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Arsenal Rumours – Romero, Cabaye, Wimmer

There is a very likely chance that the Gunners will be bringing in a defensive midfielder this summer, so any Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with this position should be taken seriously. One of the most talked about in the last few weeks has been a bid for the unhappy PSG man Yohan Cabaye, who was the subject of a £10million bid from Arsene Wenger two years ago.

The ex-Newcastle star then moved to PSG for 15m but the report reckons that Wenger will finally get his man at the reported price. Wenger seems to be keener on older, more experienced players lately and at 29 Cabaye is not too old for a player in that position and could be excellent competition for Francis Coquelin.

It seems that we are definitely going for “one for the future” in the Argentine youngster Maxi Romero after the Velez Sarsfield president Raul Gamez confirmed that Arsenal have made a bid for the “next Lionel Messi”.

Gamez said: “Arsenal have made a big offer for Maxi Romero. I don’t want to talk figures just yet but it’s a big offer.”

Another interesting rumour concerns the German defender Kevin Wimmer, who is an Austrian international currently at Koln. Although only 22 he has already made 0 appearances in the Bundesliga, and at 6ft 2in he could probably handle the rigours of the Premiership. I am sure that Wenger has analysed his stats but for just 5m he could be a bargain. An added bonus is that the Metro reports that Tottenham thought they had a deal wrapped up so we could frustrate our dreaded rivals!

They all sound like possible Wenger deals to me….

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal Rumours – Romero, Cabaye, Wimmer

  1. Darwin

    Sorry for the double post but,
    OT: Admin, a request. If possible can you create a grouping of articles published on JustArsenal?

    ie. Match Reports section, Transfer rumours section, Analysis section? etc. because some members (me included) might not always read rumours, so we can directly go to sections which interest us?

    I dont know if it causes any server strains but in terms of coding I assume you can do it. However this might require opinions and views of JustArsenal Members.

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  2. misoko

    Rumours Rumours, i think Arsenal will sign even you Admin!! Lets focus on our next Match forget the Rumours… COYG

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    1. KickAssFan

      No, we shall forget no rumour.

      Verdict: Rumours stay.

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    2. French

      Well according to Romeros agent the deal is already done and dusted. He told local Argentina news that he already met with wenger and signed. He says that Romero will be loaned back to Velez until he is 18 to allow him to be with his family and continue to develop.

      I watched the whole 6 min interview and seemed legit so hopefully this kid comes good in the coming years.

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  3. Robin Vanpayslip

    My personal opinion is that this new system (a slight modification of the previous one) no longer requires a deep lying midfielder. In fact it would be detrimental to have anything but an out and out DM. So that is the major area we should consider.

    I am a fan of Arteta but he isn’t really suited to the way we play since he got injured. He is probably now someone that would play alongside a DM rather than instead of one.

    Other than that, all good in the hood.

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    1. YingYang69

      I agree with you, but doubt Arsene sees it that way, im guessing he sees a quaterback sending balls through to four mids and three strikers.. and as long as hes in that area then no harm will come

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  4. galen

    no no no no no no to cabaye. We still seriously underestimate Coquelin. Coq audition is over. After watching the liverpool game he needs no more auditions. I want morgan to rotate with Coq and play some tough away games together but never to bench the COQ.

    Coq and bellerini are academic graduates. Its something we should be proud of . U add Gibbs and jack and thats a good bunch.

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    1. KickAssFan

      @garlic, that’s so true. Some folks were chirping about how he hadn’t faced any real test. I wonder what else is a real test. De dude even Cocked up Fellaini.

      I’m proud of our own Furious Cock.

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      1. YingYang69

        The big one will probably be how he handles che midfield with them supposedly being strongest physical top team.

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        1. jonestown1

          You can bank on Hazard, Oscar and Willian swan diving all over the Emirates when the Coq nudges them.

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    2. GoonerG1

      I agree re: Coq but we need more than 1 CDM in the squad. Cabaye would be a squad player for us so the rumor is BS. I’d be OK with Cabaye as a squad player but I doubt Cabaye himself feels the same.

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  5. davidnz

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  6. jonm

    Second in Premier League but with third and fourth right on our tail. Games coming up against chelsea and manu plus all other PL teams are no pushover. FA semi-final plus hopefully a final to play.

    Rumours about summer transfers already started and quoting that ultra reliable source the Metro. And I waste my time reading the article and writing this.

    When will I learn to just wait until it is announced on

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  7. davidnz

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    1. rickrocket

      Keep Walcott and sell the Ox…. Not sure I agree there mate.

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