modric? But totham refused to sell him even with addition of a star play. Is he stronger than tevez when he got problem with macini and he want leave but this two players where charged and punished by their clubs. Barca should giue us £20 plus iniesta,sagio bus.or messi to take song or they should forget him and if song insist to leave, the club must suspend and charge him for been un royal to his contract.

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  48. xolani

    Walcott n song r jst w8ng 4 van persie 2 sign a new contract n wen dat happenes dey wil also do da sym c they believe as well i i believe if van persie leaves dis seoson den it wil b yet anada seoson arsenal hav gone witout a single trouphie n i 2 lyk da tello links bt im nt sure if dat wil happen bt u knws anyways i knw dey wil all stay ul c.

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  49. Yung Alejandro

    if joe allen just signed to liverpool for 15 mil n we got santi for 16…. wooo i gotta say arsene wenger is a transfer market hustlerr looool
    shows hes the smartest manager because he anticipated the bargain befor fergie manci etc

    i honestly think we shld try to sign micah richards, cover for rb n cb, young wid prem league experience, dnt no too much about his injury history

    id hate to see song go, i really enjoyed watchin his play last season, dortmund assist, everton assist, henry leeds assist, liverpool assist, spuds assist hahaha we cld go on,
    he has matured into a quality midfielder, one of which i dont fink we can label due to the way he blend defence n attack (still needs to work on his tracking bk mentally agenst counter attacks), obv he a ‘cdm’, but we can all see why barca want him….

    the way the barca players n rooney hav gon about things pisses me off tbh, so on a final note ill ask my fellow gooners if ne 1 cld give me the actual rules on tapping up coz u cnt get much worse then this

    Gunner Forever

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  50. TrueGunner82


    ————Song(defo staying)——–Arteta—————



    I think this is what @Aaron means…

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  51. TrueGunner82


    ————Song(defo staying)——–Arteta—————



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  52. slavko291

    i would not understand if arsene will let alex song go to barca as alex is the one of the best player kind of sagna type of player = always perform why the hell would he sell him..i don’t mind RvP to sell bu no Song pls

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  53. gauravtewariARS

    Song should only be sold if he is pushing for the move and if they offer anything above £22 million + afelallay (rather than tello). What I have written maybe a little ambitious but no can deny the fact how great Song is….

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  54. Gunner213

    Am I the only one who thinks 15 mil for Song is insulting? He’s an excellent midfielder, established in 1st team world class football, defends like a beast, and has lately become a master passer. I’d say 30 at the least, as he’s a player who hardly ever gets injured and is consistent. Hope he stays and becomes a legend, though. He’s one of my favorites.

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  55. wez the gooner

    tello capoue and sahin woud be the perfect way to end the transfer window, providing rvp walcott and song stay, i still think though we hav a deal lined up for mvila whether song stays or not

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  56. jerry

    If players want tp leave then i can’t see the point of keeping an unhappy player
    If RVp and Walcott won’t sign then we have to sell them and if Song wants to go then let him (although it would be a huge blow to us)
    Get 20m each for RVP and Walcott and 12m plus Affelay for Song
    Buy M’vila for 12m and Huntelaar to replace Rvp
    Get Sahin and a CB who can play full back and we are good to go

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  57. Sun

    in other news…. congrats to Park who scored the first of 2 goals so S.Korea get bronze in the Olympics… not a bad goal either. 🙂

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  58. Amol

    song leaving is no good
    coz I don’t see any player replacing song

    unless wenger bring sahin in.

    I’d still consider biglia
    over capou

    coz he’s a proven talent n especially a player with strong character…

    n tello isn’t Tht good…

    he can’t head the ball can’t finish the chances.

    he’s like Pedro
    n remember Wht Pedro did in world cup

    when torres was open to pass,Pedro selfishly

    shot the ball out wide

    remember torres in eurocup
    he passed the ball to Mata
    to score…

    we already Av theo
    n theo is far better Thn tello
    even gervinho is far better n not selfish

    if wenger wanna bring a young talent Thn y not isco
    he’s young n a playmaker
    plays at several positions….

    far better Thn tello…

    with the same money….

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  59. Malik

    if mod*hit is worth 45m to spuds then a Gooner who has better stats is worth MORE 50m euros barca take it or leave it

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  60. Malik

    RESPECT TO CESC4,When asked about Song to Barca by Cesc said:
    “I’d rather not talk about possible trades, out of respect to Arsenal, a club that I love. I hear sounding names like many every summer and comings are welcome, but only the coach knows what we need most”

    RESPECT CESC4, i wish u were english, then u could’ve stattyed, we still we always appreciate CESC4, oh n to barca F*CK U, S*CK ON THAT SH*T,


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  61. Malik

    off topic but

    Now that the attack is complete (have a feeling RVP is staying) NO DEFENSIVE PLAYER should run forward

    i’m looking at u Verm, kos, song, gibbs, santos.

    makes sense that the only players that knew when to stay back last season, were new signings (Mert, arteta). STEVE BOULD NEEDS to rip up arsenals old defensive plans and TELL ALL THE AFORE MENTIONED TO STAY BACK!!! then i guess we don’t need anybody else!!!

    so either steve bould is the signing of the summer or the flop of the summer, and with arsenal fans chanting C’MON BOULDY!!!……we’ll get his confidence up AND Diaby’s-the other boldy we need to do well!!!

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  62. **** Set Gunner ****

    No player should be bigger than the club. As much as i love them they all have replacements:
    Song: Mvila + Sahin
    RVP: Llorente (then we can have 3 spanish players in the team, it adds to the chemistry)

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  63. Sulyman G Shuaibu

    We hope so, but to be frank, to let go of Alex Song is another set of Fire if we couldn’t secure another good personality that will be fit to his position.
    However, to mention the saga of Sahin also, if, Sir Arsene Wenger could secure the deal on time. I think the fans could be in a position of thanking the Manager. As for me, I think this summer arsene wenger has done a good job, and we’ll not be rest minded until we see the club full of midfielder.

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  64. Arsenal for life

    I want tello to come, he has proved his ability and potential with barca last season and will definitely develop into a top star! It might cause a problem if song leaves. But we can use that 15mil to bring in another defensive midfielder like m’villa or ki sung yeung! After all, bring in a cb and a rb! The likes of v.der wiel and Luke shaw! Mexes is not a right option as he is 30 and not-that-good!

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  65. Arsenal for life

    First team that I hope to see next season!
    Sagna Vermaelen Koscielny V. Der Wiel

    Ki sung yeung/ M’villa/ Alex song

    Wilshere/ Arteta Santi Cazorla

    Walcott/Tello V.persie/Giroud The Ox/Podolski

    Hope for a cracking season!!! Arsenal-challenge-for-major-trophies!!!

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