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Arsenal rumours Dec 6th – Reus, Hazard, Pato, Kalou and Miyaichi

Just three weeks to go until the winter transfer window opens, and the press is full of Arsenal transfer news today as it probably will be every day from now on! Arsene Wenger has said that he is not looking for a new striker but most fans think that that is his usual smokescreen….

So the first striker linked is Chelsea’s Salomon Kalou who has been a perpetual supersub at Stamford Bridge with a very good scoring record from the wing. Wenger has admitted in the past that he has made an enquiry about the Ivorian which is why Arsenal are linked now, but I doubt he is worthy of being cover for Robin Van Persie…..

More likely is the classy Brazilian Pato who is expected to be surplus to requirements at AC Milan if the Italian giants manage to secure Carlos Tevez in January. He has been left on the bench a lot recently in Italy and his injury problems may make him a risky proposition, but there are few Gooners that would turn down the chance to see him in an Arsenal shirt…..

Marco Reus, the Monchengladbach midfielder, has been touted recently as a possible arrival at the Emirates, and today the Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has revealed that he is also a target for the German giants but they are unlikely to meet his buyout clause. He said: “He is definitely an interesting option. I’ve been told that he has a release clause of €17.5m, though,”

“That’s no pocket change for us. However, Bayern will internally discuss this matter and see what’s possible.”

If Wenger decided to meet that clause for the 22 year-old it would make Reus into Arsenal’s record signing, but he would still be a hell of a lot cheaper than Eden Hazard. The Belgian has been linked with the Gunners for around a century but recently Hazard himself said he wanted to join Real Madrid. Today’s Talksport headline that he now prefers Inter Milan, but his quote doesn’t suggest that to me at all. He said: “Inter are a fantastic team,”

“It would be mythical to play there once. But now I insist I think about Lille and we’ll see what happens at the end of the season.”

That doesn’t sound like he is keen on going to Inter, especially as the Italian giants are unlikely to even get near a Champions League place this season. But I still doubt that Wenger would pay anything like the €50m quoted for Hazard, no matter how good he is!

The last rumour is that the French Minnows are trying to get Arsenal to loan them Ryo Miyaichi from January. The youngster is currently injured but if he comes back fit and healthy I’d rather Wenger used him in the Arsenal squad rather than send him out on loan again. Does anyone disagree?

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55 thoughts on “Arsenal rumours Dec 6th – Reus, Hazard, Pato, Kalou and Miyaichi

  1. carlonzgooner

    pato= quick skillful lethal finisher and an all round classy player wenger should at least consider him

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  2. alexs

    Let him go on loan, he’s not reday for the gunners. Look what the loan deal did to Coquelin, he came back a very improved and confident player. This can happen to Ryo as well.

    Reus would be great to have here, given that we won’t spend the money on Hazard or Gotze (30m?). 17.5 m for Reus is a safe and very good investment

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  3. Christian Ethiopia

    Damn it, if we get Pato, I think I will cry with happiness…that guy is amazing, just look at the goal he scored against Barca.

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  4. Boyka

    Arsenal 2 offer arshavin nd bentner +25mil 4 gotze,dat wil b gud buisnes,i prefer pato 2 kalou,kalou is goin 2 d afcon nd pato’s is not.pls sign pato nd gotze!

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  5. DougF

    To be honest, I think gotze is our priority, he’s wanted by man u,real madrid, man city etc, and for all the right reasons, as 30 million comes he’s proven enough.
    Hazard would be amazing but spending 50 million on just the one player would mean we couldn’t strengthen any other position-not good.
    Pato would be not only a great buy for the fans but would ensure RVP stays as we buy top players to play alongside hime, he’s what? 21? He’ll cost us approx 25. He can be our next 10 year generation including gotze gibbs scezney pato ramsey wilshere miyiachi and the ox!! We can surely be a top threat with these players.
    As it has been mentioned, we must buy into defence aswell, we should consider experience at the back with proven players, likes of vertonghen,santon, cissokho, sakho, subotic, hummels spring up.
    Yet last window apparently wenger “let loose” spending with numerous players in the last few days. Is he really likely to but 60 mill worth of players in a single window?

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  6. Arshavins_Grandma

    Yes, Miyaichi definitley needs to go out on loan. As well, Kalou would be good as RvP backup..after all he is a professional backup striker

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  7. undisclosed

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  8. nicky

    I’m beginning to long for the 31st of January, when the transfer Window has closed and we know precisely how we stand, player-wise, until May. This constant rumour and counter-rumour on signings, which has continued unabated since the summer Window closed, is making my head spin.

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  9. Kc austino

    PATO?? If he was so good then why is he just like an Ac Milan “chamakh” let’s not get ahead of ourselves,i see this transfer happening though but this guy is not really the messiah better than park though

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  10. John

    I think we should not rely on only one striker.Incase of any injury bcoz injuries are unpredictable, what will happen? same case happens to deffence.this means that incase of any injuries, we will go back to square one!If we can only get Pato n Kalou we shall be at a better position.

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  11. Stuart

    Guys I just realized with Liverpool dropping points yesterday and us playing before Chelsea this weekend, am I right in saying we will be in 4th place if we beat Everton at home? If so then what an achievement considering that horrific start! To make up that sort of ground in Newcastle and Chelsea (12 points at one stage) is a tremendous effort! It will be so nice to look at that table and see us in the champions leauge spots where we belong. Oh spuds we’re coming to get you.

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  12. T.M

    If these players dont make Arsenal their FIRST choice…how can Wenger get them? Consider Fabrigas and Barca…

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  13. Joseph

    I think Pato could be fantastic signing if at all will agree to sign Arsenal Fc. But why players like Asamoah Giang of Ghana is not considered. The player does not cost much but can fit well at Arsenal squad. Arsenal need a physic forward like Asamoah

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  14. neil moxon


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  15. Alex

    Send miyaichi on loan to either lille or Dortmund as they pay like us and also good if we want to buy from these clubs

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  16. Red DB 10

    Bring in Goetze and Hazard.
    Put Theo in the strikers role to support RVP he is flying this season and if we unleash him in the strikers position he will run riot.
    Have hazard and Gervinho on either wing and your midfield will have jack, song, and goetze with Ramsey and Arteta as support.

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  17. rocky

    Well, Gotze would be the biggest catch of the lot. Although whether he would turn down playing with the worlds top players (Messi/Iniesta/Fab or Ronaldo et al) and get twice the pay is another thing. He would fit nicely into our quick and agile midfield, but he’s young and can have his head easily turned. Lets hope his agent has his football in his best interest rather than the money and stardom. If we don’t get him in Jan, no doubt La Liga will nab him. I hope Wenger can persuade him.

    Pato has always shown class (would add a bit of speed up front in FIFA12 ;), and he’s another victim of the lure of a top club that constantly changes their minds and their players. He’s got class, but no premier league experience. Its always a 50/50 gamble whether the top players can perform at the BPL level. That being said, if he does perform would Wenger player 2 up front? That means our formation will have to change, probably dropping Rambo/Arteta when Jack comes back.

    As for Ryo, loan him out to a BPL or at least championship team. Let him get a bit of regular English playing time, it’ll do wonders just like Jack (with any luck).

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  18. stan

    Almunia, rosicky, vela, squillaci, arshavin, bendtner, denilson and djourou are all close to leave the squad. (value around 30M)
    So we could bring in one CD and promote miquel… I’d go for vertonghen for his versatility and commanding presence.
    We could bring an AM too (gotze), promote AOC, and turn Reus in a lethal striker in the mould of Van Persie.
    That makes 8 out, three in and internal promotion to fill the gaps. The three in worth around 60-70M, so we would spend 30-40M… Affordable!

    Team A:
    Sagna koscielny vermaelen santos
    song wilshere
    walcott gotze gervinho
    van persie

    Team B:
    Jenkinson mertesacker vertonghen gibbs
    coquelin/frimpong arteta
    AOC ramsey miayichi

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  19. stan

    About the team B miayichi could indeed be loaned to a BPL or Championship team, so reus would be on the left and park up front…

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  20. martins

    Mario Gozte,Lukas Podolski,will be enof for us,atleast 4 now nd May be left back.

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  21. dave

    Pato, Torje, neymar and gotze would be perfect usmanov should give the green light for at least half these players if not.. All

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  22. J.Lo

    haha..what a fans,just gt bhind the team for now till january,stop bubling bout players in last week kalou,aftr a week then eduardo vargas,drogba,pato,kalou,rodallega..ol such name.i dnt what wud u ol react when wengie dnt spend on anythng..pathetic! jst focus bring more pasion in the stadium,atleast sing along.embarased seing on the traveler suporter even noisy than us at home.

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  23. J.Lo

    i think the only most likely for striker is podolski,midfielder either goetze or gourcuff,and dfender vertonghen.that is due these player that wenger really keen on.

    as for the striker,i think wenger wudnt let go off chamakh,so left with two striker,bt wenger shud cnsidered bringing oon back vela if he doesnt goes for any.he realy impresive in the pre season,and score a stuner bicycle kick last week.typical eduardo style n skillful.dnt knw why wenger keep in loaning em,shud b given more chances. for the midfield,f we cnt gt goetze i think ericson wud b jst good.gourcuff nt interested.we hv a lot of centre midfield,we need a creative playmaker n an attcking mid cus we hv a holding midfield n centre role.we lack of that since losing two creative playmaker. with the defender,shud go for vertonghen. santos cnt play there evry week out.gibbs way too injury prawn- shud b loan perhaps??

    bt we shall see hu wud wenger bought in and out.shud nt put my expectation too high.since we knw wenger is nt gonna spend much.hope he wud show some ambition to win the title again.we missed it!hopefuly even one title this year. champs league!!!! keep on hope and faith or even the three title left.COYG!!

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  24. Travis Bickle

    @J LO

    You just made a valid point about supporting the players, and not to give in to speculation. Then completely do the opposite, right after saying your point. Your a hypocrite. Not only that but I have seen you commenting on this forum (which i don’t have a problem with at all) for at least 3 months that you want Arsenal to sign, Podolski, Goetze, and Vertonghen.

    In another matter, if Pato is a serious option then he would be an astounding signing. I feel though, with regret this is fantasy. Where is this rumour coming from? All the other names that are mentioned on here I have seen the rumours elsewhere, but not Pato’s

    I doubt there will be any new signings in January, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Rosicky will all be healthy in about 2 weeks time. Sagna will be healthy in 1 months time. That will be an almost healthy squad in 1 month, with the exception of Wilshere.

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  25. dochebadunited

    we should get pato and loan him out to norwich city and we should buy gotze and lan him out to spurs..then im pretty sure we will win everything!!! yeah

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  26. Arsenal zimbabwe

    Knowing Wenger I am less optimistic that we are going to sign any new players especially if we manage to beat Man Shity.One might say thats a wrong analysis but I prefer dwelling in reality as Wenger has been a an unpredictable and frustrating character especially during transfer windows .On the bright side I hope we manage to offload the useless excess baggage in Jan and add value by buying quality and hope we do not get regret any decisions we make in Jan considering our team is injury prone.One other thing for now Arsenal looks attractive to play for as compared to start of the season and also a positive result from Etihad will cement our quest for success thus attracting good players to consider Arsenal.Gooner for life the journey continues.

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  27. J.Lo

    @Travis Bickle

    hypocrite? ha ha! if im a hypocrite,what mkes you then?? not specificaly on that player dude.even if arsenal gt anyone i wud b happy aslong we cn b back to our glory days. yea n thats is due to someone being pathetic,so i chnge my opinion to please some fans n wna see what the type of coment that they would acept.ndrstud??

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  28. Charlie

    Kalou is a no no. I know he’s a decent player, but no better than we already have. That’s certainly not how you move on as a club. Gotze would be a wonder signing especially if we can tap him up for 30 million. But, he wont want to leave B. Dortmund yet, in terms of Hazard, if Arsene Wenger had followed my advice and bought him two years ago we would see him in an Arsenal shirt for considerably cheaper than what he is worth now, especially as all of the demand now. He was worth half what he is now, due to the interest from Inter, Madrid, and many other top clubs in Europe.

    I would welcome Alexandre Pato to the Emirates with open arms, and I’m sure he would accept, however, would Wenger buy him? No.

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  29. stano

    i do beleive in having a strong team a and b and an academy.
    Wenger should be looking for market for almunia, squilaci, diaby, denilson, arshavin, rocisky, bentner, and chamach.
    He should be thinking of buying mvila, gotze, reus and ventargon only.
    TEAM ‘A’
    walcot,van persie.gervinho
    TEAM ‘B’
    manone,yanaries,park,ryo,fringpong,osyacup, and vela

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  30. Travis Bickle

    @ J Lo

    No, I’m not sure I know what you mean. “What makes me then” Is not a hypocrite. I never said that people on here shouldn’t speculate about players and insinuate they didn’t respect the players at the club, and then in the next comment do exactly that. THAT is the definition of hypocrite. It will be difficult for people to know where your coming from when you have said two opposite opinions. Which one do we believe?

    I don’t have a problem with you, I’m just confused by your point of views or lack of it, I’m not sure which…..

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  31. andy bishop

    Dream on about January…no new signings says Wenger. Run with these players as the team spirit is good and hope that the captain stays fit..he deserves a full season

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  32. Anton

    Pato is Van Persie without the complete desire to score.

    Van is gone in summer. Who’s our next big star??? Better sign him now.

    Loving Coquelin. And mancrush on Song. To know arteta is to realize how fast my grandmama is.

    Hating Walcott. Dude is a complete waste. Wants to play down center but cant make 3 passes in a row. Very dumb player :)))) smiley face!

    Gigadee gigadee

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  33. Georgegooner

    As much as i want us to sign players, especially gotze/hazard, podolski/ pato, cahil/jagielka, marcelo/baines i can almost guarantee that it wont happen, i am 99.999999999999999999999999% sure that wenger wont buy anyone, he will trust chamakh, arshavin, benayoun and djourou for cover and it wont work, we shouldnt have cover players, we should have a set of 18 class players, all fighting for starting spots so we can see vital partnerships and reoccuring rotation of the squad to keep our best players fit for important games and also be throwing in youngsters when the time is right.

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  34. Kareem.A.Oluwasegun

    I think we need not any midfielder for now, Jack is nocking at the door. But goal getter that can challeng Van Persie and in case of incasity.

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  35. 10Bergkamp

    Get rid of djourou and bendtner absolute terrible players where did arsenal get these players from. Sign Gotze, Poldolski and Vertonghen.
    Out – Djourou, Bendtner, Squilachi, Fabianski, Denilson and Almunia.
    Bring Vela back from loan.
    Vermaelen is our best defender.
    song or ramsey,wilshere
    gervinho,RVP, walcott
    Subs: Poldolski, chamberlain, koscielny etc

    Give it a few years WILSHERE AND RAMSEY WILL KICK ***

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  36. Tijani nurudeen

    Wutz up to every arsenal fan. I will be greatful if wenger can sign podolsky as back up for rvp and for midfield if wenger can sign reus, goetz or motolivo. And for the defensive area will just need either cahill or ven

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  37. sam

    a bit stupid to send our best young players out on loan while deadwoods are still in the team.
    ryo is better at left wing than arshavin, only arsene can’t see that.
    what if the loan team refuse to play him, wellington anyone?
    and stop dreaming about pato, tevez, gotze or whatever. wenger is not going to spend big on any of them, unless they are extremely cheap which i doubt very much

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  38. H

    Let’s face it….Wenger was rushed into buying names in the last transfer window as we lost our best players.

    I doubt very much he will do the same again. Its not his style.

    I can be sure though that none of the names mentioned above will be coming to the Emirates. Anyone he wants is a closely guarded secret. The press just write stories to fill newspaper columns. Wenger doesnt comment either which helps his cover.

    Who expected Santos, Benayoun, Arteta? No-one saw that coming so expect more of the same.

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  39. casey

    arsenal will not buy any of these players.
    maybe 1 or 2 at january, but this news ends
    up to be bullshit

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  40. gooner87

    i think our top most priority would be a left back as santos is injured and vermalaen gonna cover his position we r streched in defence it seems, so vertonghen or baines would be a must on the shopping list..also a good cover for rvp wouldn’t harm at all..cuz chamakh is no way arsenal material..get pato or sow or podolski

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  41. OnlyOneRvP

    Short term loan of a month or two for Miyaichi would be good. He hasn’t had any playing time and is coming off of an injury so it would help him build up his fitness. Similar to Rambo’s spells with Forest and Cardiff last season.

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  42. arsenal1983

    What we need to be focusing on is retaining the experience we now have and clearing out some of the squad and reinforcing with some young, enthusiastic, skillful players.

    The likes of Squillaci, Almunia, Diaby, Chamakh, Fabiański, Djourou, Bendtner, Vela, Denílson and, only cause of age and loan agreements, either one of Benayoun, Rosický or Arshavin, need to go.

    We should go and get Cahill or Vertonghen, i’d rather see them alongside Vermaelan, Per or Koscielny.

    The thought of Gotze, Wiltsher and Frimpong is to good to be true, but so needed. Along with possibly Daniel Parejo or Esteban Granero.

    Hazard is a must.

    With him we could finally look at moving Theo up into a more central role or we could bring in Podolski and just utilise both of them in their current roles.

    I think we should also go after both Paco Alcacer and Gerard Deulofeu for the future too.

    Arsene goes on about having a big squad but there is no point in having a big squad if a big chunk of it is pretty much surplus to requirements or just not good enough. If we clear the above out we will raise the funds needed for the transfers and strengthen the squad in depth of quality rather then numbers.

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  43. evanson

    Rio should be given a chance 2 show what he is capable of.we also need a striker ‘just in case ‘we need to rest RVP.Finally THUMBS UP TO RVP.

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  44. chigbo

    wenger do your job either you sell or buy who ever you think that is good for your team all we need is trophy so that arsenal fans should celebrate ones again like barca or m/u fans.

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  45. gunner346

    Göetze would be great, but i doupt it that he’ll ever be bought… 40m is ridicullous for a 17-18 year old… Especially when ur talking about wenger. Reus I think is possible and i’ve got to say Pato would be amazing to see in an Arsenal shirt!! With the full-back problems were having atm I think a more experienced full-back wouldn’t hurt either…

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