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Arsenal Rumours Aug 28th – Bendtner, Chamakh, Isco, Mbiwa, Afellay and Cabaye

There are loads of Arsenal transfer rumours popping up as we enter the last few days of the transfer window, and today is no different. Come on Arsene, we’re all waiting for that “special player” you’ve promised us last week!

Well first of all let’s get one outgoing player out of the way, as the Mail reports that Nicklas Bendtner is now being looked at by Juventus as the Old Lady seems to have failed in their bid to get Llorente. The bad news is that the price being quoted (or offered) is only £5million. As much as we don’t want the Greatest Striker In The World back at Arsenal, I really think he should be worth more than that after his performances at the Euros this summer……

Another Arsenal striker hopefully to be leaving is Marouane Chamakh who is reported to be wanted by Malaga in La Liga. This could be very helpful as Arsenal have been linked with a move for the unwanted Spanish U21 international Isco (Full name: Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez). For some unknown reason the Malaga boss Manuel Pellegrini thinks that Isco is surplus to requirements this season and has given him permission to talk to other clubs. Perhaps Wenger could propose a straight swap?

It seems that Yohan Cabaye is the favour of the week at Arsenal according to the English press, but Newcastle have admitted they are loathe to sell any of their stars at this late stage, so I am unconvinced this one will get off the ground, but the out-of-favour Barcelona midfielder Ibrahim Afellay is a possibility after being told he can go out on loan for a season to try and regain his form. Afellay missed most of last season with a cruciate injury but if he can regain his previous form for PSV and Holland he could be a very useful addition to the Arsenal midfield.

Another licely Arsenal rumour is the possibility of nabbing the Montpellier defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, who is very versatile and can play anywhere in the back line. He would certainly be useful but I doubt if Wenger will bring in a defender, although its obvious to everyone in the world (except him!) that Arsenal need one more classy squad player in the defence to cover for all these bloody injuries….

Can you see any of these players ending up at Arsenal before the weekend????

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95 thoughts on “Arsenal Rumours Aug 28th – Bendtner, Chamakh, Isco, Mbiwa, Afellay and Cabaye

  1. maddy

    only two days left and i doubt someone will comout desperately to buy our deadwoods..
    wenger needs to move fast to offload them.

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  2. Smiley

    If Chamakh for Isco actually happens Wenger is a genius, we must get rid of Bendtner really hope we don’t get stuck with him for another year…

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  3. Jerrycool

    I wouldnt mind giving Juve ‘the greatest striker ever’ for free. Lets just be rid of him.

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  4. Bitchplease

    We don’t need no mid fields, the Ox is looking good plus Arteta is the man! He plays the DM so well!!

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  5. Ed

    I agree that Arteta and diaby did a good job in dm against stoke, but they aren’t natural dm. We need a true, no nonsense enforcer like capoue, M’vila or tiote who breaks up the play in midfield and protects our backline. This would allow arteta to go forward and do what he does best in his natural playmaker role. Yanga-mbiwa and afellay/isco would be quality signings in addition to the dm

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  6. Aaron

    We need someone special, c’mon! You said it yourself Wenger. We need to get a marquee signing of £20mil, even Spurs are prepared to do it.
    I think Cabaye is class and wouldn’t mind if we got him and M’biwa. Otherwise, we need to spend the remaining money on a striker or maybe Tevez type player who plays behind because that is what we are missing, a beast who can own anyone. Maybe make bids for Robben or Ribery? They have both expressed a desire to come to England. I just don’t see us getting any signings, Wenger, yet again left a signing late, this one will prove to be the most important, but it looks like it won’t happen.
    Look at how Chelsea are doing, all there first team players were bought ages ago. They are added squad players like Moses now but we really need a spark in our team; another Cazorla in different position (CM or ST)

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  7. Malik

    from rumours it looks arsenen’s sitting on his ass doing nothing, i hope his being secretive but something tells me we ain’t gettin nothin but players leaving

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  8. Atk

    Mbiwa or Cabaye + Affellay and we’r done Our team would be very shape and competative.

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  9. Ben

    We need a clinical striker (Huntelaar), a DM (M’Vila) and a versatile, strong defender (M’Bia/Sahko). Isco would be a nice guilty pleasure sought of a buy, but if he’s available and wants to come and it helps move Chamakh or Bendtner the other way then I’m all for it. I’d probably prefer Huntelaar, but Afellay would be a decent addition. Cabaye, extremely doubtful. Newcastle love to sell players, but I very much doubt that’d like to sell with man with five days left, unless they had someone lined up to replace him immediately. He’d be a nice addition because he is a class player, but aren’t he and Wilshere more or less the same player? We need a DM, not a box to box midfielder.

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  10. Scofield

    I think Isco is great, and he will love to reunion with his mentor santi. And I think we don’t need another DM. Coquelin is ready for action and he is better than M’villa and also Frimpong is back soon. I would love to see Fellaini in our team but his price would be too expensive for us, so Moussa Dembele will be perfect for us

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  11. FabZ

    Yohan Cabaye would make a really good signing, but the question is would Wenger want to spend that much (15mill)? We need three signings a DM, A defender and may be a winger, yes arteta played the DM role perfectly against Stoke, but common we’ve seen him do better upfront, as for Giroud and podolski they would definitely get better Giroud especially, he has good positioning and he’s really good in aerial balls. I am sure le prof is going to deliver as promised…

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  12. Nii

    we need lsco to play along side cazorla capoue,or M’vila and one sharp striker and we are done

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  13. Arsenal Diehard

    I have lost interest in the transfer market. It’s always Arsenal that always give in, losing our star players years after years.
    Arsenal management seem to have so much concern on balancing the financial side that they ignore that this is a football club and not a financial institution.
    Not winning anything for many many years yet they still say that we are going the right ways.
    Hopefully they can settle the stadium loan as soon as possible so that they can concentrate on the football matters.

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  14. Mark Stan

    Get Diaby outta the team!!!!!he is much of a deadwood like park,chamakh,squid and the others…We need a DM!!!……COYG

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    STOP BUYING ANY MORE FRENCH PLAYERS.. no need to cross the channel.. DEMBELE AND DEMPSEY ARE GOOOOOD and affordable

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  16. Amol

    greatest striker gone….would b such a relief…

    wenger must swap isco for chamakh

    isco is just 20yrs n will certainly strengthen wenger’s bench options….

    expect isco to b a future star….

    n if wenger doesn’t move now….he’ll lose isco to a club like chelsea….like he lost hazard.

    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa would b a good addition
    coz song is not coming back soon….n song is ageing….wenger needs to prepare a back up.

    a loan move for affelay would b great
    coz wenger’s wingers lack creativity

    affelay might show some spark….a loan move won’t hurt….

    these three players must b added


    chamakh n other two strikers should b sold…

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  17. Awesome Gunner

    Why are people making suggestiongs here that will never happen. Like swap two players for a striker and all the other B#llshit.

    Here is the truth. If you have being following Arsenal all these years then you will know we Might buy one more player. I think the amount we spent in the transfer window is alot. Im think the team is looking brilliant and if you compare last year with this year then I am very happy.

    I think we need to play a team that doesnt defend the whole thats why I think the game against liverpool we will see goals.

    I also dont see why a BIG team loke ARSENAL has to sign players on loan so that they can regain their form. This is b#llshit. We are not a dam Bolton or Wigan. We are THE ARSENAL.

    Lets make piece with the fact that this is going to be our team. I have huge faith in them and I see alot more team spirit in this team than I saw last year. This will only serve us well.

    To all Gooners. Stop being so impatient. I know we havent won a trophy for ages but THE ARSENAL is alot more than just a trophy. Its a way of life, its a discipline, its a team you will support cause you have falling inlove with it.


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  18. Gooner Steve

    If Diaby stays fit (…bloody bif “if”!!), we may well see “the new Viera”(TM) after all. Impressive against Stoke. Ghost of Song will be exorcised. Afellay rumours keep popping up (but then so did Sahin and M’Vila!) – why are so many midfielders being proposed to a team that has talen in abundance in this position?

    The big plus is how much more organised and resilient we look across our back line (god bless Steve Bould). Another solid full-back would put our minds at rest though.

    More firepower would be also be beneficial – although Giroud is looking like he’s just one kick away from registering on the scoresheet, we are thin up front if we want a decent Euto campaign. (Bendtner anyone?!!!)

    But I’m not getting excited about any rumours now…Sahin would have been lovely and that story ended up with a merseybeat soundtrack…

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  19. goonergod

    We need wingers look at united with nani valencia and young they can deliver crosses goals and take on players

    we have gervinho and walcott they could never make it into uniteds 11

    we need wingers

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    Frankly in one word NO we aint buying anyone new there are no special Players left to buy and we wont spend the money …Wenger was quoted as saying he wished he’d bought Eden Hazzard so why did’nt he ?? stop protecting the board and tell th rtruth about whats really going on and stop bullshitting about buying anyone new as there is’nt anyone who gonna want to come to us a win F*** ALL!!!!!!!

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  21. Pat Rice

    I hope the Arsenal squad looks like this come Saturday:

    Isco, Mvila, Mbiwa, Afellay

    Bendtner, Chamakh, Squid, Denilson

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  22. goonergod

    @ degree

    are podolski cazorla and giroud unknown and untested players???

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  23. Gooner Cape Town

    What’s happening with M Vila? He was reported to have been in London yesterday. Still hope it was at Colney. M Biwa is another must. Uncertain of striker, but maybe Llorente is still on cards. Affelay on loan, not good idea, maybe with option to buy after 1 season. He is a good player.
    Anyone got news, rumours, possibilities…????

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  24. @BearHardy89

    Has anyone here seen enough other than their names of Capoue, Isco, Mbiwa, Sakho, or even better yet M’Villa.
    Seems like other clubs only become interested in these players once Arsene makes an inquiry about them, that for one shows that Arsene knows how to recruit the best unkown talents to Arsenal that other teams have caught on to and are now riding on his train.
    We’ve got a great manager with a very good football brain and how to keep a club running.
    And when Wenger decides not to bid for a player their must be solid reasons for him not doing so like the player could be over priced for one reason or isn’t actually that top class of an up and coming young player.
    So let the other teams buy on the hoping that they got on the right Wenger train while he plays mind games and get’s more up and coming world class players like he did with Koscielny, Vermaelen, Chamberlain and dare I say Jenkinson too.

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  25. goonergod

    i think instead of isco we should get kaka..

    real madrid are looking to sell him and he would be a great squad player


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  26. Collins kingsley

    I dont want to believ what am thinkin right now cos am thinkin Arsene does not want to bring anyone into the team, gud squad but there’s no depth up front nd no proper defensive mid to allow Arteta to do what he does best

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  27. Juelz.gooner

    Dembele is the answer. Pleeeeeeeease let this happen! I don’t ask for much =)
    12mil and ARSEshavin should be enough

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  28. Briano

    I can see Wenger telling us on saturday that he couldnt get rid of our shit players so nobody could come in!!

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  29. Patrickfoo08

    We are also looking into lar bender now that a defend mid n he young the kind AW like to sign n what abt lewis hotly did ah get his name wrong anyway ah thought he say he know to come to arsenal

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  30. Irfan

    For me Diaby does not fit in Arsenal team he is slow often gives ball away , we sud replace him other wise we ll struggle ,Plz mr Wanger don’t sacrifice Arsenal for Franch team .

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  31. Patrickfoo08

    We are also looking into lar bender now that a defend mid n he young the kind AW like to sign n what abt lewis hotly did ah get his name wrong anyway ah thought he say he want to come to arsenal

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  32. Graham Jones

    Nice contribution from Admin regarding Bentner, Chamack and Co but let’s face it, we’re all guessing and no-one on here is any better informed than anyone else!!!
    Comments about the way the team is playing, the manager etc are very good but, on the question of transfers it seems to me that contributors are merely passing on what they’ve read elsewhere (Metro for example).
    No doubt we’ll have a couple of signings before the week is out but would you put MONEY on any individual? – I think not !!!

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  33. Gunnerineverylife

    RUMOUR ALERT:We are said to be enquiring about Dzeko.He and Giroud are quite similar but still I would buy him as he does not need to adapt and might as well bang in plenty of goals as he will get a run of games here whereas in city he probably never will.But still I would be happy if we buy a technically excellent striker like the traitor who can create chances as well as score goals.

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  34. peterrichard

    sell chamack2m,bentner5m use 7m to get m’biwa buy n one striker n one dm like m’villa,llorrente n take loan afellay to challange walcott our squad is wallcot/afellay n pold/aox,carzola/ramsey,mvilla/diaby arteta/conqulin giroud/llorrente,jenk/mbiwa,pm,kony,t5,mbiwa,gibbs,santos

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  35. Joel

    No need of a cd….We got miquel…and plus adding another dc will not be good for his future as we all know how great of a cd he is….plus he can play left back if gibbs and Santos got injure

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  36. ceezee

    Cabaye is not “special” ! Having an ok season dosen’t make him special… A routine & constant performer lik “fellaini” & dembele r special ( i doubt AW is looking @ dat direction)! Isco is also an exceptional player, i L♥√ع is steady futball education 4rm ð fifa under age competitions… Any deal wit malaga (chamack or bendtner” wud b wε̲̣̣̣̥ℓco♍e.
    Apparently we desperately nid ǻ cultured DM.. “M’vila also “special” he does tins well & expertly. Diaby / arteta r not natural DM. Afc nids midfield wit “steel & creativity / flair” “M’vila & isco or afellay” creates more scoring chances.

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  37. luke prince

    ummm im sure Juventus still owe us 13 million from viara??. anyway i think we need a winger, cdm, and a st who can score 30 goals but thats not going to happen cuz wenger has faith in not signing players we need!! m’villa is the first i would get he has a ball winning brain unlike song! Affelay would help on the wing. as long as we get these to we can finish in the top 4

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  38. thala

    Please Big No to Affley. We dont want Van Persie’s BFF.
    Wenger should First Offload Squid, Denlison, Bentner, Chamack,Arshavin and Park.
    I feel No need of DM Because Arteta is Doing a Fine Job and We have Back up Le coq, Fringpong and Diaby.If we get Mbiwa he can also be used as DM or Cb or RB. He is also young [23 yrs]and also posses Leadership Qualities.
    We Need Dempsey , He has eye for a Goal. He is Experienced, still has 4-5 yrs left in him. He has Heart and Never say die attitude which will help Arsenal.
    We need a Quality Striker to take pressure of Giroud .i wish we sign either Llorente or Adrian Lopez.
    Isco- no idea what he will bring to the team. But one thing i know is he will be any day better than Chamack!!

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  39. 9jagun

    i dont know why u guys are talking about forwards when we have 2 in Giroud and Poldoski. Even if wenger buys Lorente the guy is not a magician. Was it not for a very good defending from stoke poldoski would have scored and every one would have said he is our hero. Had Giroud scored that went on top of the net we would have said he is our hero. Give this guys a break the season just started.

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  40. Allan

    Wenger we know that,u know on hw to identify players bt we are tired wid ur cooked rumours n 4 dat stop namiing players.Wenger wait for relegation no way forwad.

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  41. Dark Gunner

    I do not see Le Prof bringing in any new additions. Arsene wenger is not one to leave signings to last minute.

    These hints of possible signings he keeps dropping are just to get the fans off his back.

    He is a very smart manager and I think he is just trying to run the clock down to the end of the transfer window without actually signing anyone.

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  42. N21 gooner

    dont think Diaby is a long term option DM. Not strong in the air and loses possession – I was beginning to think his name was ‘Diaby disposessed’ against Stoke the commentator said it so often..

    A DM to recover ball and drive play forward will give wingers and Pod/Giroud more time and space to work with and goals will come.

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  43. Where's e $

    Players going out, where are the good players coming in?
    Why on earth is Ramsey not going out?

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  44. Kingbong10

    Cabaye in – Diaby dropped to bench

    3 signings i would like -unlikely though .

    M’biwa(Cover Sagna) , Cabaye or M’Vila . Dempsey

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  45. bac2basics

    whats with the its painfully obvious to everyone in the world except wenger we need a defender comment wenger himself said we are looking at midfield and defence because we are a bit short in that department just another example of too many commentator fans showing no faith or respect to our manager u lot suck.

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  46. Son of a gun

    Aresenal football club need to invest in skillful midfielder such as dembele that will give the strikers more space in the final third

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  47. vish Puro


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  48. Akstan

    If I am honest I feel in order to offer a valuable first team opportunity for our young squad we shoul have a maximum of 2 players in every position and at the moment we have
    Gk: Sz and fab
    Lb: santos and Gibbs
    Rcb: Djouru(could be replaced) mertersacker
    Lcb: kosh and berm
    Rb: Sagna and jenkinson
    Dcm: coquelin and arteta
    Supportive cm: Wilshere and diaby
    Cam: cazorla, oxlade(who I see much more as a central player)
    Lw: Gervinho podolski (but I much prefer him up front)
    Rw: Walcott (no cover)
    St: podolski and giroud

    This shows a lack of cover out wide, as oxlade is definitely a cam and should be trained so ASAP
    The same could be said for Walcott who may be used in a strikers role
    To solve this gap I feel we should procure afellay on loan, with Michigan really looking to develop on loan
    I could also see a Djouru replacement and one for jenkinson and another dm so arteta can be a supportive cm as the other 2 are very succeptible to injury.

    Overall I recommend mbwia due to his cover at cb and rb
    Capoue or tiote or m’vila
    And that is it

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  49. John Legend.... Truth is bitter


    Wenger is bringing in nobody….. Get that into ur heads.
    Wenger said IF they will sign, they’ll be special players, IF!!!

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  50. jermaine

    idealy 3 quality signings and 1 loan will make a mouth watering squad all we need is 5m.

    summary so far
    rvp 24m > podolski 11m
    song 15m > carzola 15m
    vela 4m > giroud 10m
    bhotelho 1m
    bartley 1m
    £45m > £36m = 9m

    (we have £9m to spend)
    arshavin 7m > cabaye15m ?
    bendner 6m > llorente12m?
    park 4m > affalay loan(2mill)?
    squillaci 2m > m`biwa 8m?
    chamack 4m,,watt 1m,shea 500k,lansbury and frimpong Loan
    33.5m incoming – 37m outgoing
    net spending of 3.5m

    12/13 squad (ave age26)
    gk sczezney 22/fabianski27/mannone24
    ave age=24

    rb sagna29/m`biwa*23
    rcb mertasacker26/koscielney26
    lcb vermaelen27/djourou 25
    lb gibbs22/santos29
    ave age=26

    dm/cm arteta30/cabaye*25
    cm diaby26
    cam carzola27/rosicky31
    ave age=28

    rfwd gervinho 25/wallcot23
    cf llorente 26/Giroud25
    lfwd podolski27/affalay27
    ave age=25 1/2

    >this squad is exactly 25man, with 8 home grown players >looks realy strong and a space is left in cm as we have excellent young talent for that spot.
    >will be suplimented by u21 players in all departments;

    sagna mertasacker vermaelen gibbs
    cabaye arteta
    wallcott podolski
    subs;fabianski, koscielney, m`biwa, wilkshire, affalay, gervinho,giroud

    cup team
    m`biwa koscielny djourou santos
    wilshire diaby
    gervinho affallay
    subs;mannone,jenkinson, miquel, coqulan, lansbury, ramsey, chamberlin

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    there will be no more signings , wenger has now got the perfect excuse not to invest , nobody wants our deadwood , and who could blame anybody for not wanting our rubbish .wenger will step up to the mike on saturday and say he trtied his best to bring in one or two more players but because he could not sell anybody then there is no room in the squad . he will quote numbers and tell us that he believes that we can win things this season .i did believe wenger years back when he came out with such quotes , the only difference back then was he was honest and he did not say “i believe” before making predictions . a fantastic manager in his day there is no doubt , today i am afraid he is sitting on his laurels and collecting his cheque and his percentage of the balance that is there because of being such a financial controller . somebody else needs to take that part of the job away from him , it should never be a managers job to ensure the books are balanced , that is a job for a director . and it will come as no surprise to me that in the future that wenger will be rewarded for his balancing act by getting a seat on the board . this seat will have nothing to do with his footballing management prowese but instead it will be for services rendered to his beloved board .you can all start queuing now to tell me i am talking shite again if you wish , but time will tell my friends .

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  52. zekky

    wenger try to finish the transfer of Cheick Tiote this transfer wiil upgrade us.

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  53. i love weed

    WE NEED A WINGER!! someone who can actually cross and is consistent..dembele for example could play there. and then we could use walcott as a sub striker where i think he would really excel in that position! get him on some through balls from cazorla/arteta and he will bang them in up front.

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  54. Douglas

    yohan cabaye/isco and mapou yanga mbiwa would be my favourite options but to be truelly honest i’d be pleased if we actually managed to sign anyone

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  55. deadlygun

    Bendtner for £5m? That’s infuckingcridible,he is worth much more than that,I mean if wenger sell him at that amount,he would have set up another transfer record-selling the world best player for £ wenger how about setting transfer record ur own way.

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  56. Young Gooner

    I believe our team at the moment is good enough it’s just some players need time to adapt to the best, most physical league in the world. The only position the is needing an improvement is CDM. Don’t get me wrong both Diaby and Arteta are class players just neither of them are suited to play CDM. I think Cheick Tiote would be a perfect fit for Arsenal, would be the player we have been missing since Patrick Viera and Gilberto Silva. With the addition of Tiote and all our players fit again our lineup should look something like this:
    Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Tiote – Arteta
    Cazorla – Wilshere – Podolski
    SUBS: Fabianski, Mertesacker, Djourou, Diaby, Coquelin, Chamberlain, Ramsey, Gervinho

    I haven’t involved Walcott as i believe he will be sold as he doesn’t seem to be committed enough to Arsenal.

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  57. Arsenal Fan for life

    C’mon guys dont dream too much be realistic! Afellay and Mbiwa and we will have a neat team. Afellay because Gervinho and Walcott (Podolski too maybe, he needs time) isnt effective enough, Afellay will solve the problem (at least he knows how to cross in and shoot finely!). Mbiwa is perfect too he is young, have leadership and is very versatile (can play in mid + def), will be gr8 signings. Hope Wenger could sign 2 of them and we will have perfect squad

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  58. Ric

    seriously, Wenger is waiting time and these rumours coming in and out is just confusing,wenger quickly add your so called ‘special players’. I hpe it will be M’vila and Afellay. Dembele is also an option

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  59. reno79

    We already have a max sized squad, and we know we cannot sign anyone unless we offload someone else first, and nobody wants who is left. I cannot see anymore signings as much as I’d love it to happen (someone like tiote, llorente would be great)

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  60. Juelz.gooner

    All of you saying u want cabaye are just weird! he is just like arteta but not as good! HE WILL NOT BRING ANYTHING NEW TO THE TEAM! Tiote the same! You just read the latest rumour and jump on the bandwagon of spending money just because thats who the papers link us with! If wenger wanted M’villa he would have signed him! We need someone whos gonna affect the game in the final third thats obvious! Santi is doing a great job but he needs support. Think about players who are actually going to contribute to this….probably not cabaye/yann/tiote and any other standard midfielders we are linked with. Dembele was the best player on the pitch in the Fulham vs Man u game. Wait till one of our rivals buys him then you will all cry saying “We never compete with chelsea/man u etc”. Focus on players that are TOP quality and if we dont buy anyone at least we havent wasted money like liverpool do.

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  61. AussieGooner

    We need an entirely new board and sell 7 of our players and buy 7 new ones. Until this is done then we will struggle for a top 4 spot again

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  62. WalnutCreek Gunner

    I think Arsenal Wenger is confused on which players to buy.

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  63. Theo

    Guys watch on transfer deadline day arsene will sign atleast 3 players. It will be a dramatic deadline day for arsenal. I think we need isco mvila mbiwa and another striker. The person who would be a great signing is Dempsey. I promise u guys all the drama and signings will come on deadline day. Sender always loves to bring a suprise. Who knows that special player he is promising us could be a world class player. Arsenal will surprise everyone this season. Just wait and see, the signings will come on deadline day

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  64. gooner for life

    We need a versatile defender (mbiwa) a DM (tiote) and a classy striker (defoe) i hate spuds but they have a talented striker who just warms the bench

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  65. OM

    Isco to replace Walcott
    Huntelaar or Jovetic as marquee signing

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  66. OM

    Money rots football…

    Each team should have similar wages:

    4 star players at 120k
    4 players at 80k
    4 players at 60k
    Other squad players at 40k

    Then you come and play for the club, not the paycheck.

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  67. moheb

    cabaye or tiote and young mbawa plz affelay will be gr8 just spend the money Wenger

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  68. vin

    Cabaye..good idea. Need some EPL experience rather than bringing on 20 year old starlets who will take 12-18 months to integrate into the rough and speedy League. Tiote..another EPL enforcer who would be a phenomenal addition..but unlikely. I pray that Wilshere will get healthy and play like he did 2 years ago and all these worries will subside. I do agree that Laiton Baines or Fellaini would be fantastic additions but doubt Everton will let them be prised away…

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  69. Mauri FC ARSENAL

    Look we need M Villa, Cabaye, M Biwa, Afellay and if Walcott leaves fine Afellay would be perfect replacement. Isco is great because we have a beautiful youngstars team. OX, RAMSEY, JENKINSON GIBBS, SCENSKY, FRIMPONG, COQUELIN SO THAT IS EPIC. Now we would be into the top 5 teams in earth if we for the last two years did not sell playes. ARSENAL NEEDS TO KEEP THEIR PLAYERS IF WE WOULD HAVE KEPT THEM WE WOULD HAVE THIS SQUAD: Sckensky GK, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, as CBs, Sagna RB, Clichy LB, Song or Wilshere or Fabregas as DM or CM, Nasri as CAM and Ramsey his change,Henry or Gervinho, Van Persie and Walcott up front, and now with Cazorla, Giroud and Podoolski, possible signings like Cabaye, M Villa M Biwa and Afellay that is a dream team. We would be compatible with BArca or Real. AGREE SO WENGER I HAVE 90 % FAITH IN BECOMING HAMPION IN TWO YEARS IF YOU SIGN M VILA CABAYE, MBIWA AND AFELLAY I CAN SEE US LIFTING THE PREMIER LEAGUE TROPHY BUT PLEASE DONT SELL THE PLAYERS UNLESS ITS BARCA OR REAL BECAUSE THEY ARE TEAMS U WOULD LOVE TO PLAY SO DONT BREAK PLAYERS HEARTS

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  70. Mauri FC ARSENAL


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  71. harry

    Capoue would be an ultimate asset to the arsenal defence and midfield

    Cabaye also great for the gunners attack and defence

    Dempsey is just a gunner so I’m not sure why he hasn’t arrived yet

    Remy would be perfect to replace RVP and lead that attack

    Navas is brilliant, also he is a ‘top, top, top player’, and can be sold at a reasonable price around £17.5 million

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